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An example of a lie getting half way around the world before the truth has a chance to put its boots on.

I’m fed up of the character smears, but in today’s bizarro world, this week musician spends days libelling me, and for this is called a ‘Star’ by an ex-England footballer 🤦🏼‍♀️
Back in December, off the back of a shower of hate I’d received for posting evidence of the UK’s growing anti-Jewish racism problem with the left, I received this message from a teenage girl telling me I should be ashamed of myself etc...
What followed was a polite exchange from both parties, as we both explained our positions.

Weeks later, as the spotlight on antisemitism, and my part in that grew, this exchange was then used by some other people seeking to discredit me, to smear me as a ‘viscous child bully’.
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1/52 This thread is about #LabourAntisemitism. It is going to be long. Very long. Sorry.
2/52 Most people have heard that Labour “have an antisemitism problem”. And most have also heard that they don’t, really, and/or it is being “weaponised” against Corbyn. In this thread I will outline the issue to the best of my knowledge.
3/52 In 2016, Jackie Walker was suspended from Labour after repeating an antisemitic myth about the slave trade.…
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Failed Coup in #Venezuela, #US involved?
Jan 22, 2019
U.S. VP #MikePence released a video message in support of the Venezuelan protesters & underline US backing for unelected right-wing opposition leader #JuanGuaido.
Violence in #Venezuela intensifies as #US backs non-elected leader
Jan 22, 2019
Venezuela's Security Forces have detained 27 members of the National Guard caught stealing arms, accusing them of trying to stage a violent #uprising against the #Maduro's govt.

#RegimeChange #BigOil
DEVELOPING STORY👇Turmoil in #Venezuela:
"Unrest is direct result of #US meddling" ~ Radio host Comissiong
Jan 23, 2019
Two people reportedly killed in on-going #protests in Venezuela against President #Maduro.

#RegimeChange #BigOil #USMeddling #Democracy
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I served my country. I saw the horrors war and I was scarred. I saw hate and fear in equal measure. I find it harder since my service to maintain my anger. I react inappropriately at times to the mildest of criticism. I have sought counselling but keep reliving the past.
I never judged someone by their religion, ethnicity, colour or gender. When someone was dying, injured or in distress I reached out to help. It was what I had signed up for it was what I trained for. I thought it would make a difference.
It did make a difference. It changed me it left me damaged because I could not being the suffering to an end. Today the UK feels like the War Zone I left behind. Division, distrust and hate seep from every sinew of our society.
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1. And now I'm going to tell a story. Another false flag. This time is to force @POTUS not to take the US army out of #Syria.
They already have a lot of experience (8 years) to make chemical attacks to accuse the Syrian government.
OH, and they even have a manual.🧐😲🤨
2. ISIS terrorist? 😲Seriously?🤨 Have they investigated? 🤓And they already know who it was? 🧐Super efficient 🙃.

Preliminary reports say at least six people were killed & 19 injured by the explosion. US official: 4 US army Killed & 3 US army wounded.
3. ISIS took responsability?😲Seriously?🤨Have they investigated?🤓They already know who it was? 🧐Super efficient 🙃.

The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) took responsibility for the attack that reportedly targeted the US-led coalition’s patrol.
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Here’s all you need to know about the state of the current @UKLabour Antisemitism crisis, displayed over the last 12 hrs.

For months now, I’ve been speaking out to highlight the growing problem of AS in the UK.

