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Latest UPDATE on the #TFR (Travel Rule) trilogue:

EU institutions are working to finalise the #TFR text to implement the #travelrule in Europe. Please find below the latest details. The aimed-for deadline for conclusion is still the first week of June.

Key issues on table:

The provisions introduced by the @Europarl_EN requiring #verification of information for each transfer of assets, the additional requirements applied to transfers to #unhosted wallets and the #blacklist of non-compliant entities.

In the past weeks, the @EUCouncil has taken onboard the concerns from the blockchain & crypto #industry, as well as those of regulators and competent #authorities (!), that flagged the impracticality and unintended consequences these provisions would have.

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A thread 🧵 on the role of $QNT into connecting quadrillions of legacy payments to DLT based infrastructures🔗💵💶💷💴


One of the most overlooked feature of Overledger is the capability of INTEGRATING with existing legacy systems (ingrediënt 1📸)

A very important feauture since most of the worlds value is still ‘locked’ in it🔐

Some Defi en Tradfi numbers✖️:

TvL crypto (05 may 2022): 204 billion💲(source: DefiLlama)

The assets of financial institutions worldwide amounts to approx 1,54 quadrillion💲(source: McKinsey)

The global🌎 amount of financial transactions is a multitude of that (quadrillions a year changes accounts💰)

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1/ On fait des contrats avec les Russes pour échanger du gaz contre des euros
2/ Puis on gèle leurs euros dans le cadre des sanctions
3/ La Russie demande à être payée en rouble pour empêcher le vol de ses euros
4/ et c'est là qu'arrive Bruno : "les contrats sont les contrats" 😂
L'intérêt pour #Poutine
- contourner le système SWIFT
- obliger les Européens à construire une réserve en roubles
- pour se faire, pas de mystère:
achat de roubles sur le marché des changes -> hausse du rouble,
ou ventes de biens et services vers la Russie -> levée des sanctions
Les Européens peuvent toujours contourner les nouvelles règles érigées par la Russie :
- via les banques russes non bannies par #Swift
- via les pays non hostiles à la Russie et qui ne sont pas concernés par les nouvelles règles, comme l'Inde ou la Chine
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Hey, you! Are you interested in the crypto / DLT markets?

If so, did you know there are red flags that need to be investigated behind the $XRP lawsuit from the @SECGov?

It's called a conspiracy, but there is a lot of physical evidence that is being ignored.

Thread🧵 ⏬ #XRP
@SECGov 1. We did this for the #XRPcommunity because we stand for truth.
We stand for unbiased technology-neutral legislation.
We know $XRP is not a security. The only country in the world that thinks its a security is the USA because of biased officials in power.

See the facts below⏬
@SECGov 2. First of all a big shoutout to all #crypto citizens that are standing up and pointing out the red flags behind some SEC officials.

This thread and visuals are based on facts from @JohnEDeaton1 @CryptoLawUS doc library.

#XRP $XRP #XRPCommunity #SECfreepass #ETHfreepass #DLT
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In this special #Russia edition of the Global #Sanctions Dashboard, we walk you through these whirlwind weeks of sanctioning Russian oligarchs and central bank reserves, cutting Russia off #SWIFT, and Russia’s options for sanction-proofing its economy…
The US and its allies have targeted Russia’s financial system by freezing the Central Bank of Russia’s assets in their jurisdictions. But where is the CBR’s $630 billion stockpile in reserves located? Check out the breakdown⬇️…
Notice the sheer number of US-sanctioned banks and financial institutions below⬇️: To drain the Kremlin’s ability to finance war the OFAC designated four major Russian banks along with their subsidiaries on Feb 24…
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Comme prévu, après avoir banni la Russie du système #SWIFT, la Russie s'est tourné encore plus vers la Chine pour continuer la dédollarisation de son économie.

Les Européens sont les grands perdants de cette guerre géostratégique que les atlantistes livrent à la Russie.
Les banques russes se tournent vers le système chinois #CIPS qui permet de compenser les échanges financiers.

Depuis ce week-end et les annonces de VISA et Mastercard de bannir la Russie, les banques russes se sont aussi tournées vers le système de paiement chinois #Unionpay.
Les sanctions financières imposées contre la Russie contribuent au renforcement à l'Est d'une zone monétaire dédollarisée.
La guerre monétaire est montée d'un cran, opposant la zone dollar (incluant son vassal, l'€) d'un côté, et la zone sous influence russo-chinoise de l'autre.
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You think #Putin is stupid & didnt think of anything west would do?
Read this on #Russia getting ready for tackling #Ukraine️.

