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A report in Spain claimed that Ronaldo only agreed to play for Al-Nassr with a clause inserted in his contract that would enable him to leave for Newcastle, whose majority owners are the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF). #FortniteFracture #FREEDREAM #CR7𓃵 The report also claimed, incorrectly, that Al-Nassr are also owned by the PIF.Sources at Newcastle dismissed the suggestion that the club has an option to sign Ronaldo if they qualify for the Champions League, while a source at Al-Nassr told ESPN… that the story is "all fake." Ronaldo attempted to leave United during the summer in order to sign for a team competing in the Champions League.

Al-Nassr are due to play Al Taee at home Thursday, but sources said that Ronaldo's debut is most
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its economy. Saudi Arabia has made a bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

Ronaldo is the highest goal-scorer in the history of professional soccer, with a total of 819 career goals scored as of the end of 2022. He scored a whopping #FreeTopG #FursuitFriday #CR7𓃵 450 goals for Spanish team Real Madrid, 145 goals in 346 games for Manchester United, 118 for the Portuguese national team, and 101 for Italian club Juventus.

In addition to Ronaldo’s soccer achievements is his immense social media following —… something likely of high value to the Saudi kingdom as it seeks to draw more positive attention to the country. Ronaldo became the first athlete to surpass a combined 500 million followers Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in 2021, and currently has 525
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रोनाल्डो फैंस के नाम एक पत्र

मैस्सी के फुटबॉल विश्वकप जीतने के बाद से #CristianoRonaldo के प्रशंसकों का पारा सातवें आसमान पर है। #Messi की जीत को वे लोग पचा ही नहीं पा रहे हैं। कुछ ने तो ये तक कह डाला है कि ये विश्व कप मैस्सी को जीताने के लिए ही आयोजित किया गया था

#FIFAWorldCup Image
इस प्रकार के आरोप लगा रहे #CR7 के फैंस ने क्या कभी इस बात पर ध्यान दिया कि मैस्सी को विश्वकप जीताने के लिए उसकी टीम के खिलाड़ी और कोच जी-जान लगाने की तैयारी करके आए थे। स्वयं मैस्सी भी एड़ी चोटी का जोर लगाने के लिए आए थे और मैस्सी सहित अर्जेंटीना के खिलाड़ीयों ने ऐसा किया भी।
लेकिन #CristianoRonaldo का क्या? खराब फॉर्म के चलते मैनचेस्टर यूनाइटेड के कोच ने रोनाल्डो को बैंच पर बिठाया इस फ्रस्ट्रेशन में विश्व कप प्रारंभ होने के पूर्व एक विस्फोट साक्षात्कार में रोनाल्डो ने अपने क्लब (मैनचेस्टर यूनाइटेड) को गरियाया।

#FIFAWorldCup #Messi #ManchesterUnited Image
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This is one of the lucky Mega Fortune jackpot winners that has become famous all over the world.

$22.5 Million on Might of Ra

Game: Mega Fortune
Date: March
The payout of the online Might of Ra slot game was a progressive jackpot; its winner #CR7𓃵 #XboxGamePass #Dreamers2022… was a twitch streamer, Trainwreck. The impressive part is that the gamer got $22.5 million without any jackpot; this amount fell short of getting its biggest award. Trainwreck won it in March this year as a non-jackpot win.… In 2003, in Las Vegas, at the Excalibur casino, a software engineer went for a Megabuck slot machine to try his luck. On that day he won $39.7 million, which was the history-making biggest payout of this slot machine.
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Today could be your last or you can run deep. But irrespective of whatever happens you’ll always be GOAT in my book. You'll always be the man whom I looked upon growing up. You are the man who bailed me out from situations I thought I could never.

There's nothing on this galaxy which is comparable to my love for you and what you mean to me. Always wanted to be like you and I know I can't be even 1% of who you are or how you are. But you've ignited the fire to work hard, be honest, to be straightforward

and to think like I'm the best ever(which I still couldn't, I don't think if I can ever). Rest really falls on its place itself. Even if you don't score a single goal from today till the very last moment of your career and retire, still it will not matter a mole to me.

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¿Recuerdan el Mundial Brasil 2014 de Cristiano Ronaldo?

😳¡LLEGÓ LESIONADO! No quiso perderse la cita mundialista y puso en riesgo su carrera.

🏥Tenía una lesión muscular en el bíceps femoral + tendinitis rotuliana en la rodilla izquierda.

🧵 HILO Image
Los últimos dos meses de temporada los jugó entre algodones. Incluso se notó en la final de la #UCL de Lisboa se notó. Pero no se detuvo.

Paulo Bento, DT de 🇵🇹, temía lo peor: "No tenemos plazo para el regreso de Cristiano. Lo primordial es cuidar la salud del jugador". Image
Llegó el Mundial y los resultados fueron negativos. Eliminados en Fase de Grupos con 4 puntos en el Grupo de la Muerte junto a Alemania (7), EE.UU (4), Portugal (4) y Ghana (1).

En lugar de buscar excusas, CR7 hizo mea culpa: Image
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