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Yesterday was another crazy day for #Football & specifically in this case, for #Derby #dcfcfans

#EFL ruling on their accounting practices

Threat of sanctions - What will that mean?

#RichardKeough ruling - They have to pay him £2.3m (bonkers episode)🤯…
Then add in the farce of the #takeover process

A 29 year old front-man masquerading as an Instagram Billionaire (complete with macho boxing backstory & links to Indonesian investors & looted billions) #Suharto

👏 @secondtierpod ⤵️

#DCFC #FitAndProper

I'm equally fascinated & frustrated by rogue investors in #EnglishFootball

I've read widely and spoken to people with genuine knowledge of the machinations of global finance💸

What puzzles me today is, how/why did #MelMorris get himself in this hole?😏
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#Henderson’s shot prevention has been class in his first 8 #PremierLeague games & its played a big part in #ManchesterUnited’s success!

He is preventing 3.07 chances occurring per game corresponding to ~0.44 ExG per game!

That’s double #DeGea’s ExG prevented per game!
Here I will compare #Henderson’s cross claiming & sweeping (the two branches of shot prevention) so far this year to #DeGea’s & discuss how this has affected #ManchesterUnited’s defence.

I will use my shot prevention model as sadly mainstream models miss many important actions!

#Henderson’s sweeping has been highlighted after his tidy display vs #THFC & it wasn’t a one off!

So far this year for #ManchesterUnited he has prevented 11 opposition chances occurring by sweeping which corresponds to preventing 0.15 ExG/90 (#PL avg is 0.10 ExG/90)
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[THREAD] Breve thread su #Donnarumma e un paio di situazioni in cui il #Milan ha costruito dal basso
#MilanManchesterUnited #EuropaLeague Image
Nella prima situazione il #Milan ricomincia da #Donnarumma, il #ManchesterUnited indirizza male la pressione con #James che stringe verso il centro, ma #WanBissaka che è in ritardo nello scalare in avanti lasciando #TheoHernandez da solo ImageImage
#Donnarumma trova con facilità e precisione #TheoHernandez che ha infatti il tempo di controllare, trovare #Krunic e completare il triangolo per uscire dalla pressione #ManchesterUnited ImageImage
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Certo che la stagione del #Milan fa ancora più impressione se si considera la quantità di sfortuna che i rossoneri hanno avuto
#MilanManchesterUnited #UEL #EuropaLeague
Gran lettura di #Tomori nel 2vs1 in cui era stato lasciato: ha chiuso la linea di passaggio andando a contrastare con decisione #James
#MilanManchesterUnited #EuropaLeague #UEL
Anche oggi il #Milan palleggia molto bene sulla sua trequarti di campo
Per il momento superiore al #ManchesterUnited
#MilanManchester #EuropaLeague #UEL
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-Who’s the next Virgil Van Dijk? 🔍

🇫🇷Dayot Upamecano (22), Leipzig
🇫🇷Ibrahima Konaté (21), Leipzig
🇲🇦Nayef Aguerd (24), Rennais
🇫🇷Benoit Badiashile (19), Monaco
🇫🇷Wesley Fofana (20), Leicester

(yes, France are stacked) Image
Is there even a “next Virgil Van Dijk” or will someone surpass him?

In this thread, I’ll take a look at some of the hottest young defenders like #Upamecano, #Konate and #Fofana + #Badiashile and #Aguerd who I find very interesting.
I’ll do some quick introductions first and then we’ll get into the stats and data. Enjoy! 😎
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#Henderson’s cross claiming has been exceptional in his first 5 #PremierLeague appearances

#Henderson boasts a 100% claim success rate while being twice as active the average #PL GK!

His claiming is preventing #ManchesterUnited conceding chances worth ~0.4 ExG per game!

