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El periodo de Ralf Rangnick🇩🇪 como DT interino del @ManUtd hizo más daño del que muchos creen

Abro hilo🧵

#ManchesterUnited #MUFC_FAMILY #MUFC
El día 21/11/2021 despiden a Ole Gunnar Solskjaer🇳🇴 como DT tras la derrota ante el Watford por 4-1.

Ante esto, el club empezó la búsqueda de un nuevo DT interino para el resto de la temporada, mientras, Michael Carrick se quedaba a cargo del equipo.

El elegido por John Murtough (Director de Fútbol⚽️ del #MUFC) fue Ralf Rangnick.

El cual se había rumoreado que su contratación era complicada debido a que este exigía un lugar en la directiva del club.

#ManchesterUnited #MUFC_FAMILY
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Κατάσταση De Jong αυτή τη στιγμή
O de jong όπως ξέρουμε είναι ένας παίχτης που ο Έρικ Τεν Χαγκ θεωρεί πως θα πρέπει να είναι στην Μάντσεστερ Γιουνάιτεντ γιατί ξέρει το ποσό σημαντικός είναι !
Η Μάντσεστερ Γιουνάιτεντ εφόσον συνεχίσει με ένα σύστημα 4-2-3-1 η δουλειά του ντε Γιονγκ θα είναι όταν τα αριστερό/δεξι Μπακ ανεβαίνουν και πίσω θα είναι οι 2 κεντρικοί αμυντικοί , να λειτουργεί σαν 3ος αμυντικός παίρνοντας την μπάλα από την άμυνα και ανεβάζοντας την μέχρι πάνω
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Varane vs Pau Torres stats comparison per 90 minutes

We see these days everywhere rumours about pau torres lets compare his stats to varane per 90 minutes

We can see that in defense their stats have many similarities and they both good in defense

#MUFC #Varane #PauTorres

In passing they both are good with pass completion % and they lacking of assists and key passes but this doesn't matter so much ass the completed passes and the %
In attack we can clearly see that Pau Torres is better than Varane he is better in offense but he make more shoots
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Dalot vs Wan bissaka
Which is better in stats PER 90???

Let's start with passes we see that dalot and wan bissaka in passes per 90 they have many similarities,but the assist statistic and key passes is axtual very bad... Image
Then we continue and we see the defensive actions , now we see some differences in the number we can see that dalot in many things he is actually better than Wan Bissaka and he improved a lot these months in contrast wan bissaka that he is better only for blocks Image
Per 90 minutes we see that dalot helps a lit bit more in passes that lead for shot attempt or a goal , that means dalot better in offensive and defensive things than wan bissaka Image
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BBC News sorry as ticker shares "Man Utd are rubbish" in brilliant live blunder… Image
👀 Viewers could barely believe their eyes as the Beeb were forced into a mad scramble to find out how the blunder happened.
😬 They explained that a trainee learning the system had accidentally published the text and said that they hoped United fans "weren't offended" by it.…
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It’s Semi-Final day in the 150th year of the FA Cup #FACup150
Although it’s the 140th competition due to 10 years without the Cup during the wars…
Most Semi-Finals:
3️⃣0️⃣ #Arsenal & #ManchesterUnited
and fittingly neither of them are there this weekend
1/8 🧵
It’s Semi-Final day in the 150th year of the FA Cup #FACup150
It’s Liverpool’s 25th Semi-Final today; (21 post-war)
The Reds have won their last FIVE in this competition (92, 96, 2001, 2006, 2012). 10yrs since their last semi is the longest gap since 1963 #MCILIV
It’s Semi-Final day in the 150th year of the FA Cup #FACup150
It’s Manchester City’s 17th Semi and remarkably they’ve only lost FIVE, winning 8 on the trot between 1933-2013.
Less good news:
They’ve lost 3 of their last 4 before today: 2017, 2020 & 2021.
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Today we submitted an open letter calling on the criminals using ESN and IPOB to raise funds and bring destruction upon the Southeast
over a fake Biafra

