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Children infected with COVID-19 are at higher risk of developing diabetes.
This article published in June 2021 discussed two NIH-supported studies confirming SARS-CoV-2 can target and impair the body’s insulin-producing cells.
Type 1 diabetes occurs when beta cells in the pancreas don’t secrete enough insulin to allow the body to metabolize food optimally after a meal. As a result of this insulin insufficiency, blood glucose levels go up, the hallmark of diabetes.
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Dayton Children’s Hospital in Ohio is sounding the alarm as they’re experiencing the HIGHEST number of children hospitalized to date.…
There are currently 24 children hospitalized with COVID-19 at Dayton Children’s -- that’s 20 more than they saw in December 2021.
“We are experiencing a surge like we've ever had. All of our children's hospitals are experiencing this same problem, which is huge numbers of pediatric patients being admitted” said Dr. Adam Mezoff, chief medical officer at Dayton Children’s Hospital.
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#Ohio: In an attempt to outlaw all abortions, House Bill 480 was introduced on November 2, 2021 to protect "unborn persons," making it the most extreme bill to move through a state's legislature in the recent string of bans popping up across the country.
Other laws like Ohio’s new “Born-Alive Infant Protection Act” are also on the rise to further restrict #reproductiverights and spread “pro-life” ideologies.
On the other side of the aisle, a group of clinic escorts in Toledo work to protect patients and the freedom to access healthcare.

Learn more in our newly published article--->
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Wednesday's #Covid19 megathread makes an early start as there's so much news to bring you!

#Omicron takes centre stage in Europe with a raft of records (recap coming up), but #UK ministers are increasingly confident the NHS won't be swamped despite England's lack of restrictions
It turned out to be a terrible Tuesday, not just in #UK, which was just one of TEN European countries to hit all time high daily #Covid19 infection numbers.

#Cyprus #France #Greece #Iceland #Italy #Malta #Montenegro #Portugal and #Spain the others to set new records.
Concern in #Norway. The #Omicron wave looked to be beyond the peak; is it making a comeback or is it still delayed Christmas cases?
4,702 new #Covid19 infections, fewer than 100 down on last Weds.

Better health data. 315 in hospital, down 13 since y'day, although 120 are in ICU
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The final #GOPCThread of 2021 gets in the spirit of the season by highlighting all of the Ohio connections to some of the gifts and traditions of the Christmas season. This month, our #OHCommunitySpotlight features #ChristmasMadeInOhio
This year, when the family comes together to exchange and unwrap presents, you might be surprised to find out just how many of those gifts have #Ohio ties #GOPCThread #ChristmasMadeInOhio
The legacy of #Northeast Ohio’s strength in manufacturing is alive today @Vitamix in #NorthOlmstedTownshipOH. This company, established in #OH in 1948, employs 700 people and makes a grade A blender sold around the world. #GOPCThread #ChristmasMadeInOhio
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Bismillah. Community update: a second IPT "spy" has voluntarily come forward, confessed and agreed to cooperate with us. He was not part of CAIR. He was an active volunteer in a large mosque who was invited to national community meetings & events. Details in the thread... 1/8
The individual has informed us that Steven Emerson paid him $3K per month to record prominent Muslim leaders; over $100K over 4 years. One of Emerson's goals, we're told, was protecting the Israeli govt by undermining Muslims engaged in political & human rights activism. 2/8
We are gathering and vetting additional information from this individual. We have also been directly alerting Muslim leaders and organizations he targeted. We will publicly release his name and additional information after we finish this process, God willing. 3/8
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The story of the #BuildBackBetter has yet to be written. Let’s examine the 50 Republican US Senators who are voting against lifting children out of poverty, education,elder care, affordable prescription drugs, child care & family leave? What does this mean for YOUR STATE? Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Richard Shelby is voting against the #ChildTaxCredit “The Center on Budget &Policy Priorities found making the program permanent would benefit 93% of #AL children,lift 162,000 #AL children above/closer to poverty line & benefit 480,000 #AL children under 17. Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Tommy Tuberville has offered you no solutions; he has admitted that he “wouldn’t have a clue” how to address the current pandemic and recently told people that $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits was just “too much.”… Image
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Bismillah. Important news: we have disrupted an anti-Muslim hate group's effort to spy on Muslim American organizations, including our Ohio chapter. We thank God for exposing this plot to us and we thank God for protecting the community from harm. Details in this thread.... 1/13
Last year, we learned extensive info about the inner workings of the so-called Investigative Project on Terrorism. IPT is an anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian hate group founded by Steven Emerson, who largely faded from public view after a humiliating Fox News interview in 2015. 2/13
The evidence we received showed that Emerson’s hate group was flailing but active. Evidence indicated that IPT was monitoring speeches by Muslims & that Emerson was cursing, threatening and otherwise mistreating his staff for failing to produce enough Islamophobic content. 3/13
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28 y.o. Kodie Edler from Findlay #Ohio was young & healthy. He intended to get vaccinated, but hadn't gotten around to it. He tested positive for COVID on 7/10. By 8/3, he was on ECMO and on 8/24, his only option for survival was a lung transplant. #TheySurvivedCovid
Edler has no memory of the 2½ months of his life when Corroto and countless others worked frantically to keep him alive.
The 28-year-old awoke sore and uncomfortable, unable to talk. Beneath his gown he’d discover a mustache-shaped incision, stretching armpit to armpit, where surgeons had opened him to remove a pair of lungs ravaged by COVID-19.
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29 y.o. Justin Kerby from New Albany #Ohio passed away from COVID on Nov 23, 2021 - 8 weeks after he was married to his wife Paige. Justin had an MBA & was compassionate, giving, loving & all around kind person. He will be dearly missed. #SoulsLostToCovid…
His sister Alanna wrote: "I hope no one else has to go through the heartbreak of losing a loved one due to this awful disease. It’s easy to think “oh it will never happen to me” until it does and it’s too late."
"Justin was a young healthy 29 year old man with no underlying conditions. This defies everything we’ve been told up to this point on who it effects the most"
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17 y.o. Brycen Gray from Strongsville #Ohio died by suicide following a COVID infection that resulted in a psychiatric illness. He attended St. Edward High School where he played football and recently took an interest in lacrosse #SoulsLostToCovid…
"I asked what he was anxious about, but he didn't know," said mom

