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1 of 11/  THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4700: Donald Trump's Lisp of Fear (and other Tells) — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #BehaviorAnalysis #NonverbalCommunication #DonaldTrump #LipCurl #Lisp #Fear #LispOfFear Image
2 of 11/ As fear crescendos, we may see any number of multiple nonverbal tells. A cluster of behavior Donald Trump displays when he's scared & feels backed in a corner includes:

• Tightening of jaw
• Extending jaw forward (mild jaw jut)
• Flaring Lips outward (aka a Lip Curl)
3 of 11/  Donald Trump also often Lips slightly when he's frightened. Did you hear it?

It's crucial to differentiate Trump's Fear-Lisp from the separate and distinct phenomenon when he lisps on occasions when his oral prosthesis temporarily loosens.
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@boblautenbach @Alan_L_Lovejoy @Ryu_Zoku Yes Chris Lattner is very interesting, been following his #LLVM and #SWIFT work.

@boblautenbach @Alan_L_Lovejoy @Ryu_Zoku Actually #ZokuTalk adopts the portion of SWIFT #EBNF for #Unicode as they seems have done good job on that, as well as parts of the EBNF for numerics such as "1_234.00" to expand privative data types entry.

@boblautenbach @Alan_L_Lovejoy @Ryu_Zoku Borrowing C & Assembly data types: 0b0011, 0xFF, keeping 16r0A, plus many others.

Actually the numeric formats are one of more complicated part of the #EBNF of #ZokuTalk and the only non-#MOBS (#Messages #Objects #Block #Syntax) part of the evolved syntax.

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#Julia言語 や #Lisp のマクロは難しいです。


* プログラミングの専門家以外は使えなくてもよい


* 必ずしもそうとは言えない場合もある

#Julia言語 例えば、特殊函数論が専門の数学者が自分が愛している有用な特殊函数の数値計算ライブラリを作って配布したいと思ったとします。

#Julia言語 続き。しかし、そのようなコードを数学者に直接書かせることは効率的ではありません。


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#Julia言語 リンク先のリンク先のブログ記事に言及している人が多い!私が書いたんじゃないけど、なんかうれしい。


#Julia言語 Juliaのマクロを理解するために役に立つ情報(ネタ)


(:call, :sin, (:call, ;/, π, 6))


Expr(:call, :sin, Expr(:call, ;/, π, 6))

に変換して実行するマクロ。これは :(sin(π/6)) に等しい。

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#Julia言語 #Lisp ほんとに長かった!

@ insert_before_after function f(x)
end begin
end begin


function f(x)
begin B end
begin A end
begin C end

#Julia言語 スクショ
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I've been thinking about roads not taken lately, wondering whether we should revisit some of them...
What if windows could be any shape? It's nice when all the graphics are resolution-independent vector drawings, each running in their own threaded Postscript runtime too.
How about popup windows as persistent tear-offs instead of ephemeral floaters?
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