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1) @realDonaldTrump has, at this time, aloud his "Generel" Tweet to remain in his timeline.

There's a reason that "e" replaces the a...

Now, we await the correct spelling, after it's deleted & retweeted.
2) Now, we await @realDonaldTrump's spelling correction, after it's deleted & retweeted.
e = 5 + a =1 ==> 5 to 1

Time will tell.
Could be that a Delta is planned.
@realDonaldTrump Oops! Auto-corrected🤬...
Well, I should have reread it a 3rd time ==> allowed, not aloud!
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Being black does not exempt you from asking stupid questions or being a bigot or racist. #AprilRyan #YamicheAlcindor #AbbyPhillip. While we are at it let's throw in some men black and white in the mix: #DonLemon #JimAcosta #ChrisCuomo. Equal opportunity.
Shameful, these women practicing the politics of division. Our ancestors are turning over in their graves. The content of character is what MLK spoke about and believed in. These individuals and others are stomping all over this belief for political expediency. Really sad.
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Let's be honest in addition the #JimAcosta and #FakeNewsCNN lemon head #DonLemon and #AprilRyan are a disgrace to their profession and to the progress of black people. These two clowns are champions of race and bigotry. I am embarrassed by their antics.
#DonLemon and #AprilRyan dishonor our ancestors who were strong survivors and never used their circumstance to deceive other blacks.
Simply because you are blacks doesn't mean you get to say anything you want and label anyone a racist because you don't like them. Truly sad. Don and April (and a few other race baiting blacks) have set the Civil Rights Movement back 100 years.
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CNN is saying Ohio is already going to be a re-count and that no one will be able to call it tonight🤣 Low IQ Lemon is telling everyone O’Connor is about to win.
Now they’re giving the big speech about how proud Democrats should be because the gaps have closed so dramatically and GOP is demoralized. It’s like being on another planet watching CNN, a planet starved of oxygen.
Oh, no one knew who the candidate was in #Ohio says @CNN that’s awkward considering O’Connor hired Obama’s PR company😅 OR #CNNISFAKEASSNEWS
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We all know @realDonaldTrump is THE MASTER TROLLER...

...and did he just smack down #LebronJames and #DonLemon — AND confirm Q’s post about possessing the servers?

Judge for yourselves. #23 #QAnon 👇
Lebron James jersey number is 23.

Mike (is Michael Jordan) - his jersey number was also 23.

Time stamp of 8:37pm is 23 minutes before 9:00.

That’s 3 instances of the number 23.

#QAnon 👇
I was reading the great awakening board on Reddit and found a fascinating post by SerialBrain2 regarding the missing servers from a few days back.

“Now comes the Pain - 23”
Check it out. #QAnon…
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