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The great #ShirleyChisholm was before my time, but given #KamalaHarris' historic candidacy as the 1st Black woman in the POTUS *top tier*, her legacy is more on my mind. When I met #Kamala she brought up Shirley, so I dedicate this thread to 2 powerful Black women trailblazers.
#ShirleyChisholm announced her candidacy for the Democratic Party in January 25, 1972. She was the first Black woman to ever run for a major party nomination.
Full video:…
"You have to recognize that because I am not White and because I am not a male I am not going to get the blessings of the power structure in this country...of course I'm not going to get their blessings" #UnboughtUnbossed #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #KHive
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Good morning, #KHive! Today, I’m kicking off the week with my thread of 46 reasons that Kamala Harris should be our next president! Let’s go! 👏🏽 #Kamala2020 #ForThePeople #KamalaHarris
1 - It’s time for a woman in the White House. More than that, it’s time for a WOC in the White House - for Kamala. She comes from a diverse background that understands how the majority of Americans live day to day + her 3AM Agenda speaks to what keep us up at night. #Kamala2020
2 - Kamala has broken barriers that noone has before. Kamala was the first female DA of SF + First black woman to serve as AG in CA. Kamala is also the second black woman and first South-Asian American elected to the senate! WHAT GLASS CEILING? #Kamala2020
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I can’t help myself: Thread of Centrist Twitter’s maddest, reddest, nudeist posts from the past 24 hours.

How can something so bitter... taste so sweet?
Like a butterscotch candy
😋 😋 😋
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Y'all know I had to make a reaction video to the #DemocraticDebate for those who missed it. #KamalaHarris shut it down by standing in her truth as a Black woman aiming to make history. It was epic! My thoughts on that &more. #DemDebate #Kamala #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #KHive
My earlier tweet about #OperationBlockTheBlackWoman low key blew up but I said what I said. Here are my thoughts on that plus the extra hurdles #KamalaHarris has to clear. #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020
Somebody tap Tulsi and tell her that Assad and Putin are the enemy not the Black Patriots like #MaxineWaters and #AlGreen that called for Trump's impeachment. Thoughts on her tiny violin act plus Steyer and Beto. #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate
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Sen. #KamalaHarris Mega Thread aka the unofficial #Kamala2020 campaign encyclopedia on all things #Kamala. Here's a comprehensive round of her plans, record, leadership, debunking the lies,& video clips. Feel free to bookmark/RT. Quick links ⬇️ + much more in the thread! #KHive
#KamalaHarris has her proposals detailed on her official campaign website. For more Twitter info on her plans check out this thread. #KamalasPlan #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020
#KamalaHarris has an impressive record spanning decades. Find out more about how she broke the glass ceiling and made history with each election; and what she has accomplished since her career in public service started in 1990. #KamalasRecord #Kamala2020
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Thread: #KamalaHarris has decades of experience as a public servant and elected official (#Kamala got an early start). There's far more to her record than you've heard so dive into her trailblazing tenures as SF DA,CA Attorney General,& US Senator #KamalasRecord #KamalaHarris2020
#KamalaHarris did not just make history with her election as San Francisco DA and California Attorney General, she did so with her US Senate election. Learn more about what #Kamala has been up to in the Senate. #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #KHive
#KamalaHarris had a distinguished tenure as CA Attorney General over the largest DOJ after the US DOJ. #Kamala was a history making trailblazer who was a champion #ForThePeople
#KamalasRecord #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #KHive
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STOP ERASING BLACK WOMEN! Apparently #KamalaHarris performing gay marriages in 04,defeating Prop 8,& tackling the gay/trans panic defense isn't noteworthy. For all 3 (and just 3) mentions of #Kamala's name to be solely to discuss what the vvhite male moderator said is offensive!
Since we have another Lyz Lenz on our hands who wants to double down instead of make amends, I'm going to tackle each excuse @transscribe has made to justify her erasure of #KamalaHarris.
Be clear, banning the gay/trans panic defense is the baseline bc of #KAMALA. #KamalaHarris convened DAs to combat it in 06. She sponsored a bill as AG making CA the FIRST state to ban it. She co-sponsors a Sen bill to ban it (Warren isn't co-sponsor).
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I had the day off but when @KamalaHarris released her LGBTQ Plan for Equality and Dignity I had to spread the love. #KHive #KamalaHarris2020
1. Misinformation
2. 1st Actions
3. Child Protections
4. Healthcare
5. Trans Protections
6. Criminal Justice
7. Immigration
@KamalaHarris has the strongest and most powerful plan to help LGBTQ+ She will be the strongest supporter tonight at the @CNN Town Hall.
Child Protections to go along with her Children’s Agenda releases on Monday. She has fought her whole career to protect those who could not protect themselves.
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Attacking the #Khive for defending @KamalaHarris to all the passive-aggressive crap coming from the other candidates is a new low. Add to this the concerted efforts by some folks to smear her among Black and younger voters because guess what? She actually served the people
She actually worked in our criminal justice system and had to meet actual people. It was not academic, it was not third hand and it was not some sound bite for her. It was real work for the people. Yes, we will defend her and point out the shortcomings of other candidates.
And guess what, "WE ARE THE DEMOCRATIC BASE" always were and always will be. So, don't come at me with your "don't do that", you all know what you have been doing and are still doing. This passive-aggressive shit is getting on my nerves.
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I was feeling frustrated and felt compelled to make a video debunking this myth we’ll all heard that “we don’t know what Kamala Harris stands for”. We know what she stands for; her career has been built on standing up for children.
Harris started her career working on children’s issues and that continued throughout her work as DA, AG, and Senator. Now she’s out with the first comprehensive plan on children’s issues. That is what she stands for. That is WHO she stands for.
Her plan:

