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"Empathy is about finding the humanity in each other." - Oprah Winfrey

Empathy is not a weakness or vulnerability; it's a strength that allows us to connect deeply and authentically with others.

#BeKindAlways #YouMatter #BeKind #Inspireyourself #Retweet #RT #SaturdayMotivation
Empathy is the magic key that allows us to open the door to someone else's world and truly understand their hopes, dreams, and struggles.
Through empathy, we not only unlock the door to understanding, but we also find the key to building bridges of connection and fostering a sense of belonging.
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A man plead guilty this morning to abduction & sexual assault of a young girl. He had a sexual fetish that involved dressing in female underwear & clothing, with child sexual abuse porn on his laptop, videos associated with his fetishes. These crimes were committed by a male. 1/
This male has been pretending to be a woman for some years & had adopted the name of Amy George. The only reason this male was referred to as 'he' in court was because he agreed to it for 'simplicity'. In a very similar universe to ours, our court system would be referring to 2/
to this dangerous sexual pervert as 'she'. His crimes would be recorded as female crimes. He would stand a chance of a sentence in the female estate - we sincerely hope @scottishprisons don't #BeKind to 'Amy' at any point. Male crime, male prison. 3/
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Bit tired of people saying 'there are no votes in social conservatism or having Christian values inform your politics'. Not sure that that is necessarily true, but even if it is, I don't care. If the truth put me in a minority of one, the truth would be no less the truth
Establishment social libs of left and right sneer at any expression of soc con sentiment: 'I thought this was settled years ago', 'these people are so backwards'. They cannot even conceive of principled rejection of the cultural and social air that they breathe. Let them sneer
Their lazy liberal orthodoxy amounts to the philosophy of 'I am a selfish bastard who should be able to do whatever I want and damn the consequences for children or the poor'. They dress it up as principle, but that is what it is: licence in the garb of liberty
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🧵 A thread on PREFERRED PRONOUNS and why I won't use them.

This is based on my Substack open letter to @peterboghossian (and @aliveness_ape) following their replies to criticisms about calling "Rachel" Levine 'she', and Peter asking @ThePosieParker about pronoun use in a recent…… Image
🆗 First, where I think we agree:

🔹We don't want to live in a world of cruelty
(I'll come to #BeKind in a bit)
🔹Sex is real, binary and immutable
🔹Authoritarianism is bad for humankind in all its forms
🔹Gender ideology is harmful


🔸3rd person pronouns in English refer to animate referents (living beings) by their SEX
🔸“singular they” is only such in a social-pragmatic sense when we don’t know the individual’s SEX.
“Who was that at the door?”
“I don’t know but *they* left a……
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A word on the Bea Weber thread pile on agreeing that “frum women” are “so cringe.” You all took the fact that someone is different from you and turned into a mob sneering and mocking for silly reasons.
When this happens to you, you say that there is no G-d, G-d is cruel, religious people should have their children taken away from them and the state should take over their schools.
If one frum looking lady found herself in a room full of Yaffed folks she would feel extremely uncomfortable even if she had no conflict with anyone. Just for the way she looks and your preconceived notions about her.
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A short thread on hypocrisy, partisanship, and why the #bekind crew aren't, and maybe have never been, all that kind.

The #bekind crew HATE it when you talk about ability/intelligence. In the vid, Phil tells Tom he isn't clever enough to interview him.
I mean, how can you believe in inclusion, equity or any kind of progressive political or ethical values and be totally fine with that kind of argument? If he'd said "I don't think you know enough about the issues" that would be one thing (still rude) but HE DIDN'T HE SAID CLEVER
It's interesting, as trads like me have long argued that we are the "real progressives", that the values and strategies we advocate are the ones that will bring the greatest gains to the unluckiest in society. This proves it more than ever.

