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Given all the inaccurate info here about #S386/#HR1044 and country caps as a maintainer of "diversity," I figured I'd write a thread on immigration history and why country caps are, in fact, the product of a system designed to discriminate on the basis of national origin. 1/10
Many of the first immigrants to the new country were from northern/western Europe. Anti-Irish and anti-Catholic sentiments were high. By the late 1800s, people from the rest of Europe and China had begun coming in. Resentment of the Irish, Italians, and Chinese grew. 2/10
It was in this context that America's *first* federal immigration law was signed into law: the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which explicitly barred almost all immigration from China. This ban was extended more broadly to other parts of Asia in 1917. 3/10
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@FrescoLeon @MarkSKrikorian It’s all right. Thanks to #HR1044, the cat is out of the bag, everyone knows “restrictionists” are actually racists — should have seen Senator Cotton’s face when Mark asked him about #S386 & “Indians”, it was like “wow we wow, what to we have here, a bonafide racist” 🤣.
@FrescoLeon @MarkSKrikorian Mark - Keep going with your opposition to #HR1044 #S386. Amazing to see racists, I mean “restrictions” lose their minds — flush decades of work & millions of dollars spent building a reputation as non-racists down the toilet 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
@FrescoLeon @MarkSKrikorian It was hilarious to watch Senator Cotton school the great Mark Krikorian you on how #HR1044 #S386 would actually result in a reduction of Foreign Workers 👌🤘😂🤣
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If Dan Crenshaw is the future of the Republican Party, we're f*cked !

Prove me wrong.
I've seen him virtue signal way too many times. He is trying to push a bill #hr1044 that will give thousands of good tech jobs to Indian foreign nationals. Now he's willing to compromise on #GunControl. He is a well spoken, younger version of John McCain.
Ron Desantis and Donald Trump Jr are the future of our party. These men never apologize to the mob .
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THREAD: We're hosting an Immigration Newsmaker conversation with @SenTomCotton today at 7:30a.m. EST.

The conversation, with CIS Executive Director @MarkSKrikorian, can be streamed on the link below, and we'll be live-tweeting the event here.…
@SenTomCotton @MarkSKrikorian .@MarkSKrikorian: "What attracted you to the immigration issue?"

@SenTomCotton: "It's a central issue for the US. It touches on so many concerns: prosperity, security, and community...I stopped that dreaded Gang of Eight bill in its tracks in the House in 2013."
@SenTomCotton @MarkSKrikorian Cotton on the RAISE Act: "There's been no lack of people in Congress focused on immediate things like security and enforcement. But there weren't that many focused on legal immigration. To me, that's a cornerstone. Right now it's just a mishmash of random quotas and set-asides."
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Thread: So @DanCrenshawTX just went & did an Instagram post to fool his followers, who are upset with him that he voted in favor of not America First, but an India First bill called #HR1044. He gave his misguided reasons. Let me dispel them each. /1
He claims this bill doesn’t create new visas of any kind. While true, the corporation lobbying groups and Big Tech know this, & know this bill would create a massive backlog for citizens who’re NOT from India, that the next step would be to INCREASE green cards to deal with it /2
Even @RandPaul has come up with a new bill that removes country caps and INCREASES green card numbers because he knows this bill (HR1044/S386) would create a huge backlog of its own!
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A few thoughts on the just passed HR 1044.1
1st, congratulations to the many people who have been working on this bill for more than a decade. While passing in 1 house is great, those of us who remember the Senate passing comprehensive immigration reform in 2013 know that even a bill passing by a wide margin isn't enough.2
Still, it's a huge milestone and should be celebrated. 3
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