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Amazing day in the field!

Did the 7 hour drive and put 7 hours of field work in, day 1.

Our 6th research visit to #EastPalestine #Ohio area has begun.


1/n Image
Sulfur Run, where the chemicals first entered waterways from The Norfolk Southern #disaster is practically free of water in some places.

Some places are flowing others seemingly with stagnant pools. Image
Sheen still exudes from the Sulfur Run creek banks in places where we visited.

We did see free floating sheen (not from us disturbing) after the confluence of Sulfur Run and Leslie Run.
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The children of Ohio deserve an honest and accurate education as well as safe and welcome environments to grow up in. A 🧵 #ohio
SB-83: Enact Ohio Higher Education Enhancement Act #ohio…
HB-103: Establish Ohio Social Studies Standards Task Force #ohio
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There are many of @HC_Richardson “Letters from An American” that should be highlighted. This one is of vital importance because it summarizes where we find ourselves today as we #resist those who mean to strip our rights, protections & freedom.…
According to the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute, legislatures in at least ten states have set out to weaken federal child labor laws. 2/23
#PayAttentionAmerica #ChildLabor Image
In the first three months of 2023, legislators in IA,MN,MS,NE,OH & SD introduced bills to weaken the regulations that protect children in the workplace & in March, Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a law repealing restrictions for workers younger than 16. 3/23 Image
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Ohio is Israel

A Thread


The Forgotten Palestinians

2/22/2023 👉 222
Trump hands out water to the ‘forgotten’ residents of East Palestine.

Located in Palestine, the Sea of Galilee, is where Jesus was said to have walked on water.
The Ohio River became known to be as the “River Jordan.”
Symbolizing the path to the promised land.

The Jordan River flows through the Sea of Galilee & on to the Dead Sea.

Jordan & the Golan Heights border the river on the East.

March 25, 2019
President Trump recognizes the Golan Heights as a part of the State of Israel.

In return, Benjamin Netanyahu names a new settlement in Golan Heights, “Trump Height”.

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#Anonymous #OpGOP
Stills from videos released with states listed of Republican sexual predators as requested by you the people
#Alabama #Ohio #Illinois #Georgia
Thread 1/10 ImageImageImageImage
#Anonymous #OpGOP
Stills from videos released with states listed of Republican sexual predators as requested by you the people
#Florida #Ohio #Pennsylvania #NewJersey ImageImageImageImage
#Anonymous #OpGOP
Stills from videos released with states listed of Republican sexual predators as requested by you the people
#PuertoRico #Connecticut #California #SouthCarolina ImageImageImageImage
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Tornado in #Mississippi #USA #America @threadreaderapp #KindlyUnroll @POTUS #RollingFork…
Unique footage of the formation of a powerful tornado near Little Rock, Arkansas and the aftermath
#LittleRock #Arkansas #USA #America

#Washington #Virginia #Nevada #Alaska #Alabama #California #Nebraska #Texas #Ohio #Florida #Georgia #Massachusetts #Pennsylvania #Arizona…
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🚨The Ohio GOP and National R's are going to throw everything they've got at Sen. Sherrod Brown, Ohio's only statewide elected Democrat.

This is a MUST-HOLD SEAT for Dems to maintain control of the U.S. Senate in '24.

Let's meet some of his possible opposition:
*RT + Share!* 🧵
Only 1 Republican has officially entered the race. 2-term State Senator Matt Dolan announced his campaign mid-january.

He came third in a bid (ultimately won by J.D. Vance) for last year's U.S. Senate race. By speaking out against Trump, Dolan carved a moderate lane for himself.
Don't get your hopes up though -- Dolan has one plan and one plan only for this race. He (and his family, who own the MLB's Cleveland Guardians) will use their personal fortune to buy this seat from Ohio voters.

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🟢Back to the Area 🟢 to collect follow up samples in & around #EastPalestine #Ohio. This is our team's 4th trip to the area since mid-February. Updates will be posted below.

Also looking forward to the #science & community sharing event in the coming weeks (in the works).

1/n Image
Visited a home today along Sulfur Run.

It’s still contaminated.

After moving rocks, the PID read 2.1 ppm (not ppb) coming off the creek.

Background in air was 0-3 ppb
Contractors (paid by someone) seem to have left garbage in Sulfur Run. They didn’t clean up. You can’t tell me the sorbent pad is going to be used again.

Who is overseeing them?

#CareForThePeople ImageImage
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#EastPalestine, #Ohio #NorfolkSouthern train disaster:

Dioxin levels incredibly unsafe.

I continue to question why we can only get solid reporting on Ohio from Britain.

