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In 2009, #TaraReade published 2 contradictory accounts of traveling to DC to begin working in the Senate: #1> "I was beyond excited, I packed up my Nissan and cats, told my boyfriend goodbye and headed alone on the cross country drive to Washington D.C."…
#2> “'As the plane descended into Washington, D.C., my Siamese cat, Cleo, meowed loudly from under my seat.' She recalled the city lights reflecting in the airplane’s windows as 'my new job as a Senate staffer lay ahead of me'" (#Reade in "The WIP," qtd by @nytimes).
.@nytimes describes #TaraReade's account of the plane descending in DC as "sharply, dramatically precise," apparently not knowing that Tara Reade herself (that same year) had described packing her (plural) cats into her Nissan & arriving in DC after a solo cross-country drive.
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“A complicated life and conflicting accounts muddle efforts…” is a misleading headline that fails to do justice to this take-down of #TaraReade’s allegations. 1/6
Here are few gems from CNN’s superb reporting: 2/6
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THE COLD, HARD TRUTH: #Biden and #MeToo

1) #JoeBiden is on camera repeatedly groping, sniffing, & feeling girls without consent, to their visible discomfort.

2) Multiple women have accused Biden of inappropriate contact.

3) These actions disqualify him from the presidency.
4) A YouTube search reveals deeply uncomfortable instances of Biden's roving hands copping feels of little girls.

5) Biden's violation of women and girls' physical boundaries is so well known that @TheDailyShow did a segment called the Audacity of Grope.…
6) The ONLY ethical stance when a powerful man engages in forced touching of women and girls is to vehemently and vocally reject their behavior. And to hold them accountable.

7) Applying #MeToo principles selectively is a moral failure that is profoundly chilling to survivors.
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#TaraReade lied about her credentials as an "expert" witness for nearly a decade. Her false testimony throws into doubt verdicts reached in cases where she testified, incl'g at least 2 life sentences. The Asst DA is alerting defense counsel in every case.…
Multiple defense attorneys now seek to challenge convictions based on #Reade's false testimony. “Had I had the information that I have now, this case, in my mind, would have gone differently,” said Monique S Hill, then a public defender.
Lawyers Soltesz & Erdbach objected to #TaraReade's testimony at the time, "saying they were skeptical that her work experience qualified her as an expert." They were overruled. Soltesz is exploring whether he can reopen a case that sent 2 women to prison for life.
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The CNN reporting that #TaraReade never actually graduated from Antioch University might lead to domestic violence convictions based on her testimony being vacated.

Every time she testified that she had a B.A. from Antioch she committed perjury.…
Literally dozens of men who committed serious acts of domestic violence - in real life- are probably going to go free because Tara Reade committed perjury ... about herself.

Her testimony is worthless in any court of law.
#TaraReade has literally committed perjury in cases about domestic violence and sexual assault. About herself.

If this were the plot of an episode of Law & Order: SVU, I would groan and say this plot is too bonkers, no one would believe it.
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I will be posting a series of long threads over the coming hours tonight

The first will be a breakdown of the #Tate allegations. I'm a domestic violence survivor who suspected she was full of it from early on

Stay tuned for around 8pm to start that thread
Ok folks, getting started here.

Let me begin by making it clear this is not something I'm doing lightly

I am a domestic violence survivor 3 times over with 2 of those relationships being almost as severely physically abusive as the one #TaraReade describes with Theodore Droner
Trigger warning big time for all that follows

This thread will contain details and evidence that paint a very disturbing and vivid picture of domestic violence and animal abuse, including some graphic photos

It is not for the faint of heart
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Barack #Obama déclare donc bel et bien la guerre à D.#Trump en laissant fuiter cette évaluation de sa gestion du #COVIDー19 : 1 "désastre absolument chaotique". Aussi important politiquement qu'inhabituel pour 1 ex-président envers son successeur.…
2) D'abord sur les modalités, il n'y a pas de doute. #Obama a laissé ses anciens collaborateurs auxquels s'adressait le coup de fil privé pour les encourager à rejoindre #Biden confirmer la bande audio- où il accable #Trump qui avait fuité sur Yahoo News. Rien d'accidentel donc.
3) Par ailleurs, les propos de B.#Obama sont d'1 gravité extrême pour un ex-président, gardien de l'Union, de surcroît qui a été élu puis réélu avec 1 confortable majorité populaire. Obama parle de l'abandon des poursuites contre #Flynn, ex-conseiller sécurité nationale de #Trump
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Ok y’all, THIS IS A MUST READ! Please, I promise you, you won’t regret it. It’s a quick read, but an accurate account of EXACTLY what the #TaraReade mess is all about...”Invalidating Black voter’s votes”.
Tara Reade vs. Black Voters – Dear Dean…
“On the surface, the point of the attacks were designed to force Biden to withdraw...paving the way for Bernie Sanders to step in as a white knight...But dig a little deeper & the true purpose...comes to the fore: Invalidate Black voter’s votes.”
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Hi @ReadeAlexandra i would like to adress you very likely committing Bankruptcy Fraud, and i do have receipts for it.

