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What will you do with your privilege?

This is a question I asked myself repeatedly over the last 6 months. The stress my wife and kids happily took on, the hard asks I made of people of time, money, and spirit, I best have had a really, really good reason for doing so.
Today, I am at peace. Because I know I wanted to use my privilege. All the doors my parents, my family, my friends, and my community opened for me my entire life - it is a privilege. It is a trust, and it would be a violation of that trust to waste it.
So I am at peace. I lost an election, but that pales in comparison to what we all gained. I was told by our own @VASecofEdu Atif Qarni that there isn't really such thing as a loss. I thought I understood him, but now I see a whole new wisdom in his words.
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Candidate day at the Raj Khalsa Gurdwara in Sterling! We were introduced and then got to say a few words to the congregation in the langar hall.

Gurdwaras, or Sikh houses of worship, all have a free kitchen that serves simple, vegetarian meals to everyone, no questions asked.
The three pillars of Sikhism (naam jappo, or meditation, vand chhakko, or sharing, and kirat karo, or earn an honest living) are practiced here. Sikhism originated in the Punjab province of India and Pakistan, which also is my ancestral homeland.
The Punjab province was split during the 1947 partition, but Sikhs, Muslims, and Hindus still share family ties that defy borders. I chatted with several congregants who excitedly told me about their parents and grandparents who hailed from what is now Pakistan.
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Today, a voter asked me, "Let's say the Dems take the House and the Senate in Richmond. What will you then do to make policy that reaches across the aisle?"

He was asking about bipartisanship, of course. I took the question to also mean, "What will you do to make sure we don't lose the majority as soon as we win it?"

Yes, bipartisan legislation is the strongest. Yes, we must compromise. Yes, we must reach out across the aisle.
Ultimately, these are truisms. They're beyond dispute, but they don't advance the conversation much, either. We have to be in the right frame first.

If basic human dignities like healthcare and reproductive freedom are considered socialist, we're in the wrong frame.
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This endorsement is a true honor. @CASAinAction has nearly 100,000 lifetime members and is the Mid-Atlantic's largest electoral organization fighting for the rights of aspiring Americans.
"An immigration lawyer, Hassan has a lifetime of fighting for the rights of aspiring Americans and people escaping persecution from around the world. He will battle for living salaries for working families and an educational system that serves all our residents," -@CASAinAction.
Immigrant rights are human rights are worker's rights. We're in a fight to open the doors of prosperity for all. That means utilizing all systems that work for us. And if a system doesn't work for us, we show up, and we change it.

Thank you CASA In Action. I'm honored to serve.
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We are our best when we show up for one another.

This morning, @Teamsters Local 639 invited me to show up for #LucvilJoseph, a worker and union activist at @Dulles_Airport fired for advising other workers about their rights under a collective bargaining agreement.
That's right: he was fired for advocating that his employer, @Gate_Gourmet, follow the law.

GG prepares your airline meals. In 2017 it earned $4.6B and fed 700M passengers worldwide. Per 639, 52% of GG employees reported having to cut meal family meal sizes due to low pay.
And while ACA healthcare plans are technically available, they are out of reach for the majority of the workforce.

I spoke to one worker, employed at Dulles since 1996 who told me, "Why aren't you guys taking them to court?"…
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BIG NEWS!!! Today, Atif Qarni announced his support and endorsement of our campaign in the 87th District!

“Hassan was a teacher early in his career, and knows how important and challenging the job of an educator can be,” said Qarni. “He is also the father of school-aged children and understands the great benefits of teacher retention, increased pay, and investments in support staff."
"Virginia needs someone who can grasp the issues and address the urgency of adapting to the rapidly diversifying environment in our schools. In the years I've known him, he has demonstrated the commitment to ensuring we provide Virginia residents a world class education system.
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Less than 36 hours before the quarterly deadline.

Please chip in what you can. $15, $10, $5. I say it in English, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, French, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Farsi.

Send an immigration lawyer to the state house.


Tenemos menos de 36 horas...y le agradezco por su apoyo.

Estoy hablando en todos los idiomas que puedo: ayúdame ayudarle.

Yo entiendo los problemas del sistema y quiero ser parte de solución.…
عزیز بھائیو اور بہنو، 36 گھنٹوں میں ہماری ڈیڈ لائن ہے۔

چاہے پندرہ، دس، یا پانچ ڈالر دے سکتے ہیں، ہم آپ کے حقوق کے لیے لڑنے کو تیار ہیں۔

اللہ تعالیٰ جزائے خیر دے۔…
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I'm very excited to announce that State Senator @JenniferBoysko (SD-33) endorses our campaign in my bid for the Democratic nomination for the VA House of Delegates in District 87!

Boysko took over the state Senate seat vacated by @JenniferWexton, now our Congresswoman from #VA10.

“When I was a newly elected House of Delegates member in 2013, one of my first priorities was ensuring that our most vulnerable communities could thrive in VA," said Boysko.
"In my advocacy at the state legislature, Hassan Ahmad helped me to lift up and share the experiences of Virginia residents affected by policies like the Virginia DREAM Act and driver’s licenses for the undocumented community."
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Workers, by the sweat of their brow, deserve both respect and protection. South Asian poetry is replete with odes to the "mazdoor," or laborer. I thought about the mazdoor class yesterday, when I had the honor of visiting the KML Local 197 training facility in Upper Marlboro, MD.
It serves over 1500 members in Virginia, training carpenters and advocating for greater worker protections. (The KML Brotherhood Regional Council serves over 43,000 members throughout the Mid-Atlantic.)
These are the people who build the physical structures in which we live, drive, raise our families, and conduct our business. A small example: welders. They make sure the metal skeletons of buildings and bridges are strong, so it doesn't collapse one day when you drive over it.
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Another hopefully successful asylum interview here in Seattle, WA for a family forcibly displaced by political violence.
We have to protect this system. One of my clients is a little girl who had to watch agents of the ruling party manhandle her mother, then pregnant with her baby sister, so aggressively she fainted from shock.
Now in school, she's learned English and is picking up Spanish, in addition to her two native languages. They left everything behind, and we filed approximately 1000 pages of evidence to prove their case.
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Virginia has to confront its past in order to move forward.

Join us tonight at 6:30 pm for an engaging conversation with Shirley Ginwright and Kelvin Pierce.

You might want to know a little about our guests.
Shirley is former president of the Fairfax County NAACP and currently leads the Communities of Trust Committee. She lived through the civil rights movement.

Kelvin is the son of one of America's most infamous white supremacist leaders. Kelvin conquered the hate he was taught.
Both our guests tonight have unique insights into confronting hate and moving past it.

It's uncomfortable, but necessary. As a candidate, I don't want to be the type of legislator that only looks toward the next election.

Register here:…

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Today I was reminded why I'm running for office.

I got off the phone today with a judge who denied my client, headed for Virginia, the chance to apply for asylum.

His case was a slam dunk, especially after a nationwide injunction issued earlier today.
Without quoting a single case, despite our 7pg brief explaining the law, the judge denied the case. My client's tears and trembling voice did not move him, because "lots of people come here from El Salvador with stories like yours, but that doesn't qualify you for asylum."
Yes, it does.

When gang members come and kill off two of your brothers, one after another, then beat and rape two of your sisters, both of whom make it to the US and were allowed to apply for asylum, then you have a claim, too.
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