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**Public Service Announcement***

I've done a few of these announcements. Their intention is to make people aware of particularly abusive or dangerous trolls.......

#FBPE #StopBrexit #RejoinEU #GTTO #Brexit #BrexitReality #Trolls #StopBullying

Thread below.....
I could just block and move on, but then someone else will have to deal with it.
I figure its in the best interests of the Remain/Rejoin movement, and the British people as a whole to be aware of this guy, and block him now so you won't be subjected to his trolling later.

If we're all silent the cycle just continues over and over and over again.

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May calls an early election, based on Labour's perceived weakness and wanting to strengthen her own position

The Conservatives run a mediocre campaign punctuated by gaffes and May seeking to avoid scrutiny

The more the campaign goes on the more the Tories see their party leader as a liability, but having put her front and centre there is no way out
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YouGov MRP estimate for Kensington:

LAB: 38%
CON: 36%
LD: 21%
BXP: 2%
GRN: 2%

It's going to be decided by Lib Dem voters here.

@SamGyimah is too far behind now. This is a definite switch to Labour for tactical or vote swappers.

2/ Aberdeen South YouGov MRP:

Conservative: 40%
SNP: 39%
Lib Dems: 11%
Labour: 11%

Tactical vote for SNP can definitely #GTTO
3/ Moray - YouGov MRP:

Conservative: 45%
SNP: 45%
Labour: 4%
Lib Dems: 4%
UKIP: 1%

Tactical vote for SNP
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THREAD: Tactical voting. Unfortunately, the UK has an absurdly disproportionate, unfair voting system which continually penalises progressive candidates. To defeat it, the electorate MUST be smart. This thread is for everyone who wants the Tories out: every single person.
The data I'm using is based on YouGov's MRP, released last night. But don't panic: I'm not treating it as sacrosanct. This thread will give advice if you live in certain constituencies where a wasted vote could help elect a Tory. In those cases, please heed it.
General advice is to vote Labour... EXCEPT in the following cases, where voting Labour will only help the Tories.

1. If you live in the following areas, vote Lib Dem:



Esher and Walton


Hazel Grove


South Cambridgeshire

St Ives

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You don’t have to love who you’re voting for, just preserve the country from the “We will rewrite the constitution to give ourselves autocratic power” Vote Leave govt
Seriously people
You’ll have the ability to push a Lab or Lib driver to steer the UK bus in another direction if needed
If you let the lying, lawbreaking, ethicsophobe VL Tories drive it off the cliff it’s over
And I don’t just mean Brexit cliff here.
I mean the constitutional cliff, the line between democracy and autocracy
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#VoteTactically ---->> #GTTO

It's as simple as that.

Otherwise, this corrupt, extremist Tory party is going to critically damage the institutions that allow us to democratically oppose them. These are the institutions that make our home a democracy 1/5
So if you're in a seat where #TacticalVoting will #GTTO, but you are a loyal party activist, PLEASE campaign in your nearest target seat instead of splitting the vote in your seat.

It is really motivating to help in a target seat where your efforts make a bigger impact. 2/5
And, while sharing power with other political parties may feel wrong to you, it's actually vital at this point that we do. And it's not just because of the immediate need to #GTTO

Cross-party policy making in areas where there is agreement makes for better governance. 3/5
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I want to support Labour, but I have a problem with "I'll be honest" & "we will negotiate a good Brexit deal" in the same sentence.
(Altho it says "I'll be honest", not "I am being honest right now".)
Not sure the same unicorn painted in red is what the country needs to be united
Now just to be clear: If where you live you need to vote Labour to get a Tory out, vote Labour. If you resent that, swap your vote. Just #GTTO. There are things I do not like about Labour front bench, but there are still a 100 times better than VL Tories.
Also If where you live you need to vote for AnyOtherParty to get a Tory out, vote for AnyOtherParty. If you resent that, swap your vote. Just #GTTO.
Even if there are things you don't like abt AnyOtherParty, they're still a 100 times better than VL Tories.
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On #VotingTactically - a Tale of Five Constituencies, where the #RemainAlliance between the Lib Dems, Plaid, and the Greens @unitetoremain is going to make a Tory government and Johnson's hard Brexit *more* likely rather than less likely. #GE19 #GE2019
(1) #Stroud: a Lab-Con marginal held by @DavidEDrew for Labour. The Lib Dems are standing down for @MollyMEP (@TheGreenParty), BUT if you want to stop the Tories and their hard Brexit in Stroud, the only reasonable option is to vote for @UKLabour. Any other vote helps the Tories.
(2) #YorkOuter: held by Tory hard Brexiteer (and dismally ineffective) MP Julian Sturdy. Labour in *clear* second place in both 2015 and 2017. If you want the Tories out in York Outer, vote @AnnaPerrett @UKLabour, a truly excellent local, pro-Remain, and anti-fracking candidate.
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I am neither Labour nor LibDem, I am if anything a Remainer, first and foremost.
But listening closely to the ideas and policies that were presented in the manifestos this week, and watching the BBCQT (horrific concept with collecting 3 then forgetting 2 Qs) last night...
... I honestly struggle to understand what people hope to gain by attacking any of the opposition parties.

