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Internal problems with the #KHive a thread

When I first joined the KHive I was excited to promote the future president Kamala Harris and I had hoped to make friends which I have and will always cherish. But that does not mean we are not problematic.
During the primary we spent so much time fighting with the toxic and rude “BernieBros” and I was proud to denounce such hatred on political twitter. But I think after so much hatred from them and us fighting them that part of the KHive has become like them.
I think that we should be promoting our candidate rather than petty arguments online that only result in anger and frustration which can cause us to act racist or discriminatory which Kamala would not appreciate and would denounce if she saw it.
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@kilonova_gold @blackwomenviews @KamalaHarris Of course, but I am annoyed she had to give it and I hope she refuses to answer any more stupid questions about this.
I very much doubt Biden likes hearing ‘I want to be VP’. I’m going to be honest right now as I want Kamala to get it. Amy has never said it. Only one not to.
@kilonova_gold @blackwomenviews @KamalaHarris I’m taking a tiny bit of a risk but being truthful in the hope she sees this. Abrams the Unqualified pushed so hard that she dragged very much superior women to herself, Demings and others, into feeling like they had to say they’d like to serve. You don’t need to say it 1/2
@kilonova_gold @blackwomenviews @KamalaHarris 2/2 Kamala is the first choice, and she doesn’t need to stoop to their level at all. I think Biden is getting somewhat annoyed at being told whom he “has to” pick. Jim @WhipClyburn is playing it *perfectly*. I don’t think “you better” sounds well to the nominee. My $0.02
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Loans....and why they disappeared off his house financials with out actual payment to zero them out...
I’m not redoing this for the 3rd time @RepRatcliffe is a disaster with ZERO qualifications to be DNI.
It’s literally required BY LAW
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I always look forward to what Sen #KamalaHarris has to say about how to tackle #COVID19. It's critical that Joe Biden does more than phone a friend tho. Black women need to be part of the DECISIONS & the discussions and VP is the best way to do that. I trust Kamala to represent.
Now watching Senator #KamalaHarris on Joe Biden's townhall. These health disparities she is talking about are just staggering.
Watch here:
#KamalaHarris talking about food insecurity as it relates to #COVID19. HowardU did a study & found that 70% of its students were food insecure in 2019. On Live with the #KHive this week we discussed Kamala's bill to tackle the hunger crisis. More info ⬇️
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@TiffanyDCross I believe Kamala Harris is ONLY choice for VP

* Objective credentials

* Gratuitious self-own AFTER Biden APPROACHED #KHIVE for support

* WASTE of Sen H's energy,having to work to get disaffected supporters out to VOTE is she is "dissed"


2/2 Unique context of Sen. Harris' run for President as only second African-American woman to serve in the U.S. Senate (where she is one of the most active and effective members, out in forefront of the current national crisis).


Clarification: By "Gratuitious self-own AFTER Biden APPROACHED #KHIVE for support" I mean any decision to select an alternative to Sen. Harris.
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1/So let's talk about range and priorities. Yes, I have the same obvious Pro-Kamala agenda as always. But allow me just a *little* snark; I saw 'Warren or Harris' trending then I saw this cringy meme AGAIN and my eyes are still rolling from the first time it came across my TL...
2/Somehow Warren having a plan for everything qualifies her to solve all problems beyond her track record but all of Kamala's actual achievements don't? EW has grown beyond bankruptcy and fiscal policy but Kamala is still (crudely/derisively) a cop? No shade to the AG job but...
3/We're watching Kamala rise to the occasion in real time but we act as if leveling up is only for white women whose stories of 'ragged edge' hardship and discrimination over decades still allowed them to remain apolitical. Black women don't have the luxury of being apolitical...
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#KHive #KamalaHarris is coming up now to discuss leadership during the time of #coronavirus. I might have to do a part 2 to my first video on her leadership during this pandemic.
#KamalaHarris discusses her conference call with mayors of cities with pop over 300K. She shouts out Mayors London Breeed & Eric Garcetti plus Gov. Newsom for their leadership. Discusses their challenges and how Trump's leadership vacuum is where local officials are stepping up.
#KamalaHarris is talking about the work that needs to be done: paid sick leave, children without internet access, activate the DPA, suspend ICE stings on grocery stores, protect ACA. (too much for me to keep up with. #DeadlineWhiteHouse
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Gonna get shot down for this but @JoeBiden has strong, non twitter based African-American support which doesn’t seem to be transactional. IOW I think he would retain it with @amyklobuchar on the ticket. Twitter isn’t real life in opinion /voting terms.
Case for @KamalaHarris - electric excitement, balances Biden, diverse ticket, chemistry, @WhipClyburn asked for a black woman on the ticket, the #KHive
Case for @amyklobuchar - higher favorables, swing state

