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PDP: We like to tell the world that this miscarriage of justice was done in connivance with the Buhari led govt, the judiciary is now an arm of the exec, that judgement was written by cabals, we want to alert the world that the judiciary is no longer independent
APC: We understand that PDP is like a wounded snake & is looking for who to drag down, the PEPT judgement again has confirmed that Nigerians truly vote for PMB/APC & totally reject PDP & Atiku.

They should go prepare/learn on how to be a better opposition & not a server one.
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#AtikuIsComing ?

It would take a special and extraordinary reasoning, or some funny technicality, for Atiku to lose at the PEPT today. But I’m not ruling it out.

A thread.
I’ve always maintained that if the Tribunal would apply the law as it is, without looking for a finger to hide behind to give judgment to President Buhari at all cost, Alh Atiku Abubakar has this.

But I want to be circumspect.
So I read and listened to President Buhari’s camp views as why the campaigns, #AtikuBusted and #Atikuhasnocase were launched.

I expected that they would provide narratives based on happenings in court, admitted evidence and written addresses to energise their base...
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The killings of Nigerians in SA is a disappointment on many fronts - starting with the fact of SA (and the Nigerian Govt) not appreciating Nigeria’s role in its present status and the inability of SA to learn lessons from Nigeria’s SE after Biafra and from Mandela.
I suspect that there is a lot wrong with the national psychology of SA which Mandela tried to cure but many after him never internalised those lessons.

Mandela was a Great man but he also had flaws.

This is 2 years late but better late than never.

In the inset thread above from years ago commemorating the death of Ken Saro-Wiwa by the Nigerian State, I alluded to the failure of Mandela and SA to repay Nigeria’s solidarity with them by condemning Abacha early enough.

This goes back to that; also an exposition on tyranny.
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A thread regarding the AIT documentary.

Kindly find below, some of the sad incidents that marred the 2019 Presidential election in Nigeria;

1. Journalists were subjected to harassments.

2. Security agencies obstructed the monitoring of the election by foreign observers.
3. Too many operational & transparency short comings.

4. Result collation procedures were not robust.

5. Inec premises & officials were subjected to physical attacks & intimidations.

6. Lack of transparency in the result collation process.
7. Fatalities escalated and the roles of the security agencies became increasingly contentious.

8. Foreign observers said they were not surprised by the violence & killings instigated by the incumbent given his desire to restrict the political space & electoral choice.
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There’s a dimension to our efforts on #AtikuIsComing that I’ve been reluctant to elucidate here because of certain ethnic angles to it - but as we countdown to the PEPT decision this month, I think it is important that everyone understands.

First let me clarify a few things:
I don’t see Nigeria as a divide of Northern and Southern Nigeria and in fact, many people didn’t - until Buhari, because his mindset is locked in the first impression of the colonialists way before the amalgamation.

Even they (the colonialists) quickly realised differently.
“The Nigerias” even as at that time was administered provincially, and then after the amalgamation, broken down into three regions but still in respect of the ethnic and cultural diversity, administered in Divisions to recognise the diverse ethnic groups in each region.
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Started the analysis of Atiku’s final address to the PEPT two days ago - highlighting the case around Buhari’s certificate or the absence of it - Grounds 4/5.

Tonight I hope to dissect the summation of 1 and 3 with my own analysis of the strength of our case on #AtikuIsComing
A few of these things in the final address had been brought up in some of my previous threads - the final address being a summation of the proceedings, this is therefore partially a rehash of some things I’d said before.

One of which was “substantial non-compliance”.
These tweets explain the point about it - any electoral petition seeks to show, first that the election did not comply with the law and secondly that the non-compliance was widespread enough to affect the final result of the election as declared by the umpire.
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The brilliance of Atiku’s legal team at the PEPT had been established during the hearing of the Atiku petition - the final address which sums up PDP’s case and replies Buhari/APC/INEC’s objection is further proof that if Justice is upheld, #AtikuIsComing is becoming #AtikuIsHere
By now, anybody interested in the outcome of the PEPT would have read the final address which found its way into the media and has been well received by political and legal minds.

