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With Trump arraignment on Tuesday, news of Trump attorney Corcoran testifying to Grand Jury without pleading the 5th, & rumors that Weisselberg flipped in New York: the rats are scurrying to betray each other. It is time to play America's fastest growing quiz sensation: #Ratbingo Image
Rat Bingo Thread 2/

Las Vegas oddsmaker favorite in Rat Bingo continues to be Entitlement Barbie. Her flip was in the autumn of 2021, to reduce her prison time related to Trump business & tax fraud. She did not plead the 5th. She is expected to testify against Trump on Manhattan Image
Rat Bingo Thread 3/

The Princess of Goya can rat out her scumbag brothers, Beavis & Butthead Trump. She also crimed with Weisselberg during the inauguration, and ran all sorts of emoluments scams so she knows of the various bribes that will hit Pompeo

Odds she has flipped: 97% Image
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This is Donald Trump posing with his close friend George Nader who sold access to the Trump White House and is now serving 10 years in federal prison for transporting a 14-year-old to America for sex. #Groomers #GangOfPedophiles Image
This is Donald Trump posing with GOP operative Anton Lazzaro of Minneapolis, who in August 2021 was arrested and indicted on federal sex trafficking charges for allegedly recruiting six minor victims to engage in commercial sex acts. He is currently awaiting trial. Image
This is former Trump campaign aide Ruben Verastigui who bragged about his access to the Trump White House on social media while telling his online child porn group: “I can’t stop thinking about touching, raping, and killing a newborn baby, been hard all morning.” Image
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Flippathon Thread 1/

Las Vegas oddsmakers have issued fresh odds for all the potential flippers in the nation's biggest picnick, patriotism, insurrection, terrorism & hanging party hosted by the Republicans in Washington DC. Our beloved tradition: Grand Flippathon

#Flippathon Image
Flippathon Thread 2/

Perennial Magafavorite flipper is notorious serial butt-dialer & alleged attorney Rudy Giuliani, the Grand Duke of Four Seasons Total Landscaping (parking lot). Rudy Colludy has confessed his crimes on live video, so he is utterly screwed. He has to flip Image
Flippathon Thread 3/

As America's Maynaise turned America's Vampire is former Federal prosecutor who sent Mafia killers to life in prison, he is in mortal danger inside any federal housing. He will spend his prison time in solitary confinement. He had begged Trump for a pardon Image
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Ruben Verastigui is a 27-year-old "pro-life advocate" and ex-campaign aide for former President Donald Trump.

He has also worked as a senior digital strategist for the @GOP.

He was just sentenced to 151 months in prison on child pornography charges.…
DOJ: From Feb 2020 to Apr 21, "Verastigui was active in an online group devoted to trading child pornography and discussing child sexual abuse. Verastigui shared child pornography videos with another member of the group and made numerous comments about sexually abusing children."
DOJ: "Verastigui indicated his preference for babies, saying they were his 'absolute favorite,' and solicited another group member for videos of babies being raped. The other group member... sent Verastigui a video of a baby being raped... Verastigui responded enthusiastically."
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This is Donald Trump posing with his close friend George Nader who sold access to the Trump White House and is now serving 10 years in federal prison for transporting a 14-year-old to America for sex. #Groomers #GangOfPedophiles Image
It's true that there are predators on both sides.

But after chronicling more than 700 #RepublicanSexualPredators, @Cajsa says: "I see more pedophiles on the right... the worst predators are drawn to... authoritarian ideology... rules and rigidity."…
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#GOPPedoRing trends after prominent Republican indicted for sex trafficking a minor: 'Hey #QAnon we found them'

Strategist and campaign manager #AntonLazzaro was indicted Thursday on 5 counts of sex trafficking and 3 counts of obstruction of justice

Speaking of wrestling, Rep. #GYMJordan (R-#Ohio)is accused of looking the other way as more than 100 former #OhioState students were sexually assaulted by a former athletics doctor.

Six athletes said that Jordan had to know what was going on.

Then there's Judge #RoyMoore, who allegedly molested multiple teen girls.

Oklahoma Trump campaign co-chair, state Sen. #RalphShorty (R) was caught in a hotel room with underage boys.

Don’t forget about #Trump entering the dressing room at Miss America pageants
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At first, this story may seem to you like just a trivial news.
Perhaps, but after a deep digging, it can take us to the Trumps AND... GOP in Ohio (yes !! See tweet #4).
NEVER FORGET💥: all world criminal roads lead to DJTrump family.

