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Eddie Roberts of Wigan Constituency Labour Party says that "no evidence of antisemitism has been produced by the Jewish hierarchy, Tories all!" He warns: "If the Jewish race are not careful, they will be guilty of creating animosity towards them by their unfounded actions...". /1
If only they'd listened to him, eh? Four months earlier, Eddie wrote that "British Jewry ought to be careful what they wish for" because protests against Labour antisemitism "risk creating fresh waves of anti antisemitism instead of rooting it out and eradicating it." /2
Eddie Roberts has "spent a lifetime without having any prejudicial thoughts about the Jews". But since "loathsome right-wing anti-socialist creatures like Hodge, Berger, Ellman, Sacks and others" started criticising Jeremy Corbyn, he fears he's "becoming antisemitic" himself. /3
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In my latest thread on #LabourAntisemitism I wanted to look at the personal impact of it.

We concentrate on the statistics, how the Jewish community overall feels, the processes and the challenges.

This is worthy, but let's remember the impact on so many Jewish individuals. /1
I am going to tell the story about my personal heartbreak over #LabourAntisemitism through the story of my life. The story of a proud Brit and a proud Jew, who has friends in all communities and does his best to contribute to this country. /2
We start at the beginning. I was born on May 6th 1990 in Jersey Farm, St Albans. I am the son of a Solicitor and Pharmacist who were active in St Albans Masorti Synagogue.

We were typical middle class family. /3

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A recent study found that 40 percent of adults in the UK did not know what ‘antisemitism’ meant. *40 percent*. To combat antisemitism, we need to understand it. So without judgment, without reproach, this is what I've learned it means.. /1

Antisemitism, simply stated, is the hatred of Jewish ppl and Judaism. It's an ancient bigotry that has had thousands of years to manifest and mutate. It's why AS might feel so complex. This recognised definition is used by the UK gov. /2…
‘Antisemitism’ the word can be confusing. When you oppose it, you're ‘anti-antisemitism’. Unlike other antis, like antiracism, the double negative is awkward. Ppl say they're ‘fighting AS’ or ‘combatting’ it. /3
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1/ Why do Jewish people feel so connected to and such a love for Israel? Many reasons - some religious, some historical, some because of the beaches.
2/ But most of all, it’s the one place where we don’t have to ask anyone else to look out for us. It’s the one place where we are in the majority.
3/ It’s the one place where being hated for supporting the existence of Israel isn’t the order of the day.
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1/ Let's take a quick look at the @UKLabour spokesman’s statement tacked on to the end of every article about its antisemitism problem:
2/ “The Labour Party takes all complaints of anti-Semitism extremely seriously…”

3/ “…and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms…”

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An example of a lie getting half way around the world before the truth has a chance to put its boots on.

I’m fed up of the character smears, but in today’s bizarro world, this week musician spends days libelling me, and for this is called a ‘Star’ by an ex-England footballer 🤦🏼‍♀️
Back in December, off the back of a shower of hate I’d received for posting evidence of the UK’s growing anti-Jewish racism problem with the left, I received this message from a teenage girl telling me I should be ashamed of myself etc...
What followed was a polite exchange from both parties, as we both explained our positions.

Weeks later, as the spotlight on antisemitism, and my part in that grew, this exchange was then used by some other people seeking to discredit me, to smear me as a ‘viscous child bully’.
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Jewish Labour MPs outrage after Jeremy Corbyn blocks plan to ban Hezbollah
@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn… via @MailOnline
@EuanPhilipps, spokesperson for LAAS:
‘We fully support the governments decision to proscribe Hezbollah. It follows a long and at times difficult campaign by the Jewish community to prevent representatives of a barbaric terrorist group from marching openly through London.
But it is unsurprising that Labour have been unable to provide their backing, given Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged close relationship with them and his track record of speaking at their events.
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In January 2019, @AngelaRayner spoke about remembering the Holocaust. Today they continue to serve an antisemitic leader as a member of an institutionally racist political party, Why? #BeLouder #LabourAntisemitism @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn

This might of course have something to do with why.
As might this
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It’s really hard to understand why some Jews are antisemitic. I didn’t know that could be possible to all this. But I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Antisemitic Jews a teeny tiny minority but they’re disproportionately shoved in our faces as heroes and examples for the rest of us.
Im not saying all 200 of Corbyn’s chosen people from this list are antisemitic, but enough have serious question marks over them, to not want to be associated with them if you’re not, and definitely not held up as anyone to actually listen to...surely?

