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(1) I have said for along time that we are in the midst of World War III, but that warfare in the 21st century looks like no war ever fought. If two super-powers just pulled out the stops and started dropping bombs, we know that Mutual Assured Destruction wold be the end result.
(2) If you understand CCP (Chinese Communist Party) modern warfare doctrine, you would understand that the CCP declared war on the west years ago and that we have been under a *literal* state of seige from Beijing for years.
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Are you awake yet?

Who will you listen to?
⛔️ Are there instruments of propaganda active in the world?
💠 If so, what are they?
🈶 Why should you care?

Ignorance is a choice. #FreedomIsntFree

The Gist 1

➡️ 2.1 Million in Nursing Homes (0.62% of US pop.)
➡️ 42% of #Covid19 deaths in US occured in Nursing Homes

% of all US COVID deaths happening in Nursing Homes:
Ohio 70%
Minnesota 81%
Pennsylvania 69%
The Gist 2:

New York, New Jersey, Michigan (Democrat) governors made regulation REQUIRING nursing homes accept patients with Active COVID infections.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Why? Coincidence? Reasons? Justification? Ignorance?…
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I'm just going to throw this out there as a hypothetical...So let's say that the chatter about #JFKJRLIVES and that theory he is supposed to return tomorrow, the last day on the #QClock, is true. News that would monopolize all media channels. Starting a widespread race war ...
using paid rioters receiving maximum news coverage the day before these exciting events were meant to unfold all of a sudden makes a lot more sense. Hypothetically, of course! #WWG1WGA #Q #QAnons #MAGA2020 #KAG
What is not hypothetical is that this man, #GeorgeFloyd, deserves justice and so does his family. I have been so encouraged to see the white community outraged by the footage they witnessed and finally join the black community in their fight for equality.
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1/4) Qdrop 4327-“Australian researchers see virus design manipulation” in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). #FactsMatter #KnowledgeIsPower #EndCoronaHoax #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGAWW…
2/4a) Qdrop 4114- Research done as early as Dec. 2019 showing similar findings (re: ACE2)...…
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How about this one?

Think WAVES.
Define 'unified'

Trump tweets "unified" and "Cave"
#hamBERDER typo (11:11)
Smugglers tunnels/caves

11.11 FRANCE
Tweets 3 W's =World Wide Waves

Original #hamberders tweet at 7:58
Typo fixed at 11:11 (GAP =3:13)
(WAVES 11.11 France)(Berder)(Mayotte)

Frame 313 of the #JFK assassination video
Moment of impact

Q post #313 = RENEGADE (AKA obama)
Hamburgers VS hotdogs/pizza

Multiple meanings:
Off the coast of Brittany, France
Known for smugglers CAVES

Trump tweets "Cave" (cap C and quotations) a few days after #hamBERDER

Also Gouffre BERGER Cave in France
Was once deepest in the world (3680 ft =17)

Q then mentions TUNNELS (Epstein).
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Happy Monday Deplorables! #1

Did you know.....

There are 1,460,000 nursing home beds in the US?

3.3% of the residents die in the nursing home each year ...

This equals 48,180 nursing home deaths per year...

#MAGA #MAGA2020 #KAG #KAG2020 #QAnons #Q
Happy Monday Deplorables! #2

Did you know.....

CDC 2017-2018 flu season had 80,000 deaths (highest ever recorded)

The nursing home industry doesn’t like to post cause of death so let’s say 50% died because of the flu....24,090

#MAGA #MAGA2020 #KAG #KAG2020 #Q
Happy Monday Deplorables! #3

If you take 80,000+24,090 = 104,090..... 2018-2019 flu deaths... without masks and gloves and open economy

At the end of our 2019-2020 flu season, how many #COVID19 deaths do we have?

99,936 with mask and gloves and a shut down economy.....
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The Symbols of The 13 Houses (that rule our world)
There are 13 families that secretly rule our world since time immemorial. The 13 Families have many names, but internally call simply call themselves...
(2) The Family of The Sun. Here I will discuss my theory and expose a few of their symbol that they use to internally communicate so that you will also know how to identify them as I do.
(3) The first 12 families intermarry between their houses, whilst one family only intermarry between themselves. They are pure bloodlines since their inception by "the gods."
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How many of you were not political at all until you found the QAnons?

Prior to finding the movement about a year ago I had ZERO concern about politics whatsoever. Aside from who the President was, I didn't even know any of their names.