Note that Buhari/APC/INEC submitted their first but it was unavailable until after Atiku’s came out
This is proof that Buhari/INEC/APC are content to have the entire matter conducted in darkness rather than being brought to the light of historical records and public reaction.

This was why we opposed Justice Bulkachuwa’s opening statement which opposition led to her recusal.
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With defeat staring at him, #President_Buhari, with a cap in hand begs #presidential_election_petition_tribunal to eliminate from its list of evidences over 28,000 result sheets submitted to the tribunal by his Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Buhari begs tribunal to reject the Certified True Copies of Form CF001 that contains his personal information submitted by Buhari himself to INEC. He lied under oath about his credentials and he knew this could be his disaster so he wants tribunal to strike it out.
Begs tribunal to reject some of the newspaper reports & videos evidences implicating INEC Chairman on electronic transmission of results to the server.
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My man got mad after he said his kids are always knocking, asking him to open the door, when he is hanging leg, and another person replied, your children have turned you to #AtikuIsComing
This is the ordeal, if you dont teach kids to be without u.
I know a family from afar, where the aged parents still service the daily expenses of their eldest child; a man in his 50s. We were neighbours where I grew up in Surulere. Here's a practical case of parents who only lived for their children, and never learnt to be without them.
Their eldest child that I referred to, seem to me the most profligate man on earth. There was no business built and handed over to him by his parents that he didn't ruin, despite that he started two homes, each with kids and two different women, for his parents to cater for.
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A thread

I love what Atiku did to Buhari

The Waziri of Adamawa knew @MBuhari was poised to rig, hence he recruited auditors & statistics experts to help him collate evidences & analyse the Election figures.

However, the expected happen.

APC shamelessly fell into Atiku's trap
After rigging from more that 15,000 polling units in the North, @atiku was still leading with a comfortable lead of 1.6 million.

At this point, APC order inec to declare PMB as president while assuring the inec chairman that they will put pressure on Atiku not to challenge
the result in court.

Some people were paid to tell Atiku to accept the will of God and move on.

Please when did rigging become part of God's will??

Atiku held a press conference and announced that the election results will be challenged.
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So Tolu used to say Demola is this or that because I candidates across Nigeria until I several times pointed out the common principle:They're all PDP.

Truth is, I wasn't involved in many PDP elections (like Jegede in Ondo) but the one I'm involved in, you'll surely know.
Obviously, he has now absorbed that small lesson after 3 years and wants to learn more but unlike Nicodemus, he won't come with humility and secretly at midnight like Nicodemus, neither will he call me 'Rabbi', lol.

(Posting tweetpic so those he blocked can learn something too.)
When Tolu says there that he admires me, it's only true because envy and admiration are twins.

Envy is when someone admires you but ego won't let them admit it.

Not like I have anything a presidential aide should envy, other than that I would never sell my soul for position.
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Just now from the PEPT - Buhari has closed his case abruptly this morning as I accurately suggested yesterday.

I was wrong on the number of witnesses they might end up calling though - not even half of the 15 I suggested.

APC also followed INEC’s path and called no witness.
It is sufficiently and abundantly clear to all that INEC, Buhari and APC as first, second and third respondents have no response to Atiku’s claim to Victory.

Even to a layman, this case is solid and I say again that’s if Justice is upheld over all else, #AtikuIsComing very soon.
INEC found no single witness to take an oath and say that it conducted a free, fair and credible presidential election - not even its own staff.

APC found no single witness that can swear and say “We won the election.”

I honestly see no way to avoid a PDP judicial victory.
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So a few random thoughts on why the writing on the wall suggests that #AtikuIsComing.

I had said shout for shouting sake but things are changing.

We’ll take a road trip to Adamawa to read the wall, but first let’s buy some fuel at Section 137.1.(j) of the Nigerian Constitution:
So in Adamawa, something monumental happened a few days ago. You probably didn’t take any notice of it, or its implications.

