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Reminder that the Oath Keepers supported Cliven Bundy in the armed standoff with the federal govt. You know who else has supported Bundy? Roger Stone, Paul Gosar, & Kelli Ward. January 6 & the #fraudits were practically a reunion. My latest piece:…
As the Daily Kos wrote in 2017, “[t]he American militia movement over the last few decades has periods of relative silence, in which the groups stew over past grudges, & then there’s a flashpoint. If that anger boils over down the road, [Roger] Stone will have had a hand in it.”
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Reminder that the Oathkeepers supported Clive Bundy in the armed standoff with the federal govt. You know who else supported Bundy? Roger Stone, Paul Gosar, & Kelli Ward. January 6 & the #fraudits were practically a reunion. 1/ @splcenter #RogerStone…
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Either he's lying, too lazy to look up these facts, or both. 🧵
Facts on Bidens actions on climate. Rejoined Paris agreement, huge investment in infrastructure, new and restored regulations via executive order and administrative action.…
Student loan relief extended till May.…
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Either we listen to experts or we don’t. Democrats and Republicans have decided that we don’t. Neither party introduced a law that wld require rigorous election audits in 2022. Ds congratulate themselves for conceding, Rs congratulate themselves 4 #fraudits, & so shall it be. 🤬
And I’m pissed off. 🤬
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Remember when Ali Alexander, Roger Stone. & Jacob Engels OPPOSED recounts in 2018? These bad faith actors always accuse their opponents of fraud, regardless of facts, bc it is propaganda. It dates back to 2000. h/t ⁦@LeaLovesUSA#narrativewarfare 1/…
2/ Seriously. I know many of us already know they have screamed “stop the steal” since 2000 but it is nonetheless infuriating to see it spelled out so clearly in 2018.
3/ Jack Posobiec was involved too.
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.@theDemocrats: If u don’t improve & expand official election audits, Rs will use the inadequacy of most such audits as a pretext 4 more #fraudits. America’s foremost auditing expert told me in October that most official audits aren’t good enuf. 👇… 1/
Yes, we shld worry that hackers cld change votes w/o detection due to our inadequate official audits. We shld also worry that Rs will use the inadequacy of official election audits as a pretext to #fraudit future Dem wins. Weak audits are a lose/lose proposition. Fix this. 2/
Still skeptical? Check out this CAP report from 2018, which gave Arizona a D grade on election security due in part to its inadequate official audits. (Ironically, Maricopa received higher marks than the rest of the state.) 3/…
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Once upon a time in a country called America, a power-hungry political party called the GOP enjoyed about fifteen years of poll-defying victories after ensuring that America’s election system made it impossible to prove fraud. 1/
2/ They got away w/ it bc Democrats almost always conceded without a fight and because anyone who suspected fraud was called “tin foil” since they couldn’t prove it.
3/ America’s 2020 election flipped this situation on its head.
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This is what I think about the Arizona #fraudit. It is propaganda. I oppose it. That said, most official audits in the US are theatre. Most experts would have said this before the Big Lie. We need laws requiring meaningful manual election audits for ALL federal races in 2022. 1/
2/ Otherwise, in 2022, we will just have #fraudits of Democratic wins and no meaningful manual audits of GOP wins, even if they defy the polls as occurred in 2020. This is a five alarm fire.
3/ This is what a friend of mine who studies audits wrote about Maricopa’s official audit. It was theatre. That does not excuse the GOP cherry picking Maricopa and Dominion. Again, most US election audits are theatre.
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