On Dec 5th last year, Putin came to India for few hours & agreed to take Indian payment systems (RuPay) to Russia.
This is the same system which is giving sleepless nights to #Mastercard & #Visa.

It's a far better & cheaper payments system compared to any in the world.

In case of USA weaponising it's tech companies, sovereign nations will need something to keep their digital payments on
And this risk became an actual event as seen during #RussianUkrainianWar. USA blocked access to electronic payments resulting in severe inconvenience to Russian public.
But let's see what did Putin plan!

He asked India to setup RuPay system in Russia so that an alternative..
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Four months before the lawsuit, Clayton’s law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell (SC), negotiated the purchase of JPM’s Quorum and the #JPMCoin by Lubin and Consensys. It appears that Clayton, helping his firm, directed Hinman to contact Lubin (represented by SC).…
When interviewed by @laurashin, Lubin described his Quorum acquisition’s offering, an “interbank information network” that is “similar to what SWIFT does” and works with “north of 400 financial institutions around the world”.  He adds that ConsenSys supports the #JPMCoin.
Lubin’s description of Quorum & #JPMCoin’s use case sounded very similar. 2 1/2 years earlier, @bgarlinghouse described how Ripple was utilizing #XRP to disrupt and replace #SWIFT.

When Lubin said Ripple & XRP were not competition just look at WEF memo.
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Parmi les sanctions prises pour répondre à l’invasion de l’#Ukraine par la #Russie, on trouve le bannissement du réseau #Swift. Au Moyen Âge, faute d’économie mondialisée, il fallait trouver d’autres moyens de punir les souverains qui enfreignaient les règles... Un thread ⬇️!
En 1208, le roi d’Angleterre Jean sans Terre (oui oui, c’est le méchant dans Robin des Bois) se fâche avec le pape. Le motif de la brouille est classique : le roi veut imposer son candidat comme archevêque de Canterbury, le pape veut garder la main sur ce poste prestigieux.
Cela fait plus d’un siècle que rois et papes se disputent sur cette question : on appelle ça la « querelle des Investitures ».
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Die aktuelle Lage ist mehr als nur schwierig und sie schnürt uns allen gerade ziemlich die Kehle zu. Dennoch will ich euch meine Gedanken zur aktuellen Situation kommunizieren: Volle Solidarität mit der #Ukraine! #IStandWithUkraine

Mein Thread (1/17)
Der Einmarsch Russlands in d Ukraine war ein schwarzer Tag für ganz Europa. Die weiteren Eskalationen haben die Situation verschärft.
Russland führt 1 Angriffskrieg auf ein souveränes, demokratisches Land und bricht damit Völkerrecht. Das ist durch nichts zu rechtfertigen (2/17)

Ich begrüße die von der #EU in die
Wege geleiteten Sanktionen und
halte diese für den richtigen Weg (3/17)
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So, what's up next in the 🇪🇺🇺🇸 sanctions against Putin's 🇷🇺?

In 1st stage, it was necessary to focus on finance (#SWIFT and all that) to quickly frontload the pain, as explained in this great🧵by @SonyKapoor

But that won't be the end. My thoughts (1/n)

Like Sony & @adam_tooze, I also think that oil/gas/coal exports are in spotlight soon

- Either Putin stops their delivery; that's the only econ retaliation he's got

- Or 🇪🇺🇺🇸 impose embargoes to drain the daily FX flows which help funding his war /2…
We haven't seen action on this front yet. Transit volumes of Russian gas through Ukraine are even *up* ever since the attacs

