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STOP ERASING BLACK WOMEN! Apparently #KamalaHarris performing gay marriages in 04,defeating Prop 8,& tackling the gay/trans panic defense isn't noteworthy. For all 3 (and just 3) mentions of #Kamala's name to be solely to discuss what the vvhite male moderator said is offensive!
Since we have another Lyz Lenz on our hands who wants to double down instead of make amends, I'm going to tackle each excuse @transscribe has made to justify her erasure of #KamalaHarris.
Be clear, banning the gay/trans panic defense is the baseline bc of #KAMALA. #KamalaHarris convened DAs to combat it in 06. She sponsored a bill as AG making CA the FIRST state to ban it. She co-sponsors a Sen bill to ban it (Warren isn't co-sponsor).
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Thread: Setting the record straight on the narratives around #Kamala's anti-truancy initiatives. #KamalaHarris did NOT lock parents up. Also, truancy has been a prosecutable offense in California since **1977**. This thread will focus on the HuffPo editorial on Kamala's record.
It is FALSE that Cheree People's case is a result of Kamala's efforts. GRIP was an initiative in OC that had been in place since 2008 (3 yrs b4 the new truancy bill) and arrested 11 parents in 5 yrs (08-13). The arrests were ALREADY happening for years under the old truancy law.
A trend with anti-Kamala hit pieces is to cherrypick horror stories that don't involve Kamala yet blame her. The GRIP program that swept up People's had 10,000 people involved to provide resources long b4 making arrests. Kamala had zero connection to it.…
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Thread: In this historic moment (I'll keep emphasizing) where we have the 1st Black woman in the top tier of a major party's POTUS primaries, the MSM needs to rise to occasion and cover #Kamala's campaign with the competence it warrants. As I will address @time missed the mark.
Rather than inform us of the specifics in #Kamala's #3AMAgenda Molly decides to regurgitate the FALSE narrative that Kamala's agenda is vague/ noncommittal. That is lazy/uninformative. Her plans are specific AND rooted in YEARS of legislative groundwork.
As I mentioned earlier, writers tend to approach #Kamala with cynicism & perpetuate that notion. I've asked before "who is they" now let me ask "who are people"? This insinuates that #KamalaHarris is shifty rather than warm & authentic as we've seen repeatedly.
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Thread: #Kamala's historic campaign as only the 3rd Black woman to seek a major party nom (1st as top tier) isn't being met with the professionalism/culturally competent coverage it deserves. #RepresentationMatters so let these Black women reflect HOW it's done right. #Kamala2020
The media is often more interested in the horsesrace vs educating the public on a candidate. The GOLD STANDARD on researching/original substantive reporting is set by @juliacraven with a deep dive into #Kamala's Black maternal health work.…
We know that horsesrace coverage comes with the territory, however @emarvelous showed how to balance discussing the state of the race with providing space for rebuttal from #Kamala/supporters & providing perspective (i.e. acknowledging smear campaigns).…
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Thread: While some politicians don't have the guts to call Trump what he is, a national security threat, #KamalaHarris does. The whistleblower under federal protective custody probably doesn't think Trump's tweets are funny. #SuspendTrumpsTwitterAccount
Before coming forward, on 9/20 #KamalaHarris assured the whistleblower that the American people would stand behind him/her if they came forward and against attacks by Trump. #Kamala has kept that promise. #SuspendTrumpsTwitterAccount
On 9/24 after a formal impeachment inquiry began #KamalaHarris again stood up for the whistleblower gainst the onslaught of attacks from Republicans/Trump. #Kamala called him/her a patriot and reiterated support. #SuspendTrumpsTwitterAccount
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Y'all write this shit every 2 weeks NEVER once mentioning the disproportionately lower coverage she gets (3% of the top 4 polling mentions), the higher negative coverage,& smear SM campaigns. The REAL question is why is it Operation Block the Black woman?
This is how vvhite supremacy works...stack the deck then present the warped results as evidence of merit. #Kamala stands on the shoulders of
#ShirleyChisholm and understands the fight she has is 100x greater than everyone else BUT she is up for it.
For a little #MondayMotivation via @JanelleMonae, this goes out to all Black women (with a special shout out to #KamalaHarris). Our playing field is a TIGHTROPE is 50 ft in the air, yet we push thru, look fly, and with our head held high. #BlackGirlMagic
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#LGBTQ Presidential Forum Tonight!

