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November 28 2020 on Facebook I wrote from NYC

So I’m walking Maxine with a friend who also has a Cavalier and there’s a man outside a vet’s office we are passing; one I know well...I brought Morgan there more times than I care to remember.
I remember every word of what happened next as if I was playing back a tape.

He’s kneeling with his body slumped over against the wall howling with wrecked sobs. People are standing around, several holding their pets close to their chest. No one is moving toward him.
I ask my friend to hold Maxine’s leash and walked over to kneel with the man saying “I know you’re not okay, but is there anything I can do?” He said. “Could you please just touch me?” I said “of course” and placed my hand on and stroked his back.
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When you meet a new person, the first thing you should ask is their preferred pronouns, followed by their vaccination status and whether they consent to physical and/or eye contact.

Be sure to avoid harmful microaggressions too.

It's the least you can do. #BeKind 😊
Sometimes, men shake my hand without my explicit consent or even 'bro hug' me, which is both traumatic and patriarchal.

Many even assume my pronouns, just because I have a magnificent beard, deep voice, and strong musculature...

Remember, cis privilege is a form of violence.
Also, remember that consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Just because someone is OK with a handshake, hug, or kiss one day, doesn't mean they are OK with it tomorrow... Or even later in the day.

This applies to spouses too. I recommend using an app, or consent form.
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It’s never been about the money to me, ever ..

The money I have coming to me, I will take A vacation for A little bit & then drive around the Country changing peoples lives that I see asking for change on corners ..

Or changing someones life who is playing an
Instrument on the corner/outside of festivals ..

I would always see leaving Summerfest/other festivals/events talented groups of individuals playing all kinds of different instruments & would say to the people I would be with—Imagine being one of these People out here playing
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Happy Birthday Owen Hart!
I Love/HONOR Every single Hart, I keep all of you very close to my HeART, we’re coming in for our Final Approach—The Landing …
I didn’t forget his Birthday, promise—Timing is everything …
This in no way shape or form is A Pun
Or me trying to be humorous.
What happened to Owen was tragic.✍️
Many who achieved Max Altitude of 40,000 Feet, they’re starting to see everything as it all was meant to be seen—Now they have no clue how they’re getting down.
Some are panicking because of how they were
Seen treating/judging their fellow man. .
They FEAR being Judged the very same way they chose to judge others.
Some are free falling because of how many chose to follow ones misleading them or because they’re just now finding out for themselves some of the lives they
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“I think about Carrie always. There isn’t any time I don’t think of her. I want to do away with the negative because that wasn’t her. The things written about her just weren’t her. She wasn’t an abuser”…
Caroline Flack was 40 years old when she died, one of the UK’s most recognisable TV presenters — the face of Love Island and The X Factor, and a winner of Strictly Come Dancing
She always looked as though she was having great fun, with fabulous outfits, hot boyfriends and wild mates, brilliant at being so very alive.

But there were also darker moments that, until the end, were kept private
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Remember when .@50cent gave his endorsement to DJT? ..

Everyone has been trying for A very long time to show the world, WHY have they been showing?

So the world knew who was waking them up & so the world would not fall for all the traps …
Instead of the smallest of details
Mattering (UNLESS SOMEONE WAS ONE OF THE CHOSEN BY THE PEOPLE, RICH, FAMOUS that’s the only time anything matters)
MOST chose to feed into Computer Graphic imaging thinking what they’re seeing is real or ones who are wearing masks pretending to be someone they’re not
Just to keep everyone distracted …

Best analogy I can come up with, What most are doing is watching Saturday Night Live & reacting to it as if it’s real life—going out into the world rioting/protesting for something that isn’t real.