#DemocracyNow has been reporting on #EastPalestine, Ohio, but often following The Guardian because the best information is there.

NPR unable to make links between East Palestine and #CopCity in Atlanta, so they're reporting is almost useless.

On TikTok, #NickDrom has good info.
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Today, at 10am EST the U.S. Senate @EPWCmte holds a hearing about the #chemicalspill #fires #disaster caused in #EastPalestine #Ohio in Room SD-406

Will officials by asked why they’re not testing for chemicals we found? Officials lack full transparency.
This isn’t a classic chemical spill. Officials set hazardous chemicals -on fire- likely creating 100s-1000s of other materials.

You have to throw the kitchen sink at the chemical screening /identification problem. They have not done that, yet.

Officials must course correct.
When you review the county drinking water well testing data they didn’t test for a number of the chemicals in the creek.

So, what was the purpose of testing? Spending that $? Telling residents water is safe?

Why did these agencies choose not to be thorough in their approach?
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🚨#BREAKING: Hazmats crews are heading massive train derailment site with residence told to shelter in place

📌#Springfield | #Ohio

Currently A larger emergency response along with hazmat crews are underway to a massive train derailment in Springfield, Ohio where approximately……
🚨#UPDATE: Multiple reports of power outages following a Norfolk Southern train derailment in Springfield, Ohio with officials urging residence to shelter in place, and to avoid the area due to unknown materials, and possibly chemicals
🚨#UPDATE: Norfolk Southern Railway says it’s currently sending crews to clean up the large train derailment in Springfield, Ohio. With Nearby residents ordered to shelter in place. Reports are saying there are no hazmat cars involved in the derailment
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🚨 Field Work, March 3-4, 2023 🚨

This week @PurdueAg @PurdueEngineers Prof. @caitlin_h2o, as well as students Rasul & @aliya_ehde visited the #Ohio and #Pennsylvania to sample creeks and understand "what's changed since last week".

Observations are below.

During the trip, the team collected creek water from creeks upstream of the train derailment site, including in #Pennsylvania.

They also went to several other creeks in Ohio, no "sheens" were observed there.

It was pouring out....

Kudos to Professor @caitlin_h2o for leading the team... the #rain! 🌧️

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Today, I asked @OSHA_DOL to deploy #worker safety teams to evaluate past/ongoing chemical exposures to cleanup workers in #EastPalestine #Ohio.

Worker and local air monitoring should be considered.

Review our Twitter thread for images and videos: Image
Unfortunately, there are some typos. I apologize.

I'm running on 4 hours sleep, but felt it was important to get this to OSHA ASAP.
FYI @smartunionworks, Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, @BMWEDIBT, @BLET, Brotherhood Railway Carmen, Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, @IBEW, @TCUnionHQ, National Conference of Firemen and Oilers, @transportworker
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🚨#BREAKING: Massive fire at a Metal fabricator plant with multiple explosions reported

📌#Cleveland | #Ohio

More than 50+ firefighters have
responded to a massive fire at a warehouse Metal fabricator plant in Cleveland Ohio with multiple explosions reported. HazMat……
🚨#UPDATE: According to the company’s website, they are a global supplier of stamped metal components.
This is at AJ Rose Metal fabricator plant
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On Feb. 3, #EastPalestine abruptly changed when a #NorfolkSouthern train carrying 151 cars derailed.

Here is a timeline of the train derailment and the aftermath:…
Feb. 3
Around 9 p.m., a Norfolk Southern train carrying 151 cars derailed in East Palestine.

Fifty cars derailed, the @NTSB reported. The crash sparked a fire, and 11 of the cars contained hazardous chemicals, which soared into the air and onto the ground.
Feb. 4
#EastPalestine Mayor Trent Conaway declared a state of emergency.

Residents in East Palestine and surrounding communities were asked to leave the area.
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#Dioxin remediation research. #OhioChernobyl > Full-Scale Incineration System Demonstration 100 ton/day rotary kiln incinerator in processing soil contaminated with dioxins and other hazardous constituents of Herbicide Orange.…
#OhioChernobyl Research Files… to cleanup the #chemicals