For comparison, #DeGea cross claiming numbers this year are:

Chances Prevented = 0.81
(Only 41% of DH)

ExG Prevented = 0.15
(Only 35% of DH)

Average Claim Distance = 4.5yrd (Only 78% of DH)

Claim Success = 95%
(95% of DH)

Catch Fraction = 58%
(104% of DH)

For more information on the metrics I quote in the graphics above please see this thread, it explains how I calculate which cross claims prevent chances & which don’t & how I assign ExG values to each claim & why it’s important to look deeper than “total high balls claimed”!
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Have #DeGea’s cross claiming & sweeping numbers changed dramatically this season in comparison to last season?

Below I will look into #DeGea’s sweeping & cross claiming performance in the 19/20 #PremierLeague season & compare it with his performance so far this year! Image
Claiming 19/20:

#DeGea prevented 0.77 chances per 90 occurring by claiming crosses

Average #PremierLeague GK prevents 1.10 chances per 90 occurring by claiming crosses

Key points

• Attempts to claim infrequently

• Mostly successful when he does attempt to claim

#MUFC Image
Claiming 20/21:

So far #DeGea has prevented 0.74 chances per 90 occurring by claiming crosses

#DeGea has performed in a very similar manner against crosses this year with his willingness to claim & his success when doing so remaining roughly the same.

#MUFC Image
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No ha sido tan movido como un mercado invernal habitual, pero nos ha dejado movimientos muy interesantes. Hoy es el #DeadLineDay, uno de mis días favoritos del año, por lo que voy a hacer un hilo con los fichajes más destacados en este mercado.

Spoiler alert: Es algo largo.
🎯Joakim Maehle. Del Genk a la Atalanta.

Los 11 millones que costó el danés, ya parecen pocos. Su llegada ha sido suficiente para que la Dea finalizase las cesiones de Mojica, Piccini y Depaoli.

Aprovecha cada minuto. Suplente de lujo para Hateboer y Gosens.
Luka Jovic. De Real Madrid al Eintracht.

Sin oportunidades ni la confianza de Zidane, el serbio ha vuelto a casa. Con Hütter sabe que tendrá que ganarse el puesto, pero de momento es un suplente de lujo: 3 goles en 4 partidos saliendo desde el banco. Reviviendo.
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@martynziegler @TheAthleticUK

The 'buzz word' in business - Footy is soon to get it's dose

What's this about though?

#Control #Money #power

These 'Elite' club owners will point to #UEFA & #FIFA chequered pasts & say "We'll do it better"

Despite massive numbers in revenues💰💱 Football clubs are so bloated, the top guys feel they need more!

For long term planning, they need control of the rules of competition too.

The huge swathes of capital hoarded by the investment banks/rich are willing to fund this new comp
The #PremierLeague will end up a place for the 'Elite' teams in the new #EuropeanSuperLeague to play their so called reserve squads - Because the rewards on offer merit that.

That said, with the huge revenues they will dominate, those reserve squads will still be the best ⚽️🤯💁
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/Thread/ Continuing its long association with #ManchesterUnited, @apollotyres recently extended ‘Official Global Tyre Partner’ status with a parallel association with the company’s Vredestein tyre brand. The move is part of a wider growth strategy for the @Vredestein brand across
the Europe and North American markets. The Vredestein Tyres brand is visible on the pitchside advertising boards at #MUFC home games. Additionally, the company says, once circumstances permit, consumers and business partners will experience the partnership across social platforms
in-store imagery, consumer competitions to win MUFC signed merchandise and tickets to visit Old Trafford, as well as providing unique access to Manchester United Soccer Schools. The convergence of the Vredestein Tires brand with FC is not surprising, Apollo notes, since they have
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Thread on contentious decisions regarding referee, VAR and Manchester United. Yes everyone does have the odd decision their way here and there but some more than others.
#VAR #ManchesterUnited #PremierLeague
Brighton vs Manchester United (2-3) Maguire was holding onto the Brighton player before scoring. VAR didn't even glance at his foul.
in the same match United given a penalty kick after the full time whistle.
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It truly breaks my heart seeing us lose this way.💔

The management has destroyed the legancy and history of our club.