It's time to hold these fraudsters to account. We will never let these own goal specialists off the hook this time around. Using a child soldier is a war crime and war criminals should be behind bars. It's that simple

How many of them can send their kids
or nephews and nieces to go die for an audio Biafra? I'll say zero. Yet they're proudly parading a little kid they should have sent back to school and find a way to help his family, they can't do that because from day one this has always been about stealing money from gullible
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THREAD: Analyzing how de Gea creates problems for Manchester United . #ManchesterUnited

With the topic of de Gea becoming a cause of constant division among the ManU fanbase, I decided to add my views on the subject, hopefully changing some people's views on the same. Image
As you can see in the illustration below, de Gea staying back at his line means there is one less man for ManU to build-up from the back, much to the contrast of other modern teams like Barcelona, Arsenal and their Manchester counterparts, Manchester City. Image
de Gea staying back at his spot when balls are played over/approaching him means the defenders have to lower the defensive line and thus lowering the entire team. It also means they lack a safe passing option under pressure from opponent strikers. Image
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Today I’ll breakdown #DeGea’s performance in the #PremierLeague using my bespoke GK models!

The headline is for the first time in 3 seasons #DeGea’s shot stopping skills are outweighing his weak shot prevention skills & thus far he has saved #MUFC ~5 additional goals! Image
Shot Stopping:

#DeGea’s shot stopping has been world class, my model predicts he has saved #MUFC ~5 goals more than an average #PL shot stopper would’ve thus far!

The goalmouth map highlights just how hard #DeGea has been to beat, if you don’t hit the corners you won’t score! Image
Shot Stopping:

His Best 3 Saves (Lowest ExSave Saves Made) are below 😮:

1. 24% Save Probability vs Jesus

2. 34% Save Probability vs Almiron

3. 42% Save Probability vs Pukki

They highlight #DeGea big strength, his reflexes & ability to cover huge amounts of the goal area. ImageImageImage
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I feel sorry for those who never either want or can't see the intersection Where the love for #Ronaldo & #ManchesterUnited meet.

There's no doubt CR7 is a great asset anyone would like to have but knowing his character,stature & influence both on & off the pitch
almost everything needs to built around him & built flawlessly so he can deliver what he is best at :scoring goals.

While having arguably the deadliest/talented midfielders in the league or even in the continent the team lacks balance
Defensively (1 natural DM in matic, depending on make shift duo in MacFred ,limiting Pogba' creativity )

Offensively ( single source of creativity in Magnifico ,lack of clear intent in offensive setup ,fringing of Mata,Lingard & more than all DVB ).

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There's lot's of things that just don't add up in the #DerbyCounty story (not just the balance sheet)!


Fortunes squandered
Rules bent/broken
Financial Engineering

It's not the first time the poor DCFC fanbase have been exposed to these c*nts
I was reminded of this incredible story from the mid 2000's that had passed me by at the time... but could be instructive of things to come.

- MD Nissan
- Fraud/Financial Engineering
- Offshore
- Loans/Mortgages on the stadium
- Dodgy solicitors & administrators

The story about #MichaelHunt the biggest (uncovered) theft in the UK from #Nissan

Money Laundering through Swiss Trusts & banked in #Panama then loaned back to #QPR and #DCFC is the stuff of Spy movies!

@david_conn Nissan don't come out of this well - Anyway, moving on...💸⚽️
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This is a brilliant thread 🧵by @uglygame

A fraudster with a shady #Crypto company looking to invest in football clubs (#PerthGlory / #Nantes)

It's a great tale - It also links to some seriously questionable characters...

The link is #AlanJohnFrankHitchins

#Portsmouth & #AstonVilla fans may have seen his name before.

Think mining scams, laundering money via offshore & criminal networks…
Mining scams can be a brilliant way to con investors (pump & dump) and because of their erratic revenue streams & international make-up, they can be great vehicles to launder money through.

Maybe if you've just robbed a bank and need a getaway vehicle 💸…
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🗣️📝[Hilo: 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐨𝐬 𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐯𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐫 𝐁𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐨]

Todos tenemos su nombre en la cabeza, conocemos su idea de juego y sabemos que nos dio un mundial, pero...

