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"Somos 26", fue el mantra de #LaScaloneta durante #Qatar2022. Y vaya si fue así.

La enorme mayoría de ellos tuvieron algún momento para el recuerdo en aquella cita, algo que no es habitual. Y aquí, en este día tan especial, queremos rememorarlos.

Ojalá les guste.
1. Arrancamos por el arquero. ¿Qué decir de Emiliano "Dibu" Martínez? 3 atajadas de locos en partido (tiro libre vs México, la última contra Australia y la extraordinaria vs Kolo Muani). Y 3 penales atajados en las 2 series. Gigante, enorme.
2. Seguimos por el lateral derecho. Nahuel Molina Lucero. 568 minutos en cancha.

Su momento estelar es este golazo en cuartos de final vs Holanda. También le dio la asistencia a Mc Allister vs Polonia e inició la enorme jugada del 2do gol vs Francia.

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2006 में FA CUP के फाइनल में स्कालोनी की एक गलती के चलते वेस्ट हैम लीवरपूल के खिलाफ खिताब जीतने से वंचित रह गई थी। तब स्कालोनी #LionelScaloni की इस कदर आलोचना हुई थी कि वह हमेशा के लिए फुटबॉल छोड़ देने का मन बनाने लगे थे। 1/n Image
“यह आदमी ट्रैफिक तक नहीं संभाल सकता, यह नेशनल टीम को कैसे संभालेगा? इसे नेशनल टीम की कमान आखिर कैसे सौंपी जा रही है?”

यह माराडोना के शब्द थे, जब 2018 विश्व कप के पश्चात अर्जेंटीना फुटबॉल फेडरेशन ने लियोनेल स्कालोनी को राष्ट्रीय टीम का अंतरिम कोच बनाने का फैसला लिया था। Image
कम लोग जानते हैं कि लियोनेल स्कालोनी व लियोनेल #Messi, दोनों ही, 2006 विश्व कप में अर्जेंटीनी टीम का हिस्सा थे। आज इन दो लियोनेल की अद्भुत जोड़ी ने गरीबी से जूझ रहे राष्ट्र को झूमने की वजह दे दी है। Image
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1/13 ¿En serio hay quienes dudan de quién es el mejor de historia?

Con selecciones lo ganó TODO y a nivel individual es una lista interminable. Simplemente el mejor #GOAT

La rutina de lo extraordinario:
#Messi siempre #Messi 👊🏻

#Argentina Campeón del mundo #Qatar2022
2/13 Campeón Finalissima 2022 #Argentina #Messi
3/13 Campeón Copa América 2021 #Argentina #Messi
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@ikoocaina You're idiot or what ?!
#Mbappé talking about European Championships : Best south-amercians players play (in clubs) in Europe .
Before, Leo Messi was for a long time ONE OF the only Argentinians to play in Europe. Not anymore.
You can't win World Cup…
@ikoocaina You can't win World Cup just with 2 or 3 players playing in other part of the world.
And don't forget to thank Qatar (#PSG owners & #Messi's Boss) for helping you to win this most corrupt #FIFAWorldCup until the final & your 3rd invalid goal. #ARGFRA
please unroll, merci @threadreaderapp^^
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Sta facendo molto discutere la decisione di #Messi di indossare un abito tradizionale arabo durante la premiazione dei Mondiali. Un gesto che molti vedono come l'ennesima intromissione del regime del Qatar nel calcio.

👇 Image
Le motivazioni politiche del gesto (che è avvenuto nel giorno non solo della finale, ma anche della festa nazionale qatariota) sono spiegati meglio qui.

Ma adesso si sta diffondendo online anche una narrazione secondo cui, al posto di Messi, #Maradona non avrebbe accettato una simile imposizione da parte di un regime liberticida come quello di Doha.

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Venitemi a raccontare la bellezza degli altri sport adesso, dai. #football #Qatar2022
Partita che dovrebbe durare finché una delle due squadre segna il 3-2. Altro che rigori. #Qatar2022
Incredibile. Doveva essere lui. #messi #Qatar2022
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👉 ¡Penal para @Argentina!

⏱ 21' PT
🇦🇷 🐐🐐
🐐 🐐🐐
🐐 🐐

🐐 🐐
🐐 🐐
🐐 🐐


👉 ¡G⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽L! Lionel #Messi abrió el marcador.