Then he sent a strange text to a friend.

"He told one of the boys, 'I feel like I'm going out of my mind crazy,'" said Brycen

On Friday, April 23, her son died by suicide.
US Representative Anthony Gonzalez introduced a bill in late October titled, "The Brycen Gray and Ben Price COVID-19 Neurological Impact Act." It would award grants to support research regarding the psychiatric and neurological impacts of the virus
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Next week is #Thanksgiving, and like millions of Americans, staff at GOPC will be traveling, gathering with our families, and giving thanks. This month, we are devoting our #OHCommunitySpotlight to our hometowns & special places around Ohio #GOPCThread
GOPC’s @AlisonGoebelOH grew up in the Chicago suburbs but has lived in #Ohio long enough to feel like a native. She claims @Mansfield_Ohio & @TiffinOhioGov as her adopted homes. #GOPCThread
@AlisonGoebelOH @Mansfield_Ohio @TiffinOhioGov GOPC did an #OHCommunitySpotlight on #Mansfield earlier this year, focused on the amazing past, present & potential futures of the Fun City. Mansfield has a rich manufacturing history, which continues today while also diversifying into “eds & meds”
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One week before the 4 year anniversary of our Finley passing I had my 4th miscarriage. I tried to privately go through the process at home which would roughly cost $15, the process failed twice. I was forced to go to the hospital due to serious complications if not done properly
Fast forward 1.5 months, get the bill for $13,600. We have great insurance so we’ll be paying $1906, however this is now our 3rd time getting a bill for a miscarriage in the healthcare setting. In the UK most people have 97% of bill paid for by NHS or other govt payment. Approx
500k miscarriages occur in the US each year, it’s no wonder Americans can’t get ahead when they are paying anywhere from $2400-$7500 in hospital bills for a miscarriage, god forbid that same person has more than one. Not only is it expensive but each month I receive this bill is
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NEW: Republicans propose new Ohio congressional redistricting map #ohio #redistricting
Better image in this long link:…
BREAKING: Republicans propose new #congressional redistricting map, likely two safe Democratic seats…
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Newborn from New Orleans #Louisiana is finally discharged after being hospitalized for 6 months with COVID-19 #TheySurvivedCovid…
18 y.o. Jadyn from Spokane Washington contracted #MISC due to COVID requiring life support. She had a 90% chance of dying, but survived. It's unknown what ongoing health problems she'll endure from this infection. #TheySurvivedCovid.…
"As his daughter battled COVID-19, Trefry started to feel guilty about his former anti-vaccine views... If you're on the fence about getting the vaccination, this isn't about you. It's about our children. This is happening all over the country, all over the world."
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The final rules for #ARPA are still pending, but that hasn’t stopped cities & counties from starting to think about, collect input on, and deploy these important resources. This week’s #GOPCThread highlights themes we’re seeing in #Ohio.
.@ICMA surveyed its members thru mid-Sept ’21 and found, nationally, top priorities for local #ARPA $ were 1) sewer & water infrastructure improvements and 2) revenue replacement #GOPCThread…
Many communities in Ohio have announced they will be allocating funds to reduce debts created by the pandemic; some munis + counties, like, @CityofMansfield, have already allocated their funds. #GOPCThread
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On Tuesday, #Ohio Republican lawmakers introduced an even stricter abortion ban than Texas'—Ohio's House Bill 480 would ban all abortions.
The Bill copies Texas' ban in that it gives the green light to a form of vigilantism; allowing any person to file lawsuits against reproductive health centers, and any aiders and abettors, with a bounty reward of $10,000 or more if the person's lawsuit is successful.
Since 1973 in the United States, all abortions have been legal up until a fetus’ viability outside the womb, or 3rd trimester. However right now, more than half the state legislatures are on a crusade to repeal and criminalize the right to choose.
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Congressional map uploaded to House committee expected to review House GOP map. #ohio #redistricting Image
House Democrats say they saw this map at 10:42 a.m. and haven't had a chance to review.
See the Ohio House GOP's proposed congressional map here:…

