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Today marks “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation” in #Canada, a new, official commemoration that shines light on a dark history...

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During the 19th & 20th century, some 150,000 Indigenous children were taken away from their families & communities and placed in “residential schools,” where they were forbidden to speak their own languages or practice their culture.

Many also suffered physical & sexual abuse.
In 2015, the Truth & Reconciliation Commission, mandated to provide former students & other affected people with an opportunity to share their experiences, found that the Canadian government pursued a policy of “cultural genocide” using residential schooling as a central element.
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Survey of key Western countries finds US "still perceived as the most influential actor in the world" BUT 'respondents predict its influence will decline sharply over the next 5 years"

per @gmfus' #TransatlanticTrends2022
More: "Younger people generally have a less positive view than their elders of US influence in the world" per @gmfus' #TransatlanticTrends2022
More: @gmfus' #TransatlanticTrends2022 finds "A clear majority of respondents in #Europe approve of
[@POTUS @JoeBiden's] handling of international affairs, w/approval highest in #Poland & lowest in #Türkiye"
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Tracking BQ* lineages (BQ.1* & BQ.1.1*) over time

Emerging Hotspots:

BQ.1* (aka #Typhon) : #USA, #UnitedKingdom, #Denmark, #Canada, #Germany

BQ.1.1* (aka #Cerberus): #UnitedKingdom, #USA, #France, #Denmark, #Belgium


Updated 9/27/2022 12 pm
Tracking BQ.1* (aka #Typhon)/BQ.1.1* (aka #Cerberus) in the #UnitedKingdom over time

#England is a BQ.1/BQ.1.1 hotspot!

Please get #boosted and #MaskUp!

Note: Latest Epi Weeks are incomplete ImageImage
Tracking BQ.1* (aka #Typhon)/BQ.1.1* (aka #Cerberus) in #USA over time

#Texas, #NewYork, #NewJersey, #California, #Georgia #Maryland #Connecticut are emerging BQ.1/BQ.1.1 hotspots!

Please get #boosted and #MaskUp! ImageImage
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JUST IN: The storm #Fiona has caused devastation across Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Quebec. According to reports from residents of Port Aux Basques, Fiona destroyed buildings and swept at least 12 entire structures into the ocean...
...with hurricane-strength winds, torrential rains, and towering waves. No deaths have been confirmed amid the extensive property damage. According to the police report, a woman from Channel-Port Aux Basques is missing and she might have been swept out to sea.
Lakhs of residents have suffered a power outage. Over 415,000 Nova Scotia residents experienced power outages, 82,000 inhabitants of Prince Edward Island were left in the dark, and 44,329 lost electricity in New Brunswick.
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Protesters chanting "We don't want an Islamic Republic" #Iran #IranProtests

Lots of women out in the streets too. #Iran #IranProtests
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Most of Europe has a serious fossil-fuel addiction problem.
#France is heavy on nuclear.
#Spain + #Portugal—lots of oil.
Coal in the east.
But check out #Denmark (the only place where renewables predominate) and the other Scandinavian countries (hydro).
Similar map for provinces of #Canada, where I live. The West and #Quebec have a lot of water...and thus hydroelectricity.

Not trying to make an invidious comparison here. Canada of course *produces* massive amounts of fossil fuels.

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This week's @Algorand related #TwitterSpaces.

A thread. 🧵
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Let's chat about life, DeFi, NFTs and $ALGO.

Cross chain NFT discussions with @might_be_genius. #ALGO #TEZOS #ETH. 🌈 🤝…
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Day 208 of the war.
#Russia's grotesque war on #Ukraine. This is the daily thread.

A new week, but a national holiday in the #UK - the funeral of Elizabeth II and a new photo - her last ever portrait.

Goodbye our Queen, and thank you.
Fewer stories on Sunday than for a long time, which is a relief as that usually means fewer civilian deaths in #Ukraine.

But there was still plenty to write about - if you missed anything, scroll through yesterday's thread with this link:

I'm just back in the UK from #Poland
Plans now in place for purchase & distribution of however much equipment we can buy to help #Ukraine's brave soldiers for winter

We're up to £1,560 but we need more.
Please dig deep, share on Facebook, Insta, anywhere…
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Did you know that #Canada had one of world's fastest passenger trains?

The Turbo Train made the run from #Montreal - #Toronto in 3h 59m in 1970.

It could top out at 270 km/h...
The lat time I took a @ViaRail train to #Toronto it averaged 90 km/h, and took over 5 hours. (Actually it was half an hour late, par for the course.)
Boggles the mind that in the 2020s we don't have frequent high-speed electric rail from #Quebec City to #Windsor. 50% of Canada's population is in the red zone below. People fly and drive instead. Such low-hanging fruit, but no government grasps it.
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1/ The latest out of #Izyum has led to further investigations into Russian atrocities in #Ukraine. What is the American #Congress doing? A 🧵
2/ In my article for @TheWilsonCenter and @kennaninstitute, I examine how Congress is weighing options as Russia continues its unjust war in Ukraine:…
3/ Currently, #Estonia, #Latvia, #Lithuania, #Czechia, #Canada, #Ireland, and #Ukraine have accused #Russia of inciting genocide in Ukraine. This is consistent with the conclusions made by sone leading experts and scholars:…
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I was helping a friend with some market stuff and i discovered something interesting -

Study this chart... this is how oil is crushed w/ monetary games...
👇🧵 Image
notice how CA30y dropped so much?
as the canadian 30y drops, oil responds... Image
notice the gap btw US30y and CA30y
usdcad got weaker relative to dollar Image
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Day 4, Session 2 of the #SpaceThreatsOEWG.