All of it is predetermined outcomes.
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.#BeKind is drenched in the blood of all the women who weren't. It is as much of a threat as punching the wall beside someone's head, an indicator of what might happen. It never just means, "be kind". It means do as I say, don't make me angry, it's your fault you make me do this.
The usually unsaid, but sometimes vocalised, "or else" - be if from your mum telling you, "just you wait until your father comes home", or from the doctor telling you that if you can't relax then OF COURSE it will hurt more, you silly girl - is always, always there.
It is always there, and it is always a demand for compliance, capitulation and subservience. And every woman knows it. Those in a position of privilege, who can pretend that #VAWG isn't real, that it doesn't affect them, that #BeKind is simply a t-shirt slogan -
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31 Juli 2021 adalah salah satu hari terburuk buat aku. Company tempat aku kerja memutuskan untuk memberhentikan aku.
Sedih banget, marah, gak terima.

Tapi aku bangkit, #belajarlagi dan akhirnya keterima kerja di brand ungu.

Awalnya, aku gak terima. Marah dan kecewa banget sama keputusan atasan. Aku udah merasa kasih 100% lho di kerjaan, aku pun kasih banyak ide.

Tapi memang aku akuin kalau ada beberapa kesalahan yang aku buat, dan aku mau share supaya gak kejadian lagi ke temen-temen yang lain:
1. Gak punya dana darurat.

Kontrak 3 tahun, buat aku merasa aman secara duit. Aku cukup rajin checkout dan gak tracking pengeluaran yang membuat aku gak bisa nabung.

Pdhl sudah banyak akun di luar sana yang aktif ngajarin, harus punya dana darurat untuk 1 tahun. Me? 1 bulan
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Met a person on the train last night & I can’t stop thinking about them

They were clearly a very kind, sociable person

They noticed my NHS rainbow badge & asked compassionate questions so I warmed to them immediately

I asked questions in return & the conversations started 1/7
They were travelling to visit their grandchildren who they clearly adored

They talked about them fondly, showed me pictures and explained loving about autism and in their experience both the additional challenges, love & opportunity it can bring children 2/7
They then told me one of the saddest sequence of events I’ve ever heard

Their sister & her child were brutally murdered in their own home which attracted a lot of media attention

Their daughter then died in a tragic accident

Then their wife died of cancer

They are 53
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On The .50 Cent pieces, Remember the symbol on Johns Neck? …

It’s the same symbol on the Garden Sign, The Garden is where I Live, The Garden Of Eden …
I was the ONLY one out of all the Biblical ‘Ancient Of Days’ Bloodlines allowed to be in the Garden until -
“The War Of All Wars” ended ..

If I would have left the Garden, didn’t care what was happening in the world & didn’t do all that I have done/SHOWN to the world, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE WORKED !!!

WE ALL ( EVEN YOU READING THIS) have been here before, done all that we have
Done MANY TIMES over & over & over again trying to get it right …

So many timelines where the human race was destroyed have happened !!
This timeline was 1 of INFINITE that ACTUALLY did it !!!
What was IMPOSSIBLE became POSSIBLE because Of 1 Simple SELFLESS #ACT of Kindness!!
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Ich würde mir ja als Psychotherapeut ziemlich verarscht vorkommen, wenn ich politisch-ideologisch dazu gezwungen bin, gegen den Berufsethos zu handeln. Sämtliche Indizien ignorieren, kognitive Dissonanz, Leugnung.
Nur noch Erfüllungsgehilfe für eine Agenda. #AffirmationIsntCare
Der Backlash, den das hervorrufen wird in der Zukunft wird immens sein. Wenn psychische Probleme unbehandelt bleiben, sollte klar werden, auf was wir uns zu bewegen. Wenn sich das in ein gesellschaftliches Kollektiv einbrennt.
Traumatisierte, verstörte Menschen, denen hätte geholfen werden können, wenn man sie angemessen behandelt hätte. Wenn man richtig zugehört und hingesehen und nicht bloß auf Stichworte gewartet hätte, die dann nur einen vorgegebenen Apparat in Gang setzen sollen.
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Remember when DJT was in HERSHEY PENNSYLVANIA?