Waking up and finding out that there is a rabbit hole is one thing, it is something else completely to step off the edge and take the deep dive. The moment you take the plunge into the darkness you become another loony "conspiracy theorist".

#QAnons #QArmy
What is a conspiracy theory really? Nowhere in the definition does it say "the belief of crazy or mentally unstable people". It simply states that we believe something other than the mainstream narrative that is being pushed out.

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Not a chess player or religious, but the Queen is important, unless she's a phony, then the King is the trump card.

Who is the hidden King? Follow the white rabbit.

It's going to be Biblical.

Long Live the King.

#AussieQ #QAnon #QArmy #QAnons #WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE

If the Queen's claim to the throne is illegitimate:

What rules and laws would become null and void?

Who would loose their own status, position, power?

What crime will those in power who have sworn allegiance to her committed?

What if the bloodline of the Monarchy has been illegitimate for hundreds of years?

How many Constitutions would we null + void?

How many worldwide laws would legally be null + void?

How much wealth is held by an illegitimate monarchy?
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Area 51 is gone. There was a fight between the Alliance (White Hats) and the Cabal, and the Alliance won. Area 51 was significant to Cabal for number of reasons.
#TheGreatAwakening #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
#qanons #qanonsworldwide #WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #area51
It was a place to meet secretly, a place to keep their money (trillions of $) safe, the entrance to their most important underground city, it was 'THEIR' secret home. Getting rid of it was 'biblical' as it was their last armed conflict with the white hats. It was an epic battle.
The 'true' battle is over. The people at the highest levels are caught or brought to justice. What you observe on the 'outside', in the fake news, is mostly propaganda. There are a few people who are still trying to influence our reality.
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Can anyone verify ???

If these documents are valid, #QueenElizabeth has be. Dethroned.



Certified Declaration Joseph Gregory Hallett is the Mashiach–Christ–Messiah & King of England…
March 31st, 2020 , #PopeFrancis was received certified documents showing #QueenAnneBoylen Royal Lineage in #JosephGregoryHallett Image
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If these documents are valid,

the #Queen has been Dethrowned !

#josephgregoryhallett is the true #King of England! 🌹

#FollowtheWhiteRabbit #Qanon #WWG1WGAWORLWIDE #Qanons @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @elonmusk @qanon_obiwan ImageImageImageImage
March 31th 2020, the #Pope was sent certified documents of the Queen #AnneBoleyn Royal Lineage in Jeffery Gregory Hallett. ImageImageImage
#KingJohnIII is the Real King! ImageImageImage
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1. It is a topic on the mind of many a woke person. Are they saving kids or not? If you ask me, I say, I believe so. That is not to say that some people don't think I'm a loon either LOL. Here is SOME of the reasons I personally believe it is happening:
2. There was much talk about whether or not Comfort and Mercy were there for COVID response, or if they were there saving the kids. To my knowledge, there is not a dedicated pediatrics area on the ship, so I found it odd to see Infant, Toddler, Pre-School on the board
3. Everyone saw this video by the young medic. Pay attention to her emotions when she talks about how special the mission is to her. She may be prideful to be in New York too, but those are not only tears of pride...
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14 May (FBI) suddenly posted to Twitter: #BREAKING:
A former Cleveland Clinic employee was arrested and is being charged with false claims & wire fraud related to more than $3.6 million in grant funding that he & his research group received from the National Institutes of Health
This case file says National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci, M.D. personally authorized grant funding to this Communist Chinese scientist captured and arrested by the FBI
—Whom the FBI in their official press release called a former Cleveland Clinic employee named Dr. Qing Wang they “placed into custody at approximately 12:30 p.m.”…
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What is sad is the Dems &Liberals only listen or watch what is "Programmed" they refuse to open their minds and change the channel
Boy are they going to shit their pants when they see these #Cabal players arrested, tried for #Treason then  #Executed.
2:Boy are they going to shit their pants when they see these #Cabal players arrested, tried for #Treason then  #Executed.
Stay #Compassionate #QAnons because they are going to need help processing what we have known and researched these past few years.
3: @realDonaldTrump It's most painful when you watch and hear your family Mocking the #MockingbirdMedia
We must take the higher ground and be ready to educate them. Many will go insane. There will be Suicides and Civil Unrest.
#WeAreChosen for this time.
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I've put together a little thread for you guys about our complacency as Patriots. We do not hold the same values or ethics. We have grown weak, so weak that if see civil unrest in Michigan, we do nothing...
So weak that if states decide to extend the Lockdown for 3 more months, we do nothing because "it isn't happening to me". What happens when it shows up at your door and everyone has been so complacent that there is no Army of Patriots to fight with you?
What if we are missing our opportunity to save ourselves, right now? What if Q is simply waiting for US to stand the fuck up and fight our government? THIS WAS LAID OUT FOR US IN THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, SPECIFICALLY FOR THESE SITUATIONS. CHANGE IT OR ABOLISH IT...
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(1) #QAnons aufgepaßt! #C4Q fragt:

Wie bestimmt man den Ausgang eines riskanten Spiels um die Welt?
(2) Man behält sich ein As im Ärmel...


Zuallererst reicht es nicht, wenn du den Menschen erzählst, dass sie BELOGEN wurden.


Du mußt es ihnen ZEIGEN, sodass sie es selbst erfahren und ERKENNEN können...

(3) Benutzte d.Mittel deines Feindes gegen ihn selbst:

"..wir waren vorbereitet & ließen unsere Gegner gewähren, damit sie sich umsomehr in ihrem eigenen Gespinst verfangen sollten. Damit d.Menschen auf das, was auf sie zukommen sollte, einigermaßen.."…
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I once was ignorant to the CFR, UN, elite banking families (Rothschilds) #Illuminati/#Committeeof300 plan to DELIBERATLY #BRAINWASH #WeThePeople

using #MSM(all owned by them)

& by seizing upon the word liberal as a cover up for #NWO activites

Then I researched
"A man that is liberal" sounds great, humanitarian, innnocent♡

someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people—their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties

But this is merely a mastermind tactic to brainwash us, using a word as a COVER

ALL OF OUR MASS COMMUNICATIONS #MSM #FakeNewsMedia #Hollywood radio press tv etc censoring platforms like twatter

ALL CONSOLIDATED #illusionofchoice

this graphic is old, there was a merge👇
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Die #QAnon #WWG1WGA Anhänger sollten jetzt aufatmen. Die Tunnel / Bunker / Backstuben sind befreit.

Der Kanal "Frag uns doch" auf YouTube (mit 18.600 Abonnenten) hat folgendes Video geteilt.

Eine kleine Analyse (Thread):

"und zwar aus mehreren Quellen"

Die sie nicht nennen.
"... also alles verlässliche Quellen, die wiederum Informationen aus dem Militär bekommen und wir haben also die Bestätigung bekommen, dass die ganzen Bunker... eigentlich ist das Thema erledigt"

Wow. Das muss diese tiefe Recherche sein, für die #QAnonGermany berühmt ist.
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So the judge has NOT SIGNED OFF ON LTG MICHEAL FLYNN’S CASE❓❓ These numbskulls are going to mess around and make Trump have to Pardon him. Is the Judge being bought off❓ #ExonerateFlynnNOW
Looks like Sullivan is going to take a leave while people surrounding the case makes their briefs❓ WHERE’s A LAWYER WHEN YOU NEED ONE❓ somebody 👀 anyone❓👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼❓❓follow @techno_fog
Way to go Sidney Powell‼️

I’m glad they finally have the proof against Adam Schiff. The evidence that was released today proves Schiff KNEW that Flynn WAS NOT GUILTY and kept it quiet.. Which means also the whole Russia Hoax was ACTUALLY that. A hoax.

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Remember that time #Anon asked #Q for #Q+ to tweet #ObamaGate and @realDonaldTrump tweeted #ObamaGate so @jack got really butthurt & kept throttling the numbers, but they climbed to 2.27 Million anyway, because #Patriots, so he just shadow banned the whole hashtag? Good. Times.
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2/ Boris Johnson Says He Wants to Chew Own Tie Over Brexit Frustration - Nov 2019
3/ July 2019 Donald says he likes Boris... ‘He’s tough’..
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"No Evidence of Collusion"


This is for all the anons with far more reach and influence than myself. Please use this as you see fit. No opinions from me, their words speak for themselves.

#QAnon #QAnons #ObamaGate #TrustThePlan #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide #WWG1WGA

All of these screenshots are taken directly from the recently declassified House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence transcripts. Thanks @RichardGrenell and all the Patriots who helped!

One thing to remember throughout, the #MuellerInvestigation started on 5/17/17.

Evelyn Farkas

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia (2012-2105)

Interview date: 6/26/17
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