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City council Leader @cllrsusanbrown dismissing a local alliance that has been in place for over 4 years, gaining 13 seats from the Conservatives and pushing them into a minority as a "rag tag coalition". Labour wouldn't have had the chance of being in joint control without us
This demonstrates what we're up against in Cherwell. Labour's dismissive and arrogant attitude about a long standing alliance group who have held the Tories to account for 4 years while Labour cosy up to them on local plans and other important policies.
And just to correct the claim that Labour's the largest Party. They're not. They're a coalition of The Labour Party and Labour & Cooperative party. They're even listed separately on the council website. They at best match the Lib Dems with 10 seats although that's not certain.
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While we all bask in the beauty that is:

Con -1061
Lab +536
LD +405
Green +241

Can we also take a moment to acknowledge that UKIP lost EVERY Councillor, while Reform UK came away with just 6 (gained 2)๐Ÿคฃ


So we can absolutely REJECT any daft Right Wing notion that this result shows the Tory Party just need to swing even further Right, or that itโ€™s because they havenโ€™t โ€œstopped the boatsโ€ or that they need to โ€œscrap net zeroโ€.

This result really, really does NOT show that!

REFUK averaged only 6% in all the places they stood, on a platform of scrapping net zero, fracking, reopening coal mines, more North sea Oil&Gas exploration.

Their culture wars, โ€œstop the boatsโ€, anti-Green ideas are simply not wanted.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


This is a wonderful juxtaposition๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ Image
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George Osborne. If one nasty Tory politician has slunk away and avoided the consequences of his behaviour it has to be George Osborne. The architect of austerity himself. Surely the man who left the nation poised for the ultimate protest vote: Brexit? 1/24
I haven't seen much written about him recently, but let's have a little look? Well, like most good Tories he absolutely loves a alias. 'Boris Johnson' (Alexander de Pfefell Johnson), Iain Duncan Smith (George), Grant Shapps (lol). Osborne's real name is Gideon. 2/24
Gideon's father is Sir Peter Osborne 17th Baronet and Giddy will inherit the title to become the 18th. Plus the family wallpaper fortune 'Osborne & Little'. Public school boy (naturally) - St Paul's not Eton (ยฃ45k per year) and then Oxford. Bullingdon Club (of course). 3/24
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Yesterday I wrote about Jacob Rees Mogg - a prominent harmful Tory. Today I want to remind people of another who is becoming forgotten - Iain Duncan Smith - with a majority of just 1,300 votes. 1/24
IDS, not to be confused with 'irritable bowel syndrome' (IBS) which is infinitely preferable, is literally a evil an person. He administrated ยฃ12 billion in cuts to the Department of Work & Pensions. Here he is cheering and fist pumping for hardship: 2/24
Celebrating hardship you might ask? Yes - after Osborne (who always has hated the poor) cut back every form of support he threw a 70p rise in the minimum wage on the table as smoke screen to the net degradation of living standards, which IDS knew and of course rejoiced at 3/24
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It's time to take a close look at Jacob Rees Mogg isn't it? This man has nothing that isn't condescending to offer - with his rock solid belief that any conclusion he comes to must be the correct one. Of late this disgusting Tory has gone into darker places however 1/20
First of all - let's get the double standards out of the way. Nobody does double standards quite like Jacob because he wants to wave them in your face. If you accept them, you know your place (beneath him) and that gives him that righteous glee that he loves 2/20
Mogg is supposedly a Catholic and Christian, and having been brought up in an Irish Catholic household I can, with some confidence tell you what that means. I was dragged to church every Sunday, and seven times in Holy Week every year. Mogg ain't it. 3/20
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How to vote in the local elections on May 4th.

Together we can remove 1000s of Tory councillors from 100s of Tory councils.

A thread ๐Ÿงต


To find out who to vote for to remove, or block, Tories from your council on May 4th:

1. Visit StopTheTories.Vote

2. Put in your postcode

3. Tell a friend, download a poster, signup for updates

4. Show up and vote tactically!

(Remember your Voter ID!)

