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Maybe when everyone wanted to #ClapForBoris they should have got the facts first.

1) He is far to slow to react
2) He played down the issue (shaking hands with infected and therefore infecting himself!)
3) After coming into close contact, he continued his daily tasks.
As a result, he infected others (including his pregnant fiancée)
4) He only gave relief to business AFTER public outcry - so a reaction, rather than being proactive
5) The lockdown messages from number 10 have been mixed and confusing
6) The NHS is underfunded because of the party he represents
7) He cheered at the workers NHS not getting a pay rise.
8) Policing of lockdown is still insufficient as people ignore it
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[Thread] MP @NadineDorries sends out a nauseating tweet yesterday. Some people reported seeing identical tweets from different accounts. Now some people disparagingly refer to this behaviour as "boomer twitter" copy and pasting. I tend not to buy that. What's weird is
2/ that one of the accounts to reportedly copy and paste it was @KeithSweety . If you search for his account on Twitter it has disappeared. So after a bunch of people questioned it the account disappeared. It was definitely a real account though.. Check out his bio...
3/ Not only is it unlikely Keith Sweet lives on the same street and had the same experience as Nadine, but I am not even sure he ever lived in the UK. Also a Vegan Life Advisor, and Motivational Speaker - I've never heard of him. Maybe Boris's fanbase is shifting...
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This #ClapForBoris thing. Put down your burning torch and have a listen.

Dominic Cummings has one technique. It's not complicated. It works like this

Find a group
Divide the group
Create conflict
Do what you want while everyone is distracted

#ClapForBoris is very much #ClassicDom.

You take a group - people who use #ClapForTheNHS or #ClapForOurCarers
Divide it - using #ClapForBoris
Create conflict - happening now
Do whatever it is he is planning


If you remove step 2 - you automatically remove step 3 and that means step 4 can't happen.

So, how do you stop #ClassicDom dividing the group?

Ignore him. Ignore #ClapForBoris. Get on with your lives. Do not mention it. Do not rise to it. IGNORE IT.

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Anyone here w/ time on his/her hands? (lol)
Looking for volunteers for a quick experiment
Copy/paste "I think everyone should clap for @BorisJohnson" in the search bar.
Do you have anything?
Me not so much -Can't even see a tweet that's here for sure as it showed on my phone feed
Ofc it may just be search bar shamble
Imagine if this was an orchestrated campaign
Don't want all campaign tweets showing in the search bar, right?
Is there an option to do that -make them "unsearchable"?
(Just wondering -you know, time on my hands)
Seems to be the same for #ClapForBoris - Sunday 8pm!
Now wondering if it could have something to do with the anti spam algorithm?
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