On Monday I recorded a Podcast with @krishgm which comes out today
Upon hearing this, some people are worried.
I’ve deleted her handle to avoid a pile on, also I really want nothing to do with her.
Rosie is a 16 year old girl who claims I’m a bully.
I could ignore this, but 1st, it’s wrong. And 2nd, it’s being spread by some dangerous people.
Here are the messages of abuse aimed at me from replies to Rosie’s msgs.
Note @LabLeftVoice is a rabid and dangerous antisemite who has had complaints made about them to the Jewish Community Security Trust @CST_UK as she shares home addresses of people she doesn’t like (doxxing)
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Comrades further to my recent conversion to #lexit I am proud to present the story of comrade corbyn and the doctrine of Lexism in one Cuntry #Brexit
Here we see a happy vision of George Galloway Kate Howie and Owen Jones living in the workers DisEUtopian paradise governed by the Lexist principle of Socialism in one Cuntry but the the struggle for Lexit was far from as easy one #Brexit #Lexit
The story of #lexit begins in the1st years of the 21st century where Tony Blair led the struggle of the political classes to liberate parliament from the proletariat he was revered as a political class hero by labour and tory politician alike
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And lo, unto her did appear a host of Corbyn defenders, who did descend upon her mentions, and she was not sore afraid, because she was used to it. And the host did sing with one voice, ‘ungodly woman, thou foolest us not. We know the true reason thou despisest Saint Jeremy.’ 1
And she did say unto them ‘share thy hot take.’ And with righteous wrath they did declare, ‘thou fearest Saint Jeremy, friend of the poor, because he shall take from thee in taxation much more even than Herod, and so thou attackest the meek and honest saviour of this land.’ 2
And she did reply, ‘I shall not call ye dimwits, for it is the season of goodwill, but tis not Saint Jeremy who shall tax me, nay, not even if he enters the house of Number Ten, for my tax rates are set by Queen Nicola, in whose kingdom I do abide, and unto her I do pay
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"To call #Israel's democracy'#Apartheid' is an insult to all those who really experienced it."👈TYPICAL CRUEL & DISINGENUOUS LIE‼️
DEBUNKED BY #NelsonMandela & #SouthAfrican Freedom Fighters ON POSTS THAT WILL FOLLOW NEXT BELOW⏬
(Israel's Apartheid Laws:…)
#NelsonMandela Speaking on #Palestine, #YasserArafat [Extracts]
"We identify with the PLO, because just like ourselves, they are fighting for the right of self-determination."
1990 Town Hall Meeting with Nelson Mandela on #Palestine, #Cuba and other issues
👉#SouthAfrica compares #Israel to Nazis,cites Rabbi in #UNHRC #Gaza debate
"Mr President, S.Africans under #apartheid have experienced what we're witnessing happening in Gaza,we had a govt at war with its children & bend in dehumanizing African ppl ..."👏
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1/6 @TheLeftBible, a professional pro-Corbyn media operation with a slick website, 15K followers on Facebook and 8K followers on Twitter, promotes a stock neo-Nazi meme mocking antisemitism as a "Zionist trick".
2/6 One of the earliest occurrences of the meme found via TinEye is this, from a long-deleted neo-Nazi YouTube video about "white genocide".
3/6 It features on StormFront as part of a thread entitled "top 10 reasons why the Holocaust didn't happen".
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I see JVL deleted this appalling tweet, although no retraction or apology.
As someone who has been physically injured by BNP members and detained by cops for being in the streets opposing the far right, this tweet is both wrong deeply offensive. A thread.
Leaving aside the insensitivity of using a Jewish tragedy as an opportunity to troll mainstream Jews, I want to look at the claim it is #JC4PM supporters who stand up to the far right....
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1/15 Andrew Lee Thompson isn't the only admin of the openly antisemitic "Support Labour—Not Zionism" group. There's another.
2/15 This is Widdy Abby. The Arabic transliterates to "Abu Wahid/Waheed". He says he's in Shipley, Bradford. He's also vocally pro-Palestinian, being admin of a large pro-Palestine group with 10.8K members.
3/15 Needless to say, he's with Corbyn.
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1. On 29th November 1994, Jeremy Corbyn signed a House of Commons Early Day Motion no.24 deploring the "terrorist atrocity & murderous violence" of the pIRA's Birmingham pub bombings.
2. In 1994, Jeremy Corbyn met four loyalist leaders including David Ervine whom he met five times both to discuss the wrongful imprisonment of UDR man Neil Latimer, and at Labour Party Conference in Blackpool in the October to receive notification of an impending ceasefire.
3. In an interview to the Belfast Telegraph on 10th October 2015, Ian Paisley's wife commented that Ian Paisley always found Jeremy Corbyn very courteous and polite. And that "he thought Jeremy Corbyn was a gentleman".
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Today I'm no longer a @UKLabour member. This short thread explains why, for anyone interested.
1) Twice, I couldn't vote for @jeremycorbyn in the Leadership elections. Of course Iain McNichol & his undemocratic team that said 1st - I'd posted a Green party tweet & 2nd -
2nd I'd said word the Blairite on Twitter, didn't stop my direct debit from being collected.
In June I posted a sarcastic tweet about the state of @bbccomedy & propaganda -
Thanks to @georgegalloway RT this became MSM news & many celebs /actors called me an anti Semite, liar & conspiracy theorist -
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#Brexit *Thread*