⏱ 22' PT

@Argentina 🇦🇷 1 🆚 #Francia 🇫🇷 0
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#Qatar2022 🎙️ Lionel Scaloni: "Francia tiene un equipo que abastece a Mbappé y lo hace aún mejor jugador. Es uno de los grandes jugadores, es joven y seguirá mejorando".
#Qatar2022 🎙️ Lionel Scaloni: "Estoy orgulloso y entusiasmado por el momento que estamos viviendo. Estamos en la puerta de una final pero lo importante es el camino".
#Qatar2022 🎙️ Lionel Scaloni: "Cuando lo disfrutás, las cosas saben diferente". Image
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#Qatar2022 | 🤩 #Argentina 🇦🇷 inicia el sueño mundialista ante Arabia Saudita 🇸🇦

✅El elenco comandado por Lionel Scaloni da el primer paso en la #FIFAWorldCup

✅¡Vamos Selección!…
🤩¡Mira lo que es ese vestuario!

#Argentina ya está en el #Lusail para enfrentar a #ArabiaSaudita 🇸🇦

✅Los jugadores saltan al campo de juego para reconocer la cancha

🌟Ah si ¡Presetenle a los timbos del 🔟! ImageImage
😍¡Bueno, esto ya es demasiada manija!

🥰 El vestuario argentino listo y preparado con toda la indumentaria para el duelo ante #ArabiaSaudita 🇸🇦

✅ ¡Vamos #Argentina! ImageImage
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As a follow-up to my article on the #WorldCup2022 for @PillarCatholic, a couple of notes on religious aspects of this tournament.…
1. This is the first time the World Cup is being played in a Muslim country, and only the second outside of the traditionally Christian world. The first was South Korea & Japan in 2002.
2. 2002 also marked the furthest a traditionally Muslim country ever progressed in the World Cup, with #Turkey placing 3rd, after beating South Korea in a very exciting game.
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If #GoodbyeTwitter is indeed happening 😭 we might as well go down LOL-ing! Who’s up for a 🧵of ridiculous puns on the 32 teams of the #FIFAWorldCup? 😋
We'll begin by saying that #Switzerland 🇨🇭 have a *big plus* 😜 and it’s their star midfielder Granit Xhaka.

And talking of big plus, must not forget the guys who will make... Den mark 🇩🇰 😎
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فاز الأرجنتيني ليو #ميسي، أمس، بالـ #كرة_الذهبية التي تمنح سنويّاً لأفضل لاعب في العالم، وذلك للمرّة السابعة خلال مسيرته الكرويّة، ليحطّم بذلك الرقم القياسي المسجّل باسمه بعد حصوله على الجائزة نفسها ستّ مرّات في الأعوام 2009 و2010 و2011 و2012 و2015 و2019.
./1 Image
وقد تفوّق #ميسي على أقرب منافسيه لهذا العام، البولوني #روبرت_ليفاندوفسكي نجم بايرن ميونيخ. ورغم أنّ ليفاندوفسكي قد سجّل أكبر عدد من الأهداف هذه السنة، فإنّ فنّيات ميسي وإحرازه أوّل لقب مع منتخب بلاده في كوبا أميركا حسمت التصويت لمصلحته.
يُذكَر أنّ «#الكرة_الذهبية» هي الجائزة الأهمّ للاعبي #كرة_القدم، وتمنحها سنوياً مجلّة «#فرانس_فوتبول» التي ترشّح ثلاثين لاعباً لنيل الجائزة، قبل أن يتولّى التصويت 180 صحافياً متخصّصاً حول العالم.
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🎙 | Thread on Leo Messi's interview given to @francefootball
#Messi #LM7
@francefootball Lionel Messi: "Honestly, I wasn't expecting it. I went back to prepare for the pre-season after the extra holidays that Koeman had gifted me. I had the idea of ​​signing a contract and going back to training."
@francefootball Messi: "I thought everything was done and the only thing missing was my signature, but when I arrived in Barcelona they told me that it was not possible, that I can't stay and I had to find another club, because Barcelona no longer had the money to renew me."
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After carefully listening to our president’s interview today, twice, please allow me to explain how incredibly mad/disappointed/sad I have been feeling. If you are part of his inner circle and defend anything he does and says, you can silence me, I don’t mind #FCBarcelona
After 11 years of rosellisme, almost my entire time as a Barça member, I have tough skin. But lately, the club for me is like a big hole in my chest. And no matter what I do, it seems I can't fix it. And I took another huge blow today when I heard ‘Barça is above everyone’ again
WHAT THE HELL does that mean? Is that a way of making some sorry excuse for not owning decisions made by THIS board? Yes, I am talking of Messi's departure, OF COURSE I'M TALKING ABOUT MESSI'S DEPARTURE #FCBarcelona
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so, somehow i missed this: open edition #messi #nft were sold for 50$ until five minutes ago (!), are already trading for 75$ on #OpenSea.