➡️¿Quién fue realmente Carlos Salvador Bilardo? Empecemos👇

[…] Nació en Buenos Aires, un 16 de marzo de 1938. Una persona que desde muy joven adoptó una fuerza de trabajo heredada por su familia siciliana inmigrante.
Futbolista, estudiante y trabajador. Su primera meta era ser médico, algo que lograría años más tarde.

[...] Con veinte años, el futuro Doctor, jugaba en el equipo Nacional juvenil de Argentina,
donde ganó el título panamericano en 1959, comenzando a demostrar un gran nivel.

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A 🧵 on some lessons from Jose Mourinho 👇

I’d recently watched an episode from a Netflix Original series called The Playbook, where in which popular and successful coaches from all sorts of sports share the rules they live by to achieve success in sports and in life. (1/23)
The episode that stood out to me the most was arguably the one of Jose Mourinho, not only due to my love for ⚽️, but also my admiration for him as an individual and a coach.

The following tweets are some of the takeaways and lessons from his rules for life and coaching. (2/23)

Mourinho was promoted to Head Coach at Porto in 2002-03. A team, which at the time required a massive overhaul and rebuild due to there being no clear vision in the team, and most of all no passion to win. (3/23)
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Yesterday was another crazy day for #Football & specifically in this case, for #Derby #dcfcfans

#EFL ruling on their accounting practices

Threat of sanctions - What will that mean?

#RichardKeough ruling - They have to pay him £2.3m (bonkers episode)🤯…
Then add in the farce of the #takeover process

A 29 year old front-man masquerading as an Instagram Billionaire (complete with macho boxing backstory & links to Indonesian investors & looted billions) #Suharto

👏 @secondtierpod ⤵️

#DCFC #FitAndProper

I'm equally fascinated & frustrated by rogue investors in #EnglishFootball

I've read widely and spoken to people with genuine knowledge of the machinations of global finance💸

What puzzles me today is, how/why did #MelMorris get himself in this hole?😏
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#Henderson’s shot prevention has been class in his first 8 #PremierLeague games & its played a big part in #ManchesterUnited’s success!

He is preventing 3.07 chances occurring per game corresponding to ~0.44 ExG per game!

That’s double #DeGea’s ExG prevented per game!
Here I will compare #Henderson’s cross claiming & sweeping (the two branches of shot prevention) so far this year to #DeGea’s & discuss how this has affected #ManchesterUnited’s defence.

I will use my shot prevention model as sadly mainstream models miss many important actions!

#Henderson’s sweeping has been highlighted after his tidy display vs #THFC & it wasn’t a one off!

So far this year for #ManchesterUnited he has prevented 11 opposition chances occurring by sweeping which corresponds to preventing 0.15 ExG/90 (#PL avg is 0.10 ExG/90)
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[THREAD] Breve thread su #Donnarumma e un paio di situazioni in cui il #Milan ha costruito dal basso
#MilanManchesterUnited #EuropaLeague Image
Nella prima situazione il #Milan ricomincia da #Donnarumma, il #ManchesterUnited indirizza male la pressione con #James che stringe verso il centro, ma #WanBissaka che è in ritardo nello scalare in avanti lasciando #TheoHernandez da solo ImageImage
#Donnarumma trova con facilità e precisione #TheoHernandez che ha infatti il tempo di controllare, trovare #Krunic e completare il triangolo per uscire dalla pressione #ManchesterUnited ImageImage
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Certo che la stagione del #Milan fa ancora più impressione se si considera la quantità di sfortuna che i rossoneri hanno avuto
#MilanManchesterUnited #UEL #EuropaLeague
Gran lettura di #Tomori nel 2vs1 in cui era stato lasciato: ha chiuso la linea di passaggio andando a contrastare con decisione #James
#MilanManchesterUnited #EuropaLeague #UEL
Anche oggi il #Milan palleggia molto bene sulla sua trequarti di campo
Per il momento superiore al #ManchesterUnited
#MilanManchester #EuropaLeague #UEL
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-Who’s the next Virgil Van Dijk? 🔍

🇫🇷Dayot Upamecano (22), Leipzig
🇫🇷Ibrahima Konaté (21), Leipzig
🇲🇦Nayef Aguerd (24), Rennais
🇫🇷Benoit Badiashile (19), Monaco
🇫🇷Wesley Fofana (20), Leicester

(yes, France are stacked) Image
Is there even a “next Virgil Van Dijk” or will someone surpass him?