I have also confirmed the check fraud (the third confirmation) but lets talk about the bankruptcy fraud ok @ReadeAlexandra ?
1. You had a landlord Lasjon Marie Blacksher, isn't that right @ReadeAlexandra to whom you wrote during your bankruptcy proceedings the following emails

#TaraReade #TaraReadeIsALiar
2. You were seeking money from a program (Community action Board) to pay your rent, in order to get them, she needed not to receive eviction notice or action from Blacksher, aint that right @ReadeAlexandra
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So, my current take on #TaraReade… is that she’s used some form of this baseline harassment narrative for 27 years. She used it with friends and family to excuse her termination (days apart, we now know) from Biden’s office.Whatever the reason, we know it … 1/11
happened. Naturally, she’d tell friends an exes a cover story. Almost everyone does. She told it in different ways over the years, as a kind of go-to reason why things were less than optimal in her life. Over the years, she gets less and less careful about how … 2/11
she remembers successive iterations of the core story. Since she had worked for Biden, the hazy narrative she used was sufficient for most listeners, and had a natural currency in the circles she wanted to be part of. So she spent it liberally. And each time she … 3/11
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As I predicted, Megyn Kelly did not challenge #TaraReade for acknowledging that she did not regard the event in the hallway as a sexual assault at the time. 1/22
Reade admitted this quite clearly in the Katie Halper interview on March 25, and tried to explain it away by saying that she wondered at the time if she had said or done anything that brought it on herself. 2/22
But brought on what? An unwanted sexual encounter or a sexual assault?

Unwanted digital penetration is *by definition* sexual assault, and Reade was 29 years old at the time! 3/22
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BREAKING: This new reporting certainly adds a new twist to the #TaraReade story. Did she get caught not reporting a Check Fraud charge & that is why she had to quietly resign? The court record has apparently been confirmed now by three separate reporters.
More confirmation on Tara Reade's check fraud charge days before she ended employment at Sen Joe Biden's office. Its important to note the code "Term" on the employment doc #taraReade shows does indicate "reason" only that she stopped working on that date
I think someone could lie about being sexually harassed by their boss & still respect them in tweets yrs later, because they knew it was a lie. It would also explain why u would tell ur mom this lie .. being embarrassed by the real reason u lost ur job & had 2 leave Washington DC
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So it looks like #TaraReade was charged with check fraud on August 2, 1993, and the Biden Senate office forced her to resign in lieu of termination within the end of the week.

Suddenly this whole tawdry spectacle makes a lot of sense...
If a Senate Chief of Staff discovered that a Staff Assistant had charges pending in a California court for check fraud, that explains why #TaraReade was suddenly demoted, relieved of her duties chaperoning the summer interns, not allowed to go to public Senate events.
#IBelieveTaraReade was telling the truth that in the summer of 1993 her "job was to show up and just look for another job", and other Capitol Hill offices gave her an icy reception.

But the reason no one else on The Hill would hire her was because she had charges pending.
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This piece by a reporter who has followed the allegations for a YEAR tries hard to give #TaraReade every benefit of the doubt, but it ends up being utterly damning. 1/12
Reade’s allegations will never be proven or disproven. Everyone understands that, including Reade.

But Laura McGann delivers the coup de grâce to Reade’s story, taken either within a legal framework or as an allegation that voters should consider and take seriously. 2/12
Consider some of the following damaging revelations in Laura McGann’s article (but RTWT!)

Frist, here is how Lorraine Sanchez, Reade’s closest friend at the time of the alleged assault, described the incident as she had heard Reade describe it then: 3/12
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I just published #TaraReade now has legal representation.
Biden has not questioned #Reade’s motives and has simply denied that the alleged event occurred. Biden did not insult Reade (as Trump did with E. Jean Carroll and Summer Zervos). Biden cannot be hit with a defamation lawsuit for simply denying that the alleged incident occurred.
#TaraReade has said he said she needed time to “digest” Biden’s response.

In the light of today’s developments, I think she was waiting to see if Biden “defamed” (insulted) her, or if other women would come forward with sexual assault allegations.

Neither happened.
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Though #TaraReade calls the incident a “sexual assault” now, she did not regard it as a sexual assault at the time. (She told Katie Halper that it was her mother who finally persuaded her that it was a sexual assault!) 1/11
As Reade continues to elaborate her story (which she has never heretofore told in any detail even PRIVATELY), 2/11
it becomes increasingly improbable that (1) she didn’t think at the time she had been “assaulted” (which she has acknowledged) AND (2) that it occurred as she describes it now. 3/11
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#TaraReade is a liar. Whatever else may have happened between Reade and Biden, she was not digitally penetrated, and there was no assault.

