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This is an easy thing to say when you haven't been following what #KamalaHarris has done for California. She has let white-collar crime slide.
#KamalaHarris has let criminals in-state who have shafted utility payers slide.…
She let someone who I don't think that @thomaskaine5 is a fan of (well, I'm assuming that) slide, too.…
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#KamalaHarris is a Lying Whore


She does NOT work for the American People

She does NOT work for Black Americans

She does NOT work for White Americans

She does NOT work for ANY Americans

She is OWNED by the Democrat Corruption Network and likely to be the VP pick with the ChiCom's #SleepyJoe
The #LiberalMedia are the Enemy of the American People

And Civilized People All Around the World

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Incredible PROGRESSIVE proposal by Sen. #KamalaHarris running lead with Sanders & Markey to provide $2K+ monthly relief for Americans. $3 trillion in #COVID19 "relief" so far yet we just hit depression level unemployment. We need to invest in citizens not corporate bailouts.
I don't know about y'all, but I could use $2,000/mo more during this #COVID19 crisis. Sen. #KamalaHarris progressive Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act (cosponsored by Bernie Sanders & Ed Markey) recognizes that the people not the corporations need the relief. Details ⬇️💰 1/2
For those concerned about unemployment relief #KamalaHarris' Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act does not replace it. Keep in mind Trump/GOP governors are weaponizing unemployment relief to force people to work in unsafe conditions. Also, people are still struggling with a job.
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@BriKeiRay @nicolekn83 @WonderKing82 @NicolasEdny Marilyn Mosby was mentored by Kamala Harris and Kamala worked to get her re-elected even after she was dragged through the mud over prosecuting the cops who killed Freddie Gray.
@BriKeiRay @nicolekn83 @WonderKing82 @NicolasEdny Be clear, the "progressive prosecutors" today stand on the shoulders of #KamalaHarris who has fought for the very things you see people doing today that were NOT popular in 2004. Expand your knowledge about her record beyond hit pieces.
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I've read several tragic stories of Black mothers dying from childbirth since the end of #BlackMaternalHealthWeek alone. I am so grateful that Black maternal health is an issue #KamalaHarris champions at all times. I'm looking forward to this conversation.
Amber Isaac's tragic death resulting from childbirth shows how the #COVID19 pandemic is likely exacerbating the Black maternal health crisis and why we cannot wait to take action. Praying for the Isaac family. 🙏🏾…
Tune in now for #KamalaHarris on IG Live with @allysonfelix to discuss Black maternal health. Of course Kamala couldn't resist getting some fitness tips from an Olympic gold medalist.
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I always look forward to what Sen #KamalaHarris has to say about how to tackle #COVID19. It's critical that Joe Biden does more than phone a friend tho. Black women need to be part of the DECISIONS & the discussions and VP is the best way to do that. I trust Kamala to represent.
Now watching Senator #KamalaHarris on Joe Biden's townhall. These health disparities she is talking about are just staggering.
Watch here:
#KamalaHarris talking about food insecurity as it relates to #COVID19. HowardU did a study & found that 70% of its students were food insecure in 2019. On Live with the #KHive this week we discussed Kamala's bill to tackle the hunger crisis. More info ⬇️
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Thread: It is #BlackMaternalHealthWeek so today I'm highlighting the legislative work on the Black maternal mortality crisis. Rep Alma Adams, Rep Lauren Underwood & Sen Kamala Harris launched the Black Momnibus this year but the work has been ongoing for years. #BlackWomenLead 1/
Before I dive into the legislative efforts by elected officials, I want to shout out @BlkMamasMatter. The Black Mamas Alliance has advocated for years for improvements in Black maternal health, rights & justice. More info ⬇️ #BlackMaternalHealthWeek 2/
Tonight Rep. Alma Adams is hosting a virtual session with Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Cory Booker to discuss #BlackMaternalHealthWeek. Details ⬇️ 3/
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Thread: The #coronavirus pandemic underscores the importance of our elected officials. Black women are often ignored/marginalized by the pundit class, so I want to amplify some of their leadership/efforts. This isn't an A-Z encyclopedia but it's a start. #BlackWomenLead 1/10
Senator #KamalaHarris is a leader on intersectional policy/advocacy & sounded the alarm early about Trump's indifference to #Covid_19. She leads on paid sick leave, unemployment benefits & tirelessly advocates for BIPOC, children, workers & more. 2/10
Mayor #LondonBreed was the 1st mayor in the country to put in place a stay at home order. Her proactive leadership is being credited for the low level of cases and deaths despite the size and the 7 million population of San Francisco. #BlackWomenLead 3/10
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#KHive #KamalaHarris is coming up now to discuss leadership during the time of #coronavirus. I might have to do a part 2 to my first video on her leadership during this pandemic.
#KamalaHarris discusses her conference call with mayors of cities with pop over 300K. She shouts out Mayors London Breeed & Eric Garcetti plus Gov. Newsom for their leadership. Discusses their challenges and how Trump's leadership vacuum is where local officials are stepping up.
#KamalaHarris is talking about the work that needs to be done: paid sick leave, children without internet access, activate the DPA, suspend ICE stings on grocery stores, protect ACA. (too much for me to keep up with. #DeadlineWhiteHouse
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Sanders zombie campaign needs an exorcism. To troll #KamalaHarris who INDISPUTABLY supports M4A & who lost her mom to cancer is demonic. Also, Bernie is the Columbus NOT creator of M4A. It took him 14 months to co-sponsor Conyers M4A. Worry about Bernie flopping not Kamala.
PS- Receipts. Rep. John Conyers was FIRST to introduce M4A in Congress 2/11/2003. Each time M4A was introduced Bernie Sanders was LATE or ABSENT. Rep. Conyers is the Congressional Godfather of M4A; Bernie is just the Christopher Columbus happy to plant the flag & take credit.
Notice the difference in Briahna's RT of Joe Biden vs Kamala Harris. She went from healthcare is a right (no problem) to "is it ok to die". She knew better than to say that shit to Biden with his son dying of cancer but miscalculated thinking that demonic shit flies vs Kamala.
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#KamalaHarris is an exceptional leader thru this #Covid_19 crisis. She introduced the Pandemic Assistance Disaster Act, keeps the pressure on Trump &Co, & consistently advocates for vulnerable groups. Check out this in-depth look at her leadership.
Full 📽
#KamalaHarris introduced the Pandemic Assistance Disaster Act
▪️#Covid_19 does not qualify for FEMA individual assistance limited to natural disasters
▪️Bill amends the law to include pandemics
▪️Allows FEMA to provide: Disaster SNAP food benefits, unemployment assistance, etc
Back when Trump was downplaying the risk posed by #coronavirus and GOP Senators were using their insider knowledge to sell off stock, #KamalaHarris was calling for public hearings & pressing officials for blowing off Congress and their inadequate response.
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2/ Recently, Senator Kamala Harris was asked, "Will you be the first vice president?" (Presumably, the question immediately prior to this moment was, "Will you be the first woman President?" — or something similar).
3/ Senator Harris then displays a behind the ear hair adjustment.
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Why are public figures calling #JussieSmollett ‘NOBLE’ at this point?


