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UK oil exec confesses to corruption conspiracy...
More interesting one of his employees paying bribes in Libya was also the contractor who Clinton's State Department used to hire the guards in 2012 for the US consulate in Bengazi!
This guilty plea is for paying bribes for oil infrastructure business in Iraq between 2005 & 2013. The investigation started in March 2016 into suspected bribery and money laundering involving a Monaco-based oil and gas firm Unaoil.
Three other co-conspirators have trials scheduled in January 2020, to there is more to come from this case.…
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Tulsi Gabbard calling out the 24 Dems running for President to support the Democratic voters in Puerto Rico to #DrainTheSwamp in PR. Do they join in? Setting the standard for other Democratic cities & states when their leaders get arrested for corruption? #ButNothingsHappening
The Democratic Machine Swamps around the country are facing major FBI investigations for corruption: DC, Baltimore, NYC, Tallahassee, Memphis, Detroit, L.A., Chicago, Atlanta & many more.

What happens when Dems are in the streets demanding an end to the corruption? Everything!
Bernie has also supported the protesters (but that is not surprising) but will his complaints about big business corruption morph into criticism of his party getting rich extorting money from big business?
Let's hope!…
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Interesting timing here, Swiss bank turns over 8 US customer accounts with $33M in assets that were evading taxes. But 4 they should have turned over in 2015...
HT @JarradKushner…
If you are not aware of what has been happening, around 2014 many of the banks were forced to identify their US customers who hid money in their Swiss bank accounts. In exchange for flipping the banks were allowed to negotiate non-prosecution agreements with fines.
80 banks reached final agreements with the DOJ between March of 2015 & January 2016 turning over tons of US customers guilty of tax evasion between 2008 & 2014. I believe this pressure was a major factor in 8 these customers.
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Now all five of Peru's living former Presidents are in prison. #ButNothingsHappening…
Former President Toledo was arrested by US authorities to be extradited to Peru.
This case is linked to the #Odebrecht scandal that I have written many threads about.
So where has Toledo been hiding out while trying to avoid being extradited from the March 2018 request for his arrest?
He has been 'working' as a visiting professor at Stanford! How is it going to play with the lefties that hate politicians taking $20M in bribes to help the 1%!
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If you have been following along, I've said that Flynn may have hired Holder's law partners to see if they would help rig the case against their client. Did they advise a plea to aid the coup? Have they been hiding Brady material from Flynn & his new lawyer? #ButNothingsHappening
There was also a bunch of funny business with Evgeni Buryakov's lawyers too. He's the Russian spy caught in the FBI's Wealthy Atlantic City Casino Investor-Russian Collusion Sting in 2015. Pdop fired his counsel after a guilty plea too!
This may have been what happened to Scooter Libby too in the Bush Lied effort to rig the 2004 election. Libby was also Marc Rich's lawyer at Glencore before joining Cheney at Halliburton.
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Huh, Puerto Rico's Democratic Party governor (he also belongs to the PR New Progressive Party) & advisors caught sending "profane, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, attacking the opposition party, and mocking the deaths that followed Hurricane Maria."…
Joking about feeding hurricane victims to their crows, that's not a very good look for the Dems in PR. Calling female opponents sex workers probably not real PC either!
Oh, they included lobbyists in their secret cabinet chat group. Well I wonder what the less salacious but more incriminating messages show! Oh nevermind, the PR Justice Minister who works for the Governor has said she's not going to investigate it. Maybe the FBI will...
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Evidence Trump exposed Epstein! After Epstein tried to black mail him in 2005!
Recall how most of these so called anti-Trump hit pieces, never lay a glove on Trump but leave breadcrumbs to expose Trump's targets. Excerpts from Wolfe's book show what happened #ButNothingsHappening
If you follow me you understand there is clear evidence that Trump's operations are constantly involved in FBI stings to identify criminal suspects, money laundering, mob activity, dirty politicians, & even Russian spies. But now Epstein ties into this directly!
In 2004, Epstein showed Trump a mansion in Palm Beach Florida that Epstein wanted to buy. Trump bought it out from under Epstein while Epstein did not believe Trump had the money to do so. Epstein assumed Trump bought it as a front for a Russian oligarch.
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Epstein had a foreign passport listing his country of residence as Saudi Arabia in his safe with his picture on it! Wonder who provided that passport, it would certainly help a flight from justice to have a non-US passport. I bet it isn't the only one... #ButNothingsHappening
that it was issued in the 1980s, in an alias & is expired. But it doesn't mean he did not have a newer version of the passport that is valid.
I wonder what dirty deeds Epstein would do under an alias? I mean he did enough evil under his own name.
What do you think required a fake passport?

