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The mass removal of 183,000 #Ohio voters from the rolls is a clear violation of the National Voter Registration Act… #NVRA #PurgeByPostcard
With attorney Robert Fitrakis of Columbus, #Ohio, and Jeanne Mirer of New York coordinating our national legal effort, we'll prove these removals are illegal as we did in #Georgia where our team is working with @StaceyAbrams@FairFightAction.…
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"All of the patients were vaccinated with at least one dose"
#mumps #southdakota #vaxx…
"The public health department in Cambridge, where Harvard is located, said all students affected had been immunized against mumps before they contracted it."…
"All of the students who were tentatively diagnosed with mumps had been vaccinated,"
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Be a Poll Worker!
As well as VOTING & REGISTERING others, being a poll worker (or Poll Watcher) is one of the best ways to help Democracy & ensure fair elections in your State
State-by-State Requirements for 50 ALL STATES & links to sign up.
What’s the difference between Poll Worker & Poll Watcher?
#PollWorker Nonpartisan,Paid
(Clerks, Judges, Inspectors, Checker, Precinct Worker)
#PollWatcher Partisan,Volunteer
(Observers, Monitors, Challengers)
Be A Guardian of Democracy!
Be a Poll Worker or Watcher #Elections2020
Be A Guardian of Democracy!
#PollWorker #PollWatcher
A decade ago, Tea Party recruited saying “build relationships w/ election admins; they control access to vote” & they're still manning voting stations.
Volunteer. Help take back the vote. #Elections2020…
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😱 #Ohio is set to purge 235,000 voters from the rolls TODAY!!! The state ALREADY removed 265,000 voters from the rolls in January, so with this latest purge, half a million voters will have been removed so far this year.…
Ohio is using the same discredited, biased #PurgeByPostcard game our team is fighting in #Georgia. Our experts say the method is over 70% wrong. That’s 200,000 voters in Ohio set to be wrongly purged TODAY!!!…
Bob Fitrakis, a top #VotingRights attorney, has already notified #Ohio's GOP Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, that he plans to sue in federal court under the National Voter Registration Act. This purge is a CRIME, and when they steal Ohio they steal the nation. #NVRA
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#Ohio is using the discredited, biased #PurgeByPostcard game our team is fighting in #Georgia. Our experts say the method is over 70% wrong. That’s 200,000 voters in Ohio set to be wrongly purged this Friday.…
As @darreldrowland of @DispatchAlerts reports, "#Ohio already removed 265,000 from the voter rolls earlier this year, meaning if another 235,000 come off the books Friday, half-a-million will have been removed this year."… #PurgeByPostcard #ElectionFraud
@darreldrowland @DispatchAlerts Bob Fitrakis, a top #VotingRights attorney, has already notified #Ohio's GOP Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, that he plans to sue in federal court under the National Voter Registration Act. This purge is a CRIME, and when they steal Ohio they steal the nation! #PurgeByPostcard
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#PrinceAndrew: I did not suspect #JeffreyEpstein's behavior 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣😂🤣👇🏼- BBC News
’The denials, the contradictions, and the outright lies.’
#Screwed #RoyalFamily…
In prison, he would be considered a #Chomo
Prince Andrew continues he's denial.
Andrew would reportedly become 'abusive' if challenged by officers at Buckingham Palace about his young female visitors.
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#InvestigateCPS 🔎🧐
#CaseOfNationalInterest 🇺🇸
#SaveOurChildren👶🏽 👦🏼👧🏾
#RuleOfLaw ⚖️

This thread will chronicle the Families being ripped apart by the destructive #CPS/#FamilyCourt system

See our faces and #JoinUs


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💃I Do Declare!💃

Leslie Wexner,
L Brands | Victoria's Secret | PINK
believes evidence turned over
2 Fed investigators, demonstrates
“all sorts of irregularities + theft,” 👈🤣🤣🤣💃
by his longtime assoc + close confidant,
Jeffrey Epstein.…
So, Y now, Leslie?