I’ve asked @daverich1 about this before. 90-93% of British Jews hold the concept Israel somewhere in their identity as such. That leaves 7-10% of others, split between some ultra-orthodox and left/right politics. That leaves a generous max of 5% eg Jewish Voice for Labour (🤮).
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Antisemitism is on the rise. So how can we be good allies to the Jewish community? I consulted my Jewish oracle, otherwise known as ‘hubby’, and this is what we came up with. /1 #ActiveAllies
First it's vital to listen to the voices of Jewish people who are describing their experiences of antisemitism. Seek out Jewish experts on AS and amplify their work in your networks. @daverich1 @deborahlipstadt @DavidHirsh /2 #ActivelyListen
AS is an ancient hatred. Jewish ppl have been forced to wear identifying clothing, to live and work in restricted areas, be a convenient scapegoat in times of upheaval. To be murdered on an industrial scale. Learn its history. /3 #GetEducated…
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Over the last two days I've been investigating antisemitism in Corbyn supporting Facebook groups.

Here I show an image, highlighting just a few of the many antisemitic comments I have come across.

Remember this comes from self-styled Corbyn supporters. /1
From top to bottom I explain the troubling nature of these three comments.

First to Terry Kelly's:

1. This is an example of demonisation of Israel crossing over in to antisemitic tropes around Jewish power seeking to control UK politics and pull the strings of politicians. /2
Now I look at the antisemitic nature of Nye Davies response to Terry Kelly.

First of Nye totally agrees with Terry's antisemitic trope.

Then Nye shows how demonisation of Israel can cross over in to antisemitism, through the idea of media owners spreading their propaganda. /3
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Just a few messages I got yday after tweeting support for @lucianaberger.
The CLP’s motion of no confidence is to do with everything you can think of, including daring to criticise dear leader, but NOT over antisemitism. That’s disgusting, weaponising, shit-stirring! (Obvs)
Definitely definitely 100% not even 1% to do with criticising leadership over antisemitism... 🙈🙉🙊 #GTTO🌹🙄
The CLP of one of the most vocal female Jewish MPs calling out Labour’s handling of its AS crisis, is using its party structure to try to intimidate her and others from speaking out.
Nice vision of ‘democracy’.
Any grown-ups in leadership actually want to fix this? #BeLouder
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Ideal Socialism is a fools dresm. It ever works. It always ends up as dictatorship. The most passionate leftists always blame something or someone for its failure, making wild excuses. They always say it has not been implemented properly.

Essentially it’s a unicorn. 1/10
Problem w chasing impossible unicorns is that people get hurt. In Russia & China, millions were killed by enforced central planning. The argument is they didn’t implement it properly.
Venezuela is now suffering from another attempt to implement it properly. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️
Impossible. 3/10
In the UK, Jeremy Corbyn’s a great admirer of Venezuela. There, the Chavez and Maduro governments reduced the richest country in Latin America to desperate poverty, with inflation of 1,300,000 %.
Venezuela’s socialists also pushed the far lefts nasty version of antisemitism. 4/10
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On Jew baiting - a thread

1/ Jew baiting is rife among .@UKLabour members and indeed the leadership. It delights in the denial of Jewish experiences of antisemitism. When it hears us in pain it redoubles its efforts, forever claiming that we, the abused, are lying.
2/ It welcomes known racists into its fold, laughing in our faces while perpetuating the myth that it is fighting to protect us. It reinstates antisemites such as Professor David Miller into its party despite adopting a rule to discipline them.
3/ It snatches up our dead for its own use, repurposing our history into that of another people. Our history, of course, must not be respected, or the hate could not sustain itself.…
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I can’t be the only Jewish person on here feeling absolutely broken by the rising levels of antisemitism & the utter lack of support from wider society, especially those who call themselves anti-racist. I feel gaslit, exhausted & frightened. This isn’t a game & it won’t end well.
I think in all the din, a lot of people forget that the underlying factor here is Jews wanting reassurance that they are safe, understood & valued. We’re not trying to win a goddamn argument here. We’re not trying to be right. This hostile, sneering environment is terrifying.
I’m completely overwhelmed by all the wonderful people speaking up in these replies & quote tweets. Doing my best to get back to as many people as possible. It’s amazing & heartening to know that there are people quietly watching & shaking their heads #belouder
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A short thread on why Owen Jones, who had blocked EVERYONE who fights antisemitism in the Labour party bar the fluffies, is wrong, and the magnificent @RachelRileyRR is, well, magnificent.
Search for him condemning Chris Williamson.
Result below. 👇
Second. His reaction to @jeremycorbyn laying a wreath for genocidal antisemites that murdered innocent Jews at the Olympic games.
Third. A horrible libellous blog was written, targeting the magnificent @RachelRileyRR and @TracyAnnO. This resulted in some of the worst abuse I've ever seen towards Jewish women speaking out about antisemitism in @UKLabour.
Here's Owen unblocking him for his trouble.
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1/ My #FirstSurvivor story is about my father, a Holocaust refugee. He escaped from Vienna in 1941. His parents had scraped enough money together to get him to America and his sister to Israel, but they themselves couldn’t afford to leave.
2/ My Dad carried with him a letter from my grandparents to the relatives he was sent to stay with in America, in which they begged for financial help in order to leave Vienna.
3/ With the little English he could speak, he tried to convince his relatives to do something, but he was unable to convince them - they didn’t believe how bad the situation was, and didn’t help.
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The speech I just delivered at @HolocaustUK’s event.
Important #WeRemember and learn from the mistakes of the past, huge thanks to everyone who continues to spread this message.
#BeLouder against antisemitism.
#EnoughIsEnough 🙏❤️ #HMD2019
My speech is dedicated with love to all the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, and all the modern-day backchannel mensches. You know who you are ❤️
After I gave my speech on Tuesday for @HolocaustUK, Auschwitz survivor, Lily Ebert, came up to me shocked by what she’d heard, and immediately asked - what could she do to help? Lily is almost 90 years old, she’d given 3 talks that day, reliving her heartbreaking stories of what
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1/ Apparently there is a rather desperate (and flattering) directive from @jonlansman to dig up *anything* that could be weaponised against @LabourAgainstAS activists. This is eagerly lapped up and disseminated by Lansman’s crack team of asaJews.
2/ Here, @EuanPhilips is painted as a ‘racist Netanyahu supporter’ because his tweet was RTd by Likud Herut UK. Do these people really think that being RTd is the same as supporting? If so, they might like to explain Corbyn’s support for David Icke and Nick Griffin.
3/ Euan deleted his tweet soon after posting, despite the validity of the point he was trying to make. BAME individuals including Jews do get fetishised and manipulated for political purposes. That *is* revolting.
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I'm not a dog person. I don't do figurines on mantels collecting dust. This little red dog is the last thing I would choose. Yet it has pride of place in our home. This little red dog contains the story of the Holocaust for my husband's family. It survived. #WeRemember /1
The little red dog’s story is of death, life, horror and kindness. It began with my Jewish husband's maternal family in Croatia, sat on a mantel in a modest house in Zagreb. In 1943 the little red dog was abandoned, forgotten on that mantel when my husband's grandparents fled. /2
The little red dog sat there in the empty house, where no human sounds lived. Then one day, while its family were running for their lives from the fascist Ustaše, a kindly neighbour's hands scooped it up and hid it in a trunk along with precious family photos. /3
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Another typical case study of the vile antisemite supporters @jeremycorbyn’s Labour has enticed. A tale of two Corbynistas, not created equal.

Charles Harding, @UKLabour member since 2015 posted the challenge of showing him examples of AS in Labour, with the usual ”AZ is not AS”
Same generation Labour member @Steve_Cooke took up his challenge, by showing him plenty of antisemitism in @UKLabour, from none other than Charles Harding himself.

NB you may know of Steve from when he turned whistler-blower on his own CLP over AS.
Steve used to be a member of Labour against the Witch-hunt. An org defending @UKLabour members accused of AS, no matter how vile or blatant it was. Steve soon realised that compared to political smears he’d seen before, this was no witch-hunt & was appalled by the AS he saw.
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A VERY long thread on the scale of deception, lies and intimidation I’ve had since speaking out about #LabourAntisemitism, and the lows those seeking to hide it will stoop to.

Since exposing evidence of AS, the attempts to smear me & others have become more and more elaborate.
A frequent lie spread about me, is that I’ve been bullying/encouraging the bullying of a 16 yr old girl.

I’ve posted my entire interaction with her, defending myself politely against claims I’m lying, with evidence to the contrary of antisemitism in Labour.

Proveably untrue.
I last spoke to her in December, following which she posted that she’d blocked me, at which point I wouldn’t have been able to contact her even if I wanted to, which I didn’t.

Since January however, her father @TonyLelliott1 has perpetuated the lies and encouraged the narrative.
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The hashtag #FirstAntisemiticExperience which I started a couple of days ago has shown me several things. This thread will pull together what I believe we can learn from it, and what conclusions we should draw from it.
Please follow me to get other insights into being a #Jew
First: thanks to the journalists who picked up on this #FirstAntiSemiticExperience - they’ve helped spread the hashtag. However I am not sure they understood it’s implications fully, it seems they missed that these encounters with #antisemitism happened years, decades ago!
This is a record therefore of #FirstAntisemiticExperience from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. My son teeeted one from about 2009. That may be the most recent one!!
Historic #antisemitism. But real nonetheless
So let’s examine what sorts of experience we had:
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1/7 Radio 4, 7/1/19 end of @margarethodge interview, verbatim:
‘A Labour Party spokesman said “We are taking action against antisemitism standing in solidarity with Jewish communities and rebuilding trust”
2/7 Twitter 8/1/19 @jk_rowling once more calls out antisemitic whitewasher who speaks in Corbyn’s name.
3/7 There are so many who reference support for Corbyn when they whitewash Labour’s antisemitism and Rowling isn’t thank G-d alone in challenging them on Twitter. #BeLouder
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