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1/ Thread.
Alt-Right/White Supremacists/Nationalists/whatever are attempting to set up Congressmen

Pictures of #RogerStone, Mike Cernovich, Charles C Johnson, Paul Watson, and others knowing beforehand or are offering money for those who accuse #Franken of being a "predator"
2/ Charles C Johnson, an atrocious figure who is notorious for fake smear campaigns and acted as a liaison between #Don #Trump Jr, and Assange/Wikileaks.
Here he is offering $20,000 for information on sexual harassment claims regarding Congressmen.
#Franken #RogerStone #AlFranken
3/ Here is an image of Cernovich's offer of $10,000 for information regarding sexual harassment claims.
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1/ COUNTDOWN TO FREEDOM... aka Christmas Wish List... aka All I want for Christmas... aka The 12 Days of Christmas...
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#RogerStone 's official stament on the above story
Randy Credico is a good man. He's extraordinarily talented and has come back from personal adversity. (1)
He often uses street theater and satire to illustrate the hypocrisy of our current drug laws and in his fight for prison reform. He is a fighter for Justice.cThe Committee is wasting their time. He merely confirmed what Assange had said publicly. He was correct. (2)
Wikileaks did have the goods on Hillary and they did release them.

Credico's three interviews of Julian Assange on WBAI are an example of excellent radio journalism. (3)
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Anon using story I proved false. Hid every possible detail. There was HUGE smear campaign against him, 1st run. It appears to be material a decade old and software used is as old or older.
Metadata doesn't like. People do.
Using fake story is giveaway
Each of the 1st two I disproved. They increasingly are covering tracks, but not well. #RogerStone at least used to follow me. See EXIF 1st, photo, so 2nd photo he screenshot to remove, I showed that. Now it's anon on everything.
There are~180mm women. Not hard a few to lie.
And the fact that the story was the same as another that is demonstrably false, indicates a rehearsed script. As was the 1st accuser used a rehearsed line to claim Franken made up on the spot.
This all looks planned.
Also, his wife was with him at at least one of those events AND
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1. Thread.
Hypothesis on the #LindsayMenz allegations that @SenFranken grabbed her ass during a photo at a fair, while he was senator.
Let's start by looking into the EXIF file of the photo.
2/ The EXIF data contains #metadata which is like a blueprint of the photo. It shows #camera model, date created, modified, flash on/off, basically everything. The image is attached.:It shows the modified date: 11/19/17 and the time of 16:49.02 or 4PM49mins.
This image is odd and
3/ I will explain why the data is odd. That is the entire list. The metadata should be multiple pages. See the attached file for an example of one image. This is from the #AlFranken "grope" picture. (It is fake 2 see my pinned tweet) See how much more info there is? BUT IF YOU
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1/ @SenFranken, you were set up.
Roger Stone knew beforehand
He encourages Trump to go after investigators @alfranken
#Tweeden is regular panelist on Hannity
The picture is literally Photoshopped
Create: 12/21/06 modified: 7/1/09 one day after recount win
Coincidence? No
2/ @alfranken asked for investigation on HIMSELF. What else would he do? Dont say anything, looks bad. Deny outright, looks VERY bad. Say he didn't remember it the same way, apologies and asks for an investigation on *himself*
An independent investigation clears him
3/ Tweeden gains a lot from this.
Could be a big star, viewed as a hero.
She has a huge platform now.
She may end up taking down a senator.
She could get a book deal, TV interviews
What's she have to lose?
She would get a promotion at Fox. She's is already a frequent on HannityπŸ˜‚
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Senator Franken, you were set up
Roger Stone knew of this beforehand
He encourages Trump to go after the investigators, ie. you
Tweeden is a regular guest on HANNITY
The picture is literally photoshopped 7/1/09 you won Senate recount 6/30/09. Look at the metadata.
Coincidence? No
Sean Hannity refers to Ms. Tweeden as a regular on the panel (of guests)
So who do we believe? A senator who asked for an investigation on himself or, a frequent guest on Hannity in collision with Trump and Roger Stone?
She has also smeared Joy Behar.
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The women & men who worked on @HillaryClinton's campaign were extraordinary people. To see them dismissed by Brazile is so ugly & cruel.
I met many of these folks over the course of the 2yrs I covered the election & women like @ZerlinaMaxwell & @jmpalmieri were so helpful.
And a reminder that one thing we lost was a Cabinet filled with women & POC--like HRC's staff has ALWAYS been & as she pledged to voters.
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Pick up the ☎️ + let Trump sycophant MATT GAETZ know we want #FireproofMueller
Time to #FireproofMueller
Trump water boy MATT GAETZ of #Florida πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ wants Mueller out.…
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