Kamala Harris is more than ready.

Here are a "few things" why:

1. Introduced the Do No Harm Act with Reps. Scott and Kennedy that would ensure that religion cannot be used to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals.

2. Cosponsor of the Equality Act that would amend the Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

3. Advocate for fairness in health

#Khive #ForThePeople #Kamala
3a. Cosponsor of the Repeal HIV Discrimination Act which would provide for federal review of state and local laws that impose criminal liability on individuals living with HIV.

3b. As AG, sent letter to FDA urging the agency to reconsider its blood ban for gay men.

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#Kamala is now up on #TRMS. Rachel asks her what she means by "sham process". She discusses how 1000s of pages were dumped at the time 11th hour, credible allegations were not investigated, and #ChristineBlaseyFord was treated like a criminal when she had nothing to gain.
#Kamala reminds us the White House was "orchestrating" and "curating" what the Judiciary committee could learn about #Kavanaugh. "The process by which he was confirmed has caused a crisis of confidence". Impeachment is necessary.
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Thread: Let's discuss the justice for victims part of
#CriminalJusticeReform. Since starting out as Deputy DA in 1990, #KamalaHarris has been a staunch advocate for victims; particularly children/sexual assault/rape victims. #Kamala's decades of advocacy warrants recognition.
#KamalaHarris specialized in prosecuting the most heinous crimes, those against children and sex crimes. As DA she created the Child Sex Assault Unit and as AG she created the Bureau of Children's Justice (which is part of her #CriminalJusticeReform plan)
#KamalasRecord for victim advocacy
▪️Sponsoring legislation to allow sex trafficked victims to petition to get their records expunged
▪️Working to get San Francisco's FIRST safe house for those looking for a safe way out of the sex trade.
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Thread: At the 3rd #DemDebate Sen #KamalaHarris proved why she is the one Trump fears the most. Her focus was to #ProsecuteTheCase against 4 more yrs; and #Kamala gave clear insight into her vision for America. Here are her responses. #Kamala2020
#KamalasPlan for Universal Health care has been hailed as the best among the field (see below), but #Kamala wisely used the time to remind Americans Trump is currently trying to undo the ACA. #DemDebate #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris

I have said it time and again, #KamalaHarris has consistently been a champion of reform for decades. Here is how she responded at the #DemDebate and check out 50 times #Kamala acted on/accomplished #CriminalJusticeReform #Kamala2020