He was/has always been showing the world subliminally, planning everything he was doing around slowly guiding everyone into A direction they should have been long ago … As time went on, everyone has been making it easier & easier
To see & WHY it’s been so important to see what was always being shown, the way it was all always meant to be seen.

Why risk it all for A skateboarder?

The easier it was being made for everyone to see, the more haters came out or the more ones tried dividing others away
From where all those who everyone looks to for comms, confirmations, Proofs the easier it was being made for all to see .. Why? Proving that the way MANY chose to treat others was wrong …
This is me at Love Park, I have posted it so many times saying LOVE is what will save the
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⚠️Sad story!⚠️
Thread on assault off duty

Didn't want to talk about this but reflecting on it with everyone involved, I was encouraged to share

It is not a sympathy story for the public. It is a reminder for colleagues and friends on here to stay safe both on and off duty. 1/9
Working together in the past few months I've quickly become friends with an Special Sergeant on my borough. Last weekend we were on duty and stopped a car for pulling out infront of a bus. 4 occupants, seemed cool, word of advice, and off we go back to the nick. 2/9
Quickly got changed and we decided to go to the local pub for some food and drinks before heading home for the night. We did not realise we were being followed. While ordering at the bar, the 4 men from earlier came in and smashed a bottle on the skipper's head. 3/9
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Skateboarding Is Key ..
Love Is Key ..
God Is Key ..

3 Of A King = 1 #Stone that is #Sour at the way the world treats each other …

The Children of God, Nothing Else Matters.

Good Morning ! …- Image
Key Stone


Key Stone

C Before D

D*C Shoes, I road/was sponsored by D*C shoes when this photo was taken .. I was on Tour at the time, putting on shows for the youth being A good role model. All while being A Father/Step Father to 2 Boys & Playing baseball. Image


.@taylorswift13, No scooters allowed ..
Forgiven but I will never forget …-

#T ime #O f #Y ear #Machine

I tried showing all of this so long ago, none of it mattered.. ImageImage
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I encourage both of my communities to join hands across the ideological divide to pursue our common cause of combatting illness and saving lives by preventing tobacco use by young people and helping adult smokers quit smoking.
#SRNT2022 #Preconference
The public health objective should be to develop policies and interventions that both reduce youth vaping and increase adult smoking cessation.
#SRNT2022 #Preconference…
Most scientists would agree that balancing the risks and benefits of e-cigarettes for the individual cigarette smoker is critically important. Most would also agree that tobacco-naive youths should not start using e-cigs...
#SRNT2022 #Preconference…
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BRAD your solicitor letter from last yr is a LIE! I’ve explained detail of your violent & destructive actions publicly across all platforms in the past few wks. You’re under investigation YET NO FOLLOW UP LEGAL ACTION FROM THIS SOLICITORS LTR THEN OR ON MY CLAIMS NOW WHY? U LIAR! ImageImageImage
Correct the accusations are TORTUROUS. I STAND BY THEM!! just as ur solicitor says in this ltr “SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS” GET A JOG ON THEN U LYING, ILLEGAL, BULLYING FOOL !!! What’s the crack here? You’re also addicted to cocaine & have destroyed several people I know too. CRACK ON! ImageImage
Just a reminder, u were targeting me at my home, involved the neighbours, paid Dave Ledsham to target me from inside my house, got ur contact picking up my house keys on sale to throw all my possessions into a tip. U involved Bridgefords in ur shit. In brief, it was far worse
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It just means 'women'. Some just happen to be on reprieve on account of their gender-appropriate submissive conduct
TERF is used to enforce gender-normative behaviour through threats of violence and ostracism directed at the class of people who, in accordance with gendered socialisation, are meant to prioritise other people's needs above their own
It's about enforcing gender norms, not challenging those who enforce them. An exaggerated version of #BeKind pressure placed on little girls - the stick versus the carrot
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Westminster Hall - Hansard - UK Parliament