To clarify, I am remain, but I feel a 2nd ref is monumentally risky & perhaps dangerous:-

1. Polls haven't changed much, result could easily be the same
2. Another campaign of hate will embolden the far right
3. If remain win. Leavers will demand another vote
4. Chaos & unrest are likely whatever the result, possibly violence too

What happens if it's still 'Leave'? Picture the chaos, square one. You're simply allowing the Tories more time to fail to come up with a solution. Every day that continues people in this country will suffer
What if it's 'Remain'? Leavers will, with some justification, query why this vote is more valid than the first. This has the potential to cause a constitutional crisis.

People can say 'we know the facts now' all they like, that will not placate millions of angry voters.
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So I spent yesterday writing the thread I am retweeting here. My purpose was to prove Corbyn was present at the graves of the Black September terrorists which he admitted while I was halfway recounting the evidence!

As time went on, I discovered some nuances and details that enable me to write a brief account here of what actually happened on that day in October 2014, and why.

Having studied the multiple albums on the Palestinian Embassy in Tunisia facebook page, as well as other on other websites, it is possible to build up a picture of the typical visitor itinerary. It goes something like this...

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Meet #Israel's #Hasbara, which means #Propaganda, MSM Censorship Application👇🤨
This app came out about last year, and it is still on the iTunes store.
The app posts daily missions & TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO SAY
#Trolls #Palestine #Gaza #BDS #JeremyCorbyn #JC4PM
6yrs ago #Jerusalem, #IDF Rep:
"we are now located in the SAME building where the Foreign Journalists are,we have close working relationships w/ hundreds of journalists. In addition we launched media project working in many platforms,twitter in Arabic, Russian, French & English."
How #Israel-i Propaganda (#Hasbara) Works: #TheLuntzDocument
If you want to understand how the #propaganda works you need to read the Luntz document -- "The Key," Luntz says, "is the Claim that the Fight is Over Ideology, Not Land. About Terror, & Not Territory."
#Palestine #BDS
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Just joined @UKLabour because you're sick and tired of a good man being maligned? Welcome! Here's a thread with a few tips from someone 3 years in. I'm fresh enough to remember being a newbie, but enough experience to pass on: #socialistsunday #wearecorbyn
6. Get to know who your MP is, and elected representatives, so: councillors, AM's in Wales, MSP's in Scotland. You'll be meeting these people, more than likely, at CLP. Be measured if you disagree with them online, especially before meeting them!
7. Go to a CLP meeting. The CLP organises the party in your area, including selecting candidates and sending delegates to conference. The meeting will be run by a Chair, assisted by a Secretary, Treasurer and other elected volunteers. Use your first few meetings to learn.
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Right folks. We need to get a grip on this. The prevalent feelings among grassroots Labour members today seems to be that the neoliberals have succeeded in fracturing the left, that we are consumed in a relentless fight about anti-semitism, and that Momentum have bottled it.
Here's where I'm at. We can acknowledge where we are today, park what we can't sort right now, and keep moving forward by focusing on what we can achieve. Right now.
We know the Tories have lurched massively to the right - some openly meeting with known fascists, while media looks the other way. We've got Tommy Robinson peddled across all media (especially BBC) as a hero while Jeremy is being destroyed by them as a racist. And yes that hurts.
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#ThanksJeremy for giving me hope that as a disabled person I may finally get the mental health care I need along with the physical care. With you in power I hope to be able to live not in fear but with dignity. Under the tories life is terrifying for disabled people
I'd like to thank everyone for the support my tweet has been given. I often feel like a second class citizen, taking money from hard working tax payers. It's not a lifestyle choice and I'm grateful for what I get but I fear everything I'm assessed that I will lose this lifeline
To continue to survive I have to undergo constant assessments. I understand that money can't be freely given without some form of checking but this system is horrendous and humiliating. I sit opposite a stranger who tries to pull apart my most personal
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