Both have real chemistry with Biden. Both have the resume. Either A+
I would, to be clear, pick @KamalaHarris but it is very, very close. Do not be surprised if it’s @amyklobuchar - they are both brilliant picks for different reasons.
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Like so many other Democrats unifying every day around @JoeBiden’s character and leadership, I couldn’t be more excited to help elect him the next President and end the disaster of Donald Trump.
It’s an honor to work alongside all of @TeamJoe who spent the last year fighting their hardest, in Philly HQ and the states, even when they were counted out. That’s who you want to be in the fight with, always.
I’m grateful to be back on a team together with folks from across the party and so many other campaigns, friends old and new, and especially the #KHive, #TeamPete, #BetoToBiden, #TeamAmy, #TeamCory, #TeamMike and many more still every day.
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Since no one wants to talk about Biden's agenda, I think we #Khive might want to start tweeting his plans. Assuring people he has them and unlike what they have been led to believe, he has a bold agenda. Take immigration, for example. One of the reasons there are so many migrants
is the dangers and struggles they face at home in the Northern Triangle. People do not leave home and walk a few thousand miles for frivolous reasons. Trump's solution was to cut off aid to those countries, making the problem worse. Here's Biden:
4 Billion in aid to the region to address the root causes of emigration paid for by reducting DHS spending on detention since Biden's immigration program (another thread another day) rejects Trump's cruelty
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Something I love about this clip and Joe and Kamala in general: they look like they are truly having fun. The lines are scripted, but the chemistry is not. Biden is SO WARM. Harris is bubbly and brilliant. Good natured! Good folks! The opposite of Trump!
I just can't wait to have some GOOD PEOPLE in the White House again.
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#Khive here. don’t know if @KamalaHarris wants to be VP - @JoeBiden pledged to put a black woman on SCOTUS - but I had a thought... possible she withheld her endorsement because @ewarren was still in the race... and letting women have a shot at the Oval mattered to her?
If that was @SenKamalaHarris thinking, as a feminist (and I’m just speculating) then it would not be respectful to endorse while a woman was still running or on the day she quit (today). Senator Harris could endorse any time from tomorrow if that was her line of thought.
Clearly @JoeBiden will choose a VP who has endorsed him so as much as I would love #BidenHarris2020, #BidenKlobuchar or #BidenRaimondo #BidenDemmings look great to me too. Much respect Sens Warren, Klobuchar and Harris. Ladies...
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People keep asking why did #KamalaHarris suspend her campaign. I think for three reasons: money, optics and class. It was a smart decision under the current circumstances. A thread👇🏾 /1
Kamala raised close to $40 million, which is more money than any black woman to run. She garnered over 350K donors and had over 1 million donations, but that’s still not enough for campaigns. Especially with billionaires in the race and not receiving PAC money. /2
Kamala looked at her runway and made a good call. There is no point in 1) going into debt and jeopardize her next run, and 2) keep burning money on a vanity run. We have enough people currently doing that, and we know this isn’t about ego for her. /3
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So this weekend I noticed the coordinated strike against both Kamala's campaign and her supporters. I am sadly not surprised by this. Our country is steeped in racism and misogyny. /1
Watching the media call for her campaign to end while never doing that to others who should have never ran anyway is a constant slap in the face. But worse yet, are the folks trying to divide us supporters. /2
Calling us bullies for vetting others. Saying they "no longer support Kamala" because we counter lies with facts about her record and what she was responsible for. FYI when you say this we know you were never voting for her. /3
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1/ Et Tu @washingtonpost? If you want to know who @KamalaHarris is, and what she believes in, all you have to do is: Listen.

I did. I went and saw her speak in Harlem last week.
I took notes, something Newspapers are suppose to do. Here are my notes (thread): #KHive
1/ "I started my career fighting for justice in the way that I chose to do it. Which is yes, I confess, to go up the rough side of the mountain and become a prosecutor..."

Kamala also said she knew that our system, which was suppose to provide justice, didn't always do that.
2/ Kamala said, "I decided I would go inside [the system] to change what needed to change in addition to all of the important work that was happening on the outside."

She echoed this sentiment here from an article in June.…
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#BlackFriday is coming up and if #KamalaHarris was POTUS & I would have her $500 #LIFTAct monthly cash out to shop with! Here's how I would spend it ⬇️.

