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I remember when the key witness in the #RogerStone trial, #RandyCredico, sent me the violent and threatening note he just received from Roger Stone. Other threats followed...…
I told Randy, “Stop protecting this guy. #RogerStone is dangerous, a psychopathic narcissist. And he is certainly not your friend.” Credico finally saw the light when Stone threatened little Bianca, Randy’s therapy dog.…
And now Stone, convicted today, faces 20 years in prison for threatening Bianca (and Randy).… #RogerStone #RandyCredico #WikiLeaks #RogerStoneTrial
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The Cast of the Ukraine Follies: the Fraud Squad: Trump Sr, Trump Jr, Manafort, Erik Prince's attorney. Sputtering Giuliani. the Fraud Guarantee twins vs Career state department employees willing to testify under oath. Get ready to rumble.…
And less we forget....Manafort's business partner, Trump sycophant and dirty trickster...guilty on all 7 counts. And yet another connection of Trump to Russia.…
and who was peddling the bullshit to Trump that it was Ukraine behind the hack and not Russia? Ta da...#RogerStone.…
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<THREAD> Back in March I told you the #RogerStone case was the central crime In #Trump-Russia and for #Mueller's prosecution of #DonaldTrump. It was a ticking time bomb which began detonating in slow motion today. @maddow @narativlive…
2. And in February I outlined how Oleg Deripaska was the central figure in that central crime. He still is. Kinda makes you regret taking that dirty money from him, doesn't it #MoscowMitch? Both these NARATIV'S are worth a re-read. @narativlive…
Join me on NARATIV next Wednesday for live coverage of the #ImpeachmentInquiry.
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Here’s the now deleted tweet my closeup was taken from: (emoji mine)
FISA on Roger Stone would mean @realDonaldTrump’s calls to him were lawfully recorded as incidental collection.
Stone lived in Trump Tower, where Donald baselessly said Obama put a “wiretapp”[sic] on “my phones”.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, Team Treason.
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#ADOS #Reparations2020 #LineageMatters #WeComing

#ADOSPolitics and #AlSharpton are NOT in alignment, for the record.

It’s about time we discuss the duplicitous nature of the good brother Rev. Al Sharpton.…
#ADOS #ADOSPolitics #AlSharpton
According to the NYT, “Mr. Trump cut the ribbon at Mr. Sharpton’s National Action Network annual convention in 2002. & in 2006, Mr. Trump returned to the convention, standing next to Mr. Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson&the singer James Brown.”
#ADOS do you remember the Boondocks episode where #AlSharpton ‘s character was in cahoots with #AnnCoulter to using black tragedies for money? The quote about Al needing a nemesis is gold. Both Ann & Al make their money by knowing who to rile up and who to oppose.
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#Retweet - #BillBinney LIVE tonight , 9PM EST on #LaRouche weekly fireside chat

#RussiaHoax #RussiaGate #Binney #NSA

[2] Binney - All timestamps of the DNC email files have been rounded off in their timestamps. This is a clear fingerprint of the FAT (File allocation Table) file system that would be used on a thumb drive or a CDROM. Clear evidence of a physical copy.
[3] Binney- Mueller never asked about any evidence of clear use of local copying that Binney has available. Mueller didnt document it in the #MuellerReport. Mueller went out of his way to avoid any mention of any evidence that is known to exist that shows there was no Russia Hack
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1.#Maddow @MaddowBlog Rachel reminds us #PaulManafort was a lawyer- cuz he was #Disbarred today in DC-Cuz he's in prison.#WhoKnew! #MichaelCohen is now in prison.#TrumpJr is Not-but has been subpoenaed by #SenateIntelligenceCommittee Re #TrumpTower #Moscow…
2. #Maddow @MaddowBlog Bless #AmyBermanJackson - She is playing 4-dimensional chess while #RogerStone is playing Snakes & Ladders. Judge demands #unredacted #MuellerReport in Roger Stone case @dsamuelsohn.
3.#Maddow @MaddowBlog @HouseIntel Chair @RepAdamSchiff:#Intelligence briefings stopped after #Comey was fired.#Congress can use power of #ContemptOfCongress to imprison people who refuse 2 comply w/subpoenas, or levy fines of $25,000/day until they comply.
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Burden of Proof: a practical primer. I'm getting hecka tired of Trumpsters looking to #exonerate #Trump because the #MuellerReport didn't indict him of #collusion, #conspiracy, or #campaignfinanceviolations. This isn't a binary choice, there are levels, and Trump IS NOT at 0.
Some Evidence: The lowest level, a single piece of evidence that collusion or conspiracy occurred, though it can be explained away by other means but points the undisclosed meeting with Russian officials for example.
Reasonable Indications: Considering how the motivations and circumstances line up with the presented evidence though each could be explained away by other facts. Trump's long standing interest in a #TrumpTower in #Moscow and whispers of the existence of #Russian #Compromat.
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1. For those of you who think that Trump could not have known that Li Yang was trafficking in sex slaves and that he knew her merely as a successful business woman - let me disabuse you of your naïveté
2. At least 23 women have accused Trump of sexual assault. Not 1, not 5, not 10. 23!…
3. Trump's longtime business partner, Tevfik Arif, who also lived in Trump Tower and had his business offices there, trafficked in under age Eastern European girls…
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@Mrs_Urgent_Fury @Girlinmiddle9 @Livid2point0 @lovetotravel960 @Trumped18 @Urgent_Fury1 @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @DigitalPatriotQ @Q1295tinman @occulturalism @onebigsister @Sandfarmer007 I have been saying this for a very long time!!! If you dig, Cohen Refused to accept #CrowdJustice 💰, stating it was cash from the Liberals... 🤔 What Crowdfunding Source Funds #StormyDaniels???
I have lots of sauce, SOOO GLAD I DIDNT HAVE TIME TO WRITE IT!!! #Mighty200 😉
@Mrs_Urgent_Fury @Girlinmiddle9 @Livid2point0 @lovetotravel960 @Trumped18 @Urgent_Fury1 @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @DigitalPatriotQ @Q1295tinman @occulturalism @onebigsister @Sandfarmer007 #RogerStone A White Hat plant?
Re: #AlexJones 🤔
#StormyDaniels #Cohen @FBI Raid used to introduce evidence otherwise proteced by Attorney/ Client Privilege? #Crowdfunding? 🤔
#Mueller? #HRC Neutralized??
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#TrumpRussia #ImpeachTrump

