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Seeing this footage of Tara Reade is so emotional. The excitement in her voice about working in DC is audible. Her admiration for Biden is undeniable.

There is always an abuse of power in sexual violence, and considering more than half of women victims of rape reported being raped by an intimate partner (and 40.8% by an acquaintance*), relationships with abusers are often complex, confusing, and layered.
*for male victims, more than half (52.4%) reported being raped by an acquaintance and 15.1% by a stranger. - @NSVRC…
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Today we're going to talk about Tara Reade and Domestic Violence. Trigger warning for descriptions of abuse.
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#WeBelieveTaraReade #MeToo
What is domestic violence? According to @ndvh, "Domestic violence (also called intimate partner violence/IPV, domestic abuse, or relationship abuse) is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship."
Domestic violence can include physical harm, arousal of fear, preventing a partner from doing what they wish or forcing them to behave in ways they do not want. It can include physical & sexual violence, threats, intimidation, emotional abuse, & economic deprivation.
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To those who question why Tara Reade didn't go to police after being sexually assaulted by Biden in 1993-
A thread:

25 years before #MeToo and sexual assault was not taken seriously

Police were not trained in sexual assault then and often dissuaded victms from pursuing cases
Joe Biden was a powerful Senator who could have destroyed any chances Tara had of ever working in DC again- her dream
I have been a director at 2 rape crisis centers on Long Island, in counties with a total population of 2.8 million.

I have trained police, prosecutors and judges in both counties.
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Today we’re going to talk about corrobation of Tara Reade’s allegations against Joe Biden.
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Before we dive in, what is corroboration? @Wikipedia says
“Corroborating evidence (or corroboration) is evidence that tends to support a proposition that is already supported by some initial evidence, therefore confirming the proposition.”
In this case, the initial evidence is Tara Reade’s testimony, and the corroborating evidence comes from people she told about the harassment and assault. However, many have a flawed understanding of corroboration.
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Today we’re going to talk about why survivors sometimes stay in contact with their perpetrators, or praise them.
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It’s important to note that survivors of sexual violence are not a monolith, and each survivor has the right to handle their experience in whatever way works best for them. If you need support, here is a list of resources:…
First, let’s get to the root of this misconception. Why do people think that a survivor who contacts their perpetrator or praises them is no longer credible? This is what is called a rape myth.
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Recent press for #TaraReade:
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“Journalists should be asking [Kamala] why there was a smear campaign on me & why [she] was so aggressive & assertive with Kavanaugh [when] she knows there is a credible sexual assault accusation against Senator Biden.” #WeBelieveTaraReade…
“Both [Trump & Biden] have serious allegations of sexual misconduct. That alone should be disqualifying for both of them.” - @ReadeAlexandra
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Reminder that @JoeBiden smelled Lucy Flores’ hair & kissed the back of her head. He then joked about it in his first public appearance after the allegations of inappropriate touching from 8 women surfaced. #WeBelieveTaraReade #MeTooNotPolitics
“Why is the vice-president of the United States smelling my hair?”

Does this behavior seem appropriate to you? This incident became public knowledge in 2019. Read @LucyFlores’ article here:… Image
“Imagine you’re at work and a male colleague who you have no personal relationship with approaches you from behind, smells your hair, and kisses you on the head. Now imagine it’s the CEO of the company...” (continued)…
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Hello to our new followers! We are a collective of activists organizing in support of Tara Reade, who was sexually assaulted by Joe Biden in 1993. #WeBelieveTaraReade because sexual violence is NOT a partisan issue! 1/4 Image
Tara has been subjected to harassment, doxxing, death threats, housing insecurity, & financial instability due to coming forward with her credible allegation. The best way to support her is by donating to the gofundme:
The next best way to support Tara is by attending our first webinar: Will #MeToo Survive 2020? Click here to register and learn more:…
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HOW TO SUPORT #TaraReade (thread): Image
1. Donate to the GoFundMe. Tara lost her job/housing during a global pandemic for coming forward & needs financial support. 50% of the money raised will be donated to the @NVRDC, an org that does valuable victim advocacy work in DC.
If you are unable to donate, share the fundraiser link far and wide! Don’t let the world forget that #WeBelieveTaraReade.
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