Please take care of your fans @ManUtd before it's too late and no upcoming generation will want to suppoet #ManchesterUnited anymore.
Don't kill #SirAlex's legancy. Don't kill us fans. Trust this football club as a football club and notca business.
We fans support our club in every possible way by contributing and buying merchandise, tickets and subscriptions, but only to see us losing in this pathetic manner.
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Over the past year has Dean #Henderson staked a realistic claim to be #ManchesterUnited’s number 1 #Goalkeeper ahead of David #DeGea?

I will mainly investigate an area of GKing that receives little statistical analysis:

Cross Claiming & Sweeping

#MUFC #GKUnion
Firstly before that, I think it is well known that #Henderson had an outstanding shot stopping season while #DeGea didn’t.

Here are the numbers:

#Henderson Save%-ExSave +5.88%
#DeGea Save%-ExSave% +0.78%

2 important conclusions should be drawn from these numbers...

1. #DeGea did not have a below avg season, yes he make shot stopping mistakes but he made enough worldy saves to out weigh the mistakes.

2. #DeGea has only once (17/18) had a better shot stopping season in his career (according to PSExG) than #Henderson had this year.

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“Mi tengo basso, ma la #Juventus sta parlando con almeno 5-6 club. Da qui a fine giugno, l’argomento finanza verrà prima dell’aspetto tecnico. Dopo inizierà altro tipo di mercato.”

[@romeoagresti sul canale YouTube di @ColpogobboYtube]
#Rabiot all’#Everton è più una speranza. Piace anche al #ManchesterUnited ma non a 7mln€ a stagione”

[@romeoagresti con @ColpogobboYtube]
“Conoscendo il modus operandi di #Paratici, sicuramente avrà fatto qualche errore, ma sa sicuramente cosa fare e dove agire. #Khedira probabilmente sarà titolare già venerdì, dubito lasci la #Juve quest’estate”.

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#Adidas has reported a massive fall in net income from continuing operations: from €631 million registered in the first quarter of 2019 to only €20 million in the first three months this year. Due to the coronavirus, more than 70% of Adidas stores had to be shut down via KPMG Image
TOP5 clubs with the biggest kit deals (only #Adidas)

1⃣ #RealMadrid €120m a year
2⃣ #ManchesterUnited €94m
3⃣ #Bayern €90m
4⃣ #Arsenal €76m
5⃣ #Juventus €51m

Thirteen clubs generated agreements income of a total of approx. €470m. Only 5 clubs absorbs 91% of the total
Avg. €36m/club. Most deals between kit suppliers and teams are ranging from 5 to 10 yrs. The biggest rivalry in this business is the one between two gigantic brands Nike & Adidas. The American & German corporation are constantly battling for deals with the world’s biggest clubs
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Dean #Henderson vs David #DeGea
#PremierLeague Shotstopping 19/20

As requested I will compare the shot stopping performances of the two potential #ManchesterUnited number 1’s.

There will be statistics & 1v1 plots!


#MUFC #GKAnalysis #GKUnion
Firstly let’s look at post shot expected goals conceded.

@StatsBomb’s PSExG model takes the position of the shot, the position of the defenders, the speed of the shot & the placement of the shot into account in order to calculate whether an Avg GK would save it.
Using this model #DeGea has played almost exactly to the level of an average #PremierLeague goalkeeper & has conceded -0.2 goals more than expected.

