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तरुणाईचं favorite hangout च ठिकाण CCD.
CCD brand चे संस्थापक V.G. Siddharth यांचं जुलै 2019 मधे निधन झालं. हा ब्रँड तेव्हा दुर्दैवाने 7,000 कोटींच्या कर्जात रुतला होता. मालविका हेगडे त्यांच्या पत्नी. मालविका CCD मधे 2008 पासून involved होत्या, पण फक्त
as a non-executive member, daily operations पाहायच्या. सिद्धार्थ गेल्यानंतर काही दिवसातच probe आला, which revealed that late founder Siddhartha owed Rs. 2,693 crore to the listed entity, Coffee Day Enterprises Limited (CDEL).
पतीची आकस्मिक death, आत्महत्या, त्यातुन
उठलेल्या वेगवेगळ्या अफवा आणि त्यात भरीस भर म्हणजे कर्जाचा डोंगर.
वाईट घटना, संकटं माणसाला अधिक धैर्य देतात, लढायची शक्ती देतात.
दुःख बाजूला ठेवून मालविका सगळ्या responsibilities घेण्यासाठी सरसावल्या. CCD च्या 25,000 employees ना उद्देशून मालविका नि काही दिवसातच एक पत्रक
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Anatomy of pump

Read below thread & articles………

All identical. Many more links on net

Clearly co PR or cartel planting this misleading narrative on massive scale thru media/twitterati


How did the debt come down :

1) sale of stake held by co in Mindtree to LnT for ~ 2700 cr. This was actually done when VGS was still alive. just months b4 his unfortunate death

2) sale of real estate asset global village tech park to blackstone for approx EV 2000 - 2500 cr
3) CDE lost controlling stake in its subsidiary Sical Logistics as lenders invoked collateral shares. SCL had debt of 1500 cr which used 2 add 2 CDE consolidated debt

But no control = SL no longer subsidiary = it's debt can't show in consol debt of CDE. Just an accounting thing
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Well, doing Video is a lot time consuming, and I wish to add two shares in the #MultiBaggers 👇🏿 as I believe 3-5x over next couple of years in these, if not before ...

1. Yes Bank Ltd.
2. J&K Bank Ltd.

Disclaimer: I am or have been invested in all the shares recommended ⬇️⬆️ Image
Going further than above, ☝️ Bought #VishalFabrics today at the LC @ ₹101.70. Company is back into profit in Q-II 2020 ... 52W High is ₹372 and 3Y High is ₹703 .... And Coy announced 1:2 Bonus on 4/12/2020 with record date of 16/12/2020 😇 #HopeIAmRight 😊 Image
Bought #JumpNetwork today on #LC #LowerCircuit @ ₹16.80 ... Coy showed profits for last two quarters after significant losses last year. Can hope a #Turnaround here ... #HopeIAmRight 😇 (Disclaimer: #InvestAsMuchYouCanAffordToLose in any stock) 😊 Image
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1) Thread entitled: ‘duopoly deception’

People from either side of the aisle who don’t really understand Trump, likely don’t understand Reagan. So, I’m going to go back and use examples from Reagan's career to illustrate my revelations about Trump.
2) Conservatives in print & on the Internet talk about Reagan's dedication to individual liberty & smaller government & about his single-handed whooping of the Soviet Union.
3) TV journalists, having no interest in smaller government, focused more on his fighting of the Cold War & playing their usual role of controlled opposition by criticizing him for all the things, (like reducing the size of gov’t and cutting taxes) conservatives applauded him for
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Phoenix Rising had a series of pieces of advice for ppl (focus on women) with complex chronic illness in the average doctor's office. Some of it is of the 'tough pill to swallow' variety. Also be aware this is to GET BASIC CARE, not to change the medical paradigm! THREAD.
If you're a woman, bring a male partner or friend. Bringing a female friend, especially an older one, will infantilize you further in the clinician's eyes. Be ready for the clinician to address questions about your wellness to the man in the room. (1/7)
Look good but not elaborately so. Pick the median attention to detail re: outfit and makeup and go one step higher, the same way you do for a job interview.
"Shouldn't I look as sick as I usually do?"
Not unless you want to be dxed with depression or anxiety instead, no. (2/7)
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It has been suggested that Private Equity firm KKR is responsible for #CafeCoffeDay founder #VGSiddhartha's suicide.

The firm has come under scanner in our research in many aspects of National Security as well.

Here is a thread on the various operations of KKR in India
As per the report MO of foreign PE firms like KKR is to borrow money from Indian Banks at 8-9% and then lend it to Indian businesses at a whopping 20-25% - the high rates of interest makes it difficult for native business to survive or remain profitable to repay the lenders.
KKR is the second largest foreign PE investor in #CCD with 6.07% (1.28 crore shares) after selling approx 4.25% in Feb 2018, making at the time 10.3%. Foreign investors together hold 22.35% stake in #CafeCoffeeDay valued at Rs 724 crore.
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Interesting: Miscellaneous Expenses Booked in #CCD Books during Apr2018- Mar2019 - 2144 Crores...see the past misc exp over past 5 years... Sudden Spurt! #CafeCoffeeDay #VGSiddhartha Image
Reportage of Contingent Liabilities of #CafeCoffeeDay over past 5 years.... Image
Sudden Spurt in Short Term Borrowings reported #CCD books in March 2019 - 3889 Cr...

Last four years it was less than 850 Cr..
#CafeCoffeeDay #VGSiddhartha Image
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Time and Again it's clearer and clearer:

Corporate Governance in India is a Sham... now new entrant to the club is #CafeCoffeeDay #CCD
Feel Sad for retail investors in #CafeCoffeeDay ... Most Unlucky ones would be the ones who bought these shares yesterday or immediate recent months or so...
Infosys Founder Narayana Murthy on corporate governance reportage repeatedly said "When in Doubt, DISCLOSE"

#cafecoffeday founder #siddhartha confess that he has hidden financial transactions.. if it's his Pvt firm then it's fine, how can you hide such info in a Public Ltd co.
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