Exchange of views by Member States: 🧵
Live video feed here:…
Finishing topic 3, space-to-space threats.
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#SpaceThreatsOEWG Day 3, Session 2, exchange among Member States.

Follow live with this 🧵 by @JessLuella_West
#France draws attention to FALSE perception that some irresponsible practices might provide more advantages than disadvantages. Must deconstruct through transparency, cooperation, and commitments such as that regarding destructive DA #ASAT tests.
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JUST IN: Canada’s Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau Justin Trudeau announced C$4.5 billion ($3.43 billion) in measures on Tuesday to provide relief from high #inflation to low-income families. #Canada #JustinTrudeau
The relief measures include doubling a quarterly tax credit sent to individuals and families with low and modest incomes to offset sales tax, and a C$500, one-time top-up to a housing benefit that is provided to low earners who need help with rent.
It will also provide up to C$650 per year for dental care to children under 12 who do not have access to dental insurance.
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Today I was driving in the NE in and around the neighbourhoods when I was about to turn around and head home when I saw someone flag me down.

A older gentleman and his girlfriend asked me if I had any water or anything to eat. @cmcalgary
I pulled over, put my flashers on. I got out to grab them some water and snacks and saw the older gentleman limping & in obvious pain.

When I say hobbling I mean every few steps he stopped to catch his breath because he was in so much pain.

That’s when I said I’d come to them.
I grabbed some bottles of water, snacks, some backpacks, and asked them if they needed anything else.

He told me his bandages had dried to his skin and that he was refused care at a place here in Calgary when he asked for a dressing change.

#homelessness #HomelessCrisis #YYC
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Queen Elizabeth has died.…
The end of the second Elizabethan era.
All BBC radio networks suspend normal programs for the announcement of the Queen’s death and ‘God Save the King’ is played. Then: “The King and the Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening.”
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Как я получила визы резидента Канады (Permanent Résidence) 🇨🇦

Попробую отметить некоторых, на кого подписана☺️ даже страшновато, но вдруг полезно будет кому-то) @fillpackart2 @the2pizza @filololagi @tomnaya_satana @homa_sapiens_ @alex_andrero @julialxv @TatarinFrontend
Рассказываю только про свой случай, который может кому-то помочь, а кому-то нет, зависит от кейса..

Но на вопросы могу ответить и помочь советом, если что.
Я работаю менеджером айти проектов. У Канады есть специальная программа для айтишников. Называется Ontario Tech Draw. Оффер не нужен. Туда подходят основные IT профессии.
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1/A thread about critical minerals for batteries and an HUGE opportunity for #Canada (and #Alberta) that must be seized quickly or it will be lost.

Look how China dominates the global EV battery supply.

Much of that supply chain must now be built in North America.
2/@bentleyballan of @CanAccelerator explains the minerals component of that supply chain. Canada has plenty of the necessary minerals. Alberta has lithium.

A new roadmap to develop Canada's (EV battery) critical minerals industry
3/What North America doesn't have is refining, processing. China dominates with ~80% of global capacity.

That capacity now must be built in N.A. Why not Canada? Why not Alberta?

@JamesTFrith says Canada has all the ingredients to build a battery industry
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BREAKING: Sources tell CBC that there has been an explosion at the refinery in Come By Chance, #Canada and multiple people are believed to have been injured.
The hospital in Clarenville has been told to prepare for injured patients. - CBC
#UPDATE: Witnesses say the explosion happened shortly after 4 p.m. and multiple ambulances were seen coming and going from the refinery as late as 5:30 p.m. - CBC
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/2 Minister Helena Jaczek is now the Minister of Public Services and Procurement - she is a Canadian Physician and also serves as the Vice-Chair of the Treasury Board, Vice-Chair of the Cabinet Committeee on Reconciliation and a member of the Cabinet Committee on Operations,
/3 and the Cabinet Committee for Economy, Inclusion and Climate "A"

Her Contributions to Health Committee during COVID-19:
As part of the Standing Committee on Health, Jaczek used her expertise in medicine and public health to contribute to Canada’s response to COVID-19,
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Affordable Housing Initiative #Canada announcement:

Excerpt: The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced a major investment of over $2 billion to support three key initiatives that, together, will help create nearly 17,000 homes for families across the country, /1
/2 including thousands of affordable housing units.

This investment, which includes funding from Budget 2021 and Budget 2022, will go toward:

Creating 4,500 additional affordable housing units by extending the Rapid Housing Initiative for a third round. This will include
/3 women-focused housing projects and projects supporting those experiencing or at risk of homelessness;
Creating at least 10,800 housing units, including 6,000 affordable units, through the Affordable Housing Innovation Fund, which encourages new funding models and
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