#MichaelCohen will testify that #DonaldTrump knew #RogerStone talked with #WikiLeaks about stolen email release:
July 6 2016, WikiLeaks emails the GRU in order to release stolen Hillary Clinton documents before Democratic National Convention. The objective is to create dischord between Bernie Sanders supporters, and Hillary Clinton supporters.
July 14 2016, Guccifer 2.0 gives WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, information for accessing emails stolen by the GRU.
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🚨Yikes! Roger Stone posted an image of his Judge Amy Berman Jackson in crosshairs!! This is exactly the kind of menacing mobster tactic you see in autocratic mafia states like Russia. He seems to have deleted it, but sees nothing wrong with doing it.😨
“Notice of Apology”?? That’s a new and unheard of court filing. Thanks to TrumPutin, the bottom feeding fringe scum of the earth sets new lows & precedents in unchartered waters. Roger Stone said he was “misinterpreted.” A typical excuse for mind- & language-bending propagandists
#RogerStone—Just a poor propagandist tryin' to put food on the table🤑Judge didn't buy it or his apologies, issues full gag order, noting "Roger Stone knows full well the power of words and the power of symbols. There's nothing ambiguous about crosshairs"…
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In what world does Roger Stone's new book *not* prejudice potential jurors in his upcoming criminal trial?…
@skyhorsepub Stone's lawyers and witnesses can't make prejudicial statements the media. Stone can talk to the media, except at the courthouse.

TLDR: Stone doesn't appear to have broken the current terms of the gag order, but at what point do the terms need to change?…
@skyhorsepub BTW, of course @TuckerCarlson pushed #RogerStone's book the same day Stone got arrested.

Tucker is the most watched basic cable program in the 8 p.m. timeslot. It's not as if nobody saw this.
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1. And another morning epiphany. But first a point: A mule (someone who delivers something from one place to another) is not necessarily the source. If you want plausible deniability, you use a mule and make it appear that the mule is the source.…
2. That #Sanchez is the the fall-guy for this is no surprise. His involvement with #RogerStone and #CarterPage is the key. And this brings me to my morning epiphany: was the FBI raid on #RogerStone's house because of his involvement in this conspiracy?
3. #Bezos was investigating already, which means that by then he had already alerted authorities and #DeBecker's contacts in LE. The raid on Stone seemed to be one of great urgency. The warrant was obtained the night before. Usually such raids are done in non-violent cases if...
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.@POTUS .@GenFlynn .@LarryEKlayman .@TomFitton

(1) Yesterday I had a meeting with an attorney. The #FBI rolled in before I got there & spread their usual Bravo Sierra disinformation package. As usual, they had their street monkeys waiting outside & engaging in street-theater.
(2) You can tell when the #FBI "primes" disinformation recipients, because they have common bogus narratives which they disseminate, obviously based on their perversions,, sexual deviancy and psychopathy.

The attorney refused to listen to any of my statements ....
(3) was verbally abusive and then began to insult a specific family member - whom (unbeknownst to him) #corrupt #FBI personnel & #JTTF have targeted as well.

The insults were based on the separation between us, which the #FBI initiated and exacerbated. As a cheap ....
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1.)Has anyone here ever heard of Arthur Andersen vs. United States?