Senate GOP expected to offer another map @ 1.
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As October draws to a close, it’s once again time for GOPC’s annual look into the scariest, creepiest, most sinister thing around: the alarming rise in roadway fatalities. Prepare yourselves, if you dare, for #SpookyStreets
Even as vehicle miles driven dropped by 13% in 2020, preliminary estimates by @NCSsafety indicate that the rate of death on the roads spiked 24% over the previous 12mo period.…
What’s worse: the trend seems to have continued into 2021. @NSCsafety estimates total motor-vehicle deaths for the first 6mo of 2021 were 21,450, up 16% from 2020 and up 17% from 2019.
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1) #Oklahoma comes in last place this week and ranks #50 in the US with only 0.46% sequenced looking for variants of concern. Oklahoma has held last place in the nation since April 8th, 2021 & is the only State in the US with a Pandemic center.#COVID19 #CDCdata
(2) The gap on variant testing between Oklahoma and the other 49 States has widened.
#Oklahoma(#50), .46% Sequenced
#SouthDakota(#49), 1.32%
#Iowa(#48), 1.52%
#Kentucky(#47), 1.53%
#Mississippi(#46), 1.55%
#Arkansas (#45), 1.59%
#Ohio (#44), 1.62%
#Tennessee (#43), 1.64%
(3) #Missouri(#42), 1.70%
#Alabama(#41), 1.84%
#SouthCarolina(#40), 1.87%
#Indiana(#39), 1.88%
#Georgia(#38), 1.99%
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The #Halloween season is upon us, and as you can see, we are in a festive mood here at GOPC. This week, we are devoting our #GOPCThread to highlighting some of the spooky, creepy, and hunted locals across the great state of🎃hi🎃
Vacant & in disrepair, the apparition of #USA’s oldest 19th century theater haunted downtown #MtVernonOH for decades. Thru a restoration fueled by #taxcredits & persistence, the @woodwardopera rose from the dead & is a part of the downtown renaissance 👻 #GOPCThread
To the north in @MansfieldOhio lies the @OSReformatory, abandoned in 1990 and purportedly haunted by the spirits of its past occupants, the ex-prison is a major tourist destination and a favorite filming location for #Hollywood films, tv & music videos 👻
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🧵Because Ohio's COVID 'case' definition isn't expansive enough..

Along with yesterday's admission that cases were declining, Dr. Vanderhoff also announce a new adjustment to how we will count 'cases' going forward.
First of all, Ohio has one of the most expansive 'case' definitions (if not THE most expansive) of any state. We count all PCR positives, regardless of symptoms or contact like other states. But we also count 'probables' as full 'cases'.
Most other states separate these 'probables' from the confirmed by PCR cases. Not Ohio. They are full and equal 'cases' with symptomatic, low cycle threshold PCR positives.
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🧵Well, yesterday, Dr. Vanderhoff in his press conference finally got with the program and said "We are seeing early indicators that cases appear to be peaking and beginning to point toward a decline."

I'm so glad he's so timely with that information. Although to anyone who actually looks at the data itself, it's been pretty clear for weeks now that we are declining.
Not 'starting', not 'early indicators' not 'appears' - it's right there, glaringly obvious, nothing but their own data, attached to this post and a hundred others just like it for all to follow along.
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(1) #Oklahoma comes in last place again this week and ranks #50 in the US with only 0.31 % sequenced looking for variants of concern. Oklahoma has held last place in the nation every week since April 8th, 2021 & is the only State in the US with a Pandemic center. Image
(2) #Iowa is next to last place #49 sequencing .83% of samples
#Kentucky is #48 (.86%)
#Tennessee is #47(.90%)
#Mississippi is #46(.96%)
#SouthDakota is #45(.99%)
#SouthCarolina is#44(1.18%)
#Ohio is#43(1.23%)
#Missouri is #42(1.3%)
#Arkansas is #41(1.31%)
#Georgia is #40(1.4%) ImageImage
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