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This is a hideous expose of the dysfunctional, ego-driven, selfish chaos at the heart of Johnsonโ€™s govt - itโ€™s absolutely sickening to read. I loathe and despise them for what they have done to this country. - โ€˜I am the Fรผhrer, the kingโ€™:โ€ฆ
What makes me truly livid is temerity of so many govt members and backers, esp in context of Raab affair, to claim that civil service are a problem, when articles like this confirm the complete absence of coherent political leadership or competence.
The disgusting attacks on the civil service right now are emblematic of a failed govt, kicking people who have no voice to hit back, who work their tails off to try to please the most incompetent and immoral series of Ministers which this country has ever had.
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Just about every part of our country is crumbling and in a state of wild disrepair, but the Tories, whenever asked, simply ask you not to believe your own eyes & ears. Disregard your personal experiences because all is well and getting better. #GTTONow 1/
Doctors - GPs - are in crisis. I know GPs as close personal friends who, having qualified recently regret their career choices & they are looking at other options. I know student doctors in their penultimate year who are getting ready to work in the financial sector instead. 2/20
Roads - too dangerous to drive on, jarring collisions with deep holes and cracks. Nothing speaks more honestly of what the Tories have done than the state of the roads. Utter neglect and decay. While billions have been wasted on pet projects and backhanded to mates. 3/20
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Don't let anything distract you from the need to remove Boris Johnson from Uxbridge and South Ruislip. Be devoted to the cause. Here's the facts on the opportunity to unseat Boris Johnson and how you can help in a real and material way to achieve this: 1/24
Uxbridge and SR is a marginal by the standards of today. Wakefield by-election of 2022 saw Nadeem Ahmed (Con) defeated by Simon Lightwood (Lab). A majority of nearly 5,000 votes overturned with a 12.7% swing. 2/24
Far more worrying for the Tories was the June 2021 swing of 25.2% from Tory to Lib Dem in Chesham & Amersham. A national swing of this level would leave the Tories nursing 49 seats in parliament and a potential landslide majority for Labour. 3/24
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I'm sorry, watching Tories set about solving the numerous major problems that have become entrenched in the United Kingdom - as if someone else caused them - is like watching 355 people with shared psychosis. It's galling. They f*cked it all up in the first place. #GTTO 1/10
When they caused all of the problems that we are now struggling with, they told us that they were taking astute decisions in the best interests of the entire country. At that point they patted each other on the back and said well done. #GTTO 2/10
Now they behave as if that was another group of people completely - not them - and what they are now doing is coming in to clean up the mess. A mess that they somehow inherited. From someone else. #GTTO 3/10
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Lessons from Fiona Bruce is gaslighting. Let's look at what she's done here:
1) She has played the victim. She insists that she had to 'legally contextualise' the remarks about Stanley Johnson. Not like *that* she didn't. 1/8
2) She suggests that she has been misunderstood or misrepresented, that she actually said 'it was a one off' not that she quoted the 'friends of Stanley Johnson' saying such a crass thing. She is deliberately fudging the fact that reintroducing that defence is awful. 2/8
3) She has suggested that she didn't minimise domestic abuse. I disagree. I think she did. She swept it away - didn't allow the panel member to finish her comment - and swiftly moved on with a pre-written reply. She - in other words - minimised the criticism and stifled it. 3/8
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Thread (1/20)

This thread explains why we find it hard to get our minds around what the UK government is really doing, what will happen if we let it, and how we can stop it.

We are used to politics of left and right, where left means โ€˜left of centreโ€™ and right means โ€˜right of centreโ€™ โ€ฆ but we have never had a government as far from the centre as this one.

As the @FT pointed out, economically,

โ€œThe government may have adopted the most extreme economic position of any major party in the developed world.โ€
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