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Less than 2 weeks ago, the top cop—and top #Chad—in Riverside County, @SheriffBianco, was telling the Board of Supervisors that "it's not your job to tell me what to do" when it comes to ensuring that the @RSO is held accountable to the public for violence committed by deputies.
In May, Bianco passed himself off simultaneously as an expert on #pandemics and a constitutional scholar when instructing the Board of Supervisors to ignore guidelines from the Riverside County #publichealth officer and California Governor @GavinNewsom.
#LawEnforcement isn't Chad Bianco's only job: he doubles as the county coroner, which it turns out is problematic. Two Fridays ago, he again told the Board of Supervisors that he rejected oversight efforts— even though he knew how a man had been killed in @RSO custody in 2017.
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1/ Any business concern that is into exporting activities generates its sales or revenue out of entrepreneurial ingenuity, funding, production & distribution.

It pays taxes like any other local business concern.

@MthuliNcube @GGuvamatanga @happ_zenge @elias_mambo
2/ Apart from the same taxes that a non-exporting business pays, an exporting business is required currently to surrender a portion of its earnings to the RBZ payable at a fixed rate.

The balance after the #SurrenderRequirement is to be liquidated in 30 days.
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Students of 2018 & 2019 Batch of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere are yet to receive their Degree Certificates. It has been 2 yrs since we have been graduated.
#giveourdegrees #dbatukidegree

@DbatuLive @SastryVr
Around 2500+ students of Diploma, Graduate, Post-Graduate, PhD courses are yet to receive their Certificates.

As per the UGC Guidelines of 2008, University is bound to award degrees within 180 days of declaring the final result. But, our University has failed to do so.
Some of our batchmates will be completing their Masters course in a month or so, for them to get their Masters Degree Certificate, it will be mandatory for them to submit their Graduation Certificate. And, some of them are also pursuing their MS in foreign countries.
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When private businesses claimed right to enforce segregation of black citizens, the Atty General used Commerce Clause to enforce Civil Rights.

Feeling lazy, I'll find the caselaw later.

For low IQ followers, analogies highlight similarities; do not imply identical situations.
Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States


Katzenbach v. McClung. Supreme Court unanimously held that Congress acted w/in its power under Commerce Clause in forbidding racial discrimination in restaurants as this was a burden to interstate commerce.…
Thank you friend. Lots of cases but these two are popular precedent.

If Commerce Clause can be used to enforce Civil Rights Act of 1964, it can certainly be used as basis to federally enforce rights spelled out in the Constitution itself.

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Read sad story last night about Dr. Bucci, 50 year old Phychology & Brain Sciences Dept. Chairman, at Dartmouth that committed #Suicide 11 months after a lawsuit was filed by graduate #students in his department. He
2/ was NOT accused of sexual misconduct, but named in the suit for knowing about the professors’ inappropriate behavior as the Chair.I share many of the same feelings he expressed to friends and colleagues in his emails before he took his own life like: the case was deeply
3/ personal; reputation had been damaged; physical health diminished; false portrayal of his actions; being blamed unfairly; allegations & process “unfair”; how can they ever undo what they did to me & #wronglyaccused. Similarly, how I had reported the #disability
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@thedevman1 @TheDemocrats @SenSchumer Read carefully,

"without witnesses or documents" right?

So @SenSchumer agrees w/#TrumpDefenseTeam: "there is no evidence, no crime" & @RepAdamSchiff failed to produce evidence in #Senate! #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG.

