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(1/2) I asked Dave Lauer 1 question about Hft Algos being run by Quantum PC's. His response was "Why would they? quantum is slow. I find that answer odd.Quantum PC's can achieve 1 Trillion Processes in A Micro-Second, 1 Million Micro-Seconds are in a second. @VolumePrintcess #AMC
(2/3) I soley asked that ❓to not hear the educated answer I expected, but rather to see Mr Dave Lauer's thoughts, he answered with an almost sarcastic demeanor. This was a split micro second lapse in time where I can see right through you. Good guy/Bad Guy/ or shill he is hiding
(3/4) Dave Lauer knows deep rooted dark answers to the lies that have been decimating out Financial System. I will put an audio clip of me asking him my 1❓and you will all see his response & the demeanor he had when responding to me was like a switch went off. Physcology... 🗝️
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my take away from the meeting with @dlauer. @dlauer Thank you for your time yesterday i learned a lot. You also confirmed most of my theory. We disagree on the block volume but the rest we agree on. Take away from the meeting. OTC market is becoming a major issue in the us(1)
When retail orders from a payment for order flow type platform. It becomes an otc trade. This is done off exchanges(internalization or darkpools). Payment for order flow allows the Market maker to become the middle man to execute your trades. They pay the platform a "kickback"
With advancement in technology and Dark fibers. The mm is able to see Data milliseconds before it becomes public to other venues. They are able to use things like electronic front running as well as other forms of manipulation to profit multiple times off a single trade.
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Here is my DD:
They have the larger (combined) force, $$, they have better weapons (technology, psy-ops, paid minnions, media FUD). But what they don't have is ❤.

Great underdog victories in History:
216bc- The Carthaginian army (45,000) defeat the Romans (86,000) Cont. (1/7)
1565ad- the Knights Hospitaller (8000) defeat Ottoman soldiers (30,000)

1610ad- Poland (5,500) defeat Russian/Swedish troops (30,000)

1864ad- New Zealand Maori (200) defeat British troops (1700)

1939ad- Finiland (150,000) defeat Russian troops (450,000).
Cont. (2/7)
202?ad- an army of "Dumb Money" individual retail investors (APES) realized that companies they loved were maliciously being attacked by a bunch of "Bad Actors" on Wall Street. These APES decided enough was enough! (3/7)
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To understand the scale of money. Is to understand why 500k is not a meme.
500 million shares x $200,000 a share is 10 trillion dollars.
Apes control a overwhelming majority of legal shares. 4.1 million investor. #AMC
This is not new money. This is money locked away for generations in various assets. And within accounts in large banks and with institutions.
The creation of 4.1 million new millionaires and billionaires is not “new”. It is simply a transfer of existing money. While inflation exists yes. The majority of capital is being transferred
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#amc $amc
we dropped our dd late last night @Xx_WiReD_xX . so ill repost it this morning incase you missed it. hope everyone enjoys. have a great day everyone.
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#amc $amc @Xx_WiReD_xX DD is finally out posting here in pictures. will post on reddit shortly.
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$AMC Many people are getting confused , by the term controlled squeeze , It simply means that if a certain action is taken against the Hedge Funds , it must not rock the boat to much , Market must not crash or implode because of action taken against the bad guy's
The Hedge Funds if they sell all their long shares billions of dollars worth of $TSLA , $AMZN $APPL etc to cover their short positions in $AMC imagine what will happen to their prices , and the consequences as a result so they are finding a way out , by giving them a cash loan
against a deposit of the shares against an issue of SFT'S , return the loan, get back the shares , now people might say if price of $AMC goes to the moon , the cash might not be enough , then the FED will come to the rescue . They will not allow the stock market to implode #AMC
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SVR Update 23. July 2021

1/9 #GME
2/9 #HGEN
3/9 #AMD
4/9 #AMC
5/9 #SLGG
6/9 #ALTO
7/9 #MMAT
8/9 #BNGO
9/9 #BB

1/9 Image
SVR Update 23. July 2021


2/9 Image
SVR Update 23. July 2021


3/9 Image
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[START HERE] Next Friday, July 30th, at 4:15pm the Federal Reserve will be PUBLICLY releasing the total derivative exposure numbers of all the biggest domestic AND foreign banks AND their lending clients- INCLUDING Citadel! #MOASSGUARANTEE #amc #gme /A1
This is why we found Citadel Connect. The Federal Reserve is auditing the entire financial system thanks to the directive issued via Federal US Code Chapter 12, which was updated July 1, 2021. The ATS dark pool was also FOIA'd @Charlie1337420 /A2
How was the 2008 crash caused? Because of out of control derivatives. This report is an annual report that banks can easily lie about. Now it must be a daily average reported every quarter. Here’s JP Morgan with OVER $40 TRILLION in derivatives exposure TWO YEARS AGO. /A3
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Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom.

Don't set hard dates or times. We are sittin pretty.
We are on the mf climb back rn, but it ain't a margin call.

It's us. Raw retail power.

Keep going.
I see the comments on this post.

"dont they get 24 hrs?"
"48 hours?
"an hour?"

Look at us. Look at the confusion born from a vague tweet.
How do you think outsiders view this, especially when those times end up missing?

We don't need times or dates, our playbook is the same.
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The #amcgofundme and Chad is a scam!

Here is proof! - Thread

I do not live in US so doxxing does not matter to me, although if I get banned from twitter I don't mind. I just hope this save people a lot of money!

@JchristianWes @matt_kohrs @TaraBull808 @TradesTrey @jhuntermav
So our buddy Chad here (Twitter page created 5 days ago) is none other than Chad Andrew Horvath. He was arrested in 2010 relating to fraud charges.
As you can see from these publicly available charge sheets one offence was for Fraud-Insuff funds check. A crime for issuing fake cheques or cheques that will bounce.
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Another day, more noise.

don't care who the fuck Chad is
don't care about who is going to what festival
don't care about price action.

I buy, I hold.
Lawyers, shills, crowd funding-- none of that matters to me.

My playbook is the same.

I buy, I hold.

miscellaneous thoughts:
I love the idea of a festival. I'd love to meet the amazing people I've met in this movement. Id just like that it be planned after we moon and profits go to charity.
Thats just my preference, though.
Regarding @chad080914

dude uses #ILOVEALLAPES, follows 11 people and came outta nowhere. Maybe he's legit, maybe not. Scary how fast he was welcomed and funded.
Also unsure how that route helps us with our current goals.
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@GaryGensIer @SEC_Enforcement @SenWarren @DOJPH I have for sale 10mil deeds to Kennys house for sale.. (idk how he has that many but “trust” me they are real. Bidding starts at 50k each, (that’s a steal!! These are mansions!!) His blow up dolls must stay there w/ all that Mayo.
#amc #gme #fraud but now when they are all sold I can get away with it because I’m so riiich oh yeah! And I’ll bail out any of you other apes from trouble or bankruptcy as well. And rinse and repeat. I’ll pay the service fee I mean fine and “wink” won’t do it again.
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Short Volume Ratio Update 14. July 2021

Significant increase of the #HGEN Intradata and Total Data SVR (2/5).

Short Volume Ratio Update 14. July 2021
Short Volume Ratio Update 14. July 2021
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Part 1 #AMC

513 million shares x 32.80 = 16,826,400,000 billion $

Let’s just take free float and see

448,74 million shares x 32,80 = 14,718,672,000 billion $

We all know with all naked shares and everything that’s going on
We can have like 1,5 billion shares out there
Part 2 #AMC

Now let’s try
990 million shares x 32,80 = 32,472,000,000 billion $


Griffin is the chief executive of the investment firm Citadel, which he founded in 1990. Citadel operates with an estimated $32 billion in investment capital. As of 2021
Part 3

Now you all can see how Desperat they are to keep lowering the price and why

Those fkrs will not survive the only way is Bankruptcy no way out of here they are in biggg Trubel

#HOLD #AMCfamily we got them where we want

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Short Volume Ratio Update 13. July 2021
Important stuff first:
Sorry for the false date in the headline of yesterdays charts.
SLGG(2/6) data corrected - missed 2300 Vol for intradata SVR calculation on 8. July 2021.

Today's colors: 14. Juillet

Short Volume Ratio Update 13. July 2021
Mistake corrected in #SLGG Chart Data for 8. July 2021.
2300 Volume missing for intra data calculation.

Short Volume Ratio Update 13. July 2021
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Do you even Elliot Wave Bruh?


@TradesTrey @matt_kohrs @Joshuajammes

Check first DD for definition of terminologies.

A story about Elliot and his damn waves. Plus why it adds up with derivative chain, and month chart trends
Obligatory disclaimer. This is not financial advice. i am not a financial adviser. I am a shirtless dude on twitter.

Do not take advice from a shirtless dude on twitter without doing your own DD and TA.

So, where are we. Well if you're still here, you're a diamond handed mother-f'n ape and i commend you.

June and july have NOT been nice to apes, especially apes trying to BTO weekly calls 5 DTE.

We've slowly bled down from our glorious 77.3 to todays close of 37.15.

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Improved Short Volume Ratio Update 10. July 2021 #GME $GME #Superstonk #SVR 1/5 Image
Improved Short Volume Ratio Update 10. July 2021
#AMC $AMC #SVR 2/5 Image
Improved Short Volume Ratio Update 10. July 2021
#AMD $AMD #SVR 3/5 Image
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What we are seeing today is the most aggressive and artificial suppression I've witnessed to date. Almost feels like a Hail Mary sort of play.
Please see the thread. $AMC #AMC
1. This one is the obvious outlier. Maybe we are reading this @WebullGlobal metric incorrectly, but I fail to see how more inflow than outflow results in a deep red state.
2. Can only share a public tracker rather than my proprietary, but our Twitter sentiment is overwhelmingly skewed towards positive-- by a large margin. There is little panic or FUD from apes. Apes are positive. Apes own most of the float, so again... how are we deep red?
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Tonight, we spill drink to celebrate our independence.

Tomorrow? we spill drink to celebrate our eventual FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

AYO, @TradesTrey

You're gonna match me on this shotgun, yeah?
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Ok lets talk AMC and the big morning drop yesterday. A few interesting notes on this. In my opinion there was a coordinated short attack and it was intentionally covered up. Let me explain how I reach that conclusion. @cvpayne @SEC_News @SEC_Enforcement #AMC $AMC 1/10
1)At 10:02 est. A tweet goes out from some obscure company called Iceberg Research, of whom no one ever heard of claiming they had a short position in AMC. Now how obscure is Iceberg? Well they hardly even made a dent on Twitter. 2/10
2)After that tweet if you all look at the chart below, you are going to see this massive selloff begin at almost the same time this tweet came out. 3/10
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Good Morning everyone, I hope and entrust you had a good morning so far. Without further delay lets get into it shall we. So before I tie in the AMC S-3 statement lets go over what a Senior Convertible Note, Convertible Bond, and Collateralized Loans are? We will then go through
the recently filed S-3 document from AMC and wrap up with our conclusion.
Alright so lets look at and defined Terms:
Senior Convertible note: a short term debt security that contains an option in which the note can be converted into a predefined amount of the issuer’s shares. Senior Convertible notes are different from convertible bonds in that they include a call option and a priority for
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I know most $AMC apes won’t see this, due to my small follower count, BUT if you do, please read & share. Some of us have been here since before January as a swing trade, some of us got in at the top of the January squeeze ($16-$25), some of us may have heard of AMC…. (part 1)
Through family, friends, coworkers, or the glorious interwebs. No matter when you heard of #amc and whenever you got in $4 or $64, we will come for you. My first buy after the squeeze was a FOMO buy of 500 additional shares at $16.28…. That next 1-2 months was ROUGH… (Part 2)
BUT I made it through, and not only did I push through, but I continued to buy the dip the entire way. This community has given me the confidence in my play that I wouldn’t have had alone in my moms basement (it’s a joke people)… watching all the $amc ppl on @youtube… (Part 3)
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-The Dirty Secret Nobody Wants to Talk About- (pt. 1)
$AMC $GME #AMC #GME #ApesStrongTogether Image
-The Dirty Secret Nobody Wants to Talk About- (pt. 2)
$AMC $GME #AMC #GME #ApesStrongTogether Image
-The Dirty Secret Nobody Wants to Talk About- (pt. 3)
$AMC $GME #AMC #GME #ApesStrongTogether Image
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