✅ 6 months of paid family and medical leave

✅ Policies to cut the child poverty rate by 50% in her first time

✅ Creates the Bureau of Children and Family justice

Read more here:…
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We're starting soon!

#KHive #IACaucus #ForThePeople #KamalaHarris2020 #UnitedForKamala #ImpeachmentParty #DudeGottaGo #3AMAgenda

Five whole Trump supporters have shown up and are staging themselves outside the pavilion.
A young woman whose name I didnt catch is talking about why she's supporting Kamala. Her ancestors were killed during the Holocaust after being turned away for immigration.
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Zachary Wood is an assistant curator for TED, is the author of "Uncensored: My Life and Uncomfortable Conversations at the Intersection of Black and White America.

He writes about @KamalaHarris being on top of her game.

Folks, she is the one…
As AG, Senator Harris created a model recidivism program, a time offenders program, lead on marriage equality, had huge consumer fraud recoveries, indicted executives for oil spills and helped thousands of victims of brutal crime & wins every election w huge margins

Blue wave +
As CA Attorney General: the CEO of 5,000 employees.

She's on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: over sees Office of the Dir of National Intelligence, CIA, Def Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency & aspects of the State Department
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Thread: #Kamala's historic campaign as only the 3rd Black woman to seek a major party nom (1st as top tier) isn't being met with the professionalism/culturally competent coverage it deserves. #RepresentationMatters so let these Black women reflect HOW it's done right. #Kamala2020
The media is often more interested in the horsesrace vs educating the public on a candidate. The GOLD STANDARD on researching/original substantive reporting is set by @juliacraven with a deep dive into #Kamala's Black maternal health work.…
We know that horsesrace coverage comes with the territory, however @emarvelous showed how to balance discussing the state of the race with providing space for rebuttal from #Kamala/supporters & providing perspective (i.e. acknowledging smear campaigns).…
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The library of #KamalaHarris! I'll be adding important links, articles, and videos to this thread for easy access. With barely 50% name recognition, we need to be armed with highlights of the good and rebuttals for the smears.

#ForThePeople #KamalaHarris2020…

Learn about Kamala Harris's time as a DA and AG of California. Highlights include: clearing rape kit backlogs, lowering incarceration rates, recividism, and truancy, and fighting for LGBTQ+ rights.…

Hear anything about Kamala's plan for #Veterans? Probably not. Listen or read to highlights about it here! Highlights: reducing homelessness, expanding healthcare eligibility, protecting sexual assault victims, and improving housing for active duty.
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#LGBTQ Presidential Forum Tonight!

Kamala Harris is more than ready.

Here are a "few things" why:

1. Introduced the Do No Harm Act with Reps. Scott and Kennedy that would ensure that religion cannot be used to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals.

2. Cosponsor of the Equality Act that would amend the Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

3. Advocate for fairness in health

#Khive #ForThePeople #Kamala
3a. Cosponsor of the Repeal HIV Discrimination Act which would provide for federal review of state and local laws that impose criminal liability on individuals living with HIV.

3b. As AG, sent letter to FDA urging the agency to reconsider its blood ban for gay men.

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Kamala Harris co-sponsored a bill in CA Legislature to eliminate the “gay/trans panic” defense in cases of murder or violent crime against LGBT people.

