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Zelensky a déclaré dans sa dernière interview que l'Europe devait fermer ses frontières aux touristes russes. Les PM de l'Estonie et de la Finlande ont fait la même suggestion
L’idée est bien sûr, controversé pour beaucoup en Occident et en France, où les notions de " culpabilité collective " sont rejetées à juste titre.

Voici qq réflexions :
1. Tout d'abord, oui, l'idée de l'interdiction est émotionnelle. Mais vous savez, discuter et penser aux « bons Russes" et aux "mauvais Russes", etc. est un privilège que les Ukrainiens n'ont pas.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/06/2021…
Prior SARS-CoV-2 infection rescues B and T cell responses to variants after first vaccine dose…

#COVID19 #variants #vaccines #immunity
Book Review: The Next Frontier of Warfare Is Online…

#cyberattacks #malware #hacking #DigitalMarkets #StateSctors
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The United Kingdom is tightening border controls to block the new variants of COVID-19 suspending all ‘travel corridor’ arrangements that had meant arrivals from some countries did not require quarantine.
Prime Minister @BorisJohnson is trying to control a third wave of the virus and prevent health services from collapsing while the country is racing to vaccinate millions per week.
"What we don't want to see is all that hard work undone by the arrival of a new variant that is vaccine-busting," said Johnson in a press conference, adding that the ban on travel will continue at least until February 15.
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Before taking this oath, they had to answer questions like
"What is the rule of law?" & "what keeps one branch of government from becoming too powerful?"

I'd like to hear the illegally-appointed head of DHS + the president who is stealing an election in front of us answer those Image
I know and respect what naturalization means to my clients--especially refugees and asylum seekers--who have waited so long and done so much get there. Anyone who sees it as nothing more than convenient filler for a political convention does not.
Healthy democratic states do not allow immigration systems to be politicized. The good people I know at USCIS work in service of the integrity of the system, not any party/president.

Trump has crossed yet another Rubicon here, hardly noticeable in the noise of the past months
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1/ I'm checking in on the state of American fascism by watching today's entire Trump #immigration speech so that you don't have to. Don't thank me yet. Image
2/ A CBP officer warms up the crowd... in Spanish. An uneasy tension spreads through the mostly-unmasked crowd, which changes up as he switches to English to explain that he is here so that "everyone can stop playing the race card" Image
3/ Another man in a CBP polo starts explaining that children will be raped and murdered in "Joe Biden's America" as organized crime operates with impunity, borders will be "nothing but a myth," and "chaos will reign."

@CBP: this you? Image
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Paul Robeson, internationally-renowned actor, activist & much more was denied right by U.S. gov't to international travel in 1950 because of his political beliefs. #tdih 1955, Robeson lost court appeal to have State Dep't grant him a passport. #travelban…
"When the focus of our sympathy lands on those who were not communists, but were falsely accused, it suggests that the false accusation is the injustice rather than the targeting of a citizen based on their political & economic beliefs." -- @LadyOfSardines
Teach about long history of FBI surveillance and attacks on Black activists and social movements.…
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A #travelban of 🇺🇸 Americans from 🇪🇺 Europe, along with a still-restricted Australasia, is yet another painful blow to the US Airline industry; which is already on its knees and against the ropes.

This is on @realDonaldTrump and the complicit politicians that enable him.
It’s no coincidence that we share this “honor” 🙄 with countries like Brazil and Russia; whose self-serving “leaders” & lack of a coherent, widely implemented CV19 strategy have failed to control the spread of the virus.

This will undoubtedly deepen the damage to our economy
& destroy more American jobs in the airline, aircraft leasing, manufacturing, and tourism industries, & increase the amount of tax dollars that we must pay to bail these industries out of certain demise.

