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Last week @pressprogress (an extension of the Broadbent Institute), asked for the reasons behind my $10,000 donation to @WestWatchCA. I gave some of them in writing, but stated that I bet they wouldn't print in their entirety. I will do so, verbatim. #canpoli
@pressprogress @WestWatchCA In no particular order, those reasons are as follows:

•The Trudeau Liberals are the most incompetent, corrupt and least qualified group to ever lead this country;
@pressprogress @WestWatchCA •It would appear that none of the senior members of the federal government, nor their advisors, have ever studied economics, or perhaps even read about the subject;
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The thing to recognize when dealing with the anti-#transmountain people is that they love the bait and switch argument. This piece by David Hughes and promoted by @ElizabethMay is a classic example… #bcpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli @sjmuir #GPC #NOpipeline 1/
In the piece Mr. Hughes discusses the difference in price between heavy oil in the Gulf and Heavy oil in Asia to argue the @TransMtn is not useful. Except Alberta can't get its oil in volume to the Gulf Coast either #bcpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli #GPC #NOpipeline 2/
So the price comparison is totally irrelevant, he may as well be comparing the price of Alberta oil to the price of apples. What matters is what Alberta is getting for its oil at Hardisty. Compare that to the Asian price #bcpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli #GPC #NOpipeline 3/
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We tracked down "Sue."

The texts from Ontario Strong, BC Strong and more are being run by the same political advertisers at the heart of the 2011 robocall scandal #onpoli #canpoli #bcpoli…
They did not respond to requests for comment saying who is paying for the mass campaign.

But they did unveil the "Canada Strong and Proud" network, which looks poised to do a lot of the same type of advertising in the fall election
Experts say it's a sign our updates to election law simply can't keep up with technology — or the tricks advertisers use to hide their funding sources

tl;dr the internet is a scary place
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Sooo... Under Section 83.181 of the Criminal Code, anyone who leaves or tries to leave Canada to commit an offence that is indictable in Canada is liable to imprisonment for up to 10 years.
So tell me again why ISIS terrorists aren't in prison instead of learning poetry?
Is there not a single Law Firm in Canada who has large enough cajones to challenge the return of these ISIS fighters to Canadian soil? Is there no one in Canada who stands for the safety of our country anymore?
" ... our PM is an individual very much dedicated to the protection of Islamic terrorists. The man ADVOCATES for their return, yet throws up doubts and stumbling blocks when criminal charges are suggested by the RCMP."…
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More photos of Jason Kenney meeting with exhausted firefighters fighting the High Level fire on May 26th have emerged. Remarkable all male crew looks like they just walked into a #CPC fundraiser in Ontario. #Onpoli #Ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli
Here we see Albertan Premier Jason Kenney meeting with local High Level officials encouraging them to keep up that great Albertan resolve that makes rural Alberta the backbone of the country. #Ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli
Remarkably at least one of the local officials has met Jason Kenney in the past at a local cosplay event. Strange goings on at the Circle K. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli
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The NDP need public support to build political pressure to appoint a special prosecutor.

While Kenney & Schweitzer reassure the public that the rule of law is their main priority, they’ll be overseeing an investigation, and decision making into their own actions.
Appoint a special prosecutor for the RCMP investigation of Jason Kenney’s leadership campaign accused of identity fraud, money laundering and Kamikaze campaigning.

@jkenney @doug_schweitzer @RachelNotley @RCMPAlberta
In order for the Alberta and Canadian Public to have confidence in the impartiality and confidence that Justice is not being obstructed, a special prosecutor must be appointed.

#ableg #ABpoli #canpoli
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1. I was not expecting this to be so widely shared & requested.

Folks wanted this in a non-fb format - a Treaty Acknowledgement I gave this week in Urban Planning Committee.

It is very brief and therefore imperfect but maybe it helps.

#yeg #yegcc #abpoli #canpoli #treaty6 #TRC
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Thread. Long: I'm feeling a profound sadness. A deep sadness. One that is inhabiting my very core. Why? I've lived long enough to know what life was like before women won their necessary & long overdue rights. Trust me when I say that April 17, 1982 was a day filled with
boundless joy for women all over #Canada. Our rights were enshrined into our Charter of Rights & Freedoms on that day. It was a very long road from being legally considered “persons” to finally being treated – at least on paper – as equals under the law.

Now I'm seeing our very
hard won rights under attack. Particularly our right to a safe, medical abortion. What's stunning about the anti abortion laws being passed in states like #Alabama is the total lack of understanding about why an abortion is performed. The medical reasons include problems with the
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I'm beginning to wonder if #Canadians are a bit on the masochistic side. Canada is doing very well. Employment is better than its been in 40 years. Our debt to GDP is the best in the G7. Child poverty's been reduced by 20%. Yet given the polls, it looks like we're seriously
considering changing horses in the middle of a stream. The horse we're riding now is strong & healthy. The one we are thinking about riding has a tapeworm. It needs much more food & care than we are able to provide. There's also a good chance that it's lame. But we don't know
that for sure because the lower half of its legs are under water & not visible. How can we not be happy, grateful, for the horse we have? Is it simply a matter of, to paraphrase Voltaire, Perfection being the Enemy of Best? Or are we masochistic? Wanting to feel pain so when a
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Chart shows % Cdn pop under various provincial governments. Red and Blue shading shows balance of power. Bar top shows Fed party in power. Notice the balance between Fed and Prov.

The federal election this year is more important than you might think.

#cdnpoli Thread ….

Canadians seem to naturally achieve political balance by countering swings in provincial politics with opposing federal parties.

The swings are often massive, occurring about every 10 years, with almost total shifts from right to center-left and back.

Interesting how the Charter was created in an environment of very strong Conservative provincial politics.

