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Data Science - The most hyped domain of 21st century. With my last @Clubhouse discussion is where I understood people should know more about what DS is. So to my knowledge, I felt to share a thread on what all roles can be found in this field as DS is not about just analysis!!
Data Engineer - Main responsibility is to manage the Data Architecture and develop algorithms based yo make the featured raw data more in a usable manner especially for Enterprise field. (1/9)
Data Scientist - The Myth everyone thinks when the word Data Science is used. Scraping and fetching meaningful information from the data and outcast in an insightful manner. (2/9)
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Ever wondered how a Data Scientist thinks about a problem? Here are the major steps involved in tackling a data science problem.

Thread 🧵👇

#DataScience #MachineLearning #100DaysOfCode
1. Business Understanding: We should have clarity of what is the exact problem we are going to solve.

What is the problem that we are trying to solve? - Asking the right questions as a Data Scientist starts with understanding the goal of the business.
2. Analytical Approach: How can we use data to answer the question? We should decide the analytical approach to follow which can be of 4 types
- Descriptive
- Statistical
- Predictive
- Prescriptive
and it indicates the necessary data content, formats, and sources to be gathered
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Top 7 interesting careers related to Data Science to explore. Pick one and start learning.

Thread 🧵👇

#DataScience #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #BigData
1. Data Scientist

Data scientist use their analytical and technical capabilities to extract meaningful insight from data.
2. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning engineer's final output is the working software, and their audience for this output consists of other software components that run automatically with minimal human supervision. The decisions are made by machines.
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Everything you need to know about Strings in Python for Data Science

Thread 🧵👇

#DataScience #Python #100daysofcodechallenge
📌Looping Through a String

Since strings are arrays, we can loop through the characters in a string, with a for loop.
📌String Length
To get the length of a string, use the len() function.

📌Check String
To check if a certain phrase or character is present in a string, we can use the keyword in.
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When beginners start with #DataScience, the biggest pain point is finding good datasets for projects.
Luckily, there are many good public #datasets available! 📈🤓

Here are places you can find them! ⬇️⬇️⬇️


#MachineLearning #datascience #AI

1️⃣ @fastdotai

Apart from providing amazing free courses, Fast AI has teamed up with AWS to provide free datasets for image classification, NLP, image localization and COCO projects.


@fastdotai 2️⃣ Awesome Public Datasets

This is a rich github repo of carefully curated datasets from 35+ domains.


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Python operators are easy and every aspiring Data Scientist need to know the common ones.

Thread 🧵👇

#Python #DataScience #100DaysOfCode #code #CodeNewbie
📌Python Arithmetic Operators:

Arithmetic operators are used with numeric values to perform common mathematical operations Image
📌Python Assignment Operators:

Assignment operators are used to assign values to variables Image
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Top 5 things I am currently following to boost my learning curve in Data Science as a beginner 🧵👇

#DataScience #Python #100DaysOfCode
1. Trying to implement large projects from start to finish🧑‍💻: Well I am believer of "Learn Best by Doing". As I implement a project from scratch, I do get a lot of errors which ultimately teach me even more.
2. Working with friends 👬: Being a grauduate student, I am very much aware of the importance of working in groups. This method of learning improves my thinking and increases my confidence level.
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NumPy is a powerful #python library that helps us compute operations on primarily numbers, faster. It is an important tool for data science. 💪

Here are 5 powerful #NumPy functions that will help you in your projects!


#MachineLearning #datascience #AI

Let's go! ⬇️
First let’s see the advantages of using NumPy : 📈

1️⃣ Uses low memory to store data.

2️⃣ We can create n-dimensional arrays.

3️⃣ Operations like indexing, broadcasting, slicing and matrix multiplication.

4️⃣ Finding elements in the array is easy.

5️⃣ Good documentation.
Function 1 : np.sort()

This returns a sorted copy of the array. The original array is not changed.

The arguments the function normally takes are -

1. The Array to be sorted.

2. Axis along which to sort.

3. The method/ algorithm used for sorting as “kind = ”.
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🙋🏻‍♀️ Free Machine Learning Course With Certification by Jovian:…

Read this thread for details about this course! 🤓

#machinelearning #artificialintelligence #datascience #python Image
🦾 "Machine Learning with Python: Zero to GBMs" is a practical and beginner-friendly introduction to supervised machine learning, decision trees, and gradient boosting using Python and its ecosystem of ML libraries: scikit-learn, XGBoost, and LightGBM.
You will:
👉🏼 Watch hands-on coding-focused video tutorials.
👉🏼 Practice coding with cloud Jupyter notebooks.
👉🏼 Build an end-to-end real-world course project.
👉🏼 Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment.
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1/ You're a data scientist and built an anomaly detection model. How to visualize the results?