Until we wake up and start following the lead of countries that have
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Trump's proposed strict #asylum rules are the logical apotheosis of his ongoing war on the very concept of asylum. They will become permanent if he gets 4 more yrs. People will die and/or see life as they know it end. Sure Dems suck, but pls stop telling me they're "just as bad"
This is not a defense of Obama, or Biden, or the weakass Dems generally. But it has become an absurd article of faith on the left that Obama was "just as bad" on immigration as Trump is now. Try telling that to anyone who has tried to stop deportations under both administrations
Yes, Obama on paper deported more people. His admin purposely achieved that # by tweaking definition of "deportation" & including expulsions from the border for the 1st time. Not great! But internal deportations--the ones which ruin families & destroy American lives--were down
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1/ @AmbassadorRice "ascertained", from the Jan 05 2017 WH meeting that included @SallyQYates & @Comey, that @BarackObama was using @HillaryClinton's @DNC fake Russian Dossier & @Crowdstrike server coverup against @realDonaldTrump campaign, transition, & presidency.
2/ Senate Judiciary delayed @jeffsessions confirmation to give Team Yates & Comey time to attack @GenFlynn bc Flynn knew the faces & the names of the majority of #DeepState swamp creatures who were part of the transition and would have surely had them removed immediately.
3/ Yates was fired on Jan 30 2017 for refusing Trump's #TravelBan order. Immediately, @lawfareblog & @BrookingsInst legal #Resist players like @DanielJJonesUS @MarkSZaid @DebraKatzKMB @benjaminwittes @gtconway3d @BillKristol @robreiner @DebraMessing among others kicked into gear.
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No one thinks Trump’s European #TravelBan will have any impact on curbing the spread of the #coronavirus in the US.

Here’s why:… 1/6
Experts say that since "community spreading" is already happening in the US, imposing the #TravelBan will have a limited impact. "At best travel bans only delay the spread of an epidemic by a short while," Professor Paul Hunter said.… 2/6
Even Trump's own former admins think the ban is pointless. Former Homeland Security Adviser, @TomBossert said "there’s little value to European travel restrictions" calling it a "poor use of time and energy"… 3/6
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#COVID19 will this be an inflection point with #WHO declaring this a #pandemic? This calls for extraordinary measures
1. Prepare and be ready
2. Detect protect and treat
3. Reduce transmission
4. Innovate and learn
WHO declares COVID19 Pandemic and says:
1. Prepare and be ready
2. Detect protect and treat
3. Reduce transmission
4. Innovate and learn

We are certainly in uncharted waters.…
#COVID19 #pandemic #COVID19india response. Major but decisive step, will be noted for what impact it has…..
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Trump lies on China ban: A quick thread:

Ok so here's what really happened.

On January 31, 2020, United, Delta, and American Airlines all announced suspension of flights to China through March 28th (Delta through April 30).

All of them cited pressure from unions.

A USA Today article on the same day, Jan 31, reported, "White House considering travel ban, but said they have not contacted the airlines."

Later that same day, *after* the three major airlines (and several international carriers) announced the flight cancellations, the White House announced temporary restrictions on travel from China.

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House Judiciary Committee is working through a bill that would limit the President’s authority to implement the most recent version of the #TravelBan #NexstarDC Image
Republican Congressman Doug Collins made the comparison to President Obama’s temporary travel limits- Dems refute Joan saying candidate Trump’s promise to ban all Muslims from entering the US has to be taken into account #NexstarDC Image
Collins continues, “Its not about the policy, it’s about the President. They don’t like this president #NexstarDC Image
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I have more analysis of the expanded #TravelBan in @just_security today.

Once a country is placed on the blacklist — as Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, & Tanzania just were — the primary victims are not foreign governments, but US citizens.…
@just_security Even the #coronavirus travel ban, issued on the same day, exempts family members of US citizens.

But if you have a family member in a country with less-than-ideal passport technology, then the danger is somehow too great for them to immigrate.
@just_security Trump has called for a “shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” strict limits on so-called “chain migration,” and the end of the Diversity Visa program.

And the new #immigration ban allows him to make headlines and take a victory lap on all three.
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THREAD: You want to know some FACTS about this latest #travelban, just google-search a 2017 report by some U.S. scholars entitled: "The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration (2017)," by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, & be properly guided.
2/ In several snippets from their 2017 academic report, shared in this THREAD, there are some interesting facts you need to know. This latest #travelban is not new. It predates the 1820s.

