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#TodayInHistory Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj kills Afzal Khan, and routs the Adil Shahi forces at the epic battle of Pratapgarh in 1659, a victory that would lay the foundation of the Maratha empire. A date for posterity.
#JaiBhavani #JaiShivaji
Pratapgarh, the fort that started Shivaji Maharaj’s victory quest, located in Satara district, aroud 23 km west of Mahabaleshwar. Standing 1080 metres above sea level, on a narrow spur between the villages of Par and Kinesvar.
The fort was was constructed by Shivaji’s Prime Minister Moropant Pingle. The upper half of the fort, is roughly square, 180 m long on either side, and has a temple dedicated to Mahadev. The lower fort is around 320 m long, 110m wide, at southeast of the fort
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#TodayInHistory The Battle of Vasai concludes with the Maratha victory over the Portuguese in 1739. One of the most decisive victories of the Baji Rao era, one in which his brother Chimaji Appa played the major role along with Malhar Rao Holkar.
Battle of Vasai ensured the Portuguese had to leave the entire Konkan area, and restricted to a tiny enclave in Goa, it was one of the most decisive routes inflicted on them ever. And gave the Marathas full control over the Konkan coast.
While Baji Rao and his military exploits are fairly well known, not much is known about his equally capable brother Chimaji Appa, a great warrior in his own right, who played a major role in his campaigns. The victory at Vasai though would be his crowning glory.
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On the Jayanti of #ShivajiMaharaj I take a look at an often overlooked aspect of his life, his administration. While a lot is known about Shivaji Maharaj’s military conquests and battles, I feel not much focus has been laid on his administration
For some one who spent the better time of his life, fighting to build and preserve his empire, and who really had not much formal education, Shivaji built in quite a robust administration and taxation system.
Like nearly all great warriors-Napoleon is a consipcuous example-Shivaji was also a great administrator, for the qualities which go to make a capable general are those which are required by the successful organiser and statesman- Rawlinson
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#TodayInHistory Chattrapati Shivaji routs the Adil Shahi forces at the Battle of Kolhapur in 1659, a victory that gave him a decisive edge over Bijapur, as well as consolidating his hold. A victory won by rapid movements of flanks taking enemy by surprise.
After Shivaji's first major victory over the Adilshahis at the Battle of Pratapgarh, and the killing of Afzal Khan, he forayed further into enemy territory, capturing fort after fort, till he came to the historic fort of Panhala, located near to Kolhapur.
Built by Shilhara ruler Bhoja II, during the early 13th century, Panhala Fort, later passed into the hands of the Yadavas of Devagiri, and during the Adilshahi rule in Bijapur, it became one of their major forts, which they fortified extensively.
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#TodayInHistory Shivaji kills the Bijapur general Afzal Khan at the Battle of Pratapgarh in 1659, the first major victory for him. With Shivaji's growing influence in Maval region, the Adilshahi regime in Bijapur wanted to curb his activities.
Afzal Khan was the commander of the Adilshahi forces,noted for his towering presence, led the campaign against Shivaji. His strategy was to bring Shivaji out into the plains,where he held an advantage, compared to the rocky Deccan terrain.
Afzal Khan attacked the holy town of Pandharpur, and later demolished the temple of Bhavani at Tuljapur to bring Shivaji out. He had a mighty army, with around 12,000 cavalry, 10,000 infantry, around 80-90 cannons, and assistance from Siddi of Janjira.
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