@StateBarCA investigate @RepAdamSchiff.
@thedevman1 @TheDemocrats @SenSchumer @RepAdamSchiff @StateBarCA Main reason it's a "#ShamTrial" is @RepAdamSchiff failing to us Judiciary and taking the risk of hearsay #Whistleblower" complaint alleging a conversation that doesn't match the transcript being thrown out of court as irrelevant. A denial of #DueProcess for all of #America!
@thedevman1 @TheDemocrats @SenSchumer @RepAdamSchiff @StateBarCA So you folks screaming #ShamTrial, you do what every client of every lawyer does, blame everything but the Prosecutor for failing to establish and procure evidence to overcome the right of every single accused to be presumed innocent until proven guilty by the law.
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1/ Before I start getting bombarded by feminist groups for promoting Title IX Attorney’s wouldn’t you like to know my views or opinion before you rush to judgment about what I believe? For the conspiracy feminist’s the answer is NO I have never been accused of anything
2/ resembling a Title IX or rape charge. However, through my personal experiences I can identify and understand the pain caused for families and students have surrounding #falseallegations, inherent problems and frustrations working with uncooperative #Education & #HigherEd
3/ officials, the ludicrous Kangaroo disciplinary hearings our youth are put thru, the frustration of trying to explain to someone without lived experience what you or child needs help with or support with that does not exactly match up with what is in the four corners of the
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I had a follower DM me asking why I was excited and “Celebrating” having the Elite Title IX attorney’s following my story. Not wanting to get in an argument, I thanked her and said I would spend some time thinking about her question & send a message out in the group sharing my
perspective. My reasons are fairly simple! First, this group of attorneys, accused student warriors and their supportive family members following my #twitterfeed are amazing. This group together BLAZED a TRAIL & SHINED a LIGHT on #Colleges & #Universities denial of #DueProcess &
#UnFairHearings. #HigherEd Schools have been denying students #fundamentalfairness for years. So without these attorney’s, brave student warriors & supportive families determined to prove their #innocence there would be very little protections for me now as I take the next step
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@RepJerryNadler has only one objective.
His Objective is to overpower the @POTUS
His Intense Hatred of @realDonaldTrump is evident
The Denial of #DueProcess by the @HouseDemocrats is
As half my friends and family Cheer, they will be cheering 4 #Mccarthyism
@SpeakerPelosi is allowing her house to become a Salem Witch Trial. She is Afraid of letting @realDonaldTrump have his side represented in a Fair way. Fighting like a Girl. Encumbering the @POTUS with endless legal pokes. Poke him, poke his family, poke his Administration.
If you are Gleefully cheering #schiff and his merry men,
I feel a kindred spirit with @POTUS . My Century Farm was for sale by the Town of Monkton, Vermont. I was a CoOwner with my husband. We were 9 Months Late paying $10,000. The Progressive town Did Not Notice Me.
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A thread on some quotes from @gautambhatia88’s “The transformative constitution “In equality jurisprudence, the approach of focusing on the disproportionately exclusionary impact if politics rather than their formal character or motive is known as disparate impact”
“It is based on the premise that inequality and discrimination result not (only) from individual hostile acts, but from structures and institutions.” @gautambhatia88 Only in brackets important & added by me.
An test for entry may be “neutral” but yet exclude by aligning with exclusionary institutions; if an physical entrance test for firefighter includes activities not necessary for fulfilling duties and unintentionally poses #gender-barriers, deserves to be struck down. #NoteToSelf
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Most of you are lawyers so you know this, but here's a quickie on #DueProcess to forward to nonlawyers feeling #gaslit

1. Due process (5th Am.) is literally the process due in a specific govt proceeding (impeachment)

2. #DueProcess does NOT always mean criminal trial rights
3. Even in criminal cases, rights like confronting witnesses (6th Am) don't apply during investigation

4. This is the investigative phase of #impeachment, not trial (later in Senate)

5. #DueProcess is less protective of politicians facing removal than people facing prison
6. Trump defines #DueProcess as an unrebuttable presumption of his innocence, in other words immunity from any legal consequence of wrongdoing

7. Trump's equation: Due process = total immunity from #impeachment makes due process synonymous with dictatorship
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Thread: #Trump legal team arguments for creating the constitutional crisis of complete #obstruction turns on 3 arguments that are all merit less:
#TrumpOnstruction arg 1.: The House must vote to have #impeachmentknquiry. Nope. Constitution doesn’t require it & neither do House rules. Judiciary must vote articles out & then send to full House. They’re working on it.
#TrumpObstruction arg 2: His #dueprocess rights are being violated. Nope. You don’t have a right to all the evidence before your charges & preparing for trial. And #Whistleblower protection is necessary given enormous power of #POTUS. But Trump knows the allegations. We all do.
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You know what's intellectually lazy? Using the same tired arguments after every mass shooting.