How would you spend your $500 from #Kamala? Tweet your 3 things plus the graphic & hashtags! #KHive #ShoppingIsOnTheBallot
PS- To get #KamalaHarris to the White House so we can get these $500/month #LIFTAct cash outs we gotta chip in! I'd say $5 now for $500/month is a great return on your investment! #Kamala2020 #KHive #ShoppingIsOnTheBallot
Chip in 💰:…
I need 4 new tires but my Black card wouldn't permit me to post a pic of 4 rimless tires 😂🤦🏾‍♀️. The rest of my #KamalaHarris $500 #LIFTAct covers turtlenecks & the digital Friday (I own the DVD of course). #KHive #Kamala #ShoppingIsOnTheBallot #BlackFriday
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#KamalaHarris is having a fundraising drive and yet the green progress bar is barely ticking up! We got work to do #KHive and #Kamala supporters to get these #CoinsForKamala! Let's spread the donation link, bring in new donors & chip in! #Kamala2020
Let's do something different #KHive! Instead of posting receipts let's show our team spirit! Donate (even if it is just $1). Then comment using #CoinsForKamala your #KamalaHarris gear selfie (extra credit #ForThePeople 🙃) or fav Kamala pic/GIF.
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Today is Day 2 of #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action, key word: ACTION! Press ▶️ for a preview of what's in store. This ain't no photo op chile, we are putting in work! If you want to get involved you can phone bank remotely ⬇️. #SCforKamala #Kamala2020 #KHive #KamalaHarris
Packed room here bright and early for #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action. Here is @mayaharris_ giving opening remarks. #Kamala2020 #SCforKamala #BlackWomenLead
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Day 1 of #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action in SC kicked off to an incredible start! Press play for my recap on my visit to a #KamalaHarris campaign office & #BlackWomenLead kickoff reception. Nobody values/empowers Black women like Kamala! #SCforKamala #KamalaHarris #KHive
When I tell y'all @thesherylralph was preaching...she had to take her jacket off! I moved from the back to the front of the room to capture this good word. Part 1 #BlackWomenLead #SCforKamala #KamalaHarris #Kamala2020 #KHive
Here is Part 2 of #KamalaHarris endorser #SherylLeeRalph bringing down the house at #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action kickoff. Y'all have to excuse my commentary, I ain't a professional videographer lol. #BlackWomenLead #SCforKamala #Kamala2020
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Man what did I tell y'all? The MSM is going to make every #KamalaHarris story about Pete. Now they're lying
saying #Kamala said he equated the being gay with Black. NO SHE DID NOT! So let's be on rapid response to set the record straight. #Khive #OperationBlockTheBlackWoman
Here is what #KamalaHarris said on CNN in response to a QUESTION she was asked about Pete. She did not say he equated the experiences, period. And she is 100% correct that comparing experiences is totally inappropriate.
And let's remember WHY #Kamala was even asked a question about Pete in the first place on the debate stage...because his campaign used a stock photo from Kenya to represent Black Americans AND he lied about 400 Black people endorsing his Douglas PDF.
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NYT puts Kamala #1:…

#KHive #ForThePeople #Kamala
Politico: Harris won the debate when she fired off these seventeen words: “A criminal is living in the White House,” “Justice is on the ballot,” and “Show up for me."…
Washington Post: "This was the Harris of the June debate in which she dominated and mounted forceful attacks...she also spoke authoritatively on her child care & leave policy...and the extra burden on women of color who don’t get paid equally to men."…
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So tonight, I finally got to see @KamalaHarris in person. And I can attest that she is a force. America, she is the one.
I got to tell her what her historical campaign meant to me, and she listened and said we mean a lot to her. #KHive
Kamala is so strong and formidable, but warm and genuine. #ForThePeople
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Let's hear from working parents with school age children. Tweet how #KamalaHarris' proposal would benefit your family. Hashtag #FamilyFriendlySchools and #JusticeIsOnTheBallot.

#Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020
#FamilyFriendlySchools Act from #KamalaHarris takes the pressure off parents who have less job flexibility than others. Economic #JusticeIsOnTheBallot
Not only would #Kamala's #FamilyFriendlySchools Act save a family like this $600/month on child care; #KamalaHarris' LIFT Act could provide $500/mo tax credit. That is $1,100 MORE money for the household. Economic #JusticeIsOnTheBallot! #Kamala2020 #KHive
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#TomSteyer needs to immediately compensate the #KamalaHarris campaign for the data his aide stole AND drop out! It's not just #OperationBlockTheBlackWoman now it's Cheat the Black Woman. If you are fed up and stand with #Kamala & chip in! #KHive
In case you didn't notice the link in the tweet. Let's send a resounding message that we stand with #KamalaHarris by contributing now. #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #KHive #JusticeIsOnTheBallot…
I searched Steyer on Twitter and this story about his campaign stealing from #KamalaHarris is only being talked about by #Kamala/#KHive supporters and a few blue checks. If the situation were reversed there would be wall to wall coverage. This is some straight up bs!
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