In this thread we visualize the results of a variational autoencoder (VAE) and see how well it can detect tool failures in manufacturing.

#DataScience + #Manufacturing = 💰💰

2/ This is continuation of a series of threads (first thread quoted below) where I went over the business case for using data science and machine learning in industrial environments.

3/ I then trained 1000 VAEs to detect tool wear in metal machining (random search).

The best model was selected based on the precision-recall area-under-curve (PR-AUC). The picture below explains this process.
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I had attended a webinar recently and learnt something incredibly unique! I discovered that you could be a Data Scientist, but having a #specialisation is IMPORTANT!

What is a "specialisation"? How many kinds of specialisations are there in #DataScience Domain?

Thread🧵 Image
One can acquire all the skills of a Data Scientist, but having specialisation in a particular skill can set you apart from the rest. It can be anything! You can analyse data as no one else; data visualisation or database management (#DBMS) could be your niche.🤩
☑️Data Visualisation
If you have a knack for producing beautiful graphical representations from the data, this could be your domain of specialisation, and you could become a Data #Visualisation Engineer. Image
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In our last session of #SDSC21 in #CPG & #Retail Summit discover how @BainAlerts helps their clients strategically answer footprint expansion questions leveraging advanced #DataScience


All talks will be available on-demand:
COVID-19 is accelerating 4 trends impacting retail store footprints

1⃣ Continued growth in e-commerce
2⃣ Rise of flexible fulfillment models
3⃣ Desire for more convenience
4⃣ Increased focus on experience


#SDSC21 in #CPG & #Retail Summit @BainAlerts
#LocationIntelligence can help retailers address strategic challenges

🚀 Accelerate new unit growth
🧹 Clean up existing network
📈 Ramp up store-driven ecommerce


#SDSC21 in #CPG & #Retail Summit @BainAlerts
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The #SDSC21 in #CPG & #Retail Summit is about to begin! 🎉

Please take your seat, phones to silent, & enjoy the opening session with Stephanie Schober & Margara Tejera delving into the untapped opportunity of #Spatial #DataScience

Still time to register:
Margara is walking us through a demo of a #Retail #SiteSelection app allowing #spatial analysis & insights of both owned & competitor stores

Join now to see more & have your questions answered:…

#SDSC21 in #CPG & #Retail Summit
Simulating store openings in #Chicago with annual revenue prediction within a 10 minute drivetime isochrone


#SDSC21 in #CPG & #Retail Summit
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📣Join us for our #ScikitLearnSprint
👉🏽with a focus on Latin America (LATAM)
🕙11am-3pm UTC-5 (CDMX)
12-4pm EDT (NYC)
1-5pm UTC-3 (Sao Paolo)
🏢 Online

Thank you to our sponsors: @codeforsociety & @MooreFound

Details on application: Image
#datascience #python #machinelearning #oss
Q: What is an #opensource sprint?

This one is a 4-hr online hackathon where folks will work with a pair programming partner to work on one of the issues (beginner-friendly) on the
@scikit_learn repository:…
Q: What are prerequisites for participating?

1. Have a GitHub account.
2. Have working knowledge of #Python.
3. Have some knowledge and experience using scikit-learn, the Python #machinelearning library.
4. It is helpful to have some familiarity with Git.
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Essential html tips you must know: 😋
Thread 🧵👇🏻

1️⃣ Viewport:
Make your website responsive by adding this viewport tag
ps: No website is complete without this tag 😅

#javascript #100daysofcode #Coding #Python #programming #webdevelopment #codinglife #developer #WomenWhoCode Image
2️⃣ Theme colour:
Add an extra touch by customising the colour of the mobile browser header. 👇🏻

#javascript #100daysofcode #Coding #Python #programming #webdevelopment #DataScience #developer #WomenWhoCode #code #CodeNewbie Image
3️⃣ Charset:
Avoid any special characters showing up incorrectly by specifying the charset in your HTML code 👇🏻

#javascript #100daysofcode #Coding #Python #programming #webdevelopment #codinglife #developer #WomenWhoCode #womenintech #html #Website Image
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Deep dive into "ZeRO: Memory Optimizations Toward Training Trillion Parameter Models" by Samyam Rajbhandari, Olatunji Ruwase, Yuxiong He & @jeffra45

It proposes an optimizer to build huge language pre-trained models.