We need to find a way to address gun violence so we don't have 49 people get shot up for enjoying their lives. And still preserve the Second Amendment. 1/
People are equating #RedFlag laws to banning guns. And they're just NOT the same thing. 2/
I'm going to start building on the idea, and share my own experience with firearms INCLUDING a time when an armed robber pointed his gun at ME! 3/
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The expansion of #ExpeditedRemoval is a game changer.

Deportation without a hearing has been part of the law for a long time, but now, it essentially turns the entire United States into a border.

#DueProcess of law is dying a horrid death.
First: expedited removal, or ER, applied to noncitizens caught within 100 miles of the border who couldn't prove they'd been in the US for 2 weeks.

Under expanded ER, it's the whole US, and for anyone who can't prove they've been here for 2 *years*.…
If you're in ER, the ONLY way out is to claim asylum and be scheduled for a "credible fear interview," or CFI. Even those have become harder of late. Otherwise, *you just get deported.*

Add to that the family separation, and you can see: THIS IS A NIGHTMARE SCENARIO.
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1 good thing abt the on-going controversy over #RUGAMania in #Nigeria is it has brought attention back to what cn be done to address the herder-farmer crises. Since ystrday, a few more ppl have askd me abt the National Livestock Transformation Plan #NLTP. Here's a little more....
The #NLTP process began in 2016 led by @AuduOgbeh's Fed Ministry of Agriculture & with support from the Vice-President, @ProfOsinbajo, who chairs the National Economic Council (NEC). The NEC, in turn, includes all state governors in its members.
The struture & process was inclusive. Consultations took place at state & zonal levels, culminating in a national conference 11-15 Sept 2017 in Abuja with over 770 participants. The National Conference adopted a report which was transmitted to @AuduOgbeh in December 2017
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"What can I do to help the children at the border?"

To all of you who've tagged/messaged/texted me over the past few days: I'm humbled by your vote of confidence. I'm just a practitioner/advocate, but happy to offer some concrete steps. #CloseTheCampsNOW

Some context first:
1. Stop pointing out that these cruel practices aren't new. The takeaway isn't Obama was bad or Trump is worse. It's that we're fighting an entrenched system that feeds on detention. Trump didn't build the machine; his administration hasn't shown much aptitude in using it.
2. Total deportation numbers are down from Obama's era. This is a combination of incompetence from this administration, and (take a bow, y'all) "The Resistance," less cooperation with ICE, more legal challenges, and people just showing up.
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“We’re here to ensure accountability.”

A public accounting in the real OC for the OC Sheriff and Supervisors’ use of county resources for immigration enforcement, a thread!

#UncoverTheTruth #ICEoutofCA #ICEoutofOC #BastaHate #TruthForum #DefendSanctuary #SanctuaryCities
California law requires a public accounting for counties engaged in immigration enforcement, for ex. transferring people to ICE custody. One of many state policies enacted in response to a decade of expansion of jail deportation operations. #truthforum #truthact #transparency
The hundreds of #sanctuarycities across the country are also part of this reaction to unprecedented expansion of federal deportations programs trying to utilize local and state resources. #TheySaidNope #EndSCOMM #Basta287g #SafeCommunitiesAct #TrustAct #NoICEAccess
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(1) The person who killed the female LEO in Davis, California filed numerous complaints with police - which echoed the statements of US Diplomats in Cuba & China.

