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Is there more questions on a voting ballot than there are questions on the SAT? How the can they do it in a somewhat timely manner but our government can't grasp the concept of how to do it...still, today?


Stop asking stupid questions or you'll continue to get stupid answers.

Feed us the data that matters so we can figure this out the right way.

#ProblemSolving101 using the #ScientificMethod.
If facts tend to change on their way to finding the truth...then give us the facts and lets figure this out for ourselves once and for all.

Stop censoring the truths and facts that are available.
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*I first shared this post in January but I have 2000+ new followers since then so I’ve decided to share again because I very much want to continue to raise awareness of APD and be a voice for people with learning difficulties. I hope you don’t mind

me sharing again.*

‘I wasn’t sure if I should share this but it’s something I feel very strongly about, so please bear with me.
It’s actually very important.

I have had a learning difficulty/disability all of my life. I didn’t speak until I was 6 years old, and struggled

throughout my whole school career.
The Doctors and Educational Psychologists I seen for my whole school life said I had a ‘Language and Communication Disorder’.
In primary school I had extra help and was also sent to a ‘language unit’ in the afternoons to help me with this.

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What would my Mom think of that?"
In a race, athlete Abel Mutai representing Kenya, was just a few feet from the finish line, but he was confused with the signage & stopped thinking he had completed the race. The Spanish athlete, Ivan Fernandez was right behind him /1
& realizing what was happening, he started shouting at the Kenyan for him to continue running; but Mutai didn't know Spanish didn't understand. Then the Spanish pushed him to victory. A journalist asked Ivan, "Why did you do that?"
Ivan replied, "My dream is that someday we /2
can have a kind of community life". The journalist insisted "But why did you let the Kenyan win?" Ivan replied, "I didn't let him win, he was going to win". The journalist insisted again, "But you could have won!" Ivan looked at him & replied, "But what would be the merit of /2
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1. "Racism is learned!"

#BlueFlu #BlackLivesMatter
2. "Racism is learned!"
3. "Racism is learned."

#BlackLivesMatter #BlueFlu
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I'm not often compelled to write a thread nowadays, but here goes! I vehemently opposed the stance JK Rowling took on Scottish Independence in 2014 ( for those who are unaware, she opposed it and donated to better together). But although I disagreed with many 're that issue, I 1/
Never sought to publicly pillory those with opposing views.
Consider the past six months since the first ( now infamous) #IStandWithMaya #ThisIsNotADrill tweet from JK. The woman has been eviscerated publicly virtually every day since. I too threw my hands up in horror last 2/
week when I saw Scotgov's removal of the definition of the word woman. Singly women have a small audience for their opposition to this utter balls up of GRA reform being carried out by @scotgov, so I was delighted to see her non transphobic tweets at the weekend. I was also
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Racism is not the answer to racism. Black Lives Matter is being hijacked by people to abuse Jews online. We are being showered with abuse, from racist conspiracies, to blaming us for black people dying and calling us 'white supremacists'....
People are pretending to be Jewish to abuse us, thinking it gives them a license to be racist...
They even pretend to be Jewish while mocking our genocide....
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🚨Important thread Alert👇🏻🚨

🤔We know you may have Q’s about this new data & what this means to you, your loved ones & diabetes📊

⁉️We’ve tried to compile a list of FAQ’s to answer queries

Please read this thread all the way through & share widely! 🔁
#GBDoc #BeKind
🚨@ACDC_UK - 👶🏽👧🏻🧒🏼👦🏿👱🏻‍♀️👩🏼‍🦰
Association of Children’s Diabetes Clinicians statement on children returning to school:…
🚨 Sick Day Rules: ⬆️🥴🤢🤒😷

👨🏻T1 Adults:……

👩🏽T2 adults:…

👶🏼Children :…
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Oooh! I am compelled to do a short thread, which you are compelled to read please. You know how we’re all reminded to #BeKind and not everyone is digging on that mantra? Well I just got #BeKind smooshed in my face. Behold... 1/
For the last many Fridays under #lockdownnz my friends in Wellington have made pretty regular efforts to have Friday Zoom meetings with me because I said I was lonely and sad.
And thus we did. Organising it via Whatsapp, a group message we’ve had going on for about three years or so. But tonight they were going out for dinner to celebrate end of lockdown and support local people and local businesses.
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Today my landlord kicked me out coz I didn’t pay 1 month’s rent even after paying advance rent in the past 7 years. The labourer who moved my goods said “Bura waqt hai, jo aapke paas ho, jo dene ka mann ho, vo dijiye.” #LockedDown
He didn’t quote even once, even when I insisted. I paid him. He didn’t count the money, he didn’t bargain. He thanked me, gave me his number, asked me to call him if I need something else. #kindness #lockeddown
You don’t need to go to school to learn to be kind. You need not have a strong Balance Sheet to be kind. You only need to keep in touch with the human in you. #LifeLesson #Kindness #LockedDown
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This is what so many seem to not understand. The potential long term effects of covid19.