Thread👇🏼 🔎…
Zero Redundancy Optimizer (ZeRO) is an optimization module that maximizes both memory and scaling efficiency.

It tries to address the limitations of data parallelism and model parallelism while achieving the merits of both…

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Best CSS Generators For Web Developers 🔥🔥


#100DaysOfCode #Python #javascript #DataScience #CSS3 #Website #WomenWhoCode
🔶 CSS3 Generator -

CSS3 Generator is a more traditional example of code snippets you might need in everyday situations. The CSS3 Generator webapp has over 10 different code generators .

Visit 👇
🔶 ColorZilla Gradients -

It's completely free and has a visual editor like Photoshop to generate the gradient codes.

Visit 👇…
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Perguruan Tinggi dan Narasi Keilmuan di Media Sosial

Slide ini saya presentasikan di acara soft-launching Website baru @univ_indonesia. Di depan civitas academica UI tadi pagi.

Bonus: analisis ttg BRIN dan Babi Ngepet di bagian akhir slides (spt saya janjikan minggu lalu).😅

Soft Launching website baru UI.

1/ Perlu kah perguruan tinggi dan civitas academica aktif membangun jejaring dan narasi tentang ilmu pengetahuan yang menjadi fokusnya di media sosial?
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Neste semestre, a @BeaMilz e o @jtrecenti ministraram a primeira turma do curso de Relatórios e Visualização de dados. Os trabalhos finais ficaram muito legais, e 3 foram premiados com uma bolsa de estudos em qualquer curso! Segue o 🧶:
#RStats #ggplot2 #TidyTuesday
Em ordem alfabética, o primeiro trabalho é da Ariane Hayana @arianehayana!

O trabalho foi um #TidyTuesday com dados sobre consumo de alimentos e emissões de CO2.

🖥️ Leia o trabalho em:…

#rstats #ggplot2 #dataviz #DataScience
O trabalho da Brunna Escouto @brunnace foi um #TidyTuesday com dados relativos ao custo de obras de infraestrutura de trânsito, em especial metrôs, com informações de 54 países.

🖥️ Leia o trabalho em:…

#rstats #ggplot2 #dataviz #DataScience #xaringan
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Data Scientists Are in Constant Demand!

If you're an enthusiast or in the data sector looking for a path to specialize on, then feel free to grab a coffee or cappuccino because this thread is for you! 🧵
#DataScience #MachineLearning #100DaysOfCode
Data science experts are needed in almost every field, from the government to security. Millions of businesses also rely on big data to succeed and better serve their customers. Data science careers are in high demand and this trend will not be slowing down any time soon, if ever
Anyways let's dive into the leading data science careers you can break into, your roles, and standard average salaries.
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🇪🇺 #EuropeanSuperLeague

En utilisant mes outils de #DataScience, j'ai essayé de mesurer quel rôle a joué #Twitter dans cet échec :

Sans ce réseau, le projet de ligue fermée mené par les 12 clubs les plus riches d'Europe aurait-il vécu le même sort ?

Pour analyser ce qu'il s'est passé et répondre à ma question, j'ai extrait une grande quantité de données :

2,6 millions de tweets postés par 876 000 users uniques
5 langues ciblées : 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇪🇦 🇮🇹 🇩🇪
56 millions de likes et 7,8 millions de retweets cumulés Image
Les tweets récoltés vont du 17 avril midi, jusqu'au 22 avril minuit.

Je vais revenir sur les faits chronologiquement pour qu'on revive cette histoire en suivant l'angle Twitter.

Voici tout d'abord la répartition des tweets que j'ai récupéré sur la période : Image
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I recently implemented some pairs trading strategies for a paper, and decided to share an implementation of the Gatev, Goetzmann & Rouwenhorst (2006) strategy on a short article on RPubs.…
#rstats #RPubs #DataScience #finance #pairstrading #reproducibility
In the RPubs post above, I provide the #R code to backtest the strategy, as well as some results replicating Gatev, Goetzmann & Rouwenhorst (2006) and Do and Faff (2010), and extending the sample to the end of 2020. In this thread, I show some of these results.
Pairs trading is a type of systematic trading strategy based on finding pairs of stocks or assets that have historically "moved together", and betting that divergences will eventually get corrected. It is a simple form of statistical arbitrage.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/26/2021…
The Attack of the Civilization State: Towards One World or Conflict among Civilizations? - Bruno MaBruno Maçães on YouTube

The Attack of the Civilization State…

#WorldGovernance #CivilizationState #NationState #HumanAdvancement
The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human Values - Carlos Gershenson…

#VirtualComplexSystems #DataScience #seminars
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