"Targeted with dog-whistle-like" technology which disturbed hearing & cognition.

Unfortunately, the female ....
(2) officer was targeted by the citizen who felt that Davis, California police were responsible for the #Sonic Weapons attack.

He was a victim of #TheProgram - run thru #ThreatFusionCenters - and the officer was the unfortunate victim of his response to #DHS #FBI #JTTF ....
(3) extrajudicial targeting.

From her photos she looked like a really nice person who had a lot to offer her community as a #LEO.

The federally-funded #NoDueProcess #PoliticalTargeting by rogue federal employees has to stop.

It endangers the population & god-fearing #LEOs ....
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Today I was reminded why I'm running for office.

I got off the phone today with a judge who denied my client, headed for Virginia, the chance to apply for asylum.

His case was a slam dunk, especially after a nationwide injunction issued earlier today.
Without quoting a single case, despite our 7pg brief explaining the law, the judge denied the case. My client's tears and trembling voice did not move him, because "lots of people come here from El Salvador with stories like yours, but that doesn't qualify you for asylum."
Yes, it does.

When gang members come and kill off two of your brothers, one after another, then beat and rape two of your sisters, both of whom make it to the US and were allowed to apply for asylum, then you have a claim, too.
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Huge Thread on Child Pedophile Services #OpExposeCPS #MissingKids #WhereAreTheChildren #FosterCare

#Bush #Clinton #Obama Admin - The School to State Care to Prison to Sex Trafficking pipeline. @Drag0nsVsPed0s #ARIELSARMY @NoLongerIgnored
@POTUS @FLOTUS @IvankaTrump
Thank you for taking a stand against child sex trafficking. You have taken on quite a cesspool from the last 4 admins 2 #SaveTheChildren
Pull Federal funding from states not complying with your executive orders. #ThisIsNotAGame
Kids missing from group homes a common thread in Milwaukee sex trafficking…
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(1) Forget the headlines from the lying, leaking, liberal MSM. Read the official statement here:…
(2) The MSM critiques of the President's statement focus on peripheral aspects like his use of exclamation marks. Reflect on that, against the incredibly serious points made about Iran, international terrorism, global oil prices etc.

Which side is talking about what MATTERS?
(3) Every point POTUS made was already known to me, & to you, if you've been following actual events & trends, instead of the MSM spin.

YES the murder of Mr Khashoggi was AWFUL & it is NOT condoned by Trump, the US, or me, or you.

A President must consider the whole picture.
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Jeff Sessions is at it again.... tryijg to rewrite the immigration law into deportation law without Congress.

He's going to try to make asylum even harder by removing duress exceptions to the persecutor bar.

What does this mean?
To win asylum, you can't persecute anyone. That makes good sense, of course.

But what if the fear you have is that a persecutor - a gang, a warlord, a terrorist group - forced you to do something for them under threat of torture or death? That changes things, of course.
Under this decision, Sessions wants to try remove those duress exceptions.

So a prison guard forced to work and escapes would be sent back to his persecutors. It's one thing if he willingly did it. But disallowing people forced to do dirty work kills the spirit of asylum.
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Congratulations Kavanaugh!!

#KavanaughConfirmed #MAGA
#DueProcess #QAnon #Winning
Haha 😆 #KavanaughConfirmed! What a great day..
Sorry not sorry..
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(1) #ConfirmKavanaugh updates thread #3 starting from 10/4/18.

A directory of my 10 Kavanaugh threads, and counting. (I know, I surprise myself sometimes.)

#JudgeKavanaugh will soon be #JusticeKavanaugh and the American Republic will be preserved. 🦅
(2) This WaPo reporter is incorrect about the vote being "scheduled for" Saturday. The earliest time a vote COULD be held is Saturday pm. There's no reason not to hold it on Sun/Mon IF we need Daines. I think we won't. Read my 5 tweets about him here:
(3) An excellent short explainer about the fact that Mitch has the votes:

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