Y the concern over the mismanagement of ur wealth by the guy u gave:
9 E 71st Street, NYC
New Albany Estate, OH

Wexner GAVE these assets 2 Jeffrey Epstein.

I repeat: Wexner GAVE Epstein millions worth of real estate. a mansion
Leslie Wexner
signs [POA]
Power of Attorney
Jeffrey Epstein
2 basically
take over all
financial, personal affairs
w legal authority.

July, 30, 1991👈

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🇺🇸 Two American cities united by grief.

🕯️💐 Residents of #ElPaso, #Texas and #Dayton, #Ohio have gathered to pay tribute to the victims of two mass shootings this weekend.
2020 Democrats have blamed President #Trump's rhetoric for the mass shootings, saying his language against minorities promotes racial division and violence.

They have also called for tougher gun laws.

Read more here 👉
"Perhaps more has to be done, but this is also a mental illness problem," @realDonaldTrump said.

🇺🇸 The President has ordered flags in all government buildings to be flown at half-staff until sunset on August 8.
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Prayers for the family and friends of all involved.
I've been saying for awhile now that my home state has corrupt leaders, & this proves it beyond a doubt.
Why is there zero footage, pictures? State is high in #HumanTrafficking #SexTrafficking
& @realDonaldTrump is at warr with those in power (DS) trying desperately to throw the narrative & create more anger at whitmans & our constitutional rights #2A THINK!…
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👀👀 #AntifaTerrorists 6 days apart the shootings in #GilroyGarlicFestival & #ElPasoShooting
and to add more butter This kid changed his party affiliation right around #FakeNews push #QAnon a Terrorist…
OMG. @realDonaldTrump @SenTedCruz
Report: Far-Left Groups Plan ‘Siege’ On El Paso, Texas, To Push ‘Border Resistance’…
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18. #News ~ Ted Cruz Sounds the Alarm: Deep State Staffers at Treasury and State Working Behind Trump’s Back to Preserve Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump
19. #News ~ Get Woke, Go Broke: Gillette Loses BILLIONS After Sexist and Lecturing #MeToo Razor Ads…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump
20. #News ~ HUD’s Lynne Patton Calls Out AOC: Maggot-Infested Rats Falling Out of Ceiling in Children’s Day Camp in New York City…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump
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‘I Think He’s Engaged in #Blackmail’: A Jeffrey #Epstein Expert on Where He Made His Money… #OpDeathEaters " I always suspected, but not got around to pursuing, that he was embezzling funds." #OpDeathEaters
#Epstein charities: "NBC is reporting that the charities hadn’t really received the donations that he’d reported." Link:… Charities say they never got donations Epstein claims he made. Again, SDNY has been looking into this for years. #OpDeathEaters
"I think he’s engaged in blackmail. The reason I think this is that I read the Palm Beach police report when they did the search warrant." #Epstein #OpDeathEaters
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In my confidential report commissioned by the Governor of #Ohio, Dick Celeste, I warned that Ohio #nuclear plants would impoverish bill payers and cause industry to flee the state. The year was 1985. And so it went.… #Environment #GreenEnergy #Pollution
This week, the #Ohio GOP toadies to the power industry will try to pass another billion dollar bailout to throw down the radioactive rathole. Three decades of bankrupting #nuclear plant operation in the shadow of #Fukushima shows the politicos have gone from dumb to dumber.
And for those who believe #nuclear energy is green & clean, I invite you to visit uranium mines in Niger, the Congo, and the Acoma pueblo in New Mexico. The only thing green about nuclear power is the plume of dollars flying out the cooling towers!…
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#Breaking: Tornado causes major damage to structures in #Dayton in the state of in #Ohio in the #US. Pictures: @MichaelTope
#Update: Video shows a #tornado hitting on the ground in #Dayton, in #Ohio, that caused major damage to structures in the region. Video: @weatherdak
#Update: One picture show the extensive damage of the #tornado when hitting on the ground, ripping houses apart in it's path, in #Dayton, in #Ohio, that caused major damage.
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#Ohio hospitals charge about 241% of Medicare rates to private insurers.