3/ ENJOY this 2017 report by U.S. scholars entitled: "The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration (2017)," by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, and be properly guided.
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The new #TravelBan proclamation is a word salad of nonsensical cruelty.

Let's start with the fact that there is no rational connection between the alleged risk (national security threat) and the actual policy (blocking permanent residents). 1/…
The first #TravelBan blocks both #immigrant visas (permanent residents) & "nonimmigrant" visas (temporary visitors) from several Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria & Yemen).

It's a terrible policy, but the new ban is weirder still. 2/…
Someone seeking permanent residency (aka "immigrant visa" aka "green card") goes through *way more vetting* than someone seeking a temporary visitor visa.

So why does the new #TravelBan block only permanent residents, not temporary visitors? 3/
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DHS announces it’s expanding the #travelban to would-be immigrants (not temporary visitors) from Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria & Myanmar
More narrowly, Sudanese & Tanzanians will be banned from #greencardlottery

⬇️Read on for info on immigrants from the newly banned countries
This means nationals from Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria & Myanmar seeking a green card to enter the United States will be barred from doing so as long as their countries remain designated under the #travelban
Nigeria & Eritrea account for 14% of all green cards issued annually to African nationals
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THREAD: 3 years ago today, Trump issued his controversial travel ban on Muslim-majority countries. Here's how it has impacted the U.S. #TravelBan #Immigration #MuslimBanTurns3…
The travel ban has divided the U.S. and prevented many U.S. citizens from getting to see their friends and loved ones from “banned” countries.…
The travel ban promotes a system of values that keeps foreign students out of American universities, reports @karinfischer. #highered…
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I'M ANGRY. Govt response to us bringing to court's attn our 3 Syrian plaintiffs, incl. a 14 year old girl, are in DANGER: "the Government of Turkey’s international affairs [is] irrelevant to the issue at bar: vetting Plaintiffs for waivers."… #JamalvPompeo
Here's the motion, filed Monday morn, that this is in response to:…
Find out more about #JamalvPompeo on my website:
Read 4 tweets… A story I'm proud to have worked on...It's a story about #Iran & the #TravelBan. It's about people seeking the freedoms of America, but who are stuck because of diplomatic relations. Fundamentally though, this is a story about family & love @FOX40
Mike, an Iranian immigrant and American citizen, has been engaged for more than 3 years now. His fiancée Shala is stuck overseas. Visa process is totally stalled bc of the #TravelBan -his hope to bring her to the U.S. is fading @FOX40 Image
According to the US State Department, since the first #TravelBan more than 98 hundred immigrant visa requests from #Iran have been denied. Just 161 have been given waivers to come to the US. (Data current up to beginning of the summer) @FOX40 Image
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A thread with some thoughts on DOJ's letter in the #Census2020 case, which can be found (alongside some great analysis from @rickhasen) here.
First, it's unsurprising for DOJ to assert that any "new" decision to add the Q must be assessed w/o reference to the history of the policy

As I noted at @ShallTakeCare, it's a standard, oft-repeated move in the Trump DOJ's 'animus-laundering' playbook…
Indeed, amid debate over the #TransBan and #TravelBan, I wrote an op-ed for @PostOpinions in *March 2018* identifying this animus-laundering strategy and warning that we could expect to see a lot more of it…
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What will you do with your privilege?

This is a question I asked myself repeatedly over the last 6 months. The stress my wife and kids happily took on, the hard asks I made of people of time, money, and spirit, I best have had a really, really good reason for doing so.
Today, I am at peace. Because I know I wanted to use my privilege. All the doors my parents, my family, my friends, and my community opened for me my entire life - it is a privilege. It is a trust, and it would be a violation of that trust to waste it.
So I am at peace. I lost an election, but that pales in comparison to what we all gained. I was told by our own @VASecofEdu Atif Qarni that there isn't really such thing as a loss. I thought I understood him, but now I see a whole new wisdom in his words.
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