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Cohen's testimony starts in one minute...

Stay tuned for live tweets.
Shhhhh, Rep. Cummings is about to speak...

Gaveled in.

@MarkMeadows is already trying to stop the hearing, accusing the dems and Cohen of purposefully delaying the revealed testimony.

A repud complaining about the rules in a house committee. πŸ™„πŸ˜„
Now @MarkMeadows is using cable TV as his evidence, of COURSE.

Motion to table the hearing voted down.

Oh FFS they're trying HARD.

This is ALREADY great.πŸ˜„
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During the Vietnam war, the Hmong people aided American special ops troops learn terrain, survival skills, provided recon and fought under American command.

They chose the US at risk of themselves and their families.

The Hmong were bold, strong soldiers who taught the US military INNUMERABLE lessons about jungle warfare in Laos and Vietnam.

Of course because the Hmong helped the US, the surviving fighters and their families were forced to escape Laos and Vietnam as refugees.

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By now we all know what a partisan hack Whitaker is right? Of course that comes with all kinds of worries about Mueller, but what I kept thinking was how does a guy like this even GET so high up in a system that's supposed to be apolitical?
Whitaker has been an obvious operative for over a decade. He penned an opinion piece against Hillary in USA Today in 2016. He then went on to FOX news to "interview" for a job in #DonnieTwoScoops' administration.
He ran for office in Iowa twice as a Republican and was defeated. AFTER he left his original US Attorney spot. Then he ran a "think tank" (read: partisan attack machine) funded by the Kochs.
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I live in Indiana, where Joe Donnelly is up for re-election. The play right now from repubs is to hammer in how awesome Kavenaugh is, then either get Donnelly's vote, or to hammer HIM with a no vote come election time.

A commercial's been runnin'.

Let's dissect it shall we?
Brett rolled out of a SCOTUS clerkship right into Ken Starr's waiting arms, a low level repub legal attack dog right off the bat. A real sharp tack.…
Kavanaugh's curious too, like when he wanted to know the details of Bill Clinton's sexual activities for the Starr Report. Because "family values."…
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