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Independentemente de ser plágio ou não, o fato é que muitos dos chamados “corinhos de fogo” se assemelham aos pontos cantados nos terreiros de religiões de matriz africana.
Os cultos conhecidos como reteté, com pessoas rodopiando pelo salão da igreja, também nos remetem ao sincretismo com o candomblé e a umbanda. Alguns estão chamando o fenômeno jocosamente de Candombléia. O que tudo isso significa? Puro sincretismo? Fogo estranho?
Influência de outras entidades se fazendo passar pelo Espírito Santo? Ou poderíamos lançar um olhar mais humano e menos preconceituoso sobre o fenômeno? Como é notório, a religião com o maior número de negros no Brasil é a pentecostal.
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the modern "#conservative" movement, the right wing of American politics, is fundamentally about the primacy of emotions over reason.

of course that's not something that right-wing politicians and pundits will ever admit openly. @MattWalshBlog pretends to be "rational".

Western society exalts itself as the sole embodiment of reason and logic and science on Earth; even mere #Christian bigots like @dalepartridge or @jordanbpeterson have taught themselves to pretend that their bigotries—and indeed their religious assertions—are "logical".

this is an easy trick for human beings to manage.

any human being can be taught to stick, without ever yielding, to an assertion—however absurd the assertion is. "@jordanbpeterson is logical and rational" is an absurd assertion but Mr. Peterson and his fans stick by it.

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I teach a course on #Pakistani #Literature at @binghamtonu. This time around I started every class with playing a song on @YouTube.

This served various pedagogical purposes and also helped latecomers 😂

Here's the list of songs we listened to this semester
1. #Punjabi folk + West coast rap

Kandyaari-ae haey tere do nain...
Chakwal Group and @iambohemia @cokestudio
2. #Punjabi Tappe by one of the most beautiful Punjabi couples: Veena and Anant @anantkiveena

When it comes to tappe, national borders don't mean shit
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The continuation of this thread

Finally, I could put this Lord's testimony here... Again

Back in January, while in days of fasting (21 days fasting movement of my church), I was about to end fasting for that day. I was still eating my meal when suddenly I received a WA message from my girl, Deea.
She sent me these 2 pictures. That was her mom and her boyfriend (at that time, he was in Medan) both got baptized on Dec, 25-26th 2021.
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God wants us to see the Giver behind the gifts, even the gifts of salvation. Until we have come to realize that He is the greatest gift of the #Gospel, we will never really understand it or Him.
Our hearts will never be melted by God's love if we do not look to Him as THE GIFT.

We can so easily domesticate him with our expectations merely getting what we want, including "escaping hell." This really misses the heart of the Gospel and still sees God as tyrannical.
This is a very Augustinian movement that ultimately God wants us to see the Giver and not just the gifts, even of salvation.

Augustine would even say that we can be so idolatrous that we end up using 'salvation' as a means of distancing ourselves from God and hiding from him.
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#fridaymorning #FridayFeeling #Jesus #Christ Eternal
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made. ..
In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not." (John 1:1-5)

The five verses now before us contain a statement of matchless sublimity concerning the divine nature of our #Lord #Jesus #Christ. He ..
it is, beyond all question, whom John means when he speaks of "the Word." No doubt there are heights and depths in that statement which are far beyond man's understanding. And yet there are plain lessons in it, which every #Christian would do well to treasure up in his mind. ..
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#gospultimes #housedemolition #zaria #kaduna #gospelgist #newsinnigeria #gospel #gospelnews
On the 2nd of October, 2021 the governor of Kaduna state gave an order to demolish over 500 houses, churches, schools, shops, without any form of compensation or time to gather their belongings.

Reports gotten shows that the demolition is supposed to be carried out in a time
where all forms of communication is said to be cut off in the state and on a weekend.

The Kaduna State Urban Planning Development Agency says the buildings are on lands belonging to the Nigeria College of Aviation, Zaria.
The matter is said to be in court currently.
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1. Born in 1181, the son of a wealthy merchant, Francis gave up everything to obey the words of the Lord: “Leave all, and follow me.” He lived in complete poverty, preaching the Gospel.
#StFrancis #StFrancisOfAssisi #Bible #Gospel Image
2. Others came to join him, and they lived by a simple rule based on the Gospel. From them grew the Franciscan Order, which spread rapidly
3. during his own lifetime, though he ceased to be its leader and left its administration to others. His life was a putting into practice of the beatitudes, and was marked by faith, joy, service of others, prayer, and love of all created things. He died in 1226.
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#gospultimes #EAAdeboye #PastorEAAdeboye #rccg #covid19 #vaccination #gospelgist #gospelnews #gospel
The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Worldwide, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has cleared the air on Covid-19 vaccination during the monthly Holy Ghost Service programme of the church on Friday night, 1st October, 2021 at the Redemption Camp
Controversies came up on him instructing his members not to be involved in the Covid -19 vaccination. However, according to the live video recorded by RCCG YouTube channel on the Friday night of the Holy Ghost programme, the cleric stated that he has never told his members or
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(1/3) This incredibly detailed gold #Byzantine wedding ring is our #ArtefactOfTheDay.

