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Pope Francis leads the Easter Sunday Mass at Saint Peter's Square in the Vatican at 4 pm (Manila time) on April 17, followed by his traditional speech and blessing called "Urbi et Orbi" (To the City and to the World).…
During his “Urbi et Orbi,” the Pope tackles pressing issues across the globe as he addresses not only Catholics but the whole world.

The Pope also grants a blessing that carries a plenary indulgence – remission of punishment for sins that had already been forgiven – provided that a Catholic would go to confession, receive communion, and prays for the intentions of the Pope.

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NOW: Kalookan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, leads the Easter Vigil at the San Roque Cathedral on Holy Saturday. #HolyWeek | via @lianbuan

@lianbuan You may also watch the Easter Vigil 2022 with Bishop David here.…
David starts his homily by sharing how his dad expected his children to share stories during his childhood. #HolyWeek

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Though Jesus bar Abbas was also on trial, Jesus Christ was the one offered for state execution. After being handed over by Pilate, the soldiers would strip him of his clothes, mock, beat, spat and ultimately kill him publicly on Golgatha’s Hill.
(Note: The Gospel of Matthew’s [NSRV] distinction between Jesus bar Abbas (son of the Father) and Jesus Christ (The Anointed) is easy to miss. The title Jesus [Yeshua] was OFTEN given to distinguish revolutionaries, or ‘Saviours,’ during various periods of biblical history.)
For three hours, the world went into complete darkness as he hung on a cross at Calvary in complete agony. He again would “calls on Elijah,” questioning where in the hell God was. Then would take his last breath and die.
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Jesus and disciples gathered for the Last Supper. He raised a loaf of bread and cup of wine, gave thanks and shared it. In doing so, he affirmed the gift of humanity and announced forgiveness of sin, even for women and children that were present but not recognized in scripture.
Jesus transitions to the Garden of Gethsemane where he tells Peter, James and John to “stay awake” as he goes up Mt. Sinai, to grieve, “even to death.” He wrestles with his calling, questions God’s presence and returns to find the disciples unable to keep watch in midnight hour.
Today we should observe this moment in solemn silence. Reflections over ‘hymns’ that get us through, ‘Gardens of Gethsemane’ that force us into vast vulnerability and lonely moments this work will leave us asking God, “Where in the hell are you?”
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In one of the most known stories in the Bible, Judas goes to the chief priests and agrees to ‘betray’ Jesus for ‘thirty pieces of silver.’ The gospels according to Mark and John go even further to say that ‘Satan enters into him. #GoodWednesday
Judas in Greek means ‘praise’ yet is used in English synonymously with betrayal and treason. Some go further to describe “Judas” as people who use their proximity and privilege to benefit themselves rather than being a co-conspirator WITH Jesus.
But what if this wasn’t about betrayal against Jesus but treason against Rome? Jesus knew that Judas was “here to do” a prophetic work. Could the contemporary read cause us to miss the true conspiracy that is the eventual crucified Jesus?
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As the disciples would inquire about “end of times,” Jesus pressed them to continue to lead in truth. Despite rumors of war, political conspiracy, false profits, leaders drunk w/ power, natural disaster and inevitable persecution in Jesus’ name, they were to “endure to the end.”
The #OlivetDiscourse causes reflection over inevitability of death AND powerful yet fragile nature of human existence - simultaneously. To be called into divine service meant to be in total opposition to the world at large and to expect violent resistance to our very presence.
It’s okay to wrestle within the darkness of the prophetic. Attacks will come. Sell-outs and counterfeits will reveal themselves. Within true purpose, you will have to fight against ppl, who you thought you were fighting for/with, who only seek to kill and destroy you.
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🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻Welcome March!🙋‍♂️🙋🏻

The month of March is dedicated to Saint Joseph and this is the Year of St Joseph.
In response to The Holy Father’s request to increase our devotion to this great saint my little contribution will be to post a beautiful picture of Saint Joseph every day. Image
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My Brothers and Sisters in Christ: This #Lent has been one that none of us will forget. As we prepare for the Sacred Triduum, the Church shall again be celebrating the Passion, death and Resurrection of Christ — His great work of Redemption (1/20)

For most of you, it will be the first time to experience the holiest week of the year not in your parish church, but in your own home. It could very well seem like our Lent has not ended, like we are still stuck in the desert. (2/20)
Over the past few weeks, I have heard from many of you about the suffering that you and your family have experienced. Is it merely a coincidence that we are facing this coronavirus pandemic now? Or could something greater be taking place this #HolyWeek? (3/20)
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For the theological record, the “blood of Jesus” is not a magical talisman. Jesus bled because he was a victim, fully human, of political violence. His own blood did not stop his own suffering & death.
Christian theology insists that thru his death, Jesus gathered all suffering to himself - in a cosmic act of redemptive love. To stop all pain, not to spread it. The blood represents all of that suffering - violence, injustice, death.
That doesn’t mean it is magic. It means that Jesus - who is also fully God - knows human suffering - even pain has been gathered into the heart of the Divine.
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Do you know My King, Jesus?
Allow me to introduce Him to you.
(Credit: Sermon from Rev S.M. Lockridge)
#GoodFriday #HolyWeek #Passover
He's the King of the Jews.
He's the King of Israel.
He's the King of Righteousness.
He's the King of the Ages.
He's the King of Heaven.
He's the King of Glory.
He's the King of Kings, and He's the Lord of Lords.
That's my King. David said, "The Heavens declare the glory of God &
the firmament shows His handiwork." My King is sovereign. No means of measure can define His limitless love. No far seeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of His shoreless supply.
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This is #HolyWeek -- the week in the Christian year that marks the final days of Jesus' life.

It is not "holy" because it is super-spiritual, set apart, or sacred. It is holy because it shows how God is present in the world. 1/
The week is deeply mundane, political. 2/
It began w/ a protest rally. What we call "Palm Sunday" was a protest rally AGAINST imperial Rome. Those complicit w/Rome gathered on one side of the city to hail Pilate's entry into Jerusalem; on the other, the resisters welcomed Jesus & treated him as King. 3/
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