Intel work? But for which country?
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The Demos are demobilizing going into the 2020 campaign season.
That the Dems activists don't even feel like trying because Pelosi isn't foolish enough to push for impeachment.
They feel the Blue Wave (more of a ripple) is going to disappear because they are all disillusioned by Trump's continued escape & the Dems unwillingness to help Trump by pushing for an impeachment that will fail.
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Oil trader Trafigura, who’s in the middle of many corruption investigations across the globe, including in the US, Brazil and Switzerland, is now ending their use of middlemen.

#Glencore, among others, was also involved.

#ButNothingsHappening #CarWash #PetroBras
Dawson has done a bunch of research and threads into some of these investigations. Here’s a good one that shows some additional countries and people that were involved, including Bill Clinton’s pardoned BFF Marc Rich.

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Apparently presstitutes are cheaper than I expected. A PR firm pimping for Jeffrey Epstein only had to pay a reporter at Forbes $600 to post a pre-written article about Epstein. I always expected journalists were getting paid more than that for #FakeNews. #ButNothingsHappening
I wonder how much Katie Couric & George Stephanopoulos cost for friendly coverage? Maybe it's just a dinner at the Epstein mansion.
With enough cash you can convince everyone except Donald Trump that it was the girls fault for prostituting herself...
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Draining the Swamp in Puerto Rico!

Wait until they figure out most of the cases go back to an FBI undercover operation using Trump as an informant & a Swampy golf course & resort deal...
Fraudulent loans to Trump's 'partners' or targets of the investigation as his FBI handlers would call them, lead to a bank collapse that was covered up until recently with the conviction of a global pharma fraudster.
Before targeting PR officials, the investigations rolled up corrupt politicians from the San Juan city government.
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Whew! Looks like more corruption being drained in #PuertoRico today. FBI raids and several government officials have been arrested this morning.

The former Executive Director of ASES, Angela Avila, was arrested:

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How do you drain the Swamp? By putting out bait to lure them into traps, honey traps need to have the best bait. The greatest bait you've ever seen. Just like you have to provide bait to make the MSM cover the draining of the Swamp! #ButNothingsHappening!
There is nothing Swampier than a Presidential transition & inauguration. Especially to a President where the Swamp creatures don't have a preexisting relationship. Makes them easy prey as they try to buy access to the new President!
Elliot Broidy is one of the biggest Swamp figures in the Republican Party but he paid bribes to the Democratic side too. Got busted bribing NY state officials on a state employees union pension deal. All about the #MoneyLaundering potential of the deal.…
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Well, bank general counsel pleads guilty to scheme to defraud his bank out of more than $55M. From 2006-2017 he secured fraudulent business loans to companies he owned including loaning them money to pay back the previous loans. Collapsing the bank in 2017.
So the bank president, counsel, bank officer B & others were robbing their own bank. The general counsel has now plead guilty & flipped so it is likely the rest will be joining him as convicted felons soon!
I guess you can rob more from a bank with a briefcase than with a gun! He faces up to 30 years in prison. Did they think that they wouldn't get caught? That the FDIC didn't check the books better after a bank collapses & tax payers are on the hook for account holders cash?
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Riza Asia, who is a Hollywood producer and stepson of Najib Razak (the former #Malaysia PM accused in the #1MDB scandal) was arrested today for money laundering.