Javadova... cousin of Azeri Pdt Aliyev
Zyia Mammadov... worked for president Heydar Aliyev
Zyia M.'s son, Anar... partnered with the Trumps in Baku...

I have often asked for an investigation on the 2 mysterious fires in Trump's hotel in Baku in April 2018.
2020 : why keeping 4 LLCs for a biz that has never materialized ?🤔🚩🚩🚩

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Like a broken clock gives the right time of day, #GymJordan is right this time. At midnight, @WhiteHouse chose to leave the 🇲🇽/🇺🇸 #Border closed. I'm getting inventory here for a store in #Tijuana .
It's bad for business in my area.…
And there are plenty of shut down businesses here. Have your friend @ericgarcetti tell you about it.
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I commented on a tweet about HB 1475 that provides ground rules on how students can play in athletic sports in certain institutions.
Of course, #GymJordan didn’t help write this bill, but I was still curious.
Here’s additional comments about if you’re interested.
First, the bill itself and yes, it’s another awful bill from Florida
And here’s the text. Essentially, if there is a dispute regarding sexual orientation, coaches don’t get to “look” at someone’s penis or body, a healthcare professional or provider must provide verification.
Essentially, the healthcare provider has been put on notice now.
3/ Image
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Trump Tweets, April 8

Here's criminal crybaby Donald Trump on April 8, 2016, suggesting that the Republican primaries and convention will be rigged against him.
Today in 2018, Trump continued tweeting attacks against the Washington Post / Jeff Bezos. He also told his followers that he'll ALWAYS be friends with China President Xi Jinping.
Today in 2019, Trump retweeted #GymJordan defending him not releasing his tax returns. (I have no idea what this B.S. is about the IRS.)
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With Real Lawyers Steering Clear, Trump May Have to Settle For Rep. #GOPJordan as Impeachment ‘Attorney’

Essentially all respectable law firms and attorneys preferring to distance themselves from a president

Now facing accusations that he incited an insurrectionist riot at the U.S. Capitol, Congressional Republicans have been discussing the prospect of Reps. #GYMJordan and #EliseStefanik representing #Trump at his impeachment trial


Neither Stefanik nor Jordan has ever been a practicing attorney

#GYMJordan graduated from #Ohio’s Capital University Law School in 2001, but subsequently decided not to sit for any states’ bar exam

#Stefanik graduated with a degree in government from Harvard
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DeJoy is acting like a thug, picking and choosing which questions he wants to answer. His perjury and conflicts of interest demand further investigation. #DeJoyHearing
DeJoy says USPS can handle everything and doesn’t need any extra money but also says the Post Office is losing $10 billion a year and needs States to change how they do elections because the USPS can’t handle things as is and he’s not putting sorting machines back. #DeJoyHearing
Either DeJoy is lying repeatedly or he’s simply too incompetent to be Postmaster General. #FireDeJoyNow #DeJoyHearing
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(Thread) @replouiegohmert @GOP @Jim_Jordan I find all of you total hypocrites. Ol Louie says Barr being destroyed for doing his job & how terrible that is. Yet #gop has had no problem destroying good men & women in govt just doing their jobs b/c they dared go against @POTUS 1/
& reported wrongdoing or doing their job of intel. When there are so many contacts w/Russians & it is known @FBI & intel agencies monitor foreign govts. It is t/person's fault who was talking to them in inappropriate ways that they got caught in counter intel. @TheJusticeDept 2/
& #BillBarr is obviously the protector of #Trump, not of equal justice for all. No one, no not one, forced Flynn to lie or not register as foreign agent. Those were HIS choices. Manafort should be in jail. All found guilty by jury of their peers & commuting Stone & releasing 3/
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#GymJordan #OHGOP is so desperate for #votes for his re-election that he needs Q@non to get votes. But plan got a wrench thrown in to it.
So as retribution, @Jim_Jordan is calling @jack on the carpet.…
As noted previously, this kind of amoral conduct is SOP for the #OHGOP.
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Wrestlers say #GYMJordan knew about abusive doctor

Went to Dr for bloody nose... checked his genitals

"'I have nothing to do with this,'" Vazquez quoted JORDON saying, as he ended the conversation and went on with practice

Vazquez is one of 6 former OSU wrestlers who told CNN in recent interviews that they were present when #GYMJordan heard or responded to sexual misconduct complaints about team Dr Strauss

8 others say Strauss' inappropriate behavior was an open secret in the athletic dept


The report stated that 22 coaches -- unnamed in the report -- said they WERE AWARE of rumors or complaints about Strauss.