#Henderson on the other hand has saved #SheffieldUnited +6.5 more goals than an avg GK would be expected to!
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#ManchesterUnited’s long-standing relationship with Chevrolet, at £64 million, is the most lucrative shirt sponsorship deal in the Premier League. From the US automotive brand’s perspective, the agreement looks less attractive in view of #MUFC’s brand value declining since 2018
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV #ManUnited is the Premier League club most often perceived as having a rich heritage and history, coming behind only the top Spanish clubs and #Bayern Munich.
These factors are the driving force behind the rewarding partnerships that the brand attracts – at first look Chevrolet
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV seems an unusual sponsor, considering its target markets compared to the markets that Manchester United gives access to – but it is the associations with globally recognised heritage that makes the #sponsorship worthwhile. The role that shirt sponsorships can play for commercial
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One of PL's £1bn games (£1.082bn) in combined club revenues. #LFC doing rather better in profit terms over latest 5yr (14-18) of accounts than #MUFC (15-19). #Liverpool's financial improvement under FSG ownership and #ManUnited's declining cumulative economic profit trend #MUNLIV
@fcbusiness @utdarena @utdxtra @MUFR_ @ManDevilsUtd @MUnitedFR @FalseFMatt @DrRob_Wilson @Lasciencedufoot @vysyble #LFC's position may improve further following successful 18-19 UCL campaign. Third graphic shows comparative (and latest) revenue and economic profit profiles. #ManchesterUnited runs 2014-19, #Liverpool runs 2014-2018 #MANLIV #MUNLIV #MUFCLIV #SportBusiness
@fcbusiness @utdarena @utdxtra @MUFR_ @ManDevilsUtd @MUnitedFR @FalseFMatt @DrRob_Wilson @Lasciencedufoot @vysyble Last month, #ManUnited, which for many years has been among the world’s highest earning clubs, projected that revenues would be £560m-£580m this season, the first fall in income for more than a decade
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Hoy os quiero contar la historia de un ARTISTA. Su nombre es Jordi Parcerisas y su colección de @SubbuteoOficial es INCREÍBLE. Unos 600 equipos y casi 7.000 jugadores hechos al detalle (peinado, dorsal, etc). Un hilo que merece la pena.
La colección de Jordi incluye equipos legendarios como el #RiverPlate de Di Stéfano o el #ManchesterUnited de Bobby Charlton campeón de Europa en 1968.
Como podéis ver, el estadio es una auténtica pasada. La estantería con los 600 equipos realizados hasta el momento al fondo. La colección de Jordi incluye campeones de Europa, Recopa, UEFA, Copa Latina, Mundiales, Eurocopas, Copa América...
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🇨🇵 @paulpogba hizo una publicación en contra del racismo, después de q haya sufrido insultos x fallar un penal contra el @Wolves. En la foto aparece el cuadro de Martin Luther King
#pogba #premierleauge
#racismo #ManchesterUnited

Y asi lo apoyaron algunos hinchas, con un mensaje clarísimo: "Against Racismo" (contra el racismo) Image
El mismo club salio a repudiar lo ocurrido:
"Manchester United tiene cero tolerancia a cualquier forma de racismo o discriminación"
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#PremierLeague clubs have generated a record £349.1m from shirt sponsorship deals ahead of the 19/20 season. #ManUnited will earn the most money - up to £64m-a-yr. Second placed #ManCity will settle for just £45m from Etihad. #Arsenal, #Chelsea & #Liverpool will get £40m per year
The #ManchesterUnited deal with Chevrolet (the brand of General Motors) was worth £47 million at the time of signing. After the current exchange rate is £64 million (avg $80 million) per season. Chevvy replace United’s previous deal with Aon, worth only £20 million a year
Income from shirt #sponsorship increased by 7.2% compared to the previous season. Brighton will earn just £1.5 million from American Express. Gambling companies continue to dominate #PremierLeague clubs’ main shirt sponsorship deals in 2019/20, as many as 10 out of 20 clubs
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#RealMadrid are the most valuable football club in Europe according to The European Elite 19 report, prepared by KPMG. The Whites have a value of €3,224 million, ahead of #ManchesterUnited (€3,207m), #Bayern (€2,696m), #FCBarcelona (€2,767m) and #ManCity (€2,460m) #SportsBiz
The Premier League has confirmed its absolute dominance, having nine clubs on the full list (32 clubs) and accounting for 43% of the total aggregate value. The overall EV of the 32 most prominent European football clubs has increased by 9% (an impressive 35% over the past 3 yrs)
Los Blancos jumped above €3bn EV level for the first time, the only club to do this alongside the Red Devils, however, the Spanish giants' current EV is still lower than the #MUFC's was last year. Similarly, the Bavarians' current value is lower than the Blaugrana's in 2018
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