1982 was a period when more than 2/3 of the provinces were conservative and infamous PET was Prime Minister.

A different time when country came first.

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My grandfather was a soldier in World War II. My family has a history of military service.

The normalization of racial supremacy, the encouragement of it by some political leaders as a path to power, isn’t just abhorrent, it is a threat to our peace & to our communities.

As we mark the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide let me say:

- how easy it is to stoke economic fear and pair it with racial fear. We have history to prove it. We know that road.

- Canada is not immune. We must always be on guard for the small wedge that opens the door.
Atrocity may explode like a powder keg, but it’s never the big event that is the cause, that’s just the effect.

Like the frog in the pot of increasingly heating water, it’s the prejudices, hate & fear that are allowed to spread & given platforms that lead to the boiling point.
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#JFK called them
👉🏻European Imperialists 👈🏻 This is who he was fighting... May he RIP 🙏🏻

#SwissFederation #BIS #PalladiumRite #SecretSocieties
@realDonaldTrump #QAnon

3/ #JFK’s Battle to Free the World from This Horrific Tyranny & How @realDonaldTrump has picked up where President John F. Kennedy left off (Assassinated)...
#ClimateHoax #GeoEngineering #QAnon
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The best explanation of SNC-Lavalin scandal yet!!! FOR ALL CANADIANS 🇨🇦, THIS A VERY POWERFUL MESSAGE CALLING OUT @JustinTrudeau’s POLITICAL INTERFERENCE WITH CANADIAN ZA JUSTICE DEPARTMENT #JodyWilsonRaybould @canpoli @realDonaldTrump
via @YouTube
Just in: Jody Wilson-Raybould’s EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY!!! @JustinTrudeau is IN SERIOUS TROUBLE!!! 🇨🇦 @CanPoli @AndrewScheer @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #HOOAH
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The Dept of Finance Canada announced January 4th that Canada's official international reserves increased by an amount equivalent to US $1,918 million during December to US $83,926 million.

Deposits all made to the Central bank - not the BoC.
🚨Must Read…
Note: Within this report, you'll also notice under "Foreign Currency Reserves" - GOLD = 0

NO GOLD!? Canada can't afford gold after Trudeau? Now considered Foreign currency? Trudeau has sold Canada to the NWO! #TraitorTrudeauMustGo #CanPoli #QAnon #WWG1WGA #MCGA
I will also note:
[They] may not be showing in the Treasury that Canada has GOLD, but we have loads of Gold.. in the ground. Along with many other resources in Canada that have been untapped.
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Meanwhile in Canada: Check out #Unistoten #Gidimten #Wetsuweten for RCMP dismantling First Nations pipeline blockade, complete with mass arrests & limited media because we do so love hiding it when we silence protests.

#bcpoli, but also indigenous rights & climate change.
Add on #ShutDownCanada #TheTimeIsNow to hashtags to explore on the conflict going on in Canada right now, especially as it’s expanding beyond the pipeline blockade arrests.

I don’t think I can fairly summarize, but I do think we need eyes on this. #bcpoli #canpoli
Q: ...uh, I’m going to need at least some context.
A: This doesn’t get at any historical context, but does solidly cover current events. CBC’s @pieglue is on-site.…
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Just regular folks. Dude on the left. See Q Anon sign. I invite you to google that one if you don’t already know. Fine people these yellow vest protesters. Endorsed by a UCP MLA don’t you know. #ableg
Let's check the yellow vest Facebook site. What do we have there? #Ableg
And another one from the yellow vest Facebook site. @DrewBarnesMLA are you really sure that you should be endorsing this movement? #Ableg
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Dec.10 Trudeau plans to sign the #UNMigrationPact, which will ensure Canada 3rd world status within years.

While MSM keeps your attention on the south, (Look HERE, not THERE!), the Great North is in trouble - and we need help!

This is a must read👇🏼

We can do better than this! 👇🏼
ONLY 37,518 sigs!?

Trudeau just bought CDN media for $600 million to make sure Cdns stay sleepy.

Let your voice be heard! 🗣

Sign petition here:…

We call upon @JustinTrudeau to withdraw immediately! 🇨🇦
3. Don't wait until it's too late Canada! #FloodTheHill
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#CSPC2018 panel on #scienceadvice starts!

@DLEKirkwood chief scientist of @NRCan says issue is not do much making sure science is valued in govt (seems it is) but to ensure evidence is used in policy. Plus, policy is inherently quicker than science.

#scipol #canpoli #cdnsci
... The challenge for new science advisors and chief scientists is to ensure that the need for #EBDM in policy is understood across the department, across govt. #CSPC2018
#CSPC2018 Sarah Gallagher @csa_asc says building relationships btw scientists and policymakers (#scicomm skills helpful here!) is key
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1. Today my partner and kids sat behind a table of seniors having lunch. We got to sit and listen to them talking about upcoming elections. And how we're being hurt by Indians and immigrants and the Chinese.
2. As we sat with our indigenous kids we were treated to older people talking about how they would vote for parties that would make sure immigrants and minorities would stay in line and 'follow the rules.'
3. They ate their lunch cooked and served by immigrants, sitting beside aboriginal children, discussing how they would vote to keep immigrants and minorities from wanting too much.
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Businesses raise their prices *without* the minimum wage going up allathetime! #cdnecon
Exhibit A: Tim Horton's raised the price of a cup of coffee in
2011 by 7¢ ("rising prices of coffee beans")
2014 by 10¢ ("rising operations costs", with coffee bean prices and, oh yah, costs of [$11B] Burger King deal identified)
August 2017 by 10¢ ("rising operations costs")
You will note not one of those rising costs were wages.
Put price rises in context. Any rising input cost is a rising cost. Period.
Including executive pay and mergers and acquisitions.
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