His film company, Red Granite Pictures, produced “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Malaysian officials wouldn’t comment on if his arrest was related to 1MDB, but I think we all know it is.
Ugh WTF?!? Autocorrect kept changing his last name, so I made to spell it correctly and triple checked it before tweeting, yet it’s misspelled anyway.
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As I have been saying, the old way to investigate #moneylaundering was to slap the bank on the wrist & recommend reforms. Now they are demanding the receipts & going after the customers doing the money laundering! #ButNothingsHappening…
Now it is leaking that police are planning raids on wealthy customers who Deutsche Bank helped establish off-shore companies & evade taxes.
900 wealthy clients are in the cross hairs at this point for using DBs Regula service to evade taxes.
Records go back many years (decades) but accounted for $339M in just 2016.
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I think I tweeted this out in February when the conviction happened, but the former Pharma Exec just got 30 years & $104M in restitution!
Took $142M in fraudulent loans from a Puerto Rican bank from 2005-07.
HT to @USAby4thepeople #ButNothingsHappening…
The bank was ordered closed in 2010, when it still had $13B in assets but was more than a billion short to cover it's liabilities. So this $142M is only a drop in the bucket of the bad loans the bank made, almost like the bank was allowing itself to be raided then collapsed...
NYC FDIC office detected the finance & 'risk management' problems from 2005-2008 but didn't intervene strongly enough to save the bank. Wonder why they got a pass?…
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First ever successful DOJ civil enforcement for Foreign Agent Registration Act violations. Radio broadcaster took $1.4M to air Russian propaganda.
How big is this? How many in the media secretly took money from foreign agents? #ButNothingsHappening…
What this does is it allows the DOJ to use the court to prove with a preponderance of the evidence (more than 50%) that a person or organization is required to register as a foreign agent. Instead of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that they violated FARA law at criminal trial.
Who could this apply too?
Everyone who acted as a foreign agent: media companies, reporters, lobbyists, PR firms, non-profit foundations, think tanks, political activists & parties.

Are you starting to see what is happening?

The DOJ now has the receipts for money laundering...
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The MAYOR of #Scranton, PA, William L. Courtright, pleaded guilty to 3 felony corruption charges in a conspiracy to take bribes from vendors who did business with the city in a #PlayToPay scheme.

Oh, I have dyslexia today or what?

That should be #PayToPlay, not PlayToPay.
It looks like the Mayor just resigned yesterday.…
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Merrill Lynch's commodities unit pays $25M & agrees to cooperate for rigging the cost of precious metals on the futures market from 2008-2014. I guess no one was looking for corruption during that time period! #ButNothingsHappening…
So Merrill Lynch & their parent company Bank of America Corporation (BAC) have agreed to flip & provide evidence against individuals & corrupt schemes being used in BAC’s Global Markets’ Commodities Business. #ButNothingsHappening
There is also a separate parallel deal with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (which is a trend) as many of these commodities traders (Glencore & others) were rigging futures trading by manipulating reported inventories. This includes units run by many of the big banks.
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$39M stolen from food program for needy day care children. Enabled by employees of the Florida Dept. of Health including bribes from one defendant to assist the scheme. #ButNothingsHappening Stealing food from needy children, that's not a good look…
The 2 individuals stole $39M from the federally funded Child Care Food Program. Inflated numbers, ghost employees, catering contractor kickbacks, state employees making false allegations against other providers to throw the feds off the trail, and so much more. HT @BabeReflex_8
One gets 10 years in prison & has to pay back $26M. The other gets 8 years in prison & seizure of $13M.

Think the Dems are going to be able to run in 2020 on expanding programs like this as the Trump DOJ keeps prosecuting fraudsters who use & supposedly oversee this programs.
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The Venezuelan corruption case has expanded beyond it's oil company Citgo to it's electric company.
In a new twist, they are charging the foreign officials with accepting bribes under FCPA instead of the US business
#ButNothingsHappening HT @JarradKushner…
Charges are for the money laundering to accept the bribes, as they weren't clearly disclosed as bribes, it violated money laundering statutes!
Two defendents (looks like they are from the bribe paying companies) plead guilty to 1 count each of violating FCPA & will surrender at least $5.5M each from the proceeds of the contracts. #ButNothingsHappening
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Just going to drop the crumbs that will connect no doubt later…

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1. Six of the suspects were put under house arrest, including Andrea Carletti, the mayor of the town in Bibbiano, in the province of Reggio Emilia. The probe, nicknamed 'Angels and Demons'
2. Andrea Carletti, Mayor of the town in Bibbiano, in the province of Reggio Emilia
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