Let's look into this a bit...
Some argue transparency will help. If consumers are informed, they can shop.

Research has documented how this does not work: 1)…

Providers often argue they HAVE to increase prices because Medicare doesn't pay enough to cover their costs.

But high spending is an outgrowth of a few factors, including prices for labor and goods, Rx and DME, and admin:…
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We are going to have a frank talk about women’s rights, boycotts and big tents. The vast majority of Americans and the vast majority of Democrats support Roe v Wade and the autonomy and liberty of patents to choose the size and timing of their families. We must #StopTheBans. 1/
People are mobilizing on Tuesday May 21 to rally support for women’s rights and patients’ reproductive justice. (yes, trans and non-binary people can get pregnant too - be inclusive!) We must show support for patients and doctors criminalized under these extreme laws. Sign up! 2/
Sadly, one of our rallies must be in #Louisiana where a Democratic Governor pledged to sign a bill banning abortion rights even in the case of rape and incest. It’s awful and people should ask @LouisianaGov to give patients the same choice his wife had! 3/…
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#Alabama, #Ohio, #Missouri, and #Georgia have begun the @GOP's orchestrated attack on women with restrictive abortion laws.

Make NO mistake this is NOT about protecting life. It is a hostile GOP and their #WarOnWomen restricting #WomensReproductiveRights and #WomensHealth.
Highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates! Whether legal or prohibited the number of abortions taking place remains relatively unchanged. Highly restrictive abortion laws simply prevent SAFE abortions.
In countries where abortion is completely banned or permitted only to save the woman’s life or preserve her physical health, only 1 in 4 abortions were safe; whereas, in countries where abortion is legal on broader grounds, nearly 9 in 10 abortions were done safely.
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Dear fellow white males,

Even though I'm outnumbered 2:1, we're going to have this conversation. Since I want to ensure I have your attention, here's a picture of boobs with a gun.

#Alabama #Georgia #Ohio #WomensRightsAreHumanRights
Have that out of your system? No? Well, I'll find more. Bigger guns. More boobs.

So let's talk about your mom's pussy and the fact that your father or father figure is probably a gigantic asshole.

He is a gigantic asshole because when you were a little boy, you respected and cherished your mother. But your gigantic asshole of a father did not. Children have to be taught things like what to be scared of and what to hate and what values to cultivate.

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1. Any Dem who says we need MORE evidence for #impeachment or that they're worried about the optics, shouldn't be in a leadership position.

2. Instead of MORE candidates joining the 2020 race, we need some to start withdrawing.…

I've been in politics for two decades and I've seen my party steadily lose ground to the rightwing onslaught. Women are now facing #Gilead in states like #Alabama, #Georgia, #Ohio, and more. The Republican Party is an extremist threat.

I look at my own efforts working within the Democratic establishment to bring about change. And I see failure. I want to do better. I ask Dem leaders to look in their hearts and ask what they've done wrong. How did we let things get here?
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I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I’m not going to do that on the #Alabama assault on choice. Let’s just be clear, this has nothing to do with religion, or protecting children.
1. This isn’t about some insistence on Christian principles. Jesus gave us his commands- to love thy neighbor, to heal the sick, and give back to the poor. Do you see Alabama doing anything about the poor?
2. Most of Christianity opposes the death penalty. Has Alabama taken recent steps to eliminate it? Let me know.
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How many more states will make #abortion illegal?

Some abortions are already illegal in a majority of states and you may not even know yours is one of them.

Please read and RT.
Prior to #Roe in 1973, only three states, NY, WA and HI had legal abortion.
In 12 other states abortion was legal to save the life of the mother. In every other state abortion was illegal under all circumstances including rape, incest, fetal abnormality and life of the mother.
Currently, all but six states--44 plus DC-- require parental notification for a minor to obtain an #abortion, even though significant numbers of minor pregnancies are caused by incest.
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