Full debate on the GRA for thosw who did not tune in. Lots of transperbole, failure to understand scientific facts and the existing law. In particular our MPs still don’t understand the mis-named “Spousal Veto”…
This was the petition that . Men just won’t take no for an answer with they? Lots of transperbole about the GRA process. It’s £5, you don’t have an interview. No requirement for surgery (hence “her penis”. ) Our MPs are reckless with women’s dignity, privacy and safety.
👆Eliot Colburn “doesn’t think” it will impact on other protected characteristics. Really? Not on “sex” and women’s sex based rights? Not on SEXual orientation? Not on disabled and the right to have a same sex carer? Not on Freedom of belief? Eliot needs to think a bit harder.
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Just catching up on that #mumsnet chat
It's sad and infuriating.

Why does a chat about how to get more women into public life have to also include a chat about how to get more transsexual males into public life?

They are two different groups with different barriers. Image
Raise the level of debate... Image
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16 yr girl B moved near me

Mum has brain tumour,op next week. Dad NHS care assistant. B has to look after young sis & study GCSE this yr

5pm B “hello, someone said you’d be a good person to chat to. I have no school, haven’t started GCSE work & fail everything”.

*long chat*
8pm “You’ve inspired me to study but I have no laptop, pens or paper”

8:15pm I turn up with books and pens

B “you really believe in me? I have never seen kindness like this”

Me “yes I do & one day you will be in a position to inspire the next person”

B sent this. 🙏encourage
And B sent this too…
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Now do you see why Vince named his son Shane?

Now do you see why Wrestling plays A very important role in all of this by hiding so much truth in plain sight?

Literally, EVERYTHING was done to make sure 1 Child was born & grew up to do all the things he had to do for EVERYONE
To be saved ..

J.F.K. way back then, he was A wall, standing in between evil & the time .. Many others inherited their roles through their families/bloodline, they all followed A script, did their parts making sure evil people/beings in this world didn’t change A timeline
That needed to happen in order for EVERYONE to wake up in time to be saved ..

Interstellar Chess ..

“Time Travel Is Fun”
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🦠Quick thread 🧵 on latest #Covid19 #Omicron situation. Summary: inequalities and learning lessons! Please read & RT @CMPHN @ADPHUK @FPH @R_S_P_H 1/15
🦠Confirmed cases of #Covid19 in #Liverpool are the highest they have ever been, lots of people are off work sick, causing disruption to key services and the wider economy, and hospitalisations have jumped in the last week. Deaths will follow… 2/15
🦠It is clear that the #Omicron wave is well and truly upon us in the north west, following the experience in London and the South East 3/15
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More & more eyes are watching Wrestling each week .. Just think if everyone would have been on the same page since the very beginning, so much of the drama & bullshit that took place, probably wouldn’t have taken place ..
So many judged myself & the ones I love, The ones I keep
Very close to my heart because of all the truth they’ve left in time not only for me but also for the entire world, & here I Am —Still loving & showing what everything truly means ..

Handle what you are seeing with care, these are the lives I’ve been protecting all these
Years by talking to them the way I have had to talk to them with INSIDE COMMS ..

Now, as most start to see - many start to realize how wrong they were. Many might start feeling terrible for the things they’ve said & done & also may start to feel bad for the ones
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This week has the potential to be very polarising & damaging on the issue of schools so please bear in mind:

🔵 teachers are not the enemy if they’re anxious about going back to work
🔵 parents / kids who are anxious about going back have valid concerns
🔵 children do need to be back in school for educational social & mental health reasons
🔵 needing to be back doesn’t mean it’s covid safe to be back
🔵 kids not going back isn’t easy for parents without childcare
🔵 teachers & school staff will be out because of covid
🔵 principals can’t magic staff out of a magic teacher closet
🔵 principals are doing the best they can with what they have at their disposal & sometimes more than their best
🔵 teachers are mothers & fathers of kids who go to school too
🔵 some kids are delighted for a day off
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