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The recent attention in the media to the pressing issue of #DocumentedDreamers gives us an opportunity to take a bigger view of immigration issues. The issue of kids aging-out is an unintended though not unforeseeable consequence of massive #GCBacklogs.🧵 👇 1/9
Fundamentally, this is a demand-supply and allocation issue. The number of #GC annually given out has not changed meaningfully since 1990. Meanwhile the US economy and labor market today are completely different from back then. 2/9
On top of this supply issue of #GC is the fact that their allocation is not equitable. How long you wait in line, usually boils down to the country you were born in. Not on skills, education, work experience, duration of stay in the US or contribution to the economy. 3/9
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Arguments linking per-country caps to maintaining diversity in America are used repeatedly. They came up yet again during the house judiciary committee hearing on 04/28, so we wanted to take some time to address it. 1/12
The thing being considered right now, is the removal of per-country caps in EB immigration. The caps apply to immigrants in this category who are ALREADY in the US and have been awaiting their turn for a green card for years! 2/12
Eliminating these per-country caps wouldn't let in any more EB immigrants into the US annually than right now. It would just make it make everyone stand in the SAME LINE for them, irrespective of their country of birth. 3/12
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Today’s passage of #DreamAndPromise by the House is the result of decades of deep organizing by immigrant communities & reflects the urgent need to provide protection from deportation.

But the addition of harsh criminalization provisions in this version is very concerning.
The policing & mass incarceration systems in this country are fundamentally rigged against Black & Latinx ppl, and the #DreamAndPromise Act is no exception.

#HR6 is designed to strip access to Biden's promise of immigration reform from people who have experienced police contact.
Criminalization born of a racist system cant be the measure we use to determine who belongs & who goes.

Instead of extending access to undocumented communities of color #HR6 has punitive provisions that could make anyone who’s committed a misdemeanor ineligible for legal status.
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I've watched some version of the #DREAMAct pass many times in the last 15 yrs, w/Lucy's hand always ready to pull away the football as Charlie Brown makes yet another run at it. But I keep watching.

Your ball @SenateDems

#DreamAndPromiseAct #HR6
#DREAMandPromise presents the first new major pathway to residency and citizenship in 25 yrs. It is a chance to reconsider everything we think we know about immigration to the US--especially the current criminal bars to admission--and I hope the Senate takes it up in that spirit
We urgently need to give #DACA and #TPS recipients a chance to stay in the only country most of them have ever really had any life in. But that doesn't mean we have to cut & paste current bars to admission, most of which tie to bad late-1900s drug & mass incarceration policy
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Dreamers, #TPS holders, and farmworkers have never stopped fighting for their futures — and that’s why TODAY, the House will vote on #HR6 and the #FarmWorkforceModernizationAct. Across the country, there is strong bipartisan support for a path to citizenship. #WeAreHome
New national polling from @CenterForwardUS released TODAY finds voters are eager for congressional action and there is broad bipartisan support for protection from deportation and a path to citizenship for Dreamers, #TPS holders and undocumented farmworkers w/ over 80% support.
.@coalition_dream, a group of +100 of the nation’s top businesses & trade assns, endorsed #HR6 and said continued inaction "will cause significant negative economic and social impact on businesses and hundreds of thousands of deserving young people across the country.” #WeAreHome
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Now that we have DHS's official response to the Supreme Court's #DACA decision, a few things are clear. /1…
The Trump administration remains as fixated as ever on ending DACA AND they remain as terrified as ever at being held responsible for that decision.

The refusal to own the decision to end DACA in 2017 played a big role in the Court's decision to vacate the rescission. /2
With an election on the horizon, Trump's anti-immigrant attacks weighing him down, and control over the Senate turning on states with sizable immigrant and Latinx populations, this memo is designed to distract people from the fact that it promises an end to DACA if Trump wins. /3
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Sen. McConnell has been stalling progress for the American people for far too long.

#COVID19 relief for families and businesses, common sense gun safety legislation, and healthcare protections are just a few of the HUNDREDS of bills awaiting action on his desk.

A list...
It’s been 510 days since the House passed #HR8 -- a common sense, bipartisan, gun safety bill that could save lives.

Still no vote in the Senate.…
It’s been over 500 days since the House passed #HR1 to reduce the influence of $$ in our politics, protect our elections, and restore faith in our democracy.

Still no vote in the Senate.…
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Across the country, #DACA recipients celebrated their hard-fought victory at the Supreme Court and highlighted the need for Congress to act swiftly and pass the Dream and Promise Act. Our fight is far from over — #Dreamers need permanent protections. #HomeIsHere #HR6
Kenia, a Colorado #Dreamer, describes her reaction upon learning the news of the Supreme Court’s decision on #DACA: “I feel like I can breathe again, just a huge sigh of relief. I feel so grateful and blessed.”… via @COindependent #HomeIsHere #HR6
“It’s an amazing decision but the fact is we need a permanent legislative solution for #DACA recipients & the rest of the undocumented population in this country & that’s on Congress.” @AceOutWide, #Dreamer & Communications Coordinator @DefineAmerican #HR6…
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We're on a press call! With @JoaquinCastrotx @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @SenatorMenendez @SenatorDurbin @NydiaVelazquez, DACA recipient Luz Chavez Gonzales, TPS holder Elizabeth Valencia, on one year anniversary of #DreamandPromiseAct
@JoaquinCastrotx @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @SenatorMenendez @SenatorDurbin @NydiaVelazquez .@JoaquinCastrotx: This is a manufactured crisis of cruelty. Congress does not need to wait for SCOTUS to determine the future of Dreamers. Their lives have been in limbo for too long. We must put pressure on Trump & Rs to do the right thing.
.@SpeakerPelosi: Millions of immigrants, including hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients, are risking heir lives on the front lines of the pandemic. They deserve our support. This moment highlights a need for justice in America, including justice for our immigrants.
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