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It seems like so many people have given up and are resigned to Trump being Impeached but NOT removed. But I have a little bit of hope and don't want to give up.
Let me explain why I have hope...

First of all you can't judge GOP Senators by the behavior of GOP Congressmen...
23 GOP are retiring but otherwise EVERY GOP Congressman is up for reelection. That may be a factor in how they vote
But Senators are different
4 GOP Senators are retiring
Only 23 are up for reelection
Some GOP are in swing States which may influence their vote in either direction
GOP Congressmen know their votes won't matter, Dems in the house already have the votes so they're under no pressure. It's in the Senate's hands.

But GOP Senators know their votes matter. Those retiring can vote to remove. Those up for may impact their decisions
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Is there a stronger visual of patriotism? Lt. Col. Vindman arrives for his testimony at #ImpeachmentHearing. Adam Schiff just thanked him for “shedding blood for your country.” Duty. Honor.
Who is this fine fellow who has Nune’s back? Who can listen to Nunes? Talking about the Russian hoax, ffs.
Nunes opens by wanting to talk to the American people then proceeds to bash the media. And blowing out the whistleblower. He is spewing White House talking points. Nunes is so annoying. I want to mute him. But I can’t. It’s my duty to listen to his bs. We are all Adam Schiff.
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⁉️ Was Jim Jordan at a Council for National Policy (CNP) meeting on October 18, 2015 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Tyson's Corner VA (outside of Washington D.C)?

💥 Jordan's aide, Wes Goodman, fondled a teenage boy that weekend.

💥 The CNP conference was held to raise money for the Republican, uber-religious "rising star," Wes Goodman.

CNP covered up the incident for 2 years.

Until Goodman got caught again. This time he was forced to resign from his position as state Rep for the 87th district in Ohio.
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These maganuts and trump enablers know he may go all mad king soon, and they are working to position themselves to be his courtiers in that scenario, rather than working to eject him from power. They are fully aware of the divergent outcomes, and betting on the end of democracy.
Example 1: MATT GAETZ. He tried to sneak into the Fiona Hill deposition in an effort to relay her damaging testimony to trump.
Example 2: #gymjordan. Creep insists the "American Public" should know the whistleblowers' identity. 'American Public' apparently a metaphor for 'Sean Hannity'? So HE can do his witness intimidation soft shoe routine, with a side of slander?
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Cohen's testimony starts in one minute...

Stay tuned for live tweets.
Shhhhh, Rep. Cummings is about to speak...

Gaveled in.

@MarkMeadows is already trying to stop the hearing, accusing the dems and Cohen of purposefully delaying the revealed testimony.

A repud complaining about the rules in a house committee. 🙄😄
Now @MarkMeadows is using cable TV as his evidence, of COURSE.

Motion to table the hearing voted down.

Oh FFS they're trying HARD.

This is ALREADY great.😄
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💥Old thread re: Matt Gaetz that was broken several times, deserves a read tonight.

Escapades in #Florida...

💥One ex-opponent of Gaetz asserts: "...the people I've met either don't care for Matt Gaetz or are fearful of Matt (his father, former State Senator) and Don Gaetz."
💥Matt Gaetz was arrested in Okaloosa County in 2008 with reasonable suspicion. He refused the breathalyzer.

🌴In Florida, this is usually a mandatory license suspension. Instead, arresting officer Okaloosa County Deputy Chris Anglin resigned. 1/…
💥The charges were dropped.

👉Here's another account on his wikipedia page 2/

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#GymJordan hasn't been beat down this badly since Rosenstein made a fool of him in front of the world ^^
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11 GOPers acting like Putin's representatives #VoteThemOut:
1. Mark Meadows, chair of the hard-right "Freedom Caucus" (former Tea Party). Ethics scandal:…
His opponent is Philip Price @Price4WNC #NorthCarolina #NC11
11 GOPers acting like Putin's reps, trying to "impeach" Rod Rosenstein:
2. Jim Jordan, #GymJordan named in #OSU #OhioState sex abuse lawsuit…
His opponent is Janet Garrett. She will represent #Ohio #OH04 @Janet4OH
11 RW GOPers attacking US law enforcement instead of investigating Russia's attack on America. #VoteThemAllOut

3. Matt Gaetz of #Florida is "known for doing some pretty despicable things"…
Faces a primary challenge August 28. #FL01…
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