Gov. Brown signed the bill in 2014, making CA, along with Illinois, one of 2 states in the country to ban the plea.
Kamala Harris hosted a national conference focused on the so-called gay or transgender panic defense, which is often used as a "heat of passion" defense to argue manslaughter rather than a murder conviction, but is sometimes used as an excuse to justify other crimes.
According to Harris, the conference resulted in gender harassment educational materials that are now distributed to prosecutors throughout the nation and provided some support for the Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act.
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#Kamala is now up on #TRMS. Rachel asks her what she means by "sham process". She discusses how 1000s of pages were dumped at the time 11th hour, credible allegations were not investigated, and #ChristineBlaseyFord was treated like a criminal when she had nothing to gain.
#Kamala reminds us the White House was "orchestrating" and "curating" what the Judiciary committee could learn about #Kavanaugh. "The process by which he was confirmed has caused a crisis of confidence". Impeachment is necessary.
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Thread: At the 3rd #DemDebate Sen #KamalaHarris proved why she is the one Trump fears the most. Her focus was to #ProsecuteTheCase against 4 more yrs; and #Kamala gave clear insight into her vision for America. Here are her responses. #Kamala2020
#KamalasPlan for Universal Health care has been hailed as the best among the field (see below), but #Kamala wisely used the time to remind Americans Trump is currently trying to undo the ACA. #DemDebate #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris

I have said it time and again, #KamalaHarris has consistently been a champion of reform for decades. Here is how she responded at the #DemDebate and check out 50 times #Kamala acted on/accomplished #CriminalJusticeReform #Kamala2020

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Last night’s #DemocraticDebate was better than the previous efforts, as the moderators were more up to the task. Here are my notes:

1/ Kamala won this thing. After watching the three forerunners trade barbs about health care policy arcana—why not just announce, “America, turn to the football game?”—she made the operative point on the issue: Dems WANT people to have healthcare. Trump wants to take it away.
2/ I wish Kamala, or anyone, had gone even further and mentioned the time Trump denied healthcare coverage to his nephew, a child with a serious medical condition, as a way of punishing his brother for perceived disloyalty.
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#CriminalJustice ROUNDTABLE - Video Thread

Today, @KamalaHarris announced her plan to "Transform the Criminal Justice System."

She sat down to discuss with @angela_rye @dwatkinsworld @DrPhilGoff @JamiraBurley


#KamalaHarris2020 #ForThePeople
@KamalaHarris @angela_rye @dwatkinsworld @DrPhilGoff @JamiraBurley On restoring trust in calling the police

"There is a piece that is about restructuring the system in a way that we actually create accountability... creating standards that are for prosecutors & police officers."

Mentions violation of trust should have consequences #Kamala2020
@KamalaHarris @angela_rye @dwatkinsworld @DrPhilGoff @JamiraBurley "For too long we have put the onus on the community... to work on how the reciprocal relationship of trust should occur instead of putting the responsibility equally, if not more, on those who have actually create the distrust in terms of how the system works." @KamalaHarris
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This made me tear up. The disabled corner of the #KHive went through an emotional rollercoaster today. People on the left and right told us how to feel. Then Kamala told us it was ok to be hurt, and that she was sorry. She exceeded expectations, she restored and validated faith.
Holding your breath to see if someone walks the walk as well as talking the talk is a horrible feeling. Especially when people try to invalidate you or use you as pawns. I couldn't be more proud of her right now. She was Presidential. The contrast between her and others is clear
Holding someone to high standards isn't an attack, it's a byproduct of believing they are the best candidate for the job of leader of the free world. It's part of believing they are a good and decent person, who doesn't want to harm others, even accidentally or unintentionally.
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#Kamala starts off saying "lead, follow, or get out the way...starting with Donald Trump". Kamala talking about obstruction from Republicans announcing she will eliminate the filibuster to pass things through Congress
#Kamala says she will take executive action and do whatever is necessary. Says she will not be burdened by whatever the next POTUS will do because there is action that can be taken right away
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Yesterday, I interacted with a Karen who questioned Kamala's blackness. Today @SoFearMe made me aware that another Karen publicly stated that Castro wasn't Latinx bc he doesn't speak Spanish...
As annoying, ahistorical, and straight-up racist as it is to have (white) people doing that, it is actually part of the American tradition...
Truth is, white supremacy only works when there are rules determining who is "white" and who IS NOT "white." And "white privilege" is only a thing if it can be restricted to a select group of people...
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Let's see which retweet bots are super excited about the third Democratic presidential debate. #ThursdayThoughts

#Warren2020 #AmyForAmerica #YangGang #Booker2020 #FeelTheBern #KHive #MayorPete #Biden2020 #BetoForAmerica #Castro2020

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote A duo of extremely similar real estate bots (@RealtorFairfax and @FairfaxVAAgent) were the first two automated accounts to retweet the preceding tweet. Based on a brief jaunt through their timelines, they seem more focused on retweeting political hashtags than real estate.
@ZellaQuixote @RealtorFairfax @FairfaxVAAgent The third bot retweet comes to us courtesy of @BernieBot_2020, which retweets various Sanders-related hashtags (#Bernie2020, #FeelTheBern, #NotMeUS, and #NoMiddleGround.) We've run across it before.
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