Check this great source @Bruegel_org :…

So, are we stuck in an "equilibrium of scare" to sustain 🇷🇺 energy vs. 🇪🇺🇺🇸FX flows? /3
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Bildiklerimiz neler?
> Trump #NATO'yu dağıtmak istedi (2017)
> Merkel Alman ordusu kurmak istedi (2018)
> #Almanya 100 Milyar $'lık ordu kuruyor
>#Rusya'yı brüksel merkezli #SWIFT'ten attılar
>Muhtemelen ÇİN merkezli alternatif seçecekler
> Böyle böyle ABD'yi dışlayacaklar
Beklentim neler?
>#Rusya çoğu bankasını ve enerji sektörünü millileştirecek
> Doğalgaz, Petrol, Gübre, Buğday fiyatlarını arttıracak
> İşlemler SWIFT alternatifi Çin sisteminden olacak
> Ruble rezervlerini ikiye katlayacak
> Yerli paralel sistem geliştirecek (#kripto ruble)
Bunlar şimdilik saptadığım göz önünde olmayan herkesin tartışmadığı düşünceler. AB, ABD'den kurtulmak istiyor ve kendi ordusunu kurmak istiyor. AB dünyanın en güçlü ekonomik gücü olarak dünya sahnesinde ABD güdümünde değil bağımsız bir güç olmak istiyor.
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#Zelensky hopes Ukraine can join EU soon amid Russian onslaught | Feb 28
- Ursula; 'They are one of 'US' (zionists) and we want them in,' she told Euronews in an interview on Sunday, after emphasising existing EU-Ukraine cooperation.
Volodymyr #Zelensky was a Jewish #comedian. Now the world’s eyes are on him | Feb 27
- Over the course of a few years, Zelensky — who is the first-ever Jewish president of Ukraine, a country with a long and complicated Jewish history…
(#Ukraine. Oligarchs and #NATO funded #Azov-#Nazi battalions neutralized?)
Russian army: "All civilians in the city can freely leave" | Feb 28
- "All civilians in the city can freely leave.. along the Kyiv-Vasylkiv highway. This direction is open and safe"…
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2/n CODE #SWIFT : Un code Swift peut vous être demandé afin d’effectuer un virement sur votre compte bancaire. Inversement, vous aurez besoin de cette information pour réaliser un ordre de virement sur un autre compte. Quel est exactement sa fonction ? Où trouver le code Swift ?
Code d’identification international permettant d’identifier l’établissement bancaire d’un compte lors de transactions bancaire, en particulier à l’international...
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🔵#Hilo | La decisión de #Putin de preparar el arsenal #nuclear para una mayor capacidad de reacción provocó la condena de #EEUU y la #OTAN. La #GuerraEnUcrania supone un terremoto para toda #Europa y las ondas sísmicas se extienden hasta #España. +Claves⬇️
▶️La estrategia de #VladimirPutin de "escalar para desescalar" llega tras ver frustrada su ofensiva militar.
▶️#Rusia aumentó sus amenazas tras las sanciones económicas de #EEUU, la #UE y otros aliados.
▶️¿Qué consecuencias trae la #GuerraRusiaUcrania?👇
▶️El alza de precios es la 1ª consecuencia del conflicto.
▶️El repunte del gas y el petróleo refuerza la espiral inflacionista.
▶️La incertidumbre puede elevar los costes de financiación.
@pablocerezal, @MiguelValverde4 y @gtrindadearias vía #Expansioncom.
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#PortadaExpansión 🗞 | Hoy, #EnPortada de Expansión
Lea la edición impresa sin salir de casa, en Orbyt por 1€ el 1er mes:
#Economía #Política #mercadosfinancieros #Ibex #finanzas #Empresas #emprendedores #expansioncom #FelizLunes
#PortadaExpansión 🗞 | La escalada de los #precios del #gas y el #petróleo refuerza la espiral inflacionista y aviva los efectos de 2ª ronda. La incertidumbre podría elevar los costes de financiación.✍️@pablocerezal, @MiguelValverde4 y @gtrindadearias.⬇️
#PortadaExpansión 🗞 | Las grandes #empresas hacen acopio de efectivo y protegen su deuda. Además de @Telefonica, @iberdrola y @Repsol, otros grupos como @cellnextelecom y @Naturgy también tienen la inmensa mayoría de su pasivo a resguardo.✍️@InesAbril80 ⬇️
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Telex - not just the machine, but the system it worked on - was the network used to send written messages between businesses - and most commonly between banks. #velshi
So, between 1930 until the 70’s, if you needed to transfer or “wire” money to someone - you were using Telex. Without getting too technical, this is how the process worked: you would go to the bank or business - maybe it was an insurance company. #velshi
Type out the message on the keyboard. The message was transferred to a piece of tape, which was coded. Then you’d use a rotary phone to call the bank receiving your transfer. When they answered, your message went through a tape reader. #velshi
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On #refugees, 🇪🇺President @VonDerLeyen says she is proud of the Europeans who have travelled to the border to help the arrivals.

"We welcome with open arms those Ukrainians who have to flee from Putin's bombs"

The EU will send assistance to the Eastern member states to help.
@JosepBorrellF, who will chair a meeting of EU foreign affairs ministers starting now expected to last all night, says "Ukrainian forces are fiercely fighting back and showing a heroic resistance to this invasion"

Ukraine asked for #SWIFT & arms he says, and now 🇪🇺 is doing both
"This afternoon #Putin has announced that he's putting Russian nuclear deterrent forces on high alert," says Borrell.