From Amy June’s fb post:

“I’ve decided it’s finally time to tell my story. On March 25th I tested positive for COVID-19. At that time, there was under 600…
confirmed cases in the state (now over 50,000). I was told to self isolate at home if I was able (thankfully I was).

My symptoms started with a very simple dry cough (literally didn’t think anything of it) but then it progressed to chest congestion and finally
the killer of shortness of breath. By Day 3 of having symptoms, I knew something wasn’t right. The chest congestion felt very similar to a common “chest cold” with one MAJOR boogers were clear. I know it’s total TMI, but if you’re sick or have a sinus infection
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1. SALT! @realDonaldTrump tweets SALT, twice. I believe multiple meanings exist.
@LovesTheLight has great thread on SALT. Be sure to go in it. “Now Comes the Pain” Gematr!a Connects to A LOT #timber #CastleClean
I’m going to introduce to u another SALT🙏🏻
2. Jalove showed Gematr!a based on @realDonaldTrump Caps. (the communication) Read alphanumeric code value to the caps.
My results told me I HAD to address other meaning for SALT. I’ve been tracking 444 in cabal code #paperplanes as well as metaphysical 👉🏻Word of God Made Flesh💥
3. I’ve addressed the 444 Wind 💨 all over the place (search my handle w/ 444) including cabal use for #paperplanes #symbolism This other thread is towards the end of 65+ tweets👇🏻
This is why it’s significant in decodes & unveiling.

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Dear customers.

It is with deep regret that we have come to the point where we feel that we need to post this message. COVID-19 has affected all of us in many ways, and none more so than our team #challenges #COVID19
(2) Despite the daily risks associated with coming to work, our team continue to get up early, pack the shelves and look after you in store.. They are our frontline. They are our heroes. #everydayhero
(3) Unfortunately, some of you feel that it is acceptable to verbally abuse them when requested to observe the new guidelines imposed as a result of COVID-19. While we have always welcomed our customers with open arms, our new requests to shop alone, to stand back, to be patient
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I've always wondered why journalists in the indo and IT don't write articles criticising FG

Then I saw the treatment if Una today "mental in the head" "Sinn féin puppet"

I should have never asked, carry on with the FG propaganda 😬

#finegael #journalism #bullying #BeKind
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OK 1 like = 1 alternative dystopia
A world just like our own, but they never invented biscuits so people dunk any old stuff in their tea. Toast, boiled potatoes, cheese, meat.
A world just like our own, but there's zeppelins in all the buildings so you have to sort of squeeze past them to get anywhere.
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Hard agree. @RCNStudents led by the incredible @JessLSainsbury have been amazing through all of this.

We give you our promise that nurse academics are doing EVERYTHING right now to support you and to advocate for you.
Social media are mobilising to support a society becoming crippled by isolation and anxiety.

This is a second epidemic we need to manage.

If you are a student who is not in a placement right now then can you help?

@WeStudentNurse @StNurseProject
Student nurses are facing an uncertain and frightening future and need to maximise peer support. If you haven't already then follow amazing networks such as @WeStudentNurse or @StNurseProject

Follow your amazing #150Leaders

Follow your academics: We will support you too
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Many of us are going to have trouble coping in one way or another during this pandemic.

Further along in the thread, I’ll list some strategies that are useful for getting through a #ShelterInPlace order that’ll soon be coming to a city or town near you.

Or should be!
Are you feeling...

🔹out of sorts
🔹stressed and/or anxious

These feelings are SO understandable.

There have been MAJOR disruptions to our lives including job losses, having to work at home, scrambling for child care, kids at home and other losses.
If you have preexisting mental health issues, this period of time may be even more challenging.

Be sure to stay in touch with your health care team. Many clinics and even private practitioners are switching to Telehealth as I type.

Continuity of medications is important! 💕💕
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Watching @UKParliament statement from @MattHancock.

