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A recent study found that 40 percent of adults in the UK did not know what ‘antisemitism’ meant. *40 percent*. To combat antisemitism, we need to understand it. So without judgment, without reproach, this is what I've learned it means.. /1

Antisemitism, simply stated, is the hatred of Jewish ppl and Judaism. It's an ancient bigotry that has had thousands of years to manifest and mutate. It's why AS might feel so complex. This recognised definition is used by the UK gov. /2…
‘Antisemitism’ the word can be confusing. When you oppose it, you're ‘anti-antisemitism’. Unlike other antis, like antiracism, the double negative is awkward. Ppl say they're ‘fighting AS’ or ‘combatting’ it. /3
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Antisemitism is on the rise. So how can we be good allies to the Jewish community? I consulted my Jewish oracle, otherwise known as ‘hubby’, and this is what we came up with. /1 #ActiveAllies
First it's vital to listen to the voices of Jewish people who are describing their experiences of antisemitism. Seek out Jewish experts on AS and amplify their work in your networks. @daverich1 @deborahlipstadt @DavidHirsh /2 #ActivelyListen
AS is an ancient hatred. Jewish ppl have been forced to wear identifying clothing, to live and work in restricted areas, be a convenient scapegoat in times of upheaval. To be murdered on an industrial scale. Learn its history. /3 #GetEducated…
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I am not Jewish. My beautiful husband is. I was not bullied, beaten or stabbed for being Jewish, as he was. I do not see the infinite grief of the Holocaust in my family photos. I do not have to justify my existence to those who carry a hatred so old, it is ordinary. /1
But recently I've had a glimpse into how it feels to be Jewish in a place that cares little for me. Antisemitism is at record levels. Street attacks, vandalism of synagogues, desecration of graveyards. Online hate oozes from every pore of the Internet. /2…
Jewish ppl are under attack from every direction, from right to left. The most painful for me is what's coming from the left. My chosen home, politically, culturally and socially. It feels like the upstanders have abandoned us. /3
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Here’s all you need to know about the state of the current @UKLabour Antisemitism crisis, displayed over the last 12 hrs.

For months now, I’ve been speaking out to highlight the growing problem of AS in the UK.

On Monday I recorded a Podcast with @krishgm which comes out today
Upon hearing this, some people are worried.
I’ve deleted her handle to avoid a pile on, also I really want nothing to do with her.
Rosie is a 16 year old girl who claims I’m a bully.
I could ignore this, but 1st, it’s wrong. And 2nd, it’s being spread by some dangerous people.
Here are the messages of abuse aimed at me from replies to Rosie’s msgs.
Note @LabLeftVoice is a rabid and dangerous antisemite who has had complaints made about them to the Jewish Community Security Trust @CST_UK as she shares home addresses of people she doesn’t like (doxxing)
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