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@UWM This is the pathetic response from University of #Wisconsin, #Milwaukee about senior lecturer retired @usairforce Lt Col Betsy Schoeller's disgusting #Facebook post about Vanessa Guillen's death. #VanessaGuillen #JusticeForVanessaGullien #FireBetsySchoeller @ProtectRDfnders
@UWM #Facebook posts are NOT PRIVATE. In #Ohio, college professors don't get tenure if they talk about "controversial topics" like mental illness concerns or #homeless individuals' #CivilRights on social media. If you don't have a #SocialMedia policy, you should. @ProtectRDfnders
@UWM @ProtectRDfnders: Army soldier Vanessa Guillen's horrific murder been a trigger for countless #veterans suffering from #PTSD from #military sexual #trauma. A reprehensible #Facebook post from fellow veteran Betsy Schoeller has further exacerbated it. #MilitarySexualTrauma
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ALERT LEVEL 1 (YELLOW): A county has triggered zero or one of the seven indicators, and there is active exposure and spread. Today, we have 53 Ohio counties at Alert Level 1. The majority of these counties are seeing a moderate number of cases, according to the CDC’s definition.
ALERT LEVEL 2 (ORANGE): A county has triggered two or three of the seven indicators, and there is increased risk of exposure and spread. We have 28 #Ohio counties in this category. These counties are seeing cases that are growing in the community in the last two weeks.
ALERT LEVEL 3 (RED): A county has triggered four or five of the seven indicators, and there is very high exposure and spread. There are currently 7 Ohio counites at Level 3. Risk is very high. Ohioans should limit activities as much as possible. Wear a mask when you go out.
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Today I’m announcing our new Ohio Public Health Advisory Alert System to help make clear the dangers happening in counties in #Ohio. The color-coded system is built on data to assess #COVID19 spread and inform and empower individuals, businesses, & local gov’t in their response.
The system has 4 levels to provide Ohioans w/ guidance on the severity of the problem in the counties in which they live. The levels are determined by 7 data indicators that identify the risk level for each county and a corresponding color code to represent that risk level.
NEW CASES PER CAPITA: When the data show that a county has had an average of 50 cases per 100,000 people over a 2-week period, that triggers a flag for an increasing case rate. Using this data means we are taking into account population of a county when monitoring case increases
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We are now at yet another critical juncture in our battle against the #COVID19. The virus once again is spreading with a vengeance across many parts of the country -- and across parts of #Ohio.
In this next phase of the pandemic, saving lives and protecting Ohioans remain our priority. We cannot move backward. Ohioans have come too far in this fight to cede ground now to #COVID19. Our best defense moving forward is to be on the offense.
That means that this next phase is not about hunkering down, but about learning to live with the virus and to keep our economy open and moving -- all while taking active measures to slow the spread of this disease until we have a vaccine or other effective treatments.
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Working w/ educators & health officials, we’ve created K-12 school guidelines – backed by science – for schools to follow when developing their reopening plans. Schools can adjust their rules to what works best for them for a safe environment and that protects students/staff.
While teachers/students did outstanding w/ distance learning, @AmerAcadPeds strongly recommends students be physically present in school as much as possible. To keep schools open, our guidelines are designed to create the safest environment possible for our students and staff.
Here are the five guidelines ⬇️
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I wrote this as a letter to the editor @DispatchAlerts but didn't get published. How we failed Dr Acton:

Dr Amy Acton is a dedicated public servant and hero. I was disheartened by the news of her resignation. Under her leadership, the OH Department of Health & @GovMikeDeWine 1/
acted swiftly to protect us from the deadly #COVID19 pandemic. Over 110,000 Americans have died from it, yet #Ohio has been spared the worst of this virus. Michigan has fewer citizens but more than twice the number of COVID19 deaths. We owe Dr Acton a debt of gratitude. 2/
Despite all she has done for us, it was Ohioans that harassed her, threatened her, called her misogynistic and antisemitic slurs, and protested outside her home with guns. I am ashamed that we didn't do more to protect one of the best physicians & public health officials 3/
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When I was elected Governor, I knew that I wanted a Director of Health with a strong public health background, someone who had a passion for public health, and someone who could talk to Ohio citizens in a candid way about health issues.
We interviewed some great people. On February 26, 2019, I was able to announce that we named my final cabinet director and that Dr. Amy Acton had accepted my offer to be Director @OHdeptofhealth.
With her leadership and help, in the first year, we focused on infant mortality, home visiting for at-risk, first-time moms, lead paint, youth homelessness, suicide prevention, and the modernization of our public health system.
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1. News: AG Barr: DOJ to Treat Antifa in Protests as DOMESTIC TERRORISM: Will Use 56 Regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces Network to IDENTIFY "Criminal ORGANIZERS & INSTIGATORS" of Violence During George Floyd Protests, Including Antifa.… Thread 6.1.20
2. News: Rioters Burn Homeless Man’s Bed and Possessions, Then Just Watch As He Struggles to Pull Them From Fire (VIDEO)
3. News: Joe Biden Poses with Black Lives Matter in Wilmington as Left-Wing Terrorists Riot, Loot and Burn Buildings to the Ground (VIDEO)…
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*loads Twitter to see what’s happening in the US*
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Firstly, what sparked me to write everything down and start a thread, was the creepy clip of 'paramedics' taking (dragging) the body away...

It's a particularly gruesome part of the video... just a heads up #patriots

Several things already wrong with this...
- No CPR or attempt of FA
- Doesn't check for pulse, ever
- Make-up the gurney street-side
- Put a sheet on the floor w/out ever checking patient
- He wipes something off his head and rubs it between his fingers (but there's no blood?)
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1. News: White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino fired back at Twitter for censoring a tweet from President Trump.

“Twitter is full of sh-t – more & more people are beginning to get it,”

@realDonaldTrump #BigTech @Scavino45 Image
2. News: George Floyd Worked Security At The Same Nightclub As The Officer Who Killed Him:

"They were working together at the same time."… #Trump #News #ShareTheNews
3. News: "They Motherf**kers Need To Go Home!"

Locals Rage At Rioters As Minneapolis Burns… #RIOTS
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Now Ohio!

“Hand's up, don't shoot!"

Protests in Downtown Columbus Ohio against the racism of the US police, following the death of George Floyd!

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ASSISTED LIVING: Assisted living facilities and intermediate care facilities for individuals with developmental disabilities that are properly prepared can begin to allow outdoor visitation in #Ohio beginning on June 8th. #InThisTogetherOhio #StaySafeOhio #ResponsibleRestartOhio
Our decision to move forward with outdoor visitation is the culmination of several things including:

➡the impact on the quality of life a prolonged loss of connection can have on an individual.
➡requests from families and residents.
➡consultation w/ advocates/providers
Guidelines for visitation were jointly developed by the Academy for Senior Health Sciences, @LeadingAgeOhio, @AssistedLivOH, @OHCA_Ohio, and the Ohio Medical Director’s Association.
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#Election2020 #Polling Average from @270toWin:

Biden: 46.0% (+5.2)
Trump: 40.8%

5 Polls from 5/21-27
#Election2020 #Polling averages from @270toWin (Rounded to whole number):

#PA: Biden: 49% | Trump: 41%
#MI: Biden: 49% | Trump: 43%
#FL: Biden: 49% | Trump: 46%
#WI: Biden: 47% | Trump: 41%
#AZ: Biden: 47% | Trump: 43%
#NC: Biden: 46% | Trump: 44%
Average of the 6 real #Election2020 Battleground States:

Biden: 47.8% (+4.8)
Trump: 43.0%
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Trump Rally Thread courtesy of @OANN for your viewing pleasure! Let’s share the message! 1/8 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #OANN #Ohio
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I've always tried to be blunt about everything we are finding. I've been candid in saying that in this reopening phase, there is a significant risk. But, there are significant risks if we do not open up. It's up to all of us to open our economy but to do this in a safe way.
The truth is that our economic recovery in #Ohio is tied directly to how successful we are in preventing the spread of #COVID19. We are talking about the slowing of the spread. This can only be done by distance. More distance, less spread of the disease.
When we look at how restaurants/bars operate, distance is key. We got reports over the weekend that most were doing an amazing job. But, it's clear that we have some outliers - businesses that were not doing what they should do.
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➡ CHILDCARE: Our goal is to have the safest child care system in the nation. One that nurtures the health and continued growth and development of our children and one that protects the health and safety of our child care workers and teachers. #StaySafeOhio
Moving forward, childcare is going to look different for children, parents, and teachers as long as #COVID19 is around. But we must get this right, or we run the risk of exposing more individuals. #InThisTogetherOhio
Beginning Sunday, May 31st childcare providers in #Ohio will be able to re-open, with reduced numbers of children in each classroom and intensified cleaning and handwashing practices. #ResponsibleRestartOhio
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We've enabled the list view on #COVID19 Compiler. Now you can see Total Cases, Cases Per 100k, % of Daily change and more
As of May 11, 2020: Top 5 counties with highest #COVID19 "cases per 100k people"

- None of them are in #NewYork
- #1 and #5 in #Tennessee
- #2 in #Nebraska
- #3 in #Arkansas
- #4 in #Minnesota
- Most of them are in reopened states (MN has some restrictions)
As of May 12 Top 20 counties with highest #COVID19 "cases per 100k people"

Four from #Nebraska
Two from #Tennessee
Two from #Ohio
Two from #Kansas

most of them because of prisons
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This is a good day as we continue to reopen #Ohio, but this is a high-risk operation. It would be high-risk if we didn't do anything - if we sat back and said we can't do anything.
What I ask you to do in your individual lives (and collectively) is to make those calculated risks and good judgments. Your decisions will help our economy and keep others safe.
I am optimistic we can do this. We are Ohioans. We're going to get through this. I look forward to many, many days in the future as we continue to open other sectors and as we continue to take care of each other. #InThisTogetherOhio #StaySafeOhio
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Regarding demonstrations in #Ohio: I respect the First Amendment. I am fair game. But, it is not fair game to be disrespectful or obnoxious to the news media. To treat them with disrespect and to not practice social distancing with them, I find that very sad.
In addition, I'm the elected official who ran for office. I'm the one who makes policy decisions. Members of my cabinet work hard, but I set the policy. When you don't like the policy, again - you can demonstrate against me - that's fair game.
But to bother the family of Dr. Acton, that's not fair game. It's not right. It's not necessary. The buck stops here. I'm the responsible person.
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Fellow Vets,

There are white nationalists who have served in the military & hiding among active duty

Many have become radicalized by the WN ideology

It likely began with an ambiguous boogaloo "joke"

Or a 3% meeting

Or the perversion of an oath

There is a sickness growing
They are teaching "vet bros" to cosplay online as veterans

They disgrace OUR service by creating a false narrative that their online "service" is much more important

They seek to drown out ACTUAL veterans so that THEY can define patriotism

They are easy to recognize if you look...

They typically pose as SF, MI or CI
And use "security clearance" as the excuse for anonymity 🙄

They'll try to say that because of your MOS, that your service somehow counts less

They'll overuse "POG" or misspel acronyms
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Who is this woman? She’s bullying @ARobbinsTV
.@ARobbinsTV politely asked this woman to stay 6 feet away. She didnt.
Im surprised there aren’t more people here, actually. #ohio #coronavirus. This may 1 protest was planned a while back. It started at noon.
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@GreenSpotCbus @ByBethBurger @MayorGinther @RumpkeNews @SWACOGreen @frontlinepbs 💯 agree! Here’s what’s in our home office... and we buy personal paper products w @FSC_IC logos as well. As #plastic manufacturering ramps up in #Ohio, we all need a closer look at the cradle-to-cradle production-disposal-reuse of plastics, #microplastics, other #pollution too.
@GreenSpotCbus @ByBethBurger @MayorGinther @RumpkeNews @SWACOGreen @frontlinepbs @FSC_IC In 2013, ~17% into @swaco #landfill was plastic. ~30% was ‘fibers’ aka paper/cardboard. We are > US avr #recycling rates but still have room to improve. Agree we need to encourage & incentivize ♻️ & refuse single-use plastic! Thanks @KrogerNews for phasing out #plastic bags! 🙌
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