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Picked up @people magazine to read on a plane with Lori Loughlin and the #admissionsscandal on the cover. Turned out to be a primer on #pleabargaining. Here is a thread on The Trial Penalty: Celebrity Edition
First, the admissions scandal is (sort of) old news. The cover story is sparked by new charges brought by the prosecutor. Not new facts. The story remains pretty much the same. But the prosecutor has filed new charges based on the same conduct to exert pressure on the defendants
This, of course, is a common tactic to encourage defendants to change course when they exercise their right to trial. It's made possible by the fact that there are LOTS of crimes in the statute books.
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Remember how I said the #AdmissionsScandal would red pill a lot of people because of the celebrity angle & the fact it hits close to home with so many people?
Even NYTs is covering how HS seniors wonder if their friends got into colleges because of cheating? #ButNothingsHappening
To read about how the #AdmissionsScandal is being used to wake people up, then expanded by going after some of the parents for far bigger Swamp crimes. Like $1.3 Billion in healthcare fraud!
So how do you ramp up the pressure to flip the parents? First you charge them with bigger charges, fraud, then money laundering, then tax evasion.
If that isn't enough, threaten to charge their children! They won't like sending their babies to State Penn.
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Remember how I said the #admissionsscandal would build? First the fraud charges, then when they didn't flip quick enough they were charged with money laundering.

So what did I say was next?

Tax evasion!…
Rather than a 2 year deal, they now face 40 years in prison plus whatever gets identified in the tax evasion cases. Apparently their lawyer gave them some bad advice...

Now it may be too late for a deal, unless they have something bigger to give up of course...
You don't think #AuntBecky's lawyer gave her bad advice do you?

Does it make you wonder if there are some Swampy lawyers out there trying to rig cases under the old rules? What happens if they gave their client bad advise in the hopes of protecting someone they might flip on?
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So, how do you get people to wake up with everything that his happening?
To suddenly see the corruption & how pervasive it, while not triggering people to defend the guilty?
You make it about celebrity so everyone notices it.
You make it about something many can relate to.
Then you let it grow outward after everyone is aware of it. Everyone is offended by it then you reveal the deeper corruption while folks are assembling their pitchforks & torches!
If you haven't noticed yet, something is happening with the #collegescandal
The news may have started covering it because of the celebrity connections. But this doesn't start or end with #AuntBecky She just served to make everyone aware of it! The face who launched a thousand memes, letting the scandal penetrate to people who think #ButNothingsHappening
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