Very glad to see collegiate approach from @JonAshworth & @MattHancock and great to see thanks to the Paymaster General, @NazShahBfd, @wesstreeting, @SayeedaWarsi, @BoardofDeputies the concerns on forced cremation have been met.
I'm concerned MPs who due to the outdated voting system are putting their health at risk as they need to scrutinise the #CoronavirusBillUK but should have been able to scrutinise this virtually. /1
I'm worried for all those there and think its mad that @MattHancock who looks ill is having to deal with people like @SteveBakerHW and @CarolineLucas who are being so rude to @MattHancock and the other MPs. /2

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A minority refuse to think of others, endangering us all by not trying to obey #SocialDistance rules.

Now my walking lifeline may go.

I recorded this video as its destroying me and I hope they change their behaviour. /1


I want people to get the message that there is another way and we must think of others.

I am praying even just one person hears my video and changes their behaviour and helps others.

So please share my video widely if you can. /2

Released lots of pain saying how I felt, so I'm happy to discuss this virtually to do my bit, so people might get message its vital they #BeKindToEachOther

@mattforde, @BBCNews, @SkyNews, @theipaper, @TweetTheArticle, @CohenJust happy to write/interviewed virtually therefore. /3
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The Rocky Balboa guide to coping with Coronavirus - a thread #RockyVsCovid19
Coronavirus is putting an end to moments like this...
Exercise is ok outdoors at the moment if you keep your distance from others
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Thread on hidden disabilities and vulnerabilities
1. It's wonderful to see so many community organising initiatives to help those in vulnerable groups but it's so important to remember you can't always tell who's vulnerable
2. We still live in a society where more than half of people would challenge someone they didn't think was disabled using a blue badge space or accessible loo. For people with hidden vulnerabilities this is terrifying
3. And at a time when vulnerable people need more help than ever, so many whose vulnerability is hidden risk stigmatising or judgement (or at the least not being praised alongside other heroes)
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Key messages from the government re: what happens next, a thread.

I have pulled out (and paraphrased, and commented on) the key bits from the article but the paywall has been lifted…
1. “Government’s goal is to PROTECT LIFE from COVID, our strategy is to PROTECT THE MOST VULNERABLE, and protect the NHS.” The capitals here are mine. This is what public health professionals do. But the first two are often in tension with the third.
2. “We will do the right thing at the right time, based on the best available science”. These are evidence-based decisions but the evidence is still emerging, it’s difficult to interpret, and what works in one setting may not work in another for a host of reasons.
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Thread w/ Hope & optimism:
Starting with #SouthKorea where the number of new #Covid19 cases continues to dwindle (76) AND CFR remains below 1%. We have written about this: @BulwarkOnline w/ @AdamLBeckman @Maryyzzhao 1/x…
#PhysicalDistancing & other efforts at slowing the spread absolutely help. Each individual can make a difference & help those who are more at risk.

Our view in @hartfordcourant w/ @Maryyzzhao 2/x…
Every day we witness local & national leaders from private & public sector making hard decisions. Credit to so many, but includes @Disney @NCAA @NBA @ParamountPics. Heard stories about live-streamed bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, etc. Not what we planned; but right thing to do. 3/x
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As the unfortunate news comes that an 82 yo NYC woman has succumbed to #Coronavirus #Covid19, I want to briefly revisit issue of case fatality rate (CFR). We STILL (even two weeks later) do not know.… 1/x
Let's look at #NYState. It is one of the largest outbreaks. Today is 1st death from over 400 cases (0.2% CFR). The CFR may grow, as some active patients might worsen; but it is also a reflection that the outbreak occurred in a younger and healthier community, generally. 2/x
Much like Westchester, above, where the superspreading mostly occurred in NYS, there is similar concentrated outbreak among employees/visitors/contacts of Biogen, MOSTLY in #Massachusetts. NO deaths. And relatively few hospitalized. 3/x
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Need some tips on #remotework due to #COVID19?

👨‍💻 + 🏡 = 🤷‍♂️

Well, we've got a few...🙂…
Here’s the gist:

👉 Individuals: try to create a routine that makes you feel productive, included, and motivated.

👉 Organizations: actively listen to and check in with staff to ensure everyone feels supported and included.

And, as the @WHO says, #besafe #besmart #bekind!
P.s. This post is licensed CC BY, so please (🙏) adapt and republish it!
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