🛑Did you know #Chicago State Attny #KimFoxx is up for

Yet #Foxx’s campaign continues to receive donations frm indicted criminals, SECRET BANK..
ACCOUNTS & OUT-OF-COUNTRY ILLEGAL FOUNDATIONS/ACNTS frm @Suntimes, current Dem politicians etc-All frm the #DNC & #GeorgeSoros

Q #2849 2/21/20
What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?

😏The judge has ordered phone records frm the CLOUD frm #Google & cell co?

🛑We already know #KimFoxx texted #TinaTchen who was #MichelleObama’s aid & is #Jussie’s aunt #KamalaHarris?

🛑#Kamala just endorsed #Foxx YESTERDAY! #AntiLynchingBill


#Chicago #CookCounty #TAP #QAnon #jussiesmolletthoax
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#KamalaHarris is on the J.O.B. y'all! Watching the press conference with her Schumer, Murray, Brown, etc. #ForThePeople #GOPCoverup #WeWantWitnessesAndDocuments…
Thank you #KamalaHarris for being a powerful voice of clarity and for justice during this #ImpeachmentTrial
Must watch remarks from #Kamala as she brilliantly lays out the facts about this #GOPCoverup in a way that everyone can understand what's at stake. Here is part 1/2.
Here #KamalaHarris does her own mini-prosecution explaining how the GOP co-conspirators are subverting the Constitution by allowing Trump to solicit foreign interference in our country. She also makes it clear: there can be no acquittal without a fair trial. #GOPCoverup (Pt 2/2)
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People keep asking why did #KamalaHarris suspend her campaign. I think for three reasons: money, optics and class. It was a smart decision under the current circumstances. A thread👇🏾 /1
Kamala raised close to $40 million, which is more money than any black woman to run. She garnered over 350K donors and had over 1 million donations, but that’s still not enough for campaigns. Especially with billionaires in the race and not receiving PAC money. /2
Kamala looked at her runway and made a good call. There is no point in 1) going into debt and jeopardize her next run, and 2) keep burning money on a vanity run. We have enough people currently doing that, and we know this isn’t about ego for her. /3
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Let me do a @CarpeDonktum on @KamalaHarris departure from her 0% chance campaign, ready

Tulsi Gabbard - Well, I told you so in the debate

Joe Biden - Well, I could not pick her for VP because she was more frightening than Hillary
@ewarren Well, Kamala actually had real Indian blood, and was a threat to my fake #DNA test and my candidacy so, good riddance,

@SpeakerPelosi well Kamala is destroying California w/ me, and would not have been able to keep up w/ my 40 year career doing nothing
@AndrewYang Since I am focused on giving away $1,000 to each citizen for my vote, I did not need #KamalaHarris2020 interfering in that plot, she was always acting as though she had won already

@RepAdamSchiff Other than her sleazy affair, we had nothing to blackmail her with
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#BlackFriday is coming up and if #KamalaHarris was POTUS & I would have her $500 #LIFTAct monthly cash out to shop with! Here's how I would spend it ⬇️.

