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🚩The John Birch Society used to boost segregation. Now it’s back to attack schools over mask mandates.

The John Birch Society has spent more than half a century in militant opposition to liberal policies, often waging those fights through public schools… Image
“Welch urged followers to fight their political war on the terrain of public education by targeting Parent-Teacher Associations, school boards, and public libraries.”

— The Terrorist Next Door: The Militia Movement and the Radical Right by Daniel Levitas Image
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@IgrejaUniversal #paidamentira

"Não se preocupem com o #coronavírus", disse Edir Macedo, agora #vacinado, um ano atrás
02.04.21 10:50…
@IgrejaUniversal Na decisão em que autorizou a prisão de @MCrivella , a desembargadora Rosa Helena Penna Macedo Guita, do @tjrjoficial do Rio disse que a lavagem de dinheiro do esquema continuaria e citou a #Igreja @universaljapao : releia aqui.…
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How is this even legal? #Youtube removed a bunch of #Qanon related videos (even the ones calling it out) and permits this kind of content in their platform?
They are so alike that PreyingMedic is in both grifts!?
Why is this part of #Qanon being ignored? because otherwise, it won't fit the "Q is an antisemitic conspiracy..." narrative?
What Preying Medic was doing in that show was promoting the left behind Books (this video is from April 2016)
#Qanon experts don't tell you about this or will give a lame excuse like "you don't beat a conspiracy with another conspiracy"
But the TRUTH is that the Left Behind Book being promoted by Dave Hayes connects directly to the CNP
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Why is #Qanon a #Psyop?

1. The concept of #DigitalSoldier was used previously in Malaysia (search #CyberTroopers)
2. All these people that are involved with #Q have military experience in psyops:
3. In essence #Psyops is "winning the hearts and minds of the people" Q has pretty much nailed that.
4. A backbone to #Trump and #Qanon is #TheTeaParty, there is evidence that this party uses #Psyops and train their supporters on #GuerrillaTactics (Psyops) [2/10]
4.5 Did you notice the guy who was talking at that conference? Now look at this picture, I highlighted the same guy [3/10]
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1. NSA is trying hard to block my latest article with cyberattacks. Please retweet.…

#coronavirus #covid19 #plandemic
2. Here is an earlier article I wrote featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits’s exposure of the Coronavirus Task Force as a fraud.…

#coronavirus #covid19 #plandemic
3. Here’s an article I wrote in March when I could see the Coronavirus coming.…

#coronavirus #covid19 #plandemic
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Phyllis Schlafly, ‘Mrs. America,’ Was a Secret Member of the John Birch Society… Robert Welch referred to Schlafly as “a very loyal member of the Birch Society” in the February 1960 issue of the #JBS Bulletin #abortion
Schlafly resigned from the JBS in 1964 because she did not want her new book, A Choice Not An Echo, associated with the John Birch Society. Also, Goldwater campaign execs thought her JBS relationship might damage rather than help the Goldwater cause…
By 1983 Schlafly had become a member of the Board of Governors of the (relatively) new Council for National Policy #ShadowNetwork. Recent discovery of documents in the Reagan Library provide us with the earliest reliable listing of CNP leaders and members…
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#1 O ditador @NicolasMaduro se mantém de pé graças à ajuda da #Russia e #China. Entendo, que o chavista só cairá quando esses aliados interromperem o suporte que dão a ele. Além das duas potências, há uma dupla que compõe o "tripé" de sustentação: #Turquia e #Irã.
#2 O regime instalado na #Venezuela foi construído e mantido com apoio de amigos regionais. @LulaOficial, por exemplo, montou estrutura de sustentação à reeleição de Chávez, conforme esse documento oficial produzido pela embaixada venezuelana no Brasil.
#3 Para @LulaOficial, uma derrota de Chávez na eleição de 2012 teria as mesmas proporções da queda do Muro de Berlim. Aqui está um documento que publiquei pela primeira vez em 2016, quando era de @VEJA. O @ptbrasil escalou João Santana para cumprir a missão.
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@fernandokrammer 1)todos #países tem #StrangersThings
2)nem todos podem escolher
3)qdo fazemos nossa parte c/ #Empatia ,colaboramos p/ o lugar ficar melhor Image
@fernandokrammer depois do silêncio adotado ao observar que NÃO foi nada inteligente apoiar o #Golpe feito na democracia #brasileira, é incoerente se acovardar diante as manobras direcionadas nos diferentes sistemas
#justiçabrasileiraPartidária 😱
👇 ImageImageImage
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