Produced c. 7th century CE, the bezel depicts the bride and groom being crowned by the haloed figures of Jesus and Mary. Beneath them is the word: "Harmony".

#Classics #Christian #History #Art
(2/3) Remarkably, the exterior of the ring is also heavily inscribed with seven scenes from Jesus's life in chronological order, from the Annunciation to the Resurrection.

A personalised wish by the married couple is also featured: “Lord, help thy servants, Peter and Theodote".
(3/3) The edges of the bezel also feature a verse from the #Gospel of John (14:27) that asks God to grant the newlyweds peace.

The ring testifies not only to the intimacy of the couple, but of their steadfast devotion to #God on a small, personal level.

#Religion #Gold #Church
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Bishop @silviojbaez addresses one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted passages in St Mark's Gospel in today's homily, Mk 16:17-18. Let's take a look at his commentary in this thread.
Photo: Snake-handling church (1946) Harlan County, Kentucky (Wikimedia)
"These signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes; if they should drink anything deadly, it will not harm them; they will lay hands on the sick & they will get well" (Mk 16:17-18)
Bishop @silviojbaez who is a scripture scholar and former professor of sacred scripture, sheds like on Mark 16:17-18. "The language is somewhat archaic and symbolic," he says, "but it is worth deciphering." This is an effort "to permeate creation with the gospel."
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🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻Welcome March!🙋‍♂️🙋🏻

The month of March is dedicated to Saint Joseph and this is the Year of St Joseph.
In response to The Holy Father’s request to increase our devotion to this great saint my little contribution will be to post a beautiful picture of Saint Joseph every day. Image
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Devastating, revealing and hope-producing. #RaviZacharias was letch and liar. This leading evangelist was a leading deceiver/exploiter/abuser of women among evangelical men. But his org embraced the truth—about him. #silenceisnotspiritual 1/…
Evangelical women, this is how the betrayal happens. Women told to be pure, while leading evangelical men are filthy. They reek a foul stench that betrays their forays into hell (sexual abuse, exploitation and rape). #ravizacharias #anatomyofthebetrayal #silenceisnotspiritual 2/
Our faith is not about purity. It is about LOVE and mending the fallen brokenness BETWEEN all things (not OF all things). We are made in ima
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@tracesoffaith 1) After I started to Listen to @amygrant 's music, in 1985. And, I began to listen to #ChristianRadio , regularly. BUT, then, 17 years later; a teaching colleague of mine invited me to "Give This #BibleStudy a try." The teacher was a lady I had Only known from listening to @KSBJ
@tracesoffaith @amygrant @KSBJ 2) B4 & After School & she & the #DJ , were broadcasting Live, in downtown #houstontx & it was a #WatermelonSeed #SpittingContest ! #Hilarious ! A month later, I found out This #BibleStudy was a One of it's kind; bc it was going to be #OnlineToo ! It was #BelievingGod2002 ! By...
@tracesoffaith @amygrant @KSBJ 3) @BethMooreLPM ! 😂✝️💞🍉😛 #ForReal ! 😂 The #OnlineStudents started 1.5 weeks after the #HomeGroup . The #BibleStudyVideos were broken up into smaller parts. Well, as I Listened to the First Session, I was beginning to #FallInLove w/ the "Biblical #Jesus "; but, I didn't
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1. The Church in this great festival honours all the saints. It is an image of that eternal great feast which God himself continually celebrates in heaven with all his saints, whom we humbly join in praising his adorable goodness
#AllSaintsDay #AllSaints
2. for all his mercies.

In this and all other festivals of the saints, God is the only object of supreme worship.

To what an immense height of immortal glory has he raised the saints! and by what means? His grace conducted them by humility, patience, charity, and penance,
3. through ignominies, torments, pains, sorrows, mortifications, and temptations to joy and bliss, by the cross to their crowns.

And casting their crowns before his throne they give to him all the glory of their triumphs. "His gifts alone in us he crowns."

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1. This is outrageous! The #CCP changed #Bible and says that #Jesus killed a sinner.
This paragraph quotes the story of Jesus forgiving the sins of a woman who committed adultery from the #Gospel of John. But it changed the ending to:
"The crowd wanted to stone the woman... death as per their law. But Jesus said, 'Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone.' Hearing this, they slipped away one by one.
"When the crowd disappeared, Jesus stoned the sinner to death saying, "I too am a sinner. But if the law could only be executed.. men without blemish, the law would be dead."
Then the textbook asks the student:
"How do you look at the law after reading this story?"
The textbook, published by the government-run University of Electronic Science and Technology Press, aims to teach...
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And when Jesus passed from thence, he saw a man sitting in the custom house, named Matthew; and he saith to him: Follow me. And he arose up and followed him. (Mt9:9-13 #HolyMass #Sep21 #Gospel #StMatthew) ~ Douay Rheims #Bible #JesusChrist #Jesus #BibleVerse #Christian Image
2. And it came to pass as he was sitting at meat in the house, behold many publicans and sinners came, and sat down with Jesus and his disciples.