The Supreme Court nullified the election of an APC HoR member and ordered that the PDP candidate be declared the winner by @inecnigeria.

What happened?
The Supreme Court ruled that the APC candidate “forged his academic credentials”.

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PEPT resumes this morning about this time - 9:30am, I’m sure by now those interested in the outcome of this matter have heard of the disastrous first steps of the Buhari defence: two major fumbles yesterday alone and several others that have been identified and will be exploited.
Worthy to note that H.E. Peter Obi was in court yesterday - these are men who fully understand how to go the whole distance in any election and how to stand consistently by what you believe in.

If history is to go by, Atiku/Obi are two men with a record of judicial victories.
Two of the issues against Buhari is that he wasn’t qualified to run for office and that he swore on and submitted a false and outdated affidavit to INEC for the 2019 election.

This burden is what the Buhari legal team tried to upturn yesterday but shot itself in the foot.
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At this point in the Atiku petition matter, PEPT has 3 options:

A) Condemn the February 23 election but leave Buhari in office for political reasons,

B) Condemn the February 23 election and declare Atiku rightful winner, or

C) Condemn the February 23 election and order rerun.
Because it is now legally established before the PEPT that INEC can not defend the fraudulent election it conducted - well established even though anyone in Nigeria in February 23 knew this as participants or observers.

Not a single REC or Presiding Officer to defend any result.
What PEPT however does may not be a strict judicial decision but also a political one - and this is why it is crucial to stay in solidarity with Atiku and the PDP if you voted for them and are tired of Buhari.

The Judiciary may observe the mood of the nation to deliver judgement
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The major substance of any electoral petition is that the election in question showed “substantial non-compliance” with the constitution and the Atiku petition matter with 62 witnesses, hundreds of written testimonies and over 50,000 documents has so far proven this.
At the commencement of the hearing of the matter, PDP agreed with the lawyers of the respondents (APC and INEC) to use ten days to call its witnesses - this process ended last Friday with some major facts established solidly at the PEPT on the matter of substantial non-compliance
The point about substantial non-compliance is key and I had mentioned this when the matter commenced - it comprises of two aspects: to first show that there were electoral irregularities, to then show that those irregularities were widespread enough to alter the electoral outcome
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Unfortunately, you can't lose what you don't even have.
No, they aren't critics, they are desperadoes, ANYWHERE BELLE FACE (ABF)
They are #StandForNothing generation!
There're people we call "FENCISISTS". Some of them are simply amazing people that we sometimes hope that they will be on the same side with our views at all times. Most of the time, we judge them wrongly based on our personal sentiment. No, @fesadedayo is not one
It is commonly said that "if you #StandForNothing you are bound to fall for ANYTHING.
The irony of these PDP goons justifying their "kurukere" around APC political space is amazing.
How can you abuse a party & EVERYTHING that party does for 4 years & suddenly grab their PAs/SAs🤣
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This level of illiteracy is really annoying to be candid.
When will @atiku & @OfficialPDPNig supporters stop showing high level of illiteracy & causing this embarrassment to Nigerians?
INEC has more than one server, every org does.
I don't need to repeat the basics again, Read the as thread copied here.
Stop embarrassing your education, what @atiku & @OfficialPDPNig is saying does not make any sense, they are simply HALLUCINATING.
Your 2019 result had no LIVE transmission in any PU.
A server is just your computer system, simple.
The one you keep calling server is a higher version of your computer system, specially built to accommodate more data & with more capacity & ruggedness. Now a server OS is on it for that same purpose.
INEC servers are 4 many things!
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Recently someone asked me what I think will make Nigeria better, and I replied “Democracy”.
The guy was suggesting our ministers be taken on a tour to grave sites of executed corrupt officials, on the day of their orientation, to scare them. 🤣🤣
Thats not Democracy. #Thread
Democracy is when the people choose their leaders, when they can feel the power to hire and fire their leaders; not when leaders pick themselves.
Democracy produces responsible leaders.
This is why it is important to use any opportunity given to strengthen our democracy.
Jonathan understood this, and signed the electoral act that saw him out of office, because he saw a bigger picture.
If Buhari had signed the new electoral act into law, his loss would’ve been too clear to rig.
But he would’ve been remembered for strengthening Democracy.
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Those who follow my thoughts would recall I’d said that whichever party between APC and PDP upheld the principle of internal democracy more than the other, would win more in the elections - and someone just reminded of that summation with PDP’s victory by default in Zamfara.
PDP won 15 states out of 29 where elections held earlier this year while APC won 14 and PDP still has strong electoral cases in a few states especially in Kano.

