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*Thread* ( 5 part) on “Canadian Genocide” declaration by Trudeau

1. Every Canadian 🇨🇦 has been diminished by this false accusation
(Golfing partner said his dad served WW2 as a 17 yr - nearly lost his life w’d be devastated to know Canada been wrongfully labelled GENOCIDAL)
2. China 🇨🇳
Has already won the upper hand on Trudeau’s #ObstructionOfJustice TWICE #SNCLavalin #MarkNorman

Now China will treat us worse as we are a genocidal nation and China never declared so.
#FakeFeminist has worsened lives of Canadians in jail and trade.
3. Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Trudeau snidely tweeted about “human rights” related to a domestic criminal manner for a Saudi citizen.

Diplomatic war. No ambassador
World ignored Canada.
Now KSA will have upper hand due to our admitted Genocide

We have no moral authority on #KSA
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Chris sadly you KOWTOW group think.
1. @MayorofLondon started it to boost failing polical fortunes “London is falling” knowing @POTUS punches back
2. Queen well aware of @realDonaldTrump still invites rare 3rd EVER State Visit
3. I’m guided by Queen great judgement
2/ you a Canadian diplomat should know frightening problem with China. CHINA knows Trudeau weakened unbreakable ties with USA thus vulnerable (jailed Canadians, canola, threats)
You & others basque in Trump hate, backstabbing, @cafreeland tyrant - this ONLY harms EVERY CANADIAN
3/ Chris recall 2018 #FakeFeminist Trudeau undiplomatically chided Saudi Arabia on human rights.

America was silent and didn’t back Canada. Implicit standing behind Saudi Arabia

Why haven’t Canadians learnt that.

China did learn -that’s why they are pouncing on us.
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“Hope” @BarackObama⁩ staple
“Hope” has no measurables
“Hope” cannot be challenged
“Hope” is always positive.
“Hope” important for those you cannot act to better own future.

Real Leaders don’t “hope” but “Act”

@realDonaldTrump⁩ never speaks of ”Hope” just “Acts”
2/ Great irony @BarackObama knows #Fakefeminist Trudeau
1. No GDP growth vs Trumps 3.2%
2. New taxes vs Trumps tax cuts
3. Canadians in China jail. USA -0
4. No Canada ambassadors 3 countries -USA all
5. #ObstructionOfJustice Twice #snc and #marknorman
6. Polling 23% Trump 53%
3/ in USA since @realDonaldTrump
No cop killings
No terrorists #blm
Hate crimes down
No jihadists killings
Booming economy
Fairer trade deals
No secret $B “death to USA” iran
Record unemployment
Record Dow
No apologize for America
China confronted- not given keys to World
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Summary #MarkNorman trial
1. Case made by Trudeau to charge @Comd_RCN_34 by hiding exculpatory evidence
2. PMO/PCO hired lawyers to thwart defence
3. Trudeau PMO couched witnessed (Criminal Act)
4. Trudeau boasted of criminal charges BEFORE @rcmpgrcpolice investigation
5. #MarkNorman was not allowed to have access to his OWN emails by PCO to stop his ability to defend himself (Criminal & 3rd World)
6. These facts occurred during @stephenharper time who knew @Comd_RCN_34 was innocent and waived Cabinet privilege- while Trudeau withheld evidence
7. Every trial lawyer knows- financially starve opponent you can prevent Justice and win a specious claim. Vile #FakeFeminist refused to pay legal cost hoping personal bankruptcy would give him a win.
(Thus disgusts me - and should any Canadian - @Comd_RCN_34 earned that right)
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Permanent Damage to 🇨🇦

China shifting trade to USA
Saudi’s shifting trade to USA
USA shifting trade to Mexico

Today 🇨🇦 GDP -0.1% with:
-LOW $
-BOOMING 🇺🇸 3.2%

Will get worse. Impossible to turnaround

But @CBC, liberals and many gorged on 24/7 Trump Hate.

2/ for those who understand Trade negotiations— once new supply chains created with USA/China/Mexico
- canola
- cars
- oil
- peas
- pork
- etc
It will be very hard to get back.


#FakeFeminist totally uninterested and only concerned about narcissist self.
3/ 1/4 of Canada trade with USA. World Companies smartly set up in Canada to Access huge USA market— we benefited by being USA best friend.
#FakeFeminist ended that.

1st time ever:
-no State Dinner for @POTUS
- backstabbing @realDonaldTrump
- “tyrant”

Now Mexico is
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Canada headed for RECESSION

February GDP ⬇️ .1%
Last 4 month total total 0%

USA GDP ⬆️ 3.2% ( booming)

Unprecedented 🇨🇦 to be 0% with:
1. Lower interest rate than USA
2. USA booming our biggest buyer
3. Dollar at .74 $ -cheaper exports

Trudeau is inept.
2/ here is answer— Canada should be at 3% GDP growth if USA at 3.2% Growth given factors stated in 1/

Reason 🇨🇦 is not is #FakeFeminist attack on oil and pipelines which is 10% of our Economy

America oil production now greater than Saudi

Trudeau gave 🇨🇦 prosperity to Trump
3/ LAST 6 MONTHS = 0% growth

Worse to come.
China - stopping canola, pork, peas Trudeau’s #ObstructionOfJustice

Saudi- stopped most trade because of Trudeau insulting Tweet

USA - made Mexico biggest trading partner

Trudeau focuses:
Global Warming
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1/2 Can we be honest about CO2 emissions in Canada?

Crazy @cathmckenna & #FakeFeminist 24/7 FOCUS and FEAR about emissions - destroyed oil and pipelines— yet no measurable difference than PMHarper.

