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What if #KamalaHarris was Prez when @issarae started #Insecure? With #KamalasPlan there woulda been some changes for our favs. Lawrence would've gotten his business off the ground quicker with #Kamala's $12B Black entrepreneurship grant so Issa would've never had reason to cheat.
If Issa never cheated on Lawrence's unemployed ass, we could've gotten the happy ending for both of them we're still waiting for after 3 seasons. Wedding bells not lonely blue shirts 😢
We don't let Issa's cheating define her though...there would've been a LOT good things for her with #KamalasPlan. Like...she coulda still worked with kids as a teacher making $13,500 more a yr thanks to #Kamala's teacher pay plan instead of feeling trapped &broke at We Got Y'all.
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You know that person with a basic, regular-ass life is like “yo, my life could be a TV show”? Sometimes that feels like the guiding ethos of #insecureHBO.

“On this episode, Issa and Molly are bored and unsatisfied with their jobs. And...that’s basically it.”
Watching this on delay but Lyft dude clearly got warrants, right?
Like, he got warrants, bodies, or both. You see how he fucked up that big dude in the back of the Lyft? Wasn’t his first brawl in an enclosed space.
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I really need to discuss yesterday’s episode of #InsecureHBO. If you haven’t seen it, you might want to ignore this thread. So...I know y’all are all about your relationship hives but there were KEY social issues being addressed.
She’s addressing the issue of financial instability at 30, the inequity of community services, white saviorism, monogamy vs all other relationship structures, and a lot more.

But let’s zoom in on the equity + saviorism.
I can count on my fingers, toes, and someone else’s how many times I’ve been in a conference room where someone was defending something completely racist or inequitable—in education. Like, deaf ears.
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A #SpendYourPrivilege lesson from last nights #InsecureHBO:

Stop coming up to those of us with marginalized identities *after* the meeting and telling us how you “really appreciated” what we said or how you’re “sorry for how you were treated.”

It is literally one of the most irksome things in the world to have “allies” claim they have your back in private but we’re silent in public. Or who say it to ME and not our superiors.

If. You. Don’t. Say. It. When. Or. To. Whom. It. Matters. It. Doesn’t. Count.
And I’d like to say I tell “allies” this every time it happens...but it happens SO MUCH that I’d be exhausted.

It’s exhausting to be courageous and marginalized in shared spaces and stand alone til the meeting is wrapped.

Nah-I need to know who my friends are *now,* not later.
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