#polygonNFT #messiverse Image
this is good for #polygon btw
i wish i bought some btw
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💰 El último chicle de Ferguson, una tostada del Príncipe Carlos de Inglaterra o el pañuelo de #Messi son algunos objetos de famosos subastados por miles de euros…
La salida del Messi del Barça ha dado mucho de que hablar…
Las cantidades millonarias que va a cobrar, el lujoso hotel donde se estaba hospedando y ahora la subasta del pañuelo con el que se secó las lágrimas al despedirse de su antiguo club…
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Paris Saint-Germain’s signing of Lionel #Messi from #FCBarcelona has come as a major surprise to the footballing world. This thread will look at the financial implications and explain how #PSG are likely to still be able to meet UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) targets.
Despite a €99m (15%) fall in revenue in 2020, partly due to the COVID pandemic, #PSG wage bill still rose €43m (12%) to €414m, the club’s highest ever. This was more than 3 times as much as the closest challenger in France, Lyon with €132m, representing 29% of Ligue 1 wages.
#PSG €414m wage bill is the second highest in Europe, only surpassed by #FCBarcelona €443m (before their La Liga salary cap challenges), but more than clubs like #MCFC €401m, #RealMadrid €378m, #LFC €371m, #FCBayern €340m, #MUFC €324m and #CFC €323m.
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1️⃣ Après l'indignation exprimée face aux #Talibans, a-t-on saisi le sens de ce qui se passera en Afghanistan : "Las Vegas" des islamistes de tout poil, caserne de repli du djihad global et centre opérationnel des mercenaires de l'axe Qatar-Turquie ? Ce thread livre des clefs ...
2️⃣L'Afghanistan est au centre de l'attention du Qatar qui a toujours protégé les leaders islamistes #Talibans à Doha et c'est lui qui s'est porté volontaire pour organiser des soi-disants "négociations de paix" permettant de les dédiaboliser et d'occupper le devant de la scène...
3️⃣ L'Afghanistan est aussi au centre de l'attention cupide de la Turquie, membre de l'OTAN. Le petit sultan Erdogan mise sur l'Afghanistan pour diverses raisons économiques et géopolitiques. Son expansionnisme voit d'un bon œil une présence à proximité de la Chine et de l'Inde...
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Lionel Messi 🤝 PSG

Follow Messi's PSG press conference here... ⤵️
🗣️ Messi: "I still want to play, I still want to win as I did in the first moment of my career.

"I think this club, with this staff, is ready to fight for every trophy."

#PSG #Messi
🗣️ Messi on playing with Neymar & Mbappe: "It is really crazy and I am really happy about that. Sharing the day to day life with them and all the squad."

#PSG #Messi
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[THREAD: #Messi]

La verità, è che fin qui tutto andava bene.

Cioè... non proprio benissimo. Ma 9 volte su 10 l'underdog non fa il terzo gol e tu vai avanti, fai un megapippone sulla sofferenza e poi tanto vinci. Vero Leo? Già: è proprio la storia del calcio che va così. Image
L'unico ad essere riuscito a infrangere la legge dell'underdog che poi se lo pija ner culo era stato un greco, sempre su calcio d'angolo: Angelos Charisteas, 4 luglio 2004.
E anche in quell'area, dove tu, Leo, avevi fatto uno dei gol più importanti in carriera, c'era un greco.
Ma che vuoi che sia, Leo!
Siete er Barcellona. De Rossi dopo il gol aveva sbagliato un gol di testa, El Shaarawy era stato fermato da Ter Stegen... dai, la legge dell'underdog si confermerà e tu vinci tutto. Ancora.
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THREAD: The best photos from Lionel #Messi’s most iconic games in a Barcelona shirt.

Likes and Retweets appreciated 🐐
Albacete, 2005.
Chelsea, 2006.
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Why did #Messi leave #FCBarcelona? It paints a striking picture. FCB & Real Madrid have ballooned their wage bills in recent seasons and are now not only having to trim the fat, but hack off some meat too. The financial hole they're in means FCB salary limits fall to a 10-yr low ImageImage
@mjshrimper @RafaelH117 @SBI_Barcelona @lasource75006 @Jon_LeGossip @parisunited6 @City_Xtra @cityreport_ @utdarena @EiFSoccer Just when it seemed as if it was only a matter of days or even hours before there would be a long-awaited announcement of free agent Messi rejoining FCB on a new deal, the club announced just eight days before the start of a new league season that Messi would not be returning
@mjshrimper @RafaelH117 @SBI_Barcelona @lasource75006 @Jon_LeGossip @parisunited6 @City_Xtra @cityreport_ @utdarena @EiFSoccer Barcelona’s statement says, in no uncertain terms, that the club and player wanted to do a deal - reports in recent weeks stated that Messi was prepared to take a 50% reduction in salary to make it happen — but league regulations made it an impossibility
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