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1/ 🔥 Speeding Up Your R Code: Profiling, Benchmarking, and Parallelization 🚀 Ever felt like your R code could run faster? In this thread, we'll explore advanced techniques to optimize and parallelize your code. Stay tuned! #RStats #AdvancedR #DataScience Image
2/ 🕵️‍♂️ Profiling: Before optimizing, you need to know where your code bottlenecks are. Use R's built-in tools like Rprof() and summaryRprof() or the profvis package to visualize and analyze your code's performance. #profiling #RStats #DataScience
3/ ⏱️ Benchmarking: Compare different implementations of a function or solution using the microbenchmark or bench package. This will help you choose the most efficient approach. #benchmarking #RStats #DataScience
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@boblautenbach @Alan_L_Lovejoy @Ryu_Zoku Yes Chris Lattner is very interesting, been following his #LLVM and #SWIFT work.

@boblautenbach @Alan_L_Lovejoy @Ryu_Zoku Actually #ZokuTalk adopts the portion of SWIFT #EBNF for #Unicode as they seems have done good job on that, as well as parts of the EBNF for numerics such as "1_234.00" to expand privative data types entry.

@boblautenbach @Alan_L_Lovejoy @Ryu_Zoku Borrowing C & Assembly data types: 0b0011, 0xFF, keeping 16r0A, plus many others.

Actually the numeric formats are one of more complicated part of the #EBNF of #ZokuTalk and the only non-#MOBS (#Messages #Objects #Block #Syntax) part of the evolved syntax.

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