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George Santos is charged with 13 counts of fraud, lying, theft, embezzlement, and making false sworn statements. But while that case is in New York, its origins trace back to Melbourne, FL. Image
2/ Heres that tweet by @MeidasTouch which includes a link to the full indictment.

3/ Melbourne and Merritt Island FL are located in Brevard County which is home to Kennedy Space Center. Its also where Moms For Liberty originated, #1 for arrested capitol rioters, and home to well as many other shady circus characters.

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CNPer Ed Martin asked TFG to pardon Roger Stone for Stone’s obstruction of the Wikileaks investigation. Stone had hidden his ties to Jerome Corsi, his WL conduit, who also was involved in the sketchy events preceding the reopened HRC email probe. Martin is close to Corsi too. 1/

21/ Ed Martin’s CNP buddy, Jerome Corsi, also is the guy who led the “swift boating” hit on John Kerry in 2004. The rot runs deep with the CNP (and Roger Stone). h/t @rocksuitcase
22/ The World Congress of Families is the top organization linking the Kremlin to the Christian Right.
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I’ve been trying to figure this out. And finally an answer. It was at the Dec 2018 American Priority Conference that Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs rubbed elbows w/ Sarah Huckabee Sanders and KellyAnne Conway. 1/ Image
2/ Image
3/ So KellyAnne Conway & Sarah Huckabee Sanders mugged for the camera at a conference w/ the Proud Boys about 2 months AFTER the big assault initiated by the Proud Boys in New York in Oct 2018. The GOP embraces domestic terrorism.… Image
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The phrase “Great Awakening” has been used extensively by Alexander Dugin, QAnon, & the NAR (a dominionist movement whose leaders have heavy Kremlin leanings). 2/
3/ Alexander Dugin & the Great Awakening.…
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As 2022 comes to a close, here’s a brief #cdnpoli year in review. In January/22 we saw the launch of a destabilization op (that just *happened* to coincide with the lead up to Putin’s attack on #Ukraine). #FreeDumbConvoy #FluTruxKlan
#FluTruxKlan #FreeDumbConvoy was pushed hard by multiple malign players & boosted by inauthentic activity, including by foreign threat actors. #Cdnpoli #CdnpoliYearInReview #goodbye2022
Feb/22 #NevrePoilievre officially launched his “prime minister” bid using #FluTruxKlan op, even though we’d just had an election months earlier & O’Toole was still #CPCldr.

#Cdnpoli #CdnpoliYearInReview #goodbye2022
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Roger Stone endorsed indicted former Proud Boy Nicholas Ochs in his run for state legislature in Sept. 2020. Seems Ochs was in a special chat group with indicted former Proud Boy national chairman Enrique Tarrio, a close friend and “volunteer” of #RogerStone. Stone & Ochs. 👇1/ Image
Jan. 6 video “shows former Hawaii Proud Boy Nick Ochs throwing an object at police and videotaping his friend Nicholas DeCarlo defacing a door.Another video shows DeCarlo throwing a smoke grenade at the officers, forgetting to take the pin out.” 9/7/22
“(Expletive) I just threw it without pulling out the pin,” DeCarlo said in the video. “(Expletive) it. You gotta pull the pin to throw it.” 3/
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📝#MarALago#VirginiaGiuffre mineure a été recrutée pour des massages par Maxwell/Epstein

Entre Roger J. Stone Jr (1) & #MKron le drone VRP (1a), Trump les relie dans son classement, incluant docs et photos

#JeanMichelTrogneux Image
#Компромат на #Макрона

"Les autorités françaises enquêtent sur ce que Trump voulait dire lorsqu'il prétendait connaître des détails juteux sur la vie personnelle du président français Emmanuel Macron"

#Sexpionnage #Sextorsion

#MKron #JeanMichelTrogneux

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I feel like @HillaryClinton should drop an album tonight. 💫
🎶 One, two, three to the fō… no-knock warrant the @FBI is at da dō. 🎶

-@HillaryClinton said in her @SnoopDogg voice
When he heard the commotion downstairs Trump said, 🎶holllld up, wait a minute” in his #DJSmurf voice.

