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TW: noncon, A/B/O, stuck in a wall

O!Izuku was put into a relief station against his will as revenge after rejecting an asshole that confessed to him.

He was scared, he was trembling, and he was crying, trying to get out of his predicament before the first alpha
came and used him.

He was the only omega in that lonely, abandoned station, mostly used by drug addicts at that point.

However, that day just happened to be when Pro Heroes tried to catch and dismantle a big deig trafficking ring, said to be seen around the abandoned

Katsuki was first, leading the rest of the group and ready to blow up any enemy that appeared in their way.

Fortunately, all he found was a naked ass, shivering in the cold, a distant cry making the hero worry.

"Hey! Are you okay?" He yelled, getting closer to
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#bkdk #ktdk #bakubowl #dekubowl everyone x everyone [tags: giant class orgy, double pen, triple pen/ oral, anal, vaginal sex/ gangbang/ teacher x students/ rough, gentle sex/ squirting/ healthy thorough communication/ very happy smexy times/ soft happy ending]
Christmas Between Friends

It was, unsurprisingly, Mina and Denki’s idea. They were all caught in the Christmas spirit as everyone came together to decorate the common room. Hot cocoa was in abundance and the occasional flying marshmallow would cause a round of laughter.
Music was twinkling around them, and there were way too many fuzzy blankets. Katsuki and Izuku were cuddled together on the couch with a thick wool blanket bundled up to their chests while their thick Christmas socked feet were exposed.
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#bkdk, #dekubowl, crossdressing

The Midoriyas were dirt poor. But they were also full of love.

So when Inko found out that she was pregnant with a baby girl, her and Hisashi spent what little they had to buy the loveliest dresses for their angel.

Who turned out to be a boy.
Hisashi was quick to reassure that it wouldn't be a problem since his upcoming promotion would give them plenty of funds to buy an entire new wardrobe.

So the clothes were stored away in a box for months, while the couple focused all their energy on ensuring the baby's health.
But fate was not so kind and while Inko successfully delivered their precious baby, Hisashi was struck by a drunk driver, killing him in an instant.

Expectedly, the bills piled high and their savings account was slowly drained.

/My poor Izuku doesn't even have proper clothes./
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#bkdk #cheating #angst #dekubowl

BkDk where they’re married and believed to be in love. But then bk cheats on dk with someone they know. Dk inevitability finds out in the worst way imaginable. Bk expects Dk to cry—to become this emotional mess, but to Bk’s shock, he doesn’t…
Dk’s face, once bright with love and adoration for his husband, turns icy and expressionless. As Dk wordlessly begins to pack his things, Bk kicks his lover out and scrambles to convince Dk to stop.

“P-Please I can explain!” Bk cries, clawing desperately at Dk, and reaching out
To hold onto him. The moment his hand makes contact with Dk’s skin, Dk drops his luggage and clothes abruptly.

He roughly snatches his arm back, Dk’s lips curl with disgust, his vibrant green eyes darkened with revulsion, and says, “There’s nothing to explain, Bakugo.”
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#dkbk #bkdk where Izuku, a renowned doctor and surgeon, dies from an unknown heart condition he had. And ends up waking up in his past life the day after he entered a loveless marriage with King Bakugou Katsuki.

A marriage that a bratty prince Izuku forced upon the king after
getting rid of so many suitors vying for Katsuki’s attention and the empty throne beside him. Eventually even scaring off Katsuki’s fiancé that Katsuki had actually loved and cherished.

But Izuku is no longer the same person he used to be.

A prince once more, but the heart of a
caring doctor with regrets…





“Umm, P-Prince Izuku?” a maid watches silently as Izuku just casually sits, a book in hand. “A-Aren’t you going to see his majesty on his walk?”

“Hmm?” Izuku looks up, a gentle smile on his face. “Nah, I don’t want to bother him.”
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#bkdk #dekubowl *Why is it always so so easy for me to be the second choice?* Izuku thinks as he finally calls a cab.

He really didn’t know why he got his hopes up.
When Kacchan asked him out he was thrilled! They had finally reconnected after their disastrous years in MS and HS in their 2nd year of uni. Now in their 3rd year at UA University Izuku had foolishly began to hope for more.
He knew Kacchan had just broken up with Camie, but he was so sure he wasn’t a rebound! They had been friends again for a year, and Kacchan apologized! There was no way he would hurt him again, especially after he confessed his feelings a to him a month after his breakup. Right?
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CW: Voice kink (kinda), more 🌷, #dekubowl

"What is it doing now?"

A shameful blush hid Izuku's freckles and he shifted on the yellow pitcher plant. It was getting harder to remain professional, harder to ignore the building pleasure in front of his observers.
Sweat dripped down his frame, seemingly lapped up by the flowers around him. The organism appeared to enjoy the way Izuku’s breasts popped out when they were played with, squeezing and bouncing them.

“Midoriya…?” a technician prompted when he’d been quiet a little too long.
“It’s– ngh – p-playing with me,” the omega managed shakily, gasping and bearing down on the phallus creeping inside him when something pleasantly rough rolled over his clit.

“Where is it playing with you,” asked another, “and how?”
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