There is only one shaky “witness” to *that* allegation, and the evidence against the allegation is overwhelming. 1/17
Megyn Kelly has scored an on-camera interview with Tara Reade, which will be aired shortly. Kelly says she asked tough questions, but according to reports, Reade held up under the questioning.

Color me skeptical that Kelly asked the right questions. 2/17
One question that cuts right to the chase is this:

You say that in 1993 Joe Biden penetrated your vagina with his fingers in a semi-private corridor or alcove of the Senate building. 3/17
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This is how low the party of social justice has sunken in their quest to "win'.

For them, justice only exists if it falls within the realm of their political aspirations.

If not victims of sexual assault become the grime embedded on bottom of their chosen one's shoes.
@MeTooMVMT @MeToo_Academia @Alyssa_Milano @womensmarch you are either FOR ALL women and victims of sexual assault or

you are NOT for ALL women and victims of sexual assault.

There is NO in between. Silence is NOT an option.

Pick a side and stand up for ALL women! #TaraReade
3) IF the women's movement allows this mentality to stand and doesn't address this claim with the same level of veracity with which they approached Blasey-Ford they have made themselves completely irrelevant in the realm of women's rights and lost our cause for equality forever.
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26. Many survivors, lawyers and experts has pointed out that victims of rape and sexual assault simply does not glorify and praise the person, Tara Reade praised Joe Biden repeatedly, in this tweet for his work on...Sexual assault in 2017.

#TaraReade #TaraReadeIsALiar Part 1 Image
27.Then again a few months later again praising Joe for his work on behalf of Sexual assault victims.

according to real victims, experts, lawyers, this simply doesn't happen for victims to praise the person who did it to them.

#TaraReade #TaraReadeIsALiar Part 1 Image
28.Going back to 2009, Tara Reade wrote an article commending Biden for action he had taken against domestic abuse.
Commending Biden on his work on the VaWa act.

#TaraReade #TaraReadeIsALiar Part 1
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1/ Why the #TaraReade #MeToo claim is the death sentence for @JoeBiden.
2/ If you have read influence by Robert Cialdini then you understand that consistency is important to our psyche.
3/ The fact is that anyone who supports @JoeBiden now has to either accept that due process is necessary (the republican view) or must claim to always believe the victim no matter what (the democrat view).
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This is a replay of #ButHerEmails. Only worse:
-@HillaryClinton's emails was a small (but legit) story that the press (and the GOP) blew far, far out of proportion.
-@JoeBiden's "Senate records" is a NON-story. It is a pure fabrication. Here's why:
Why @JoeBiden's "Senate records" is a NON-story:
-Any record of sexual harassment against him wouldn't be kept there: He's already authorized & called for release of any documents where they WOULD be: #Senate, or National Archives.
Why @JoeBiden's "Senate Records" is a NON-story:
-Every possible harassment claim, credible or not, was thoroughly investigated by @BarackObama's 2008 VP vetting team.

Does anyone truly believe that Obama deliberately endangered his shot at the presidency by ignoring it?
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Why not?

Interestingly, #TaraReade said in the interview with Katie Halper on March 25 that she wasn’t sure that Biden would even remember the sexual assault!

And in fact he said yesterday (and quite convincingly, IMO) that he didn’t remember it. 1/3
From the Halper interview on March 25”

“And even if he’s in denial about what he did and doesn’t remember it or doesn’t want to…the sexual harassment was witnessed by so many people…” 2/3
It is inconceivable that Biden would have forgotten the incident *as she has described it*.

And no, the sexual harassment was *not* witnessed by “so many people."

Everyone who worked in Biden’s office at the time has said they didn’t witness anything of the sort. 3/3
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Now #TaraReade is claiming that her written complaint didn’t use the term sexual harassment, but that there may have been a box that she checked for harassment, but we won’t know till we see the form!

This woman needs some serious psychological
Reade now: "They're standing by the fact... that I said I don't think I used the term 'sexual harassment.' We didn't use it as much back in 1993, so I don't know but that's not to say that there isn't a box that I didn't check.” 1/2
If “we didn’t use” the term as much back then, why would a sexual harassment form exist and have a box to check for it? 2/2
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One of the essential elements of #TaraReade’s allegation(s) against Joe Biden has been the claim that she reported grievances of some kind against either Biden or his Senate office (or both) to a personnel office on Capitol Hill. 1/10
It is perfectly clear that on March 25 Reade claimed in her interview with Katie Halper that she had filed a formal complaint at the time about sexual harassment (though not sexual assault). 2/10
Here’s the passage: 3/10
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