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TW: my thread here talks about #Cancer #chemotherapy #Grief #Loss #COVID19 #forgotten500k #ClinicallyVulnerable if any of these topics are painful for you, this might not be a helpful thread to read. 🙏🏼 please sign this petition asking for #MasksInHealthcare
🧵 1/
Two years ago my mum died in hospital from v rare #chemo complications Bcs of covid rules we hadn’t been able to see her during her 3 wk hospital stay apart from briefly in her last 48 hrs on compassionate grounds. We had just come out of the horrific winter20/1 wave
2/Of course I wanted to see my mum prior to that though initially the gravity of her symptoms weren’t known. I WANTED her to be on a ward with restricted visits & mask mandates bcs I appreciated she & other patients on the oncology ward were very vulnerable…
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Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull is a woman that knows that humans have 2 sexes and they are immutable, just like the vast majority of people in the world. However, this has become controversial because a small group of people want to force us to believe that males can become 1/
females. And while most people don't really care if someone holds an "eccentric" belief, this one comes with pressure to accept those males into female spaces & activities. Women are saying no! KJ is saying no! KJ has been holding rallies across the UK to allow women to 2/
explain why they say no, to explain why victims of domestic violence or rape can't get access to female only care or support, why girls can't change without boys in school changing rooms, why de-sexing language demeans women, mothers, women experiencing periods, women with 3/
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#LetWomenSpeak #LetWomenSpeakAustralia #LetWomenSpeakCanberra

Friday 23 March Canberra, Parliament lawns - 12pm

Acknowledgement of the traditional owners of the Land upon which we work, and we pay our respect to Aboriginal Elders; past and present

Unsolicited breakdown
#LetWomenSpeak #LetWomenSpeakAustralia #LetWomenSpeakCanberra
@StandingforXX @ThePosieParker

Kellie Jay Keen Minshull

Two politicians invitation

PR Team has arrived - "Hello, boys!"…
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@wopizza @cityofcalgary Here's a quick primer, but anyone of any political affiliation - left and right - can quickly connect the dots on what's happened to women's safe spaces in #Canada.

@wopizza @cityofcalgary Globally, the Yogyakarta Principles – having not been accepted by the UN States – is now being pushed onto Western nations. The definition of Gender Identity in the YP is quite similar to what you’re seeing on the Calgary procedure.
@wopizza @cityofcalgary Robert Wintemute, a global Human Rights expert and an original signatory of the YP for Canada and UK, has since withdrawn. recognizing that they did not consider the impact of SOGI on women.…

Let that soak in
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I remembered reading this at the time & feeling affronted. Liberty itself was not a good reason to be opposed to Lockdown but having 'progressive values' - claiming to care about the poor - was.
Lockdown IS a progressive concept - we care SO MUCH about today's designated 'victim' group we will move heaven & earth to protect them.

Change will be necessary.

You healthy strong people will need to pipe down & quite whining.

Have some compassion.
Progressives just see different victims & argue amongst themselves about who to protect:

Covid vulnerable v lockdown vulnerable

Trans activists v feminists

They all try to prove they care about others - not their own rights & freedoms.
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England v France - An Analysis [Thread]

➡️The Mbappe Plan - Worked to a degree
➡️ Jude Who... Tchouameni's goal threat was overlooked
➡️ Saka exploited French Weak Link - Theo...
➡️ #BeKind Kane's pen... shit happens

CC: @Effmatch

#England #ENG #WorldCup #France Image
Despite being double marked, Mbappe embarked upon a run which led to the first goal, completing sucking in the English bodies throwing themselves at him and leaving space open for Tchoumeni to take advantage.

He also had a moment where he made Walker contemplate retirement... Image
But aside from these glimpses, England on the whole did a decent job. Deschamps needs to free up his movement to avoid him being marked out of a game as future opponents may not be as willing to go toe to toe...
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I was today years old the first time I found myself picking egg shells out of my hair and clothing after a MRA threw a raw egg directly at my head. 1/5 Image
A local media outlet reported that we were "crying" afterwards. 2/5 Image
We weren't crying. We were actually in great spirits. 🤣🤣🤣 More news coverage to come. 3/5 Image
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1/13 My fixed-term mortgage comes up for renewal at the end of January. No doubt I’ll be royally clobbered by the eye-watering interest rate. I’ll have to tighten my belt of course, but it’s not the end of the world. One thing occurs to me, though:
2/13 If I’m fatalistic about the prospect of shelling out, it’s because day-to day politics has conditioned me to chaos. I mean, I knew cost was on the cards, so it’s not a surprise; but neither is it really an upset.
3/13 I understand that nothing works anymore - and that’s just the way it is. Does anyone else feel the same? The police are ideologically opposed to policing. The border patrol supports an open-door policy. The government is clueless. And there’s no opposition worth a damn.
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At the risk of pissing EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) off
I do not think Kellie Jay Keen is a far right. I may disagree with her tactics and I may disagree with her not condemning groups but I do not think she is a far right.
GCs are working with a right bunch of folk at the
moment. Some of whom I despise.
But others are squaring the moral circle differently.
“A means to an end” etc.
I do not agree with much of it, (hard to guess for others what lines I do personally draw and why) but this is true for all of us.
We are making progress and we
must plough in forward.
We need to proceed with the most charitable interpretations of one another and meet in the flesh.
We need discussion and debate and not to imply people are bad when we don’t understand their reasoning.
I will never defend actions I don’t agree with
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10mins in to the initial debate on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill & it's already proving to be quite testy. @JoeFitzSNP is refusing to make way for others to speak.…
Going to have to.comment on Joe's pink shirt /blue and yellow tie combo. Have a thought for the viewers Joe
He's now basically said that despite women and women with a faith raising objections, he's happy that his Bill won't be an issue. Without explaining how a female Muslim will be able to ensure she is not in a space with, or receiving a service from, a male.
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What could *possibly* be worrying women…? Hmmm… Image
Stop calling GC women ‘hateful’ or ‘transphobic’