And the Pharisees..said..: Why doth your master eat with publicans and sinners? (Mt9:9-13) DR #Bible #Jesus #Christian #JesusChrist
3. But Jesus hearing it, said: They that are in health need not a physician, but they that are ill. (Mt9:12)
#Bible #BibleStudy #Christian #religion #BibleDaily #BibleVerseForToday #Bibleツアー #BibleVerses #Christianity #ChristiansOnTwitter #CatholicTwitter #Christiantwitter
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The kingdom of heaven is like to an householder, who went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard.

And having agreed with the labourers for a penny a day, he sent them into his vineyard. (Mt20:1-16 #SundayMass #Sep20) ~ Douay Rheims #Bible #Jesus #Gospel Image
2. But about the eleventh hour he went out and found others standing, and he saith to them: Why stand you here all the day idle?

They say to him: Because no man hath hired us.

He saith to them: Go you also into my vineyard. (Mt20:1-16 #SundayMass #Sep20) ~Douay Rheims #Bible
3. And when evening was come, the lord of the vineyard saith to his steward: Call the labourers and pay them their hire..

When..they were come, that came about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny..when the first also came..they also received every man a penny.
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1. Blessed Daudi Okelo converted at about age fifteen. He was a Catechist with Blessed Jildo Irwa, who converted at age eleven. Local..
#Blessed #DaudiOkelo #JildoIrwa #Christian #martyrs #Jesus #Gospel Image
2. chiefs demanded that the two of them stop teaching the Gospel; they refused and were stabbed to death for their steadfastness in Christ. Martyred in 1918 in Palamuku, Uganda, they were beatified by Pope JohnPaul II (decree of martyrdom) on April 23, 2002.
#Gospel #Christians

Grant, we beseech you, almighty God, that we who know how courageously your blessed Martyrs Daudi Okelo and Jildo Irwa have confessed the faith, may experience their goodness as they intercede for us with you. Through our Lord Jesus Christ...
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1. Our Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ is the spiritual King of our souls; and it is by the love and spirit of his cross that he must reign in them. By this happy instrument he has rescued
#ExaltationoftheHolyCross Image
2. from the power of sin, and conquered death and hell.

But do not our sloth and malice still hold out against him? Have the boundless excess of his love, and the omnipotent power of his grace, yet triumphed over our hearts? Is his holy cross planted there? does it daily grow
3. and spread itself in our affections?

The spirit of the cross, or of Christ crucified, is the spirit of that perfect humility, meekness, charity, patience, and all other virtues, which he preaches to us by his cross. So long as self-love, pride, sensuality, or impatience
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1. First Sorrow:
Simeon tells Mary that a sword will pierce her soul.

The suffering persecuted Church.

Pray: One Our Father, 7 Hail Marys, and:

“Mary full of mercy, recall to our heart the suffering of Jesus during His Passion.” Image
In the run-up to the memorial of Our Lady of of Sorrows, the Seven Sorrows will be posted, please God.

#OurLadyOfSorrows #SevenSorrows #SevenSorrowsOfMary #prayers #Bible #Gospel
#Christian #Catholic #ChristiansOnTwitter

Second Sorrow:
The Holy Family is forced to flee into Egypt

The gift of faith for unbelievers and those far from God.

Our Father, 7 Hail Marys, and:

“Mary full of mercy, recall to our heart the suffering of Jesus during His Passion.”
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And when the sun was down, all they that had any sick with divers diseases, brought them to [Jesus]..he healed them..

And the devils went out from many..saying: Thou art the Son of God.

And.. he suffered them not to speak, for they knew that he was Christ. (Lk4:38-44)DR #Bible Image
2. And when it was day, going out he went into a desert place, and the multitudes sought him, and came unto him: and they stayed him that he should not depart from them.

To whom he said:

To other cities also I must preach the kingdom of God: for therefore I am sent. #Jesus
(Lk4:38-44 #HolyMass #Sep2 #Gospel) ~ Douay Rheims Bible
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Dear Believer, There Is A PLACE For You!
#Thread Image
Why do you think Christians have no place in the world? A good number of people already made the conclusion that believers are not meant to own riches or have a place of influence in the world but if we don't then who should!
When ever I read Mathew 5:16 that says Let your light so shine before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.
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They that received the didrachmas, came to Peter and said.. Doth your master pay the didrachmas? He said: Yes.

And when he came into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying: What is thy opinion, Simon? (Mt17:22:27 #HolyMass #Gospel #Aug10) ~DouayRheims #Bible #Jesus #BibleVerses Image
2. The kings of the earth, of whom do they receive tribute or custom? of their own children, or of strangers?

And he said: Of strangers. Jesus said to him: Then the children are free.

But that we may not scandalise them, go to the sea, and cast in a hook (Mt17:22-27)DR#Bible
3. and that fish which shall first come up, take: and when thou hast opened its mouth, thou shalt find a stater: take that, and give it to them for me and thee. (Mt17:22-27)

#BibleVerse #Bible #JesusChrist #Christian
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