Truth is: APC has become the worst that PDP ever was - arrogant in power but without the luck of time as PDP had.
PDP was arrogant in the period shortly after return from military rule but APC’s arrogance is coming at a time when Democracy has operated for well over a decade - nobody has the patience to be denied tickets without wrecking the party from within and PDP only took advantage.
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Cha, cha, cha! Ebeano kwenu!
Cha, cha, cha! Ebeano kwenu!
Cha, cha, cha! Ebeano kwenuzuonu oooo!
Ezemmuo is here in the flesh. Welcome back to perhaps the longest-running thread on Tuwita. Ndi Ebeano ha nokwa here (are the people of Ebeano here)? Retweet to call others o.
Chei! Ndi Ebeano. It’s been long o. A lot has happened since our last gathering at the village skwiya. As the time was approaching to either select a new Igwe or ask the present Igwe to continue, Ezemmuo decided to retreat deep into the forest to avoid contamination.
However, he still came out occasionally whenever Ebeano was threatened with sacrilege. After all, it is our ancestors that say that you must scratch a mosquito bite, if for nothing else, to show that you care about your body. Ezemmuo fears no mosquito though. His blood is bitter.
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The Court of Appeal judgement yesterday on the Osun gubernatorial matter as well as the pronouncements from the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa at the opening of the Presidential Elections Petitions Tribunal (PEPT) seem quite undemocratic to me.
In the ruling on Osun, the CoA relied mainly on the technical issues raised by the APC lawyers, and not on whether Adeleke won the majority of lawful votes cast in the gubernatorial elections - the points carefully highlighted by the Tribunal were studiously ignored.
The main issue raised by APC lawyers was that Justice Peter Obiorah of the Tribunal and who read the lead judgement was absent from the proceedings of the Tribunal on February 6th - a claim that PDP disputed, insisting the Judge was actually present on that day.

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Solid point here, I refer to the stages as

1. Pre-Election
2. Election Day
3. Post-Election

This is why we are in the trenches for the retrieval of #TheAtikuMandate - it is not over, until it is over and this is a phase His Excellency Atiku Abubakar is well prepared for.
At the heart of an election petition is a simple proposition - to show substantial non-compliance with the electoral laws which led to the wrongful declaration of a winner.

The non-compliance has to first be proven and then shown to be substantial enough to disrupt the outcome.
The petition filed by Waziri at the Presidential Elections Petitions Tribunal stands on many grounds to reinforce that central proposition and none of those grounds stand alone, but act in concert to show that the election of February 23 were not conducted in line with the law.
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Feels good to have APC on the defensive all the time and to see Keyamo struggling to defend the indefensible fraud of February 23.

Notice though he has learnt from his past gaffe when PDP quoted his petition to the police on the subject of INEC server to prove their existence.
Unfortunately for Keyamo, his understanding of the law is outdated - but no surprises there as he was more involved only recently with sharing campaign money and now twisting truths to justify a fraudulent election - those are his personal problems though.

I’ll clarify again:
Section 49 of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended) gives INEC the power to conduct elections manually.

Section 52 was amended in 2015 to state that:

“voting at an election shall be in accordance with the procedure determined by the Independent National Electoral Commission.”
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