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Thread: Let me dispel of the notion that #KamalaHarris is new to #CriminalJusticeReform. The facts show that for decades #Kamala has pursued & accomplished reforms, many of them trailblazing. It's time to retire the lazy narratives with 50 things she has done for CJR. #Kamala2020
For easy sharing, here is the list of 50 things #Kamala has done to advance #CriminalJusticeReform as a public servant. The tweet thread provides more details on the items listed. #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris2020 #KamalaHarris
50 Times #Kamala Accomplished/Advocated for #CriminalJusticeReform
1.Deputy DA- #KamalaHarris Opposed Prop 21 (passed with 62%) which increased criminal penalties for crimes committed by youth and incorporated many youth offenders into the adult criminal justice system.
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#Kamala starts off saying "lead, follow, or get out the way...starting with Donald Trump". Kamala talking about obstruction from Republicans announcing she will eliminate the filibuster to pass things through Congress
#Kamala says she will take executive action and do whatever is necessary. Says she will not be burdened by whatever the next POTUS will do because there is action that can be taken right away
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Today #Kamala unveiled her proposal for an inclusive economy and civil rights for people with disabilities. It never ceases to amaze me the ways in which #KamalaHarris ensures that diversity and inclusion are a cornerstone of her policies. #Kamala2020
#KamalasPlan pledges in partnership with the disability community, to "build an America that lives up to the promise" of the A.D.A.
✅Establish a grant program for states to help redesign business models/strategies to increase employment of ppl with disabilities
✅ Expand the vocational rehabilitation system at the Department of Education so that it:
✅Removes barriers hindering ppl w/disabilities from getting jobs
✅Covers a wider range of services
✅Increases funding for workplace accommodations,adaptive tech, devices,etc
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I have a message for the #Kamala is a cop crowd. First, stop equating crime with Black people. Secondly, if you don't think murderers like the ones killing these innocent children in St. Louis need to be locked up then there is something wrong with your ass not #KamalaHarris.
The 2004 Essence article I referenced in the video offers proof that as DA #Kamala made it her top priority to tackle a backlog of homicide cases. Notably, she ALSO prioritized rehabilitation/prevention.
Closed caption video version here #CaptionKamala
I want to add one more thing- don't tell me Black ppl don't want justice when a relative is killed or harmed. #Kamala walked in as DA with a backlog of 100 unsolved homicides &74 cases. Many of the victims were Black...she valued their lives even when the prior DA & SFPD did not.
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Thread: This gut wrenching article really underscores the urgency & importance of selecting a Dem candidate who will tangibly improve the lives of working Americans. Several policies in #Kamala's #3AMAgenda will tangibly make a difference for families like the Goodman family.
First issue: Rents are too high. Ms. Goodman makes $9/hr but her rent was $950/month. That is 66% of her income. #KamalasPlan called the Rent Relief Act will provide a tax credit caps rent & utilities at 30%. Non-partisan analysis determined RRA will lift 7.8M ppl out of poverty
Second issue: Stagnant wages
#Kamala supports raising the min wage to $15/hr but additionally, #KamalasPlan the LIFT Act would put $6,000/yr ($500 can be accessed monthly) in Ms. Goodman's pockets. Non-partisan analysis determined the LIFT Act lifts 9.6M ppl out of poverty
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#BlackTwitter and Black Social Media has been infiltrated. Not just by bots, but with disinformation. I'm challenging any organization or Black blue check- If you have a problem with #KamalaHarris's record, DEBATE ME! Let's stop the smears & set the record straight.
Let's talk #Kamala's full record, not just the smears y'all want to spread.
#KamalaHarris California AG Record

Kamala AG in her own words

Senate Record Pt1

Kamala SF DA Profile
Now let's address the lies, smears, disinformation y'all like to spread. My offer stands to any organization or Black blue check: debate me on #Kamala's record!
Dem Debate Disinformation Debunked

Truancy Hit Piece Debunked
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#KamalaHarris is strikingly consistent in her beliefs and objectives in reforming the flawed criminal justice system.
This thread delves into a 2004 LA Times profile of #Kamala and how consistent her ideals then are with what she has accomplished over 15 yrs & still proposes.
#KamalaHarris: Consistent in her Convictions. How Her Record Reflects her Desire for Change
For closed captioning or to watch this thread as one video click here:

#Kamala2020 #Khive #KamalasRecord #UnitedForKamala #Kamala #KamalaHarris2020
#KamalaHarris was a trailblazer as a first in each office she held- SF DA, CA AG, US Senator. BUT let's keep it in perspective that each of these roles were in institutions that existed for over 140+yrs. Change is hard yet #Kamala accomplished a great deal
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Kamala formed partnerships to serve the immigrant community. For instance, she partnered with Service Employees International Union and Univision to host forums across the state to provide info about deferred action programs and help protect immigrants from fraud and wage theft.
In Dec 2012 #Kamala issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies that compliance with an I.C.E. deportation program was not mandatory. Her review showed that 28% of those targeted for deportation in CA as a result of the program were not criminals. #KamalasRecord #KamalaHarris
As AG, #Kamala issued important bulletins and guidance to CA law enforcement agencies. One such example is her Oct 2015 guidance outlining the law enforcement agencies responsibilities to assist immigrant crime victims in applying for U-visas.
#KamalasRecord #KamalaHarris
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What if #KamalaHarris was Prez when @issarae started #Insecure? With #KamalasPlan there woulda been some changes for our favs. Lawrence would've gotten his business off the ground quicker with #Kamala's $12B Black entrepreneurship grant so Issa would've never had reason to cheat.
If Issa never cheated on Lawrence's unemployed ass, we could've gotten the happy ending for both of them we're still waiting for after 3 seasons. Wedding bells not lonely blue shirts 😢
We don't let Issa's cheating define her though...there would've been a LOT good things for her with #KamalasPlan. Like...she coulda still worked with kids as a teacher making $13,500 more a yr thanks to #Kamala's teacher pay plan instead of feeling trapped &broke at We Got Y'all.
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I want a GenX president. I want her to be cool, smart, funny. I want her to kick ass and take names and share popcorn with her rivals because she has class. I want her to rock sneakers and blazers & have a husband so besotted he charge on stage to fight her corner. #KamalaHarris
I want a president that watched the Muppet Show and In Living Color and The Electric Company. Who loves a Tribe Called Quest and cooks a mean roast chicken and is a kick ass auntie and sister and step mother and lawyer and friend. I want a president who can dance.
I want a president from my generation who calls her tour bus ‘tricked out’. Who reads the Mueller report like the legal brief it is and sees how to prosecute the crimes detailed within. Who knows that when criminals are abusing people we need A GOOD COP to save the day. #Kamala
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1) Kamala is the privileged daughter of foreign post grad students. She spent most of her formative years growing up in Canada. She's not an Black American descendant of slaves. She's a Brahmin Indian (highest caste) descendant with paternal lineage of plantation slave owners.
2) She wasn't a defense attorney. She was a prosecutor. She laughed about smoking weed listening to Tupac Shakur but put almost 2,000 people in jail for doing pretty much the same thing. She levied fines on single mothers whose kids were truant from school.
3) She denied parole to inmates so she could make them work for nothing while the State of California made a dollar a day off their labor.

Kamala Harris has literally nothing in common with the black American community. Her name, Kamala, means "lotus flower" in her maternal
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NEW Q - Epstein Island Drone Footage

07-14-2019 13:55:27 CDT

These people are sick.
Hunters become the HUNTED.
2) NEW Q - Epstein
07-14-2019 14:41:11 CDT…
Ghislaine Maxwell.
Follow the Family.
UK/US 1&2
Umbrella SURV (leapfrog [1-4] points of contact).
Open source.
Find [4]…
[New York Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children]
3) NEW Q - Epstein
07-14-2019 14:47:53 CDT #QAnon

How do you eliminate a LIABILITY?
Where is EPSTEIN being held?
Do you believe in coincidences?
POWERful people connected?
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The popularity of Joe Biden as a candidate for president in 20-effing-20 perplexes me, especially after last night’s showing. Do people actually PREFER him to #Kamala, or have they bought into the fear-based narrative that only Joe can beat Trump in battleground states?

1/ Biden’s long tenure in the Senate leaves him wide open to all sorts of attacks on his record—as Kamala showed last night in respectfully pushing back on him about leaving the school busing oversight to the municipalities. Even Sanders hit him on Iraq.
2/ The 3 sitting Senators who jumped directly to the White House—Harding, JFK, Obama—were all relatively young. They didn’t have long records to attack, like Joe does.

Anita Hill wasn’t mentioned last night, but Biden helped give us Clarence Thomas & our right-leaning SCOTUS.
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Violence Against Women Act #VAWA

“expanded juridical tools to combat #violence against #women #VAW & provide protection to women who had suffered violent abuses”

Title IV
Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act

“In recognition of the severity of the #crimes associated with domestic violence, sexual #assault & #stalking, Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (#VAWA 1994) as part of the Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act of 1994 …”

“… The 1994 bill was a watershed, marking the first comprehensive federal legislative package designed to end #violence against #women.” #VAW

Violence Against Women Act #VAWA
“afford full faith & credit to orders of protection”

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