How would you spend your $500 from #Kamala? Tweet your 3 things plus the graphic & hashtags! #KHive #ShoppingIsOnTheBallot
PS- To get #KamalaHarris to the White House so we can get these $500/month #LIFTAct cash outs we gotta chip in! I'd say $5 now for $500/month is a great return on your investment! #Kamala2020 #KHive #ShoppingIsOnTheBallot
Chip in 💰:…
I need 4 new tires but my Black card wouldn't permit me to post a pic of 4 rimless tires 😂🤦🏾‍♀️. The rest of my #KamalaHarris $500 #LIFTAct covers turtlenecks & the digital Friday (I own the DVD of course). #KHive #Kamala #ShoppingIsOnTheBallot #BlackFriday
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#KamalaHarris is having a fundraising drive and yet the green progress bar is barely ticking up! We got work to do #KHive and #Kamala supporters to get these #CoinsForKamala! Let's spread the donation link, bring in new donors & chip in! #Kamala2020
Let's do something different #KHive! Instead of posting receipts let's show our team spirit! Donate (even if it is just $1). Then comment using #CoinsForKamala your #KamalaHarris gear selfie (extra credit #ForThePeople 🙃) or fav Kamala pic/GIF.
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Today is Day 2 of #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action, key word: ACTION! Press ▶️ for a preview of what's in store. This ain't no photo op chile, we are putting in work! If you want to get involved you can phone bank remotely ⬇️. #SCforKamala #Kamala2020 #KHive #KamalaHarris
Packed room here bright and early for #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action. Here is @mayaharris_ giving opening remarks. #Kamala2020 #SCforKamala #BlackWomenLead
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Day 1 of #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action in SC kicked off to an incredible start! Press play for my recap on my visit to a #KamalaHarris campaign office & #BlackWomenLead kickoff reception. Nobody values/empowers Black women like Kamala! #SCforKamala #KamalaHarris #KHive
When I tell y'all @thesherylralph was preaching...she had to take her jacket off! I moved from the back to the front of the room to capture this good word. Part 1 #BlackWomenLead #SCforKamala #KamalaHarris #Kamala2020 #KHive
Here is Part 2 of #KamalaHarris endorser #SherylLeeRalph bringing down the house at #Kamala's Black Women Weekend of Action kickoff. Y'all have to excuse my commentary, I ain't a professional videographer lol. #BlackWomenLead #SCforKamala #Kamala2020
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Man what did I tell y'all? The MSM is going to make every #KamalaHarris story about Pete. Now they're lying
saying #Kamala said he equated the being gay with Black. NO SHE DID NOT! So let's be on rapid response to set the record straight. #Khive #OperationBlockTheBlackWoman
Here is what #KamalaHarris said on CNN in response to a QUESTION she was asked about Pete. She did not say he equated the experiences, period. And she is 100% correct that comparing experiences is totally inappropriate.
And let's remember WHY #Kamala was even asked a question about Pete in the first place on the debate stage...because his campaign used a stock photo from Kenya to represent Black Americans AND he lied about 400 Black people endorsing his Douglas PDF.
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To be clear #KamalaHarris started off as a prosecutor specializing in sexual assault cases and has for 3 decades been a staunch advocate for survivors. She pledged to end the nationwide rape kit backlog as POTUS as she did as AG. This op-ed made no mention of that. #TimesUp2020
"Sexual violence is a national problem that deserves a national response"<-- This is precisely what #KamalaHarris proposed months before the article was written with her national response to the rape kit backlog. #TimesUp2020 #MeToo
#KamalaHarris also repeatedly drew attention to and showed solidarity (in person and online) with McDonald's workers who are fighting for a workplace free from sexual harrassment. #TimesUp2020 #MeToo #DemDebate #FightFor15 #JusticeIsOnTheBallot
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Yanliang Li aka Jerry Li, the former head & managing director of the #China subsidiary of a public global MLM company & Hongwei Yang aka Mary Yang, the former head of the external affairs department of the China Subsidiary, were charged w/ bribery & shirking accounting controls.
The DOJ announcement doesn’t say who the company is, so I’ll have to do some digging when I get a chance.
Both of them were top execs of the MLM company, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles. Both approved paying bribes to government officials of #China over a 10 year period.
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#KamalaHarris' #FamilyFriendlySchools Act brings to mind Lights On by Akbar Cook. Though his program is Fri nights, #Kamala's proposal provides refuge to kids otherwise left alone from 3-6P. The funding allows educators like Cook to develop programs best suited for their school.
Hey @KamalaHQ have you heard of the amazing @PrincipalAkbar who has been on Ellen and received a huge donation from Oprah for creating his Lights On program in NJ? He is just the kind of educator the #FamilyFriendlySchools Act entrusts with developing after school programs.
I'd love to hear what Congresswoman #JahanaHayes who endorsed #KamalaHarris earlier this year has to say about the #FamilyFriendlySchools Act. As 2016 Teacher of the Year, I'm sure her insights would be really impactful. #JusticeIsOnTheBallot
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