This research paper from 1991 from the EPA CluIn Files for #Dioxin Incineration System provides a Diagram source file:
Dioxin Treatment Technologies
November 1991 OTA-BP-O-93 NTIS order PB92-152511 #OhioChernobyl Research Files to cleanup the #chemicals  Thi
@EPA Own Publications explained how to deal with #Ohio Chemical Incineration > U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, Dioxin Treatment Technologies Background Paper, OTA-BP-O-93 (Washington, DC: U.S. Government printing Office)
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Et si finalement #JoeBiden n'y allait pas? Grand article de @politico qui met bien le problème en perspective: si jamais il décidait de ne pas se représenter, il faudrait que ce soit le plus tôt possible, au risque de laisser son parti désorganisé...1/…
...oui mais dans la temporalité actuelle, un #Biden qui annoncerait au printemps/été 2023 ne pas y retourner aurait 1 voix singulièrement affaiblie sur la scène internationale face à #Poutine, alors qu'il entend incarner la résistance internationale des démocraties...2/
...on a 1 sorte de hiatus inédit entre 1 #JoeBiden qui s'affirme sur la scène internationale comme chef d'1 coalition internationale des démocraties libérales contre la #Russie poutinienne projetée sur le long terme de la guerre en #Ukraine...3/
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🔴 #Biden : « #Kiev a volé une partie de mon cœur. »
Le fou rire du jour. (Nous sommes en pleine telenovela.. je crois que c’est du aux talents de pianiste de #Zelensky. 🤷‍♀️)
Après sa visite à Kiev, Joe Biden a tweeté une vraie déclaration d'amour à l'#Ukraine qui 🔽
a provoqué une tempête d'indignation parmi les Américains.

En plus d'une photo du message qu'il a écrit dans le livre d'or de la présidence de Kiev - se terminant par "Slava Ukraini" - Joe Biden a également tweeté les mots suivants :

"#Kiev a volé une partie de mon coeur. Je savais que je reviendrais."

Les réactions ont été rapides.

La plupart des critiques ont reproché à #Biden de se préoccuper davantage des problèmes de l'Ukraine que de ceux des #USA et des Américains. 🔽
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#CDC Changed #VinylChloride #Toxicity Info 11 Days Before #Derailment | Feb 20
- After 17 yrs of inactivity, and just a couple weeks before the train derailment in East Palestine #Ohio, the CDC decides to update its #toxicological profile on Vinyl Chloride…
Inside Job? #CDC Changed #Toxicity Info For #VinylChloride 11 Days Before #Derailment | 4d ago
- Recently, #MarineCorps Base Camp #Lejeune in N #Carolina suffered severe #health issues after being in contact with contaminated #water at the base.…
What are the odds that East #Palenstine, #Ohio was one of the 1st cities that partnered with MyID medical bands back in October 2022?
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#Agenda2030 permitirá a gobiernos apoderarse de la tierra contaminada y trasladar a los residentes a ciudades inteligentes. Si la tierra + agua a su alrededor está completamente envenenada, no puede optar por no participar en el modelo de "ciudad inteligente".Empiezan a entender? ImageImage
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While all da #Anon(s) lookin at trains, I'm countin 32 #ChemicalSpill(s) or fires YTD

The #OhioTrainDerailment had nuffin to do wif da gubment nukin everybodies in da traditional manner .... it's all about da #DepopulationAgenda and #SatanicAgenda of ritual human sacrifice 🤯
A good #Fren of mine and fellow #Patriot dat lives over 160 miles outside of #EastPalenstine noticed some anomalies wen testin his waters ...

He had sum #ChlorineDioxide in his waters dat shouldn't be there ......

Lots of it 😯
Howevas ..... #EastPalenstine, #Ohio does use da #ChlorineDioxide in da purification process 🤔…
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Shocking! This is an actual freight train moving over a twisted, "bendy" railway track linking Ohio and Indiana in the USA!!

It's like a 4th world country.

America should fix its sh*thole infrastructure rather than waging endless wars.

#Russia #Ukraine #China
Apparently, derailments are very common in the US. On the average, 1700 trains go off the tracks every year!

We only hear about it when really toxic/hazardous materials spill and cause a huge damage.

This is stupidity beyond belief.…
Compare this to the awesome railway infrastructure that links China and Europe — built by the Chinese government, of course.

Every month, 1000+ freight trains carry goods from China to dozens of European cities — from Hamburg to London and Madrid.

#BRI #BeltandRoad #Ohio
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👇 🧵 What are the odds that East Palenstine, #Ohio was one of the 1st cities that partnered with #MyID medical bands back in October 2022?

And the CDC updated the Toxicological profile for Vinyl Chloride, the chemical that spread after the explosion of #OhioChemicalDisaster
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Agriculture is integral to the economy across Island of Ireland.

134k farms in the South.
25k farms in the North.

Most are family owned.

If I owned a small holding Irish farm.
I’d be watching tonight’s events in #Ohio with interest. 👀

War on small holdings / food supply!
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