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🚨MAJOR update for #DV2020 & #DV2021! Many thanks to @curtisatlaw for posting!!!

1. Govt has completed the IT "updates" so they will be ready to process reserved visas in Gomez/Goh/Rai/Goodluck/Filazapovich IF APPEALS are SUCCESSFUL ....
2. As we all suspected the updates were minor. It appears that it involved the ability to re-upload DV cases from prior years and be able to differentiate between "active" (meaning #DV2022) and "inactive" (#DV2021 and #DV2020). Running of the script at posts will take minutes.
3. It sounds like in the process of doing this modifications to the system & software DOS has actually gone through the prior cases. And DOS has now "deployed" 36,872 cases of #DV2020 and #DV2021 selectees in "inactive" status.
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THREAD: In a few min (2 pm Eastern) I'll live tweet our status conference in #Chakrabarti, our lawsuit challenging USCIS' waste of employment-based visa numbers and failure to timely adjudicate green card applications #EBAOS. There is no public dial-in for this one.
2/What's this call about? We requested a preliminary injunction: immediate order for USCIS to decide cases and/or reserve visas. USCIS opposes, wants the case split up & sent to dozens of states. We don't know what the judge will focus on but @jeffjoseph is ready for anything!
3/ Will we be allowed to speak this time? As Jeff shared in last night's Youtube video (), if the judge repeats last week's stunning refusal to hear plaintiffs counsel, we'll be requesting that he give the case to someone else who can be impartial.
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The recent attention in the media to the pressing issue of #DocumentedDreamers gives us an opportunity to take a bigger view of immigration issues. The issue of kids aging-out is an unintended though not unforeseeable consequence of massive #GCBacklogs.🧵 👇 1/9
Fundamentally, this is a demand-supply and allocation issue. The number of #GC annually given out has not changed meaningfully since 1990. Meanwhile the US economy and labor market today are completely different from back then. 2/9
On top of this supply issue of #GC is the fact that their allocation is not equitable. How long you wait in line, usually boils down to the country you were born in. Not on skills, education, work experience, duration of stay in the US or contribution to the economy. 3/9
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Since DOS is trying to do everything in its power to destroy #DV2021, we will open round 2 of our "Problem Consulates" litigation to add additional plaintiffs to our Nepal v DOS pending case. If you are interested, fill the Eligibility Questionnaire:…
Nepal v DOS is a lawsuit challenging DOS denial of meaningful participation in the #DV2021 at select over-burdened consulates [statutory claims] combined with equitable claims to preserve visa eligibility beyond 30 Sept.
You can join only if you have designated one of the following as your consulate for #DV2021 interview purposes:

*Tirana, Albania

*Almaty, Kazakhstan

*Ankara, Turkey

*Chisinau, Moldova

*Kathmandu, Nepal

*Moscow, Russia

*Kyiv, Ukraine

*Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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BREAKING: The bad news #DV2021 Friday continues!
State Department has posted a new public-facing "explanation of prioritization of visa processing" and sure enough #DV2021 is in the last tier!…
Here are the tiers:
Tier One: IR intercountry adoption visas, age-out cases (SQ and SI for Afghan/Iraq
Tier Two: Immediate relative; fiancé(e); returning resident visas
Tier Three: Family preference immigrant visas
Tier Four: All other including employment & diversity visas
Plan instructs posts to schedule and adjudicate **some cases** in Tier Three and Tier Four each month. However, as a result of COVID # of visas issued in lower-priority preference categ and the diversity visa "likely will not approach the statutory ceiling in Fiscal Year 2021."
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#PP10014 is gone and the period for DOS to review & adjust any implementation, guidance, etc arising from the awful #entryban was supposed to have been completed. I have not seen anything specific posted but KCC has made some improvements - MOSTLY SYMBOLIC- but 🧵
... to show good faith they have processed some #DV2021 cases and interviews may be coming for as early as April but the number of interviews will be minuscule. It appears that the shift has been made to process family-based backlog and clear the deck for those cases.
There appears to be little desire from DOS to rescind the COVID19 regional bans or to open consulates for routine services. And as it is going now, they are not likely to rescind PP10052 but to let it run until end of March.
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