Get familiar with it! @GenFlynn, @PaulManafort, @GeorgePapa19, #RogerStone, #RickGates @MichaelCohen212 & others should really know who is pulling the strings in the Mueller investigation…
2.)The Supreme Court issued a quick, unanimous and concise defeat to the Government overturning the accounting company’s conviction for obstruction of justice. The Chief Justice’s opinion for the Court was issued less than five weeks later.😏…
3.) On @marklevinshow Life, Liberty & Levin last night he interviews @SidneyPowell1 on her book License to Lie & the Enron/ Andersen case as it pertains to events happening today as well as the main characters & their unethical prosecution of innocent people.
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1. #RogerStone was arrested by a small army of FBI agents. Your trusted (HAHAHA) news source, CNN, just so happened to be on the scene. Can I tell you, if you don't believe this was a purposeful setup, you've been watching too many t.v. crime shows!
2. Do you understand how strange this is? The CNN reporters even stated, other RM targets of the investigation did NOT have this type of treatment or the swarm of heavily armed agents performing the warrant. many high risk, felony warrant services are done with...
3. ...a major media in tail? Who alerted CNN? Why CNN? Exposure! RM recently defended DJT against a BuzzFeed article that was full of lies. Suddenly, the left and the #DeepState were worried that RM MAY NOT be their savior after all! All of that was squashed with this!
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on @MSNBC - @MalcolmNance comments on #RogerStone and his reaction to indictment by #MuellerInvestigation
on @MSNBC -@MalcolmNance points out that #RogerStone is the "ultimate dirty trickster" and revels in these actions
on @msnbc - @MalcolmNance - "Julian Assange is overdue" for an indictment.
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New Thread
Roger Stone Falsely INDICTED
#FakeNewsCNN on the Scene
#FBI raid on Stones house in DC?
Why? Optics>>Illusion
Watch the Thread
FBI AGENTS dressed in full tactical gear as if this is #ISIS terrorist. Is DS trying to Play Games Again with us?
Who is Andrew Weissmann??
Next Q target??
Connects to HRC? Uranium1?
Now Question this isn't @seanhannity wearing a #Q pin?
Has Q really gone mainstream on Hannity & Tucker?
#QAnon #QAnon2019 #QArmy
Look at pins in Picture 2.
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You may find this hard to believe but there’s a part of me that is profoundly and sincerely disappointed in Robert Mueller. I really thought that above all he cared about his own image and his own legacy and at least paid some remote lipservice to the rule of law. Silly me.
@AndrewCMcCarthy appearing with @TuckerCarlson repeatedly referred to #WikiLeaks as WIKEY LEAKS. Are you telling me that this expert throughout the course of his evaluation and review never heard the correct pronunciation of the word that has been front and center for years?
Had #RobertMueller felt confident and proud about the arrest of #RogerStone he would not have allowed it to occur on a Friday thus relegating the story to weekend news #BlackHole status. America has the attention span of a gnat and by Monday will have forgotten the entire event.
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The unnamed “Person 2” in the #RogerStone indictment is my friend: comic and journalist #RandyCredico. I’ve been in constant contact with Credico for two years as Stone tried to bully him into perjury.…
Trump stooge Stone is a bucket of pus. And he lied to the House Intelligence Committee, as the indictment states. But, frankly, this is small potatoes, not evidence of collusion with Russia. In fact it's evidence of Stone’s slapstick, self-promoting failed attempts to collude.
What concerns me is that the #RogerStone indictment reveals Mueller’s real targets are what he terms “Organization 1,” @Wikileaks, and #JulianAssange.…
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1/ Who am I?

I'm a #CVE researcher who studies the process of radicalization, social groups, and movements. In short, I look for ways to prevent people like the #CovingtonBoys from swiping even further right & endorsing white nationalism, ethnic separatism, or dom. terrorism.
2/ On Twitter, I identify as a “#ProudBoys Whisperer,” a tongue in cheek reference to the ethnographic fieldwork I do. This work involves many conversations like the one below.

3/ I also look for ways to help men and women innoculate themselves from falling down the #antifeminist/anti-#SJW /conspiratorial rabbit hole.
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It might be a good day to go back and look over this #RogerStone
Stone also met with Russian Henry Greenberg, who offered him $2 million.…
Greenberg is the guy who Caputo put in contact with #RogerStone.…
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Remember when Rebel Media’s Washington bureau chief Jack Posobiec was ID’d as the origin of Russian-hacked Macron emails, & partied with Roger Stone at Milo’s the night before?
#cdnpoli #RogerStone #tictoc…
Posobiec linked to #SethRich, Pizzagate, #SyriaHoax.

Here’s a tweet by a Sputnik correspondent the night before the #MacronLeaks dump went viral— #cdnpoli
Oh look at this—Posobiec with Flynn at the RNC convention. Flynn’s the guy who said the campaign had an “army of digital soldiers” running the campaign “like an insurgency”... #cdnpoli
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