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Legit theory for #StarWars #EpisodeIX #TheRiseOfSkywalker. This is going to be a substantial thread so bear with me here. But after reading some of JJ Abram's comments, I think it's clear what the "twist" is and what the title means.

Rey is Darth Vader's daughter.
I think this makes sense, because even though there was no "plan" for the sequel trilogy, it seems clear that JJ Abrams had a solid concept for what he wanted the character of Rey to be, and he's laid a TON of clues in #TheForceAwakens as to what that concept is.
First, the theory that Rey is Luke's daughter or Leia's daughter doesn't make much sense. There's no way Leia would not know she had a child out there somewhere, and Luke wouldn't abandon his own kid. Them being unaware of Rey until TFA just isn't feasible or believable.
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omg #EpisodeIX might be the first Star Wars movie i take my niece to see in theaters. EMOTIONS
I will never forget the time she yelled at the screen "don't die, Rey! [long, meaningful pause] if you die Finn will be alone!!!" lmao
she still says "Star Horse" and i still won't correct her. Star Horse, the adventures of Dark Bader, Loop, Finn, Rey, and Moe
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Comparing this shot from the new #EpisodeIX trailer with this one from Episode 8 says a lot about Abrams' & Johnson's different approaches to symbolism--and why I prefer Abrams' use over Johnson's, even though Johnson's is arguably deeper. (THREAD)
Just look at that scene of Rey, Poe, and Finn overlooking the shattered Death Star there. Bask in it for a moment and feel the ominousness seeping through the setting. A /ton/ of emotions are being conveyed through that 3-second shot. 2/
Abrams understands something important about well-done symbols: namely, how much they can set the tone of a scene and emotionally move an audience just by being there. 3/
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the Star Wars celebration livestream is hosted by fucking Steven Colbert

just end it already
they’re making snarky jokes about brexit and talking about how gay finn and poe are
all i can hear in the audience is women and they scream every second someone talks
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Townhall editor Guy Benson: Julian Assange arrest, charges a 'positive development' #JulianAssange #WikiLeaks
Matters of National Security…
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon Ecuador Wikileaks #NationalPetDay
Julian Assange screams DESPERATE final plea to Britain –"The UK must resist this attempt by the Trump administration" #JulianAssange #WikiLeaks

#QAnon Ecuador Wikileaks #ThursdayThoughts
➡️Julian Assange attorneys speak to press
➡️U.S. Charges Assange With Helping Manning Crack Password to Steal Classified Documents
➡️How do you introduce evidence into an investigation legally
➡️Trust the plan

#QAnon Wikileaks #ThursdayThoughts #JulianAssange #Wikileaks
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Okay, dearest SW friends... I am so sorry, about the length of this thread & how poorly I was able to condense it. But I would ask that you indulge me for five minutes on this one, if you can, because not only does that subject matter a lot to me, but, as happens often when I’m—
—sharing things like this(which seems to happen once every month/two, it seems), it sort of encompassed a lot of emotion.

But today I want to talk about Rey & this argument I keep seeing — more & more as the debate about Kylo’s in-canon possibility of redemption waxes & wanes
— that if Ben Solo *is* “redeemed” in #EpisodeIX, particularly if Rey is/becomes the catalyst, it means that JJ Abrams is somehow sending the awful message that it’s the hero’s — or the woman’s — job to pull the villain out of his own failed frying pan of a fire, and that in so—
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help I fell down a weird rabbit hole of shitty Star Wars fans

oh my god these people
What a weird thing to be a fan of a thing you so obviously despise.
Here's what happened, for context: some numbnuts tagged me into some thing about boycotting my upcoming Darth Vader annual issue (out in August!), and there... I saw some shit.
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