They’re not the ones with the problem.

This sort of shit is what they’re worried about. Image
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Seit ich denken kann, hab ich Verhaltensweisen gelernt um keine #Männergewalt zu „provozieren“. Seit Generationen wird uns das schon als Mädchen beigebracht, weil Frauen weltweit, tagtäglich, von Männergewalt bedroht sind.
Und jetzt wollt ihr solchen Typen Tor und Tür, ohne Wenn und Aber, öffnen. Und schweigt einfach zu all der Misogynie die diesbezüglich, und auch sonst, über Frauen hinwegrollt.
Da gibt’s keine Statements, wenn Frauen öffentlich an den Pranger gestellt werden, weil sie sich weigern in das Mantra „TF sind Frauen“ einzustimmen und deshalb Schuld an Männergewalt sind.
Ja, genau! 🤦🏻‍♀️
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The inimitable and inspiring @LizCrowe2 closes #DFTB22 with what matters in the end.
Making meaning

Liz suggests we need to be more political to make meaning of our knowledge
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Jason Acworth @acworthj presenting on rapid response systems. #DFTB22
Reminds us of the 80s when the hair was worn high and so were the pants!
As an intern, emergency response called only when a patient had stopped breathing or lost cardiac output.

1990s the MET call invented in Sydney. Hospital-wide patient-centred system. #DFTB22
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Franz Babl opens Day 3 #DFTB22 with research roadmaps.

Involving Poobahs / local opinion leaders is important at all stages of research and effecting change.
IV vs NG rehydration

As effective as each other

2ndry outcome key:
Much easier/less attempts to place an NGT
The Hype cycle
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You don't address historical exclusion and marginalisation by treating female life stories as a resource to be repurposed for anyone but female people themselves. In doing that, you reinforce an age-old pattern of exploitation and erasure
When you position a female figure as non-binary, you position them as someone who belongs to a category that is not specific to female people. You take something away from female history and a female legacy. It's the opposite of addressing marginalisation.
And if you think "women have a history! They have history to spare!" here's How To Be A Woman, published 2011, claiming we've done nothing
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I’m more cautious than @Bob_Wachter when it comes to #WearAMask indoors (basically always w/ ppl from outside my 🏡 except briefly when I have to eat). I share his🧵 because this approach is sound: choose deliberately knowing current trends & weighing risk vs benefits. I differ…
On one point: I don’t agree that “the tools now exist” means everyone has the tools. We know that #COVID19 treatments are being underutilized in low-income & minoritized groups. We know that the high-quality N95 😷 that Dr. Wachter concedes are tough to wear all day every day…
Are what is needed to optimally protect workers in high-risk settings (think public mass transit workers, etc). Each time any one of us chooses not to #WearAMask & risks getting infected, we make it more necessary for others to wear N95 level masks to stay safe from us.
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We have listed some seemingly small kind gestures that you can practice today & every day.

1. Opening a door for someone or giving up your seat on the subway for an elderly, sick, or pregnant woman.

#Afrikindness #tuesdaymotivations #tuesdaythoughts
2. Smiling and making eye contact with the salesperson helping you
3. Giving a genuine compliment
4. Helping a friend understand a difficult assignment or task

#Afrikindness #tuesdaymotivations #bekind #beaninspiration
5. Welcoming a new person into an environment
6. Shoveling snow or mowing the lawn for a sick or elderly neighbor

#Afrikindness #tuesdaymotivations #bekind #beaninspiration
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