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I believe this excerpt is from 2017. Jack Posobiec was intensively mentored by Roger Stone. #OathKeepers #RogerStone 1/
3/ Excerpt from my Roger Stone series re: Posobiec, Stone, and the 2016 RNC
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In the Summer of 2017, “a fake Julian Assange account was the most influential contributor to the #Antifa hashtag (as measured by engagement), & both Roger Stone…& Nigel Farage were also among the top influencers…” by @RVAwonk, 9/1/17 #RogerStone 1/…
2/ “The third most influential contributor to the #Antifa hashtag was one of the many fake Antifa accounts (BevHillsAntifa) created in the spring and summer of 2017.”
3/ Moreover, within the same four-hour window (4pm-8pm) on 8/27/17, “Antifa went from ninth place to sixth place among the most frequently used hashtags within the sample of 600 accounts linked to Russian influence campaigns.” 👀
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“The Proud Boys Have Already Been Used to Intimidate Those Holding Trump Accountable - and Bill Barr Has Protected Them” - emptywheel - @emptywheel⁩ wrote this in September 2020. Must read. #RogerStone #ProudBoys 1/…
Recall that Roger Stone was convicted not only of perjury & obstruction of Justice, but also of witness intimidation after telling Randy Credico (an adverse witness) to “prepare to die, cocks#cker.” Credico took the threat seriously bc of Stone’s ties to the Proud Boys gang. 2/
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Four takeaways from the sixth day of Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot hearings
@Reuters #Trump @moirawarburton…
-@RepLizCheney: General Flynn, do you believe in the peaceful transition of power in the United States of America?
-#MichaelFlynn: The Fifth
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This thread is about #ClayClark, a South Dakota-based former DJ, business podcaster & founder of the ReAwaken America tour. /1
#ClayClark was an early partner with #RogerStone on the Big Lie Stop the Steal movement & works with #MikeFlynn. He helps them with outreach to the Pentacostal, charismatic & “prosperity Gospel” communities. /2
Of local interest, #ClayClark’s productions have featured at least FIVE #Sarasota-based conspiracy theorists: #MikeFlynn, #PatrickByrne, #AnnVandersteel, #JohnMichaelChambers, & #RajDoraisamy. /3…
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7/5/20, Trump slammed in the polls
7/8/20, Proud Boys Biggs, Tarrio, & Nordean form Warboys, LLC
7/9/20, Roger Stone makes bogus claim that Ds will try to “steal” the election
7/10/20, Trump signs commutation of Stone’s sentence #January6th @meidas_anita #RogerStone
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This thread investigates Moms for America, its history, founder, involvement with January 6 Big Lie Stop the Steal activism, & post-Jan. 6 activism with #MikeFlynn, anti-CRT, anti-masking, anti-public education & the trucker convoy. /1
Moms for America, formerly Homemakers of America, was founded by #KimberlyFletcher in 2004 & changed names in 2018. Moms for America Action is the 501c4 political advocacy & lobbying arm. /2…
The Moms for America corporate address is Englewood, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. The payments & correspondence address is Mansfield, Texas, in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. /3
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In 2019, Roger Stone’s close associates (Jacob Engels & Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio) initiated an effort to designate anti-fascists (“Antifa”) as a terrorist organization. On 1/5/21, Trump issued a “memo” to move this ball forward. @January6thCmte @IGD_News #RogerStone 1/
3/ Talk about propaganda. Here is the full text of Trump’s January 5 “Antifa” memo.
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Never forget that Roger Stone is good friends with indicted Proud Boys leaders Enrique Tarrio & Joe Biggs. “RWDS” means Right Wing Death Squad. 1/ ImageImage
More Joe Biggs. 2/ Image
More Joe Biggs. 3/ Image
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“It’s already known that [Roger] Stone lobbied for pardons for both [Matt] Gaetz & [Joel] Greenberg.” But “Stone also advocated for a pardon for…Stephen Alford, a serial fraudster from the Florida panhandle.” By ⁦@SollenbergerRC
3/14/22 #RogerStone…
“While it’s unclear how Alford is connected to Stone—or how Alford is connected to Trump—he does have quite the record.
In the 2000s, Alford was convicted in Florida for fraud and grand theft in excess of $100K. In 2015, he was indicted on a $6 M fraud and extortion scheme,…” 1/
Two years later, Alford “was sentenced to five years in prison. He was released in March 2019 on 10 years probation, according to records with the Florida Department of Corrections, and those convictions would appear the likely subject of his pardon request.” 2/
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This happened on 10/16/20 #RogerStone 1/
On 11/3/20, Roger Stone attempted to minimize his involvement in “Stop the Steal” organizations. Notice the careful wording. 2/…
At some point, Roger Stone was apparently recruiting members for this “stop the steal committee.” Will try to pinpoint the date. @CentristRn 3/
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Here Roger Stone denies being a lobbyist. 1/
But this says he registered as a lobbyist. Something to do with Somalia. 2/
I’m sure it’s fine… Buffalo is where one of his protégés, Mike Caputo, is from. 3/
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After reading my profile of his pre-2016 escapades, Roger Stone has admitted nothing, denied everything, and made counter-accusations. 1/ #RogerStone
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Well worth a read: Facebook’s takedown of Roger Stone’s network of fake accounts. July 2020 Graphika report. #RogerStone…
“April Goad,” a fake FB account that was in Roger Stone’s network, is discussed on p. 39. Although not discussed much here, this account was used to amplify smears by Stone’s pal Joel Greenberg of a political opponent named Brian Beute. Greenberg pled guilty to stalking him. 1/
Greenberg had impersonated a student in a letter he sent to Beute’s school (Beute is a music teacher) in which Greenberg falsely accused Beute of child molestation. A Central Florida Post video amplified the smear & was posted by the fake Goad Facebook account. 2/
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