It’s just a fraud used to scare for votes and tax grab…
2/2 if after 3 1/2 years there is no measurable difference in CO2 emissions why are we destroying 20% of our Economy (which funds our social programs)

Equivalent to religious praying st bedside hoping patient improves.

Need REAL action stop dumping sewage, clean air and waters
3/3 Can we be honest about CO2 emissions? Not be caught in lies & cult messaging by @cathmckenna & #FakeFeminist ?

USA has NOT had any FORM of carbon taxes and in last 2 yrs booming @realDonaldTrump economy

USA 🇺🇸 emissions per year no different than Canada’s even with TRUMP
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1/3 Imagine how great the world and life would be if the media and politicians didn’t feed us a false narrative.

Most vile when @BarackObama @HillaryClinton stood in front of 4 Benghazi heroes coffins and said “nothing we can do - it was viral video” when F-18s c’d stopped it!
2/3 I’ve not seen @realDonaldTrump play false narrative game — he lies for his TRANSPARENT PROMISES but he’s been subjected worst ever #RussianCollusion in #muellerreportfindsnocollusion

In 🇨🇦 #FakeFeminist nothing but false deceptive narratives- for his hidden GLOBALIST goals
3/3 In Canada 🇨🇦 Trudeau lies and media creates false narratives so #FakeFeminist can execute Globalist—non election promises.

In USA 🇺🇸 @POTUS has to small lies to deliver his campaign promises and has NOT CREATED A FALSE NARRATIVE for a non campaign promise. Refreshing.
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I’ve read accounts of police infiltrating terrorist cells in Canada — although rare I recall at least 10 examples— all jihadist cells.

I’ve not read of Police infiltrating #WhiteSupremacist cells.
Canada doesn’t have a problem but #FakeFeminist liberals will falsely say so.
2/ Biggest terrorist crime Air India Flight 182 killed 329.

Sikh terrorism exists today.
Yet #FakeFeminist invites terrorist to India trip
@RalphGoodale apologized for language in TERRORISM REPORT he says inadvertently disparaged Sikhs.

But these liars focus #WhiteSupremacists
3/ to conclude there terrorist cells of all types in Canada that police infiltrated and investigate(eg)
-Jihadism seems most #s reported
-Sheikh report alarming
-little on #WhiteSupremacists but that is singular focus of #FakeFeminist inept unethical narcissist PM.

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🇨🇦 2nd largest country -vast forests/lakes small population/ acre.

I cannot trust Liberal Government who’s NOT ONCE defended Canada’s absorption of World CO2.

#FakeFeminist not protecting and promoting Canadian interests to world.

#FakeNews why not report equal analysis?
2/ Japan vs Canada
-4xs population
-Land area 1/30th

Clearly Japan net emitter while Canada an absorber of CO2

Why is this fact not discussed, reported?

#FakeFeminist Trudeau must hate Canadians for not even fighting for our contribution-but only wants to Carbon tax us.
3/ only conclusion #FakeFeminist Trudeau wants to punish Canadians not defend us.
1. Ignores Canada’s CO2 absorber
2. Useless Carbon Tax
3. Killing oil & pipelines the foundation to Canada’s economy/great social services- only to allow other countries to meet oil demand
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Lorrie Goldstein @sunlorrie
'Based on his performance since the scandal broke in early February, even setting aside the merits of the SNC-Lavalin issue, @justintrudeau deserves to lose in the fall.…#cdnpoli
Andrew Scheer @AndrewScheer
This is crazy. The Office of the Ethics Commissioner is supposed to investigate conflicts of interest, not take part in them. This calls into question the entire office and the legitimacy of its investigations.
Imam Mohamad Tawhidi @Imamofpeace
Trudeau, in my opinion, may be the biggest liar on planet earth today. He defended terrorist Omar Khadr more than his own lawyer did. Now, he’s saying that he knew nothing👇
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1/ Liberal friendly @facebook banning of @FaithGoldy nothing to do with her. Its basis for an unjustifiable attack narrative against @AndrewScheer —he’s target.

Vile false smearing campaign against @CPC_HQ using Goldy as dispensable tool for that goal

Planned and orchestrated
2/ @FaithGoldy remains on Twitter - speaks volumes & supports my claim above - its about corrupt liberals using its contacts to drive a false narrative against @AndrewScheer to change channel away from #SNCLavalinScandal #ObstructionOfJustice

Liberals admit having MSM on side
3/ @FaithGoldy is just another woman that #FakeFeminist Trudeau will use for his purposes- the pattern is alarming.

I have been an adversary of Goldy many times and am of the opinion she crosses lines — but I like Twitter believe not to the extent she must be banned.
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1/ World leaders react with #FakeFeminist Trudeau maintaining corruption and #ObstructionOfJustice
2/World leaders react with #FakeFeminist Trudeau maintaining corruption and #ObstructionOfJustice
3/ World leaders react with #FakeFeminist Trudeau maintaining corruption and #ObstructionOfJustice
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I have a theory why there is long history of disrespect, assaults and bullying of women by #FakeFeminist Trudeau.

I will not wade into it.

But critical thinkers who also understand Trudeau’s whole family history can draw conclusions.
2/. Why is 24 Sussex—- Prime Ministers residence — completely maintained, and vacant —expect for PM chef who creates meals and drives it to Trudeau’s residents at Governor Generals?

24 Sussex has been vacant for 4 years. Why?

There’s a reason.
3/. Why has 24 Sussex been left vacant - 4 years no renovations— just get expensive upkeep.

This is costing $Ms but no one is asking why.

24 Sussex could have been renovated in 1-2 years.

Why. I think I know.…
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