In this thread, I’ll take a look at some of the hottest young defenders like #Upamecano, #Konate and #Fofana + #Badiashile and #Aguerd who I find very interesting.
I’ll do some quick introductions first and then we’ll get into the stats and data. Enjoy! 😎
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#Henderson’s cross claiming has been exceptional in his first 5 #PremierLeague appearances

#Henderson boasts a 100% claim success rate while being twice as active the average #PL GK!

His claiming is preventing #ManchesterUnited conceding chances worth ~0.4 ExG per game!

For comparison, #DeGea cross claiming numbers this year are:

Chances Prevented = 0.81
(Only 41% of DH)

ExG Prevented = 0.15
(Only 35% of DH)

Average Claim Distance = 4.5yrd (Only 78% of DH)

Claim Success = 95%
(95% of DH)

Catch Fraction = 58%
(104% of DH)

For more information on the metrics I quote in the graphics above please see this thread, it explains how I calculate which cross claims prevent chances & which don’t & how I assign ExG values to each claim & why it’s important to look deeper than “total high balls claimed”!
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Have #DeGea’s cross claiming & sweeping numbers changed dramatically this season in comparison to last season?

Below I will look into #DeGea’s sweeping & cross claiming performance in the 19/20 #PremierLeague season & compare it with his performance so far this year! Image
Claiming 19/20:

#DeGea prevented 0.77 chances per 90 occurring by claiming crosses

Average #PremierLeague GK prevents 1.10 chances per 90 occurring by claiming crosses

Key points

• Attempts to claim infrequently

• Mostly successful when he does attempt to claim

#MUFC Image
Claiming 20/21:

So far #DeGea has prevented 0.74 chances per 90 occurring by claiming crosses

#DeGea has performed in a very similar manner against crosses this year with his willingness to claim & his success when doing so remaining roughly the same.

#MUFC Image
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No ha sido tan movido como un mercado invernal habitual, pero nos ha dejado movimientos muy interesantes. Hoy es el #DeadLineDay, uno de mis días favoritos del año, por lo que voy a hacer un hilo con los fichajes más destacados en este mercado.

Spoiler alert: Es algo largo.
🎯Joakim Maehle. Del Genk a la Atalanta.

Los 11 millones que costó el danés, ya parecen pocos. Su llegada ha sido suficiente para que la Dea finalizase las cesiones de Mojica, Piccini y Depaoli.

Aprovecha cada minuto. Suplente de lujo para Hateboer y Gosens.
Luka Jovic. De Real Madrid al Eintracht.

Sin oportunidades ni la confianza de Zidane, el serbio ha vuelto a casa. Con Hütter sabe que tendrá que ganarse el puesto, pero de momento es un suplente de lujo: 3 goles en 4 partidos saliendo desde el banco. Reviviendo.
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@martynziegler @TheAthleticUK

The 'buzz word' in business - Footy is soon to get it's dose

What's this about though?

#Control #Money #power

These 'Elite' club owners will point to #UEFA & #FIFA chequered pasts & say "We'll do it better"

Despite massive numbers in revenues💰💱 Football clubs are so bloated, the top guys feel they need more!

For long term planning, they need control of the rules of competition too.

The huge swathes of capital hoarded by the investment banks/rich are willing to fund this new comp
The #PremierLeague will end up a place for the 'Elite' teams in the new #EuropeanSuperLeague to play their so called reserve squads - Because the rewards on offer merit that.

That said, with the huge revenues they will dominate, those reserve squads will still be the best ⚽️🤯💁
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