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You know those spice collector machines in #DuneMovie … we’d never do that on earth…Would we…?

(h/t @georgehullcom)
….would we??

Well actually there’s a plan to mine entire swathes of the deep ocean floor, with no giant worms to defend the seabed…
(Unlike Dune’s sandworms, the bobbit worm is found in shallower waters and only reaches 3m in length)
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Dr. Yueh (Chang Chen) gives Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) an old Orange Catholic Bible in a scene which was cut from the #DuneMovie Image
Excerpt from the Dune script of this scene between Yueh and Paul. I love it. Image
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I have seen Timothée of Arabia caress the spice-laden sands while having messianic visions of a blue-eyed Zendaya in a desert perfume commercial and reader, on the whole, it was magnificent. A few thoughts on #DuneMovie 🧵
Herbert's story turns the Star Wars-style hero's journey and the white savior story on its head, subverting readers' expectations of a heroic superman by writing a mid-20th century critique of empire and imperialism, as @use_theforce_em has argued…
Villeneuve seems to be following the overall narrative arc of Herbert's novel closely, as he sets up Paul's inevitable fall as a failed messianic/imperial leader. The film ends just at the point when Paul begins his journey into megalomania that will end in imperial autocracy.
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Saw @dunemovie tonight. Overall, a big 👍. A few thoughts follow.
Denis Villeneuve is clearly the top sci-fi director today. His Dune takes its time (it basically covers the first half of the first Dune book), and includes homages to David Lynch’s movie (see the establishment shot in orbit around Arrakis at ~0.39).

The effects are first rate. As you can see in that trailer, Villeneuve nailed the dragonfly-like ornithopters.
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Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel, @dunemovie is officially in theaters. Denis Villeneuve's Dune adaptation is the latest chapter in the complex history. Explore the impact of this prescient masterpiece. #Duneweek #DuneMovie 1/8
WIRED spoke with the director to talk about splitting the Dune book into two films, updating the story for modern audiences, and how massive tentpole movies are “beasts.” Read the full interview. 2/8
Fans have waited 56 years for the kind of Dune adaptation Villeneuve has crafted. But as the movie notes in its final moments, it is “only the beginning.” Moviegoers will have to practice some patience as they wait for part 2 of the story. 3/8
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I went to see #Dune with ecosystem scientist @ymalhi and we chatted about the deep science of Frank Herbert's world on the podcast. We do go into the sandworms. A quick taster: 1/
(Image: Warner Bros)
Frank Herbert was way ahead of his time. In making the link between living things and the planetary system of Arrakis, Herbert anticipated what James Lovelock did with #Gaia 2/
But Herbert was probably aware of the work of Soviet biologist Vladimir Vernadsky whose book The Biosphere (written in 1926!) argued that life is the geological force that shapes the Earth. Vernadsky is a Russian legend but less known in the west 3/
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While this article on #Dune only scratches the surface of the book and it's themes, the author rightfully frames it as a personal reflection on the book by a Muslim, rather than an analysis of what Herbert was trying to achieve by mentioning religion in it.
A few observations:
One thing that stood out from the article is the idea of offense. That the use of some "Islamic" terms may be contentious if not condescending and insulting to Muslims, such as Auliya, and I'm imagining many others as well.
I feel this contention is a bit shortsighted; many of these concepts are not exclusive to Islam.Auliya is abtemr used in Arabic Christian workz. Phonetically it's a familiar term, in Dune it's used for something entirely different.
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OKAY. SO. First thing to know is that I went into this knowing only three things about Dune:

✖️ desert
✖️ there's big worms
✖️ it's very long

I can say with complete confidence that the movie met all three of these expectations
seriously though, without knowing anything about the Dune universe, I feel like they were able to convey a ton of information really efficiently. I feel like I "get" the world, which is a feat when there are this many "house soandso of the suchandsuch system" elements.
Hans Zimmer did the music, and like, DAMN, Hans Zimmer DID the MUSIC. 😳 This movie was aesthetically just... astounding.

PLUS everybody got a long flappy cape!! which! CORRECT!
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Cinefoxx's Quick Guide to #Dune
Written by Kevin & Nara
Art by Pascal Blanche

~ A Thread Image
Sebelum menonton Dune (2021) pada tanggal 13 Oktober nanti, Cinefoxx telah membuat sebuah rangkuman seputar Dune (Mulai dari dunianya, politik, serta karakter-karakternya)

Latar belakang Dune: Image
Bene Gesserit & The Spacing Guild Image
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¡Hoy se estrena #Dune ! La película de Denis Villeneuve basada en la obraza de Frank Herbert🎥

Nosotros ya pudimos ver la producción en su preestreno y resumimos la experiencia con un: "¡Guau!". 😱

¡Un espectáculo mesiánico como Atreides manda!😬

Hablando de DUNE👇🏼
Si salís flipados de la #DuneMovie te recomendamos la lectura de la novela gráfica de @TheKJA, @DuneAuthor, @carlotazanahori y @allenraul.

Una visión de DUNE que te enamorará. ¡Qué nos coma un gusano de arena si no es cierto!😜

📎 Lee una previa👉🏼
Y si esto te parece poco... ¡EL ARTE Y EL ALMA DE DUNE está en camino!

Un libraco con todos los detalles del proceso creativo de la película 🎬

El ARTE Y EL ALMA DE DUNE se pondrá a la venta el próximo 22/10... ¡y la preventa ya está abierta!

¡Resérvalo ya, por Arrakis!📅
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IGN’s Path to Dune leads us to this exclusive look at the Fremen, which includes Zendaya’s Chani, Javier Bardem’s Stilgar, and Sharon Duncan-Brewster’s Kynes.…

@DuneMovie #DuneMovie
Zendaya is Chani, a young rebel whose destiny becomes entwined with that of Paul Atreides.

@DuneMovie @Zendaya #DuneMovie
Javier Bardem is Stilgar, a fierce warrior dedicated to protecting his people and planet from oppression.

@DuneMovie #JavierBardem #DuneMovie
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IGN’s The Path to Dune kicks off with this exclusive look at the heroes of Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic. #DuneMovie @dunemovie

First is Paul, the son of Duke Leto and Lady Jessica, played by @RealChalamet:
Leto is the Duke of House Atreides, played by Oscar Isaac

#DuneMovie @dunemovie
Jessica is the Lady of House Atreides, played by Rebecca Ferguson

#DuneMovie @dunemovie
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Timothée Chalamet is Paul. #DuneMovie Image
Rebecca Ferguson is Lady Jessica. #DuneMovie Image
Oscar Isaac is Duke Leto. #DuneMovie Image
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