G7 foreign ministers just had an emergency meeting on this.
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🇪🇺President @VonDerLeyen and High Rep @JosepBorrellF announce, "for the first time ever, the European Union will finance purchase and deliver military equipment to a country that is under attack."

"This is a watershed moment."
President @VonDerLeyen also announces that *all* EU airspace is being closed to all Russian airlines. Any plane: chartered or commercial.

"Our airspace will be closed to every Russian plane, and that includes the private jets of oligarchs."
Third - the EU is banning Russian state propaganda TV channel #RussiaToday and #Sputnik.

"They will no longer be able to spread their lies to justify #Putin's war and to sew division in our union."
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Global Macro Review 02/27/22


With 🪆 event risk behind us, equities were able to find relief 😅

But with #FOMC into the #ides in advance of quarterly #opex, vol 🌊 is expected to remain 🛗

Under reported: #PCE +6.1% y/y ↗️

Let’s dig into the 🧮!

War 💥 broke out and equity volatility 🌊 actually came in on the week but remains 🛗

$VIX 27.59 🔻
$RVX 33.20 🔻
$VXN 31.19 🔻
$VXEEM 28.17 🔺
$VSTOXX 32.12 🔺

Chart: $RVX retreated from the F 🪣
© @Hedgeye Image

🇺🇸 equities ↗️ on the week but remain 🐻 Trend
(T = 3 months)

$IWM +1.52% (w) -9.1% (T)
$COMPQ +1.08% (w) -11.6% (T)
$SPX +0.82% (w) -4.57% (T)

Chart: $IWM - small caps continue to outperform +3.71% over trade duration (t) = 1 month Image
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🔴كثر السؤال عن النظام #SWIFT

لنتحدث عن هذا النظام ، والنتائج التي يمكن أن يؤثر فيها على #روسيا والمزايا التي يقدمها للغرب.

وسأسرد منذ نشأت هذا النظام
حتى الوقت الحاضر.

تأسس 1973 وبدأ نشاطه 1977 في ضوء تطور التجارة العالمية ونموها بشكل متسارع.
يعتبر تجمع الاتصالات المالية العالمية بين البنوك،وهي شركة مقرها بلجيكا.

و ليست بمؤسسة ذات وضع رسمي في دولة مثل صندوق النقد الدولي أو البنك الدولي.

📌إنه نوع من الاحتكار أنشأته البنوك.

الاتصال في المدفوعات الدولية مهم جدا لدرجة أنه يحتل مكانة كبيرة في التنمية المالية لعائلة روتشيلد
(وهو ما ورد ذكره في قصص المؤامرةفي القرن الثامن عشر) انتشر أفراد العائلة في لندن وفرانكفورت ونابولي وباريس وفيينا،مما وضع الأساس للأعمال المصرفية الدولية ويوفر النظام ميزات هائلة.
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📢Dear Followers,
every morning 🕗we will present analyses and news summary of the last 24 hours in #Ukraine 🇺🇦.
📢Please follow our 🧵threads #Russian_Aggression_Watch
🧵1/12 Third day (26.02) of 🇷🇺aggression against 🇺🇦.

🇷🇺 troops attacked major cities in eastern 🇺🇦. Civilian infrastructure was shelled. The main target of the assault was #Kyiv. The attack was also conducted from the territories of the DNR / LNR "republics" and occupied Crimea
2/12 Russian troops are committing war crimes by shelling civilian facilities such as kindergartens and hospitals as well as apartment blocks. Ukraine is collecting evidence of such actions to hand over to the International Criminal Court.
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Estados Unidos, la Comisión Europea, Francia, Alemania, Italia, Reino Unido y Canadá anuncian que van a:

1. Remover a bancos rusos selectos del #SWIFT, el sistema internacional de transferencias interbancarias, para desconectarlos del sistema financiero global.

2. Imponer medidas restrictivas para evitar que el Banco Central de Rusia despliegue sus reservas internacionales para atenuar el impacto de las sanciones.
3. Limitar la "venta de ciudadanía" -conocida como pasaporte dorado- que permite a los rusos acaudalados ligados con el gobierno de Putin, obtener la ciudadanía en países occidentales y acceder a los sistemas financieros europeos, canadienses y estadounidenses.
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EU members of state will meet tomorrow to impose the #SWIFT sanction on Russia.
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