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Im convinced I found the missing piece to this puzzle. Astro was correct with cycle theory but it can be difficult to place where exactly we are in a cycle as they are designed with very similarly shaped highs and lows. WELL I CRACKED THEIR DAMN CODE! ...

#Amc #amcapes
AMC is repeating certain patterns but it isnt just simply mirroring its previous price action. Its following Cineworld groups chart! The HF's shorting AMC must be running the same algo on Cineworld over in the UK! This makes more sense than simply shorting AMC. (...cont).

If you're looking to take out the movie theater industry, why would you short one theater chain?

THEY'RE GOING AFTER A CONGLOMERATE! (Read my previous thread on Cineworld to see what I mean. They're big.)

HF's already dropped their US stock drastically, now its UK's turn...
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The #amcgofundme and Chad is a scam!

Here is proof! - Thread

I do not live in US so doxxing does not matter to me, although if I get banned from twitter I don't mind. I just hope this save people a lot of money!

@JchristianWes @matt_kohrs @TaraBull808 @TradesTrey @jhuntermav
So our buddy Chad here (Twitter page created 5 days ago) is none other than Chad Andrew Horvath. He was arrested in 2010 relating to fraud charges.
As you can see from these publicly available charge sheets one offence was for Fraud-Insuff funds check. A crime for issuing fake cheques or cheques that will bounce.
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#AMC To make sure our voice is heard far and wide we came up with the #AMCIVOTED picture frame. (see below). Your #AMCIVOTED pic will show the world that you let your voice be heard and that you are important!…
PS. No one will know how you vote so don't post screen shots of what you chose. We just want you spread the word to get out to vote your AMC proxy by July 29th. We also want to make sure you vote and don't miss this chance to make your voice known.
Special thanks to @jackie_w_design for coming up with the design for our frame and @lucrativeluape for helping us launch it online. (BTW the link is 100% safe our very own @LucrativeLuApe created a safe link for us to download our pics). Only add the frame to your pic once you've
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Part 1
Gorilla Spirit
In general, Gorilla symbolism is a signal for us to raise our heads and recognize the nobility within us. This type of Gorilla meaning does not represent prideful or boastful behavior. Instead, this spirit animal exudes a quiet honor and a calm dignity
Part 2
that makes a much more profound statement than any boast. We humans (particularly this day and age) would do well to mimic such regal behavior.
Similar to the Cougar, Gorilla symbolism also gives us a message of leadership, however not of the aggressive kind.
Part 3

Instead, this ape manages other members within the troop with temperance, understanding, compassion, and balance. Very seldom is aggression or violence required to get the point across. The Gorilla meaning also reminds us that tyrannical leaders will never win respect.
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Journalist Shill #3: @MikeNewsNOW - Mike called out a $50 top on AMC on 6/11. But what are Mike's credentials and who is he to even call out a potential top on an equity security? /1
Mike is a Journalism major and has never worked in Finance. Lets check brokercheck, I found nothing. But why is Mike's remarks so important to the Apes? He has an audience he is tweeting this out to, and even though this tweet is not an article, we can't /2
but wonder... was he giving financial advice on twitter? What is his basis for his claim of an $AMC $50 top? We have no idea. But we can quickly cross of @MikeNewsNOW as a reliable source of information. As we saw based on today's price action... /3
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At the beginning of the pandemic repos were loaned to the big banks for raise their bar in terms of liquidity. The banks were also given direction to not charge the people late fees. This was all to help (in a trickle down fashion) the regular Jane and Joe.
What the banks did was lend a shit ton to hedge funds who went buck wild on the market shorting everything because of the effects of the pandemic. No a couple weeks ago when the banks where's called to that special session and grilled by the senate committee for continuing to
charge late fees making (money even) there was a clear signal that the tides were shifting on the banks. There will be no bailout... And with the reverse repos being returned now this dramatically lowers the bar for the banks to handle the extremely risky positions on loan that
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Ok all my #AMCAPES out there. I want to give my thoughts on what I have been seeing with our current price action. This will be in multiple parts so please follow in the comments. I have a dual major in business and psychology and many years experience in the business world. Cont
(1/8) There are many Battle hardened apes out there who understand the mind games but there are also at least a million new apes out there. I have seen these tactics employed on very intelligent people because $$$ causes lots of emotions.
Like Sun Tzu said "Know your enemy"
(2/8) My time with many large-scale business dealings one of the biggest lessons learned: Fear of loss is the single most driving force in human decision-making. Research states: A loss stings twice as much as an equivalent gain, i.e., losing $5 actually feels like losing $10+
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After reading @Joshuajammes
Tweet I started looking into this and it really makes me think if they (citadel) got busted for this in 2020 what makes us think that they didn't just change up their tactics. They got busted because it was for large (institutional) orders.
But if they, who admittedly handle a majority of retail transactions, were to shift to doing this to retail orders that they handle by the millions it could be harder for us to spot and call out.

Now I have NO PROOF of any wrong doing and am not making any accusations but...
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Why can’t legacy finance media (or your friends or family) wrap their heads around #AMC and the #AMCAPES?

Other than they get paid off to spew FUD - they miss the simple supply and demand battle being waged.

For many it’s obvious, but for others it doesn’t appear to be... 1/
The supply of #AMC stock (commonly referred to as “the float”) is suggested to be 493 million shares.

Hedge-funds began shorting (betting against) #AMC after the pandemic. The amount of shares shorted is referred to as “short interest.” 2/
Many saw how heavily shorted #AMC was and continues to be, and thus started a worldwide coalition of #AMCAPES who began buying up as many shares as possible - which shrunk the supply of stock available to be shorted. 3/
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