#GTTO should be, must be the main goal. That’s what it’s all about right now. Whatever side of the opposition benches you sit on or support, getting rid of Boris should... top priorities. But no, people attack and try to take down the LibDems as if they are the root of all evil here. Yes, @joswinson has a disastrous voting record to explain but so does @jeremycorbyn, eg when it comes to whipping Labour votes in HoC against a 2nd Ref...
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Just days away from a #GE2019 which will shape UK for many generations to come!

Some incontrovertible facts:

1/ UK GDP% growth has stalled, at just 0.1% over the 6 months to 30sep19 (so, virtually flat-lining). This is the worst 1/2 year performance since the financial crash.
2/ Three plus years on from the disastrous #EURef, we now KNOW that destabilising Russian influence/cash was a material factor in driving the #Leave Vote. So, #RussiaReport MUST be released BEFORE we vote again in #GE2019.
3/ Russian agents also freely KILL (when directed & funded to do so) on the streets of Britain, so let's not readily 'pooh pooh' their ambition & reach to destabilise both the #UK & #EU.
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What is the only opposition party that hasn’t entered a #GTTO alliance again?
But sure it’s the fault if the partys that did and don’t happen to think the party not standing for their policies is the only solution to stand for their policies.
(FFS get yourself a mirror)
Just offer other parties the seats you can win anyway and ask for seats you can win in return -like Rees-Mogg’s or Johnson’s.
(Oh and fire your strategists they suck)
Hey @joswinson @libdems
Here’s a thought:
Offer Johnson’s seat to Lab. (And maybe also ERG Brexitist Rees-Mogg’s)
It’s just 1 seat (or 2) you wld struggle to win.
It’s highly symbolic.
It cuts the ”their fault” rethoric.
If not reciprocated - not a good look for Lab=more votes 4u
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Are you voting from overseas? (Apologies to the disenfranchised).
If so, please make sure that you are still registered, as your registration only lasts for one year.
Step 1: Register to vote…
Once your registration has been accepted, apply for a proxy vote. You can apply initially online but you will then need to send the completed form by post to UK, so please allow enough time.
Step 2: Apply for a Proxy vote…
Once you have organised a proxy to vote for you, review tactical voting sites in order to select the best candidate to #GTTO #StopBrexit secure a #FinalSay referendum. You may need to hold your nose & put party loyalties aside.
Step 3: Vote tactically…
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Any Labour candidate to announce he/she’ll step down to #GTTO yet?
Come on @UKLabour
It’s not about helping Libdems to win, its about not helping Tories to win.
Surely you can do that?
(Or do you want Tories to win?)
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Dear UK opposition,
Johnson/Farage alliance is real.
You're facing the (lawbreaking) Vote Leave/LeaveEU deceptive campaign.
If you don't f***ing learn to work together, you'll hand this country on a plate to far right lawbreaking "Grand Wizards"
Your common ground: defeating them
Dear UK opposition
(@jeremycorbyn, @joswinson, & @NicolaSturgeon for as long as you're involved)
None of you is likely to get a clear majority: That means you'll have to work together in govt shall you manage to do well in the upcoming elections.
You'll *have to*.
Just start now!
@jeremycorbyn @joswinson @NicolaSturgeon FTR: Your opponents have started already.
Johnson/Farage tactical voting app soon in a phone near you.
(Note: This is a political ads broadening LeaveEU's reach)
You won't hear them fighting about it because they'll unite behind the Holy Unicorny Brexit Banner.
Unite against them
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Let's have a quick word about the Tories, pensions and Scotland.

IDS has proposed that the retirement age is raised to 75. His thinking is that this is the only way to "afford" the actual worst pension in Europe or the G7.…
This map shows life expectancy across the UK. Lighter colours are lower life expectancy. The lightest blue you can see is 75-80 - the age bracket that would see the shortest retirement before death.
Except that working longer would lead to more stress on the body and, therefore, lower life expectancy - so those in the light blue would have a very, very short retirement.

Think of the saving when most of Scotland and Wales get maybe a year's pension at best!
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THREAD: CST and @Signify have today released the report ‘Engines of Hate: the online networks behind the Labour party’s antisemitism crisis’ #EngineOfHate /1
The problem of antisemitism in the Labour Party over the past four years has been fuelled by a flow of antisemitic tweets and posts on social media /2
This report found there is no separation online between generic pro-Labour Twitter accounts and campaigns, and abusive Twitter accounts that claim to act in support of Labour to close down online allegations of antisemitism /3
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"But Labour have no policies."

