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Although the paper is officially published this Friday, some of you have already found out about it, so I cannot keep it secret any longer. Here is the newest bivalved #arthropod from the Burgess Shale: Balhuticaris voltae. (1/8)

Link:… An image of a new arthropod from the Cambrian. It has a long
Balhuticaris belongs to a group of 500 million-year-old carapace-bearing arthropods known as hymenocarines. We think that hymenocarines are probably early mandibulates, the group that contains crustaceans, myriapods and insects, although there are still some debates about it.
Some hymenocarines have been argued to have a very unspecialized body, more characteristic of what we would expect of the ancestors of all true arthropods. But recent discoveries like Pakucaris and Balhuticaris show an increasingly complex group
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Our research about comparing #arthropod 🪳 communities between islands🏝️with and without house mice🐁on #MidwayAtoll #Pihemanu #Kuaihelani is published! 🥳🎉
A thread on what we found out🧵

(Photo credit: Forest & Kim Starr; image shows Protaetia pryeri)
1. Arthropods perform key roles in ecosystem processes on islands, especially on seabird islands where they affect nutrient cycling and disposition. But, what happens when these arthropod communities 🐜🕷️🪰🪲🦗are subject to a novel predator, such as house mice? 🐭
2. Mice are slated for eradication on Midway Atoll NWR once it was discovered that they were attacking and killing nesting albatross😟However, how will Midway's arthropod communities respond or recover once mice are gone? How do communities differ where mice are/aren't present?🧐
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A little less than 1 hour until #ArthropodsGotTalent

19 students submitted their candidate species or groups, with the biggest category being interesting #behaviors (9/19)

I think some students are trying to play up the audience for votes w/references to popular films🤣 Image
Winning #arthropods will be posted after #zoology class!🏆🏅
And the winners of #ArthropodsGotTalent Spring 16 are:
1) For coolest antipreatory defense - the bomberdier #beetle !
2) For best parasite - the tongue eating louse!
3) For behavior - the Pacific cleaner #shrimp ! (Called it!🤣)
4) For coolest predator - the tiger beetle!
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