I've heard this statement recently on more than one occasion.

It's time to set the record straight. Welcome to the Labour Party policy megathread.
Before I get started, I want to quickly mention my reasons for writing up this thread. I can only speak for myself, but I've felt that my activism has been too reactionary recently. Responding to whatever story we're being hit with by the media and being distracted because of it.
I've started to consider the effects of this, and I've come to believe that we've lost sight of what a Labour government, under Corbyn, would truly mean for the United Kingdom.

We know getting rid of the Tories is good. But why is replacing them with Corbyn better?
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Ok this is going to get me some grief from some of my brethren on here. Please understand why I'm setting out this thread.

I'd like to talk directly to the Labour soft left. I'll pick out a few MP's and ask you to consider this thread. #MoreThatUnites #GTTO
@LucyMPowell You have recently been on the receiving end of questioning the tactics of the lord ad in the guardian, you commendably made the point that at the time when Boris Johnson is to be ushered in as PM. Our efforts could be better directed.
You have now been on the receiving end of the neo-liberal media machine. Nick Cohen has questioned your morals and has claimed you give anti-Semites a free pass. This shows that it's not just the Corbyn faithful that the machine will attack, it's anyone who disagree's with it.
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1) This is serious! Stop whingeing and whining that you don't like @jeremycorbyn you don't have to, what you should be looking at are Labour's brilliant COSTED policies and the party headed by a man who will bust a git to remain truthful and true to his word and implement them.
2) Some people es[ecially the crabby older generation (of which I am one) have moaned and droned on for years about not having people like Blair and Cameron as PMs that they wanted normal people who spoke without spin and told the truth. Well now we have such a man in
3) Jeremy Corbyn and what do you all do? You start whining and moaning about him being a NORMAL PERSON, FFS what do you want? In Corbyn, we have someone who is caring kind, truthful and decent and the Tory press and broadcast media recognise this and start smearing him and you
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11. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
2. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
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So I was going to wait with this one. But events are moving fast. The whole Brexit debacle aside, it is entirely possible a Tory leadership contest is on the way.

And you thought Gove was bad. I mean he is, he's pure evil. But still. Brace yourselves.
I was chatting with a few folks tonight about the possibility of Johnson vs Corbyn. My main concern was, and is, the "lesser Trump" narrative. Ken Clarke pretty much exemplifies it here. If Johnson does fight a GE, expect to see a lot of this.…
Of course, this plays into Johnson's public perception - the bumbling buffoon. It is widely known that Johnson intentionally plays this up. So far, he's had success with it. But combined with the lesser Trump narrative, it could be extremely dangerous.
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Brexit: the state of play (Sunday am version). 1/ May will ask for an A50 extension to 30/6/19 but EUCO probably offers 9-21 month "flextension". If latter, May loses all authority in Tory party...
2/ Either way, the humiliation having to stand in EU elections finishes of May's de facto control of government. This is Corbyn's achievement (along with Sturgeon, Price and Lucas) as explained here…
3/ Labour shadow cabinet at odds over 2 ways forward: a) put Customs Union and Second Referendum to separate votes in parliament (ensuring the PV falls) b) Insist they are a single legislative package. Only the latter fulfils party policy...
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An example of a lie getting half way around the world before the truth has a chance to put its boots on.

I’m fed up of the character smears, but in today’s bizarro world, this week musician spends days libelling me, and for this is called a ‘Star’ by an ex-England footballer 🤦🏼‍♀️
Back in December, off the back of a shower of hate I’d received for posting evidence of the UK’s growing anti-Jewish racism problem with the left, I received this message from a teenage girl telling me I should be ashamed of myself etc...
What followed was a polite exchange from both parties, as we both explained our positions.

Weeks later, as the spotlight on antisemitism, and my part in that grew, this exchange was then used by some other people seeking to discredit me, to smear me as a ‘viscous child bully’.
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THREAD: Plan A, still on course

JCs strategy could soon pay off. Despite relentless waves of subterfuge he is lazer focused on pressuring the Tories on their achilles heel, the EU. For all the critique of his method, no1 can doubt his drive to make peoples lives better. 1/
Ignoring the sabateurs denies them soundbites to endlessly manipulate in lieu of discussing Labour's manifesto. They can't attack him on that. It is what this country wants & needs.
What's perceived as weakness in JC is a refusal to let them dictate his agenda. 2/
The chance afforded by brexit to split the Tories in half is real, rare & imminent. If JC retains the whip till brexit is resolved Tingers cannot come out unscathed. They'll either have